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Project Review With Q, September 30, 2023

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Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

Part 17

Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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welcome welcome welcome from you thank you thank you for that introduction Don that was very nice so<br> sounds like I'm a spy or maybe a detective on a radio show TV show thank you everyone for joining me today I am thrilled to talk about several things and some updates here today but I want to see if my dear Asha is on the radio yet<br> beautiful beautiful day to you too high everybody<br> thank you for joining me again I know you have talked to me about some things going to take care of you mind if I do a little bit of a communication to send submittals that have come in is that okay that would be excellent thank you okay I noticed people are starting to donate to help us thank you tremendously that is incredible and I can't I can't think enough people that we would be here all day long all all the submittals you've sent us is astounding and I can't thank you enough subscribers this is how we keep track of our processes and methods for advancing and getting getting you everything you've ever dreamed<br> stayed stay with us and thank you so much Terry kg thank you for your donation that's more credible that you would do that in and call the people that are subscribing and changing their plans to support us in the infrastructure that we've put together thank you very much I would like to name all of you again in the interest I want to make sure we'd be served by everyone that supposed to mean<br> I wish that there's several emails that have come in through BBS radio thank you thank you thank you and I've seen several projects projects, and thank you thank you and we're working on this first wave with the farmers and healers first for a couple different reasons I won they complement everyone else is Project especially when we wanted me to give me Trish and everyone<br> other than that I'm going to hold my tongue and have you help me correct the dialogue but we did get our last Farmers perform and we're ready to the farmers are ready to move their project board and invitations to do the same so one of these guys first because they're big that's a big big impact<br> and it will really support all the other project and conditioner that I have gotten hold of the European in virtual counselor that's going to be helping you and those invitations are going to go out sometime this week as well other than that please direct me in and help me thank you and great things to Christopher and Kristen Kristen has created these incredible<br>letters I guess you would call them to people and I believe she sent them out to day for an invitation for the collaboration with a few groups if you could please reply to her as soon as you could when you know when can we be best for you so she can get those groups together and inform everyone it's quite a bit of work to do that to receive and integrate and send back out again so thank you Kristin for all the work you're doing and Christopher and because we're going to be working with some healing groups in the collaboration and also for everybody listening I felt important today to touch on the energy bodies of the human physical body and what entities are and Qs going to help us with some exercises and how to remove entities so would you like to share anything before we begin with that<br> oh that's great I feel that's very important I think<br> I love saying I think<br> wasn't that the best wasn't that the best ever and so when so do you actually win you say I think you actually can introduce her sight into your your thoughts so this is how powerful you are when you start<br> dream of mine it's actually a bit of a trick so if you're if you dream through your heart recognize it would be the right way to do it so when you're inspired to fly around Forest<br> and you recognized it to the mind<br> is what I'm promoting especially in regards to healing of course we're going to have a master healer of looking at all the healers because she's incredible model for us to using hand her awareness to start the healing process under her very very very excited about everyone's interactions with which you Nicole a future with the way the way in which thought in general is a great tool for abducting humans is the reactive the reaction of that dream state so because you're so powerful<br> you're able to create a reality instantly through your power house drink so when you<br> get abducted it's always going to be based on past emotions<br> and the the emotion is got a delineation so when you are in perfect peace that feeling of love that feeling of excitement inspiration those are emotions are true Spirit when you're using emotions from Fear doubt guilt that's exactly how we're getting mind-controlled and or abducted maybe just for a couple minutes it's still an abduction when someone comes in and scares you that's an option I know it sounds like it's just a scary movie It's actually an abduction and that emotional body is not as is warranty and that's when your nightmares that is usually in the back shipped someone wants space in your creative force and now it's being represented in a physical body<br> and so my my suggestion when you see this your reacting to lot of your environment you go to work and have all these different people who are participating with them should get easier if you're late to the participation<br> when Janet the water cooler says you're a bitch you don't have to