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Project Review With Q, September 23, 2023

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Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

Part 16

Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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clue clue clue clue<br> are you there I just been called right on right on I was going to do the show outside but the the birds are too loud today so they're very excited so I thought I'd step in for them<br> DIA<br> we would like to start today if you don't mind thank you Hashem for joining me is I'd like to do a quick<br> quick poem Song from my Garson and the incredible relationships Duran Duran and David Bowie it is so much work here I just I just applied them for everything they've done and it goes like this<br> find a white Beach Under the Sun on a wide bed what will become half awake and half in a dream about falling into something oh is this how it all begins what a quiet explosion Within<br> like a raindrops falling on skin I'm falling into feeling falling to my senses you will feel the heart of me if you know the answer show me who I want to be I can't say that is love enough to dedicate<br> so I spent a lifetime waiting for this on a beeline to a first kiss for a taste of your honey do Bliss I'll be falling into feeling summer perfume that you wear your Still In Bloom you're feeling the air with a whisper that I want to share cuz I'm falling into something<br> falling to my senses you feel up the heart of me if you know the answer show me who I want to be I can't say that is love enough to dedicate<br> falling to my senses you feel up the heart of me if you know the show me who I want to be I can't say that is not enough today<br> can I say that<br> and this is the start of project review with q and I love singing in front of Sasha as a link as a lyric midget it's beautiful to sing in front of you and incredible vocalist oh thank you thank you for starting to allowing me to start the show this way<br> thank you wow what a treat and Spotify take that<br> when were the stars<br> well you just come out with blades today I like that just just went for the jugular text me<br> can I say I want to start off with a couple Communications is that okay if I think you okay the first so again punch you use Q is for you and to all your subscribers to thank you so much you're you're initiating your passions and it's it's brilliant as you can see by now we are your communication for you community where are you you tell us what you want and we're doing our best to connect in and put you guys all together and I'll show you how this is work now to fart<br>the invitations for the Healer groups and the farmers let me start the farmers first the farmers are really important for all of us<br> to all the old everyone is called in they've all had one thing in common that is to get some decent nutrition and and this is a great education process for all of us is the way in which we transfer nutrition energetics from our planet into our bodies<br> is really going to be it's going to be more important as we go on here because you're you're all changing and so going to your great-great organic food store is really not a nutritional value system that you're going to measure in the future<br> and the reason that isn't cuz you going to be more one with your your food source and so you the environment which your food comes from is the nutrition you're going to start transferring into you so when you give in and out of this is redundant for a lot of people but so the farmer groups is really important because they've they understand that when you put your nutrition in your part of your nutrition process<br>it sustains you invite Vitality you get out of a relationship with your food is there is going to be getting very very important to have snow ready for you and so the compliment to that is the healing groups and the collaboration groups in and all of these Retreat centers all have that in common is that we have not torn down to standardize with a modality that that is a compliment or to your geography<br> and so that's why I've taken great care and we've all taken great care of waiting for the farmers to start their performance and we got the last one in recently and so now we're putting out the invitation to the farmers so that now we can introduce the great incredible nutritionist like Neil and I asked all the nutritionist to start trading performance modalities that they're excited about in your geography to the farmers are getting their first advancement invitation this week and then second is the healing groups are all going to get their advancements this weekend or invitation to explain their performance taking in so and see this the relationship between healing and nutrition<br> I guess these are all of these are all deliverables that you all asked of us and or all of us and that's what's so exciting to me is we're all networking and in asking ourselves what we want in the world but I just love it<br> so stay tuned as you used to be saying a couple other items Australia Australia attorney who you are I have a desire to start working on the water issues a busted Bayou and I know that's going to be a fun one for but I asked how your peers to get in with you and the the issues regarding water<br>California's is right up there on my top list is the the dissolution of of there's no water on a water planet is, call at this point we have not seen you to go ahead and start stepping up and really hold there's a lot of water on this planet but I really want to look at the way people are controlled when they used Transportation shout out to the Australian tree I'll be in contact with