react to it that's actually an abduction point in most cases and in the end of course the first thing you're going to hear from people to it's just emotion while you've lived them your whole life you don't know anything different those are actually at your natural state of being is new piece is the best I can do to explain it in anything outside piece is either proactively exciting or proactively negative<br> yes so what are they come from if I'm always a Pete where did these emotions in it it's been my passion to study at over and over and over again and put myself in these situations and the great gift I have for you all is I do have my only claim for you all is I have my memories back I know what it's like to live in a different type of human I know what it's like to live on a different planet I noticed like to live in a different dimension you don't have to believe a word I say<br> here's what I have to say<br> your natural state of being is perfect bliss that's that's normally you anything outside of perfect bliss is not you that's the best I can<br> that was a super good rhyme<br> cleaning forested to get something done there wow that was I could go in so many different directions with everything you said and maybe we'll have a chance to do that and why did you also for talking about his words and I've noticed I'm so glad you brought this up I've noticed<br> when you say I think or thought I noticed<br> according to those words that would connect me to the word think about and I would start to use that word like within to start to use it so I started clearing the car every time you do it now so you can't catch me<br> yeah It's Tricky yeah I know I would do on the other radio shows I go don't you think and I took about a year for the announcer to understand what I was saying but don't you think<br> who is maybe one way we play with that the anti cording capabilities<br> tremendous friend of mine Jordan Maxwell brilliant if you can find his material EP understands black magic in the end that is a lot of healing I know life people want to put their healing groups together and and I'm passionate about it too and I want to be an instrument for all these heating heeling groups and in club houses and so forth. Especially my dear friends in Ireland there<br> in all of the world Galion African inspired to take great care of them are modalities are not matured enough yet would be my opinion so far we're just starting to learn how to work with ourselves as we grow inside these types of humor you must realize how powerful year how powerful the restrictions on us on our we're growing out of it very quickly and so I want to take great care of this topic and that's why things are going a little slow on purpose it'll prove to you how fast you're growing as as we walk into the six sections of our lives and in the Ascension process very exciting time for healing is got to be a mod<br> because we're going to have all of us healers so to speak if you like the title<br> there is a humongous humongous volume the people who are going to go to A to Z overnight where you had decades to work on yourself quite a fascinating experience and so that's why I'm glad you're talking about this I think John the way you did questions for us last time was perfect if you just want to type people want to call in and you are the type of mouth grow so I think we'll have time for the end here but Sasha please steer me how you want<br> thank you very very very very information and just to pick up on what you said there are people really wanting to know what why don't we getting a connection to do the project review and<br> because they're having a weight they're coming up with more ideas they're coming up with how to do their project slower is faster everyone so we get we get time now to confirm<br> do we really want to do this or do we just like the idea that's my that's the gift I want to give you do you really like so all of us could have started Radio Show in called project review is Jay r or M why is it that where we want to do this I just always ask me what are you excited about is all I want to get out of this and so I like I like has taken great care of our next steps here because we are so powerful does that make sense<br> very well said Thank you and just dawn of BBS informed us that he's so lovingly he purchased the URL for things I was too but someone had actually purchased project review with you so if anyone see the website for project review with Q that's not us and there's no I went they didn't do that and it's exactly why you know where you can see the the message that we go through so now we get to we get to see who's who is doing what when where why and how because you know you know how we work we work with with voice we work with our thoughts that Excel so hope that helps a little bit and also while we're on the topic princess day and it does not have any social media there's some princess Danica Twitter<br> it's not Princess Diana did you know from here and would you like to say anything about that<br> so we taken great care to be normal to be like you so we can be of help so we understand what it's like we are of no service if we don't understand what it's like to be this type of human and it's fantastic that made sound we have our memories back in and we just want to stay really simple and I we don't want to sell t-shirts<br> do we need to survive just like you all in your systems but as a participant not as a controller so that's that's basically where we come from<br> thank you I know some people have some confusion the original Princess Diana who is the princess princess in England body was terminated and the spirit of that being<br> went up to the creation light show but also had a body down here. She that was already here when she was alive as Princess Diana so if you're looking for the the old Princess Diana to reappear from that Old body that's not that's not what happened so it is that beautiful spirit in a much younger body that were that plays with us on this radio show and who is the Twin Flame of up to did you want to say anything about that I feel naked<br> thank you I should be doing that that's just just so much fun for me it is steers us right into the value of the healing modalities that are coming in your reality Beyond we we get we can offer to use us as a tool so when we come in and out of body that's actually knowledge we want to share with you in a relationship so the annulment of of the spirit in the physicality<br> is really simple<br> yeah comprehensively instant very difficult to explain the English language we're just so capable of of doing this all of us are that we just have to remind ourselves to give us our fortitude back when we do it that's a very prominent way to heal every human being again now I struggle with putting adoration associated with the statement of time but most humans are completely 100% different human every 20 hours plus or minus some people can do it every 10 minutes some people can get along it every cell in your body was replaced in the last 20 best your spirit doing that not is a calendar your environment is impacting your physical body<br> it's spirit is growing though sells instantly somebody may be hijacking you you might be cut and pasted<br> but you're still the one powering the ri-ri genetic growth each and every day I hope that helps a little bit<br> I was great so in Planet of one hundred percent light there's absolutely no aging because there's no epigenetics creating a teaching and you and the Princess Diana have overridden a lot of that epigenetics because you have less than a for purified DNA so you look much my younger than your age and so does she. It is normal in in the everyone's getting some degree of this in their genetics it would be normal to<br> decide when you wanted to go into another body where is here you're being harbored to stay in the body is maybe one way to look at it but you still have that constant desire to be your body so yeah most most dimensional realities that have mandolin you live as long as you want and then you decide to be something else in this case you're seeing two individuals doing it by choice in a different dimension that sits very merry key that<br> my some of my learning has been associated with what's it like to be in a<br> higher dimensional realm in a lower dimensional body that's been very key for me to learn the healing process this year so most of us are in low-frequency physicality in the planet that is exceeding your growth. Not always just components of time in your pocket so hopefully that's some good informational playlist there<br> excellent information thank you we could go on and on without we can extend that or we can move on to the energy bodies which way would you like to go<br> I don't know<br> that was funny that was funny<br> so I just I just love when people go and play in nature<br> and then explain it<br> is is a perfect summary for what a spirit does that that's how it stays healthy plays in nature<br> and and so now you can actually see your systems and your cities were designed so you would not play in nature basically that make sense in LA<br> yeah it's so so we would just favor what we prefer is the solution in my suggestion using my model is why don't we just get let's just skip two generations this just gets the kids and and guess what three generations later we got this mistake on mathematics with Chris and the other day I was I was starting to<br> look at the versions of Kristen's one day we can use Kristen today she's going to love me today that was engineered to not Heelys time is a very good weapon to not heal us if we look at how many Christians they are in the last hundred hundred years there's three<br> purse XO mom has a baby<br> the baby grows up and it has a baby roughly you're seeing your family and if everyone lives two hundred years roughly there's three generations in your bloodline every hundred years. So now we're going to do now we're going to put this we're going to we're going to Mathis on the extension cycle every 100 years plus or minus you might get four generations in a hundred years was 24 just for the four have a little conversation so for every hundred thousand years how many Christians are there will be four times 10 right so now we have 40<br> Kristin's in 1000 year times for Generations now wait a minute what is the first part of the last thousand years we actually live longer<br> wait a minute so now we're not getting for every hundred years will getting maybe two and a half<br> let's stick with fork just for the fun of my mathematics here so we have 40 Kristen<br> and this engine cycle is roughly 2,000 years<br> plus or minus depending on our scale and our growth so that means it's okay so 80 Kristen is your generational mapping systems so you're you're going to see to genetically engineer a human you got to be pretty fast when you say Asha<br> yes and they are getting pretty fast now you got to get really fast and that's why I gave you all of my phone so you would get in here that's that's why they did it so now that you're at the end of the Ascension cycle all in this is a lot to do with healing now that I have all this media too much information is now that Dad is the tool to suppress and or slow down the sentence cycle.