you so I'll see I'll be contacting you<br> before noon your time this week Nas I will be contacting you before noon this before noon this week in your time<br> Ballard girls working on our Architects for you<br> an engineer's<br> the summer camp people the resorts I will request there's an option now we can start calling these Resorts so I don't care if it's the Hilton or or whoever else and in mumble-jumble and we have enough training now start calling these Resort COC iOS and start getting them to change their business models and they saw you act this way I ask that let's be aggressive but have you ever thought about renting out your entire Resort for the purpose of of kids playing in it and learning about the biology of of your beautiful pristine Bay that you live on<br> and using it and then by the way why don't you grow your own food cuz we have a gardening group that does that<br> it's almost comical is not that we would have Resorts why don't we live at the resort<br> the<br> last one is<br> I know you have a couple items are two offshore to is<br> the visual presentations will be ongoing in the future here and we got we have a nice collection now<br> recorded interviews and so now you can see how it's soaked the farther we get down the roads are you starting to see things materialize and I love it and it's my great gold standardized your visions and your man to take a manifestation process and you've all everyone listening you all educated me on what we need to let stay re-engineer our Dream implementation program and that's what I want to do with pressure country to is esri<br> remind us all how we dreaming and initiate all of our dreams and we're real close now. And I feel we can standardize it for everyone so that we can all make our dreams come true and that's the purpose of project Preview 2<br> and a couple other items I want to see a real quick auction for give me screen so long when did Paradise Island Lithuania received thank you very much<br> let's say the healing groups that invitation out for Saint boxers I'm going to I'm going to expedite bear with me. Thank you very much. I silent already got that one fairy gardens stay tuned we have a nice fit for you<br> the other ones give me<br> I have one more performance thank you you don't have to send your proformas in looking for<br> play snow did air<br> just call me out of my show I got a kid textiles Inc you very much that one's going to be a brilliant with the hemp smokes and again I thank you for all the renewals it's for you so anyway I think that's all. That's all the the business side I have today and<br> how do you want to begin or did we already already did begin your energy is so Amplified are you sure about that you just filling me up you just don't like up up<br> I'm asking or inviting everybody to really feel your voice today you have really Amplified again thank you and thank you for sharing that with us<br> thank you only can you play wants to chat with us<br> how's it going to do it today well today they may want to write in a question and then Don can get it to us because we had so many people waiting long distance online for the entire hour almost this might be we're going to try to sway how do you feel about that they're doing such a killer job DBS Radio I can't thank him enough but they're just a great conduit or everyone in the is as much as I put down the internet we we have a choice or we can use it positively did you have some projects you you dug up on this last week you wanted to promote or talk about<br> yes and I also would like to thank you for creating projects review ask you to help us all connect to our spirit and increase our life force and you are the living example of doing what you love in every week for stronger more light or energy so I really appreciate that and I also wanted to thank Don and also Kristen and Christopher have been working so hard behind the scenes<br> organizing these groups into collaboration meetings and Kristen has already sent out some invites now<br> please let her know when you get the invite even if you do not want to be a part of the collaboration so she knows you received it and if you haven't received one please look in your recycling bin because she's been sending out a lot that she hasn't received any information back from so<br> for sure she has sent out<br> the projects for the community centers so please look for that and also the self-realization spiritual counselor groups a lot of people that she's put together in that group and there are some people she's having a difficult time doing which group to put in so if you haven't heard anything just probably still getting a group together for you and thank you for your patience and thank you Kristin and Christopher for all the work you're doing<br> not if we did you want to say anything else about that before we move forward<br> I know I think you nailed it<br> draw the those are all the items I sure needed the organization on you now thank you for doing that that was perfect<br> so to go along with what you had shared so lovely is on for the people that space in the recent post on for the spirit. Space we have two new posts that are presentations of independent projects that are so vantastic they wanted to share them and get people excited about everything it's possible one of them is called trimmable it's and it's a group around the world have found them in Melbourne in London and United States and they get a blitz of people in the community that are experts at permaculture and sustainable growing and they get together and they choose someone's backyard and they plan<br> permaculture Garden that will feed the community and everyone gets together and plants it and then when the next person