<br>that is really interesting as someone's pretty good at getting ahead of us before we figure out where the Pod and we're for frogs in the in the in the tank and it's getting a little hot in here so it's really important for the healing process to start getting modalities start mirroring some of my famous here and that's why it's so fun to see how we do it to your question do we talked about epigenetics the engineering and our spiritual energetics Anil I think I think that summarized is we just have to do what we prefer to heal when you say<br> that's a very very big part of it and when we did when we had the other part I would say there is also something else quite important<br> lie Quiet Energy bodies what's an energy body<br> in the universe of light if we do have a body we probably don't need energy bodies but when the dark took over this planet your spirit loving us and wanting to protect us realized we needed some energy bodies to buffer mind energy so if someone gets mad at you when you don't have an energy body to buffer it that thought of anger could kill you<br> so we wouldn't leave them at the energy bodies would you like to share about that you always ask permission or text thank you that's a perfect example of energy potties right there so I I said I am sorry I didn't ask you a question about how you perceive this that's a great tool to really come in alignment with another asking permission is really really example of energy<br> how does that look to you what do you mean by that I don't understand how you see it that way how do we how do we work with that information isn't that pretty body so when you use your heart in in authenticity<br> how are you feeling<br> why is it that you don't feel well that isn't energy body that's normal to to Spirit I give great care as an example we will see<br> to receive the individuals understanding of themselves and vice-versa so the energetic that were given to you because you're on a multi-dimensional plant plant that is what the energy bodies are are intended to do for you otherwise there are some similar vehicles that one engineer body that does not recognize that does that make sense<br> yes and also<br>Forest has an energy body in the ocean has an energy body and that's why I Q talks about asking permission to enter the forest and the ocean I mean to take you off track but go ahead injection you were going well that's just great I just love the dialogue so when you do go into a forest<br> the reason they don't so just use it to trade for<br> and they they question your integrity instantly<br> why are you here, because if they don't they don't go out of town but they're always in perfect peace<br> knowing what it's like to be fun up a tree and so far it is is a tool we can use me for this incredible<br> no one would ever really talk about being afraid that I would never find until they got shut down by human example so your Consciousness Andrea just like your consciousness<br> so it's important to make relationships with in this case for us because they can they can collectively communicate and heal you and so all of those root systems of a forest of example they're all talking to each other through water sure you've heard many people talk about this<br> it will serve you unbelievable food water healing relationships the little people will start enjoying you start being an earpiece with you it didn't hire play infrastructure of unbelievable that you can't see because you may not choose to be at that frequency forgive me for renting but yeah that's all<br> thank you very helpful and very important so let's say you have energy bodies the Earth has given you to protect you<br> but those energy bodies become full because they hold away from your physical body someone else's anger at you or or someone else's hatred or jealousy whatever the emotion is that energy body is going to collect everything that's being thrown at you<br> and hold it there for you like baggage when they say we have baggage that's what baggage is so our physical body starts to have a frequency of the baggage instead of the frequency of our spirit Spirit energy is constant it's always are scared but the physical body can get bogged down by the energy body and what Ron ametron did the main thing to heal the physical body was to queer the energy B specifically the emotional and mental energy bodies so would you like to share anything about that before I leave for them<br> yeah that's perfectly sad way to go I'll show ya so you're you're recording system is so good it recorded everything is what you just said for me and that's exactly right thank you<br> thank you so much of my chip webpage there are clearings for every energy body and they are or you can also do a command for command block command my spirit to clear my energy body especially if you've had some drama you know someone is sending black magic your way or even if someone is praying for you that's mental energy are the times it's going to harm your energy body and I'm so sorry to say this but we need to move further with with truth to protect people would you like to share anything about that so energy bodies for me or are very tricky because<br> because I should say recognizing<br> and I'm I'm never going to stop playing my finger at the brain when you say that's the root cause issue<br> of course for everything yeah and so I always ask the greatest healers I can find how do you stop thinking can you stop thinking why is it that I can and you can't all of those questions all day long and<br> how do I use allies my brain to be proactively creating the future I want I'll never get tired of finding another explanation but you summed it up perfectly now you have these emotional energy body can can an eel to thought and memory instantly so easy to get underneath our quick when we get in these situations when we're late for a bill someone called us a name and then we can put on timeline which makes in complement<br> yes and they like to play with this with when I say they I mean the aliens and the controller state-based ER energy bodies they see the frequency of our pain and so let's say they put someone in our family has marry someone because they can actually put someone in our field and put a frequency that makes us choose them you know where the more we know how many people a year did we are down here the more work we can go get it looked at I put some in your family who triggers you<br> the more they triggered you and the more they maybe do something negative that causes your emotional harm them or you're going to be carrying around baggage that is also used to say if you throw water down an empty well nothing but if you throw water down a well that's full of water is going to Splash out same thing if if someone is sending in Gratis and we were full of anger in her and you got it we're going to wash that anger back out so when your energy bodies are clean there's nothing is Flash out it'll be energy body will just absorb the anger and hold it for you to clear it again but it won't you won't be reactive glad ya so<br>can you hear me okay<br> yes<br> okay so explain that to me okay give me give me an an example in someone's life I do I feel that the way we learn is through an example<br> I like doing timelines with Barbara and Jan but whenever you pick to give me example of what you just said in in a normal day would that be okay so my hair is married to Sally and trading has an affair and Sally's been in ten other relationships where her partner had an affair so now her energy body of being betrayed and harmed is so full as she decides to kill Harry that's not her spirit that's not even her Consciousness that's the energy body it's so exploding it has taken control of her<br> did he deserve it<br> I mean come on that's fair<br> the energy body will certainly believe that he deserves it why does why does it why does it it why does it have so much power that's what I can't figure out because it's an energy so the energy body has all the hatred and anger and jealousy and negative energy which is powerful psychic energy in your body if you are mad at so many years and hate you're giving them power as you know that person is receiving your power which they can hold and do anything with<br> yeah so where the where the victim and the problem at the same time or when you said when you were Buddha and it's funny that people drink poison and think they're coming they're anime<br> so so what is it what is the tool we could we could use to to clean this up and I'm stuck at you just use your heart makes isn't but that's not good enough is it<br> the weight of these energy bodies do need to be cleared because they were in a physical reality and they have a physical wait on us just like if you're going to climb a mountain in your caring 200lb it's exactly the same thing when we were moving through life with energy B is there a full of toxic energy or going to be able to be ourselves up and take her so when we clear them to either the creation my ship or through our commands it changes our life that transforms us so that we can actually respond to people as a spirit instead of a mind to or an energy body to its fullest and so is this is this one way to look at it so 80 Christian Slater<br> we have now reached the Pinnacle in which more volume of spirit is coming into us and or removing the restrictions of this this type of human<br> and the competition is the energy bodies<br> parallel for marrying and the growth of spirit are<br> are doing their best to be more prominent would that be a fair statement<br> that's a really good example especially with Kristen because Kristin has done a massive clearing of all of her energy bodies and you noticed she responds very peacefully very gracefully very eloquently a the amount of time and energy work she can work really really hard and still be so beautiful and loving to interact with even though she hasn't had any sleep that's a really good example for talking about it on the radio<br> I'm scared of the user opportunities now to to just proactively create that's the solution I am and that's why the healing groups are so important to me as if we just saw these trauma in in obviously working with secret soldiers mind-controlled people out of Vietnam War and many others that's the one thing they all have in common that is is in our society everywhere not just not just a military look at all the empty<br>and we have to really really proficient tools inside of us not to forget them and release them and I thank you for bringing this up<br> thank you your compliment everything so powerfully and beautifully and just stay in the nature how long we have on the show left when the physical body departs<br> the emotional body remains now what the Earth Spirit used to do is absorbed back into the Earth because it doesn't come from a source that comes from the growth he comes from Earth so the event which is what we called those are to go back into the Earth but instead of that there was a there was a block either the aliens or some silos we won't talk about blocked that ability of the Earth Fare to know that her spirit is no longer here so now we have billions and billions of these ghosts are emotional. He's wandering around causing great Havoc which we could do a whole show on that cause physical pain because arguing back and forth of people that my next door neighbor just