is ready that whole group go through the house so<br> if you don't find one of these Perma Blitz centers in your area you can always create around you can reach out to and there's some links on the website but this is the way we start to get our food we grow or that our neighbor grows do we know who's growing it into our hands so that we are receiving true nutrition and my force would you like to say anything about that<br> yeah they into it and they lie you're seeing us all recognize so these bodies are are quite unique because of the diversity in which they can complement the spirit Angel out with these body and more and more as they evolve and or spirit for lack of better term and description the more the spirit takes over the physicality you're going to savour foods that are higher vibrational and I know that this definition has been worn out you're not going to be able to eat lower-frequency Foods<br> traumatize Foods in and I don't care whether it's me or vegetables don't want to eat shocked and you transferring energy and it's and it's brilliantly complements our bodies brilliantly you will not get sick anymore if you just live at that level so to speak and so brilliantly done on a shed to we're all starting to wean that way and they lie that you didn't need me to tell you you're just doesn't feel good about transferring shock organic Tomatoes at Canton China stuff like that you're going to see that transferring food on the highway is not good for your food and and that's exactly what the farmers of our teaching us and that's what they want to stand right in the end of course doctor<br> he's proving it to with our lower GI when you you do Mary with high nutrition that is energetically is the is the initiation of nutrition is the energetic not that's not necessarily the way it was grown but the the way you enjoyed it being grown very big step for us is not<br> very big step and I love what you said before about singing to your food and talking to your food so because you have a relationship with it and it's very happy to give you his Contrition when you asked so it becomes a life force in your body that is any tenfold of what it would have been kind of happy to be there and you've asked permission the the animal and plant kingdom are so to all these words but they're just far more intelligent they know their role they want to be of service trees want to create oxygen are considered gods in in the universe they dedicate their lives to create oxygen being a transmitter receiver healer trees are some of the greatest a tools we have for the planets sustainability<br> and implants are no difference they're giving their life to give life pretty amazing huh<br> it's breathtakingly beautiful what they do it's in the more you get to know the trees and more you just your heart opens just being near them so easily<br> yeah it's it is it's the one and I have all the children that they said when you get them in the forest I just dance they don't know why they dance to just enjoying they just skip around all the sudden because they're with their friends and family and I'm definitely Legacy friends and family it's so fun to see us all getting back to normal in some respect<br> I don't believe we could go into the forest without twirling like a<br> another wonderful thing about the permit says it gets you start to meet your your city you start to meet the people and find the beautiful value that you didn't know was there before we really fun and I was thinking about getting a group of people just by Detroit and let let the van to take it over DC I don't know man that one might be a little tougher but I know that I know I know the green stuff would just take it over if we just left bro yeah I remember that story about the Amazon where they were at all these bulldozers tearing it down and the jungle fought back and they had to the boulders our guys had to leave and then within a month I came back in the bulldozers were gone they've sunk into the Earth for is just consume them and said you're not coming here anyways lives<br> has got their hands full if they got a IV on their property that you're not going to win a war you can't<br> too and be wary of people diving I was making a holly wands for kids and even the Holly you can't you can't kill holly tree you had another project I think you mentioned me what was it was it a natural oil lamp for what what is it that you have their forgive me for I don't I don't remember what you told me it's called a water light and there is an indigenous Community called way who Trinity the lettuce and a remote lie cuz you're a peninsula near the border of Colombia and Venezuela and they have a deep ancestral connection with the c and when I told you this I know you don't remember this but you knew all about how they did this because you have all the information but they they have these lanterns they worked with the Columbian Avenue<br> energy startup company Colleen Dina and they created a revolutionary Lantern you just dip it in the ocean take the ocean water and it converts they ions with magnesium to create energy so would you like to share with everyone how that works you have right under your nose and so using a lot of and dielectric another look at your battery in your car is that sustained store electricity you're just using the electrodes energized it with water<br> forgive me Ray Charles from see that's okay so electricity sorry but the<br> what were the reasons Libya Iran Iraq and Syria all of them got to press so dramatically in and many others. That's just the little kid that serve give me the rest of you have a lot of your legacy why you think Hitler went after all the artifacts in Egypt another place because all that Natural History the