was killed by one<br> it'll be there very very very dangerous so the most important thing maybe to cover is how to remove these entities from your body how to prevent them from coming into your body and how to maintain a very sealed and light-filled body so here's where you come in really beautifully<br> well wheel Home Depot<br> the the normal way you would defend yourself without defending yourself<br> would be to press<br> so if you feel your body for the most part again great care is taken when I when I speak about the topic<br> when you're outside of this realm in your a different type of mammal in whatever it's normal for you to favor the words to give you an pressing sustaining yourself in in its presence would ever be in your it here in this type of human year very dance your physical body is very feels very dense bull it's because it's so encapsulated your spirit you can't steal is it this is not a standard statement this is just a generalization from for the most part you can't feel your spirit at all of these types of bodies compared to the other Realms that you're used to live in it so what that looks like is that I'm using the word press so your balloon is need needs to be full of air but not too big so you don't want your aura spread out everywhere cuz example you want to<br> a nice and nice and firm very positively pressing all the time so that it doesn't get Space displaced from the statement as long as you can feel more of your heart center is want to do my best to explain is pressing that's where the positivity of your creative being resides and always will be when you're feeling very light and Airy fairy and not sure where you're at many times could be explained as I'm not really here and something else could be no not to say that are a fairy is beautiful blessed Duncan drunk very delicate will stay when I said that it's knowing you're in a being and owning it so to speak<br> is the best I can do is that helpful that ass up it's really really helpful and do you know when when you and I were attacked recently it worked the attack happened on me because I was so expanded because I was listening to your voice so your voice Korea. Bliss and that are a very euphoric and I was wide open and that was a really really good experience to know okay I need to always be pressing pressing in the light so if you do the command I commend my spirit to bring all of my life and life force energy into my body now would that help<br> absolutely and then pretty soon you don't have to do it because it'll be a function of memory so the speaker or you know that exercise because<br> thank you.<br>yell at me there's a couple memos I think Johnson is Kevin from a little low the storm here State and Anna rupee from Australia<br> can't wait to hear about working out session for the Western mind can't wait I didn't see any other questions come in there down but what else you want to chat about before we close out today there<br> thank you for answering those questions so those people who sense what's a pain in the body that's moving around as often and then animals can have nothing to you to see them eating their foot reading their tail or their paws and hands violently so we can help animals ourselves other people with commands I commend my spirit remove anything that is not authentic we may I commend my spirit remove all entities that type of thing would you have another command that people could use<br> yeah so working with people over the years I am first and foremost asked that you create your own words the way you'd like to receive your your communication with source<br> and I'm just giving you a template so you can do whatever you want with it but as long as it's verbal it's a very big reason why not to go around to mine<br> must be verbal using your harmonics is the only way that you're guaranteed to have that resource<br> don't have to do it forever it's just getting you your horsepower back<br> so in example you gave I love being very fast in your request for help you're not a weekly you're super powerful you're just some place where it's difficult to get the volume of you into this type of unit that's all it's going on it you're at that you're 10% right now and you can be at 100% by doing things like this I command my spirit to give me all of me now I command my spirits to heal and balance my body right now I command my spirit to give me more of my sense of self make the statements really broad don't try and heal a symptom that's near 1st and that's the first problem you're going to create for yourself if you keep installing symptom solution<br> Storrs Center healing process backwards you have to go forward I command my spirit to heal my body the spirit is going to do the comprehensive scanning and awareness and perception of how you broke your bone so that they can then he'll accompany it doesn't look at it doesn't look at reactionary know he looks at the future so now you can use this for everything in your life I command my spirit to heal and balance all of my relationships I commend my spirit<br> to create opportunities for making broth don't direct source God works and will always work does that help<br> that was so helpful thank you perfect perfect and thank you for Today show I want to be respectful of Dawn and his time and yours and everybody thank you everybody for tuning in we love you and thank you queue your excellent for the boys will courage then I can't do this without you and I'll talk to you a few days to your dear thank you thank you thank you and everyone listening will be in touch my great love to you have a beautiful day at the High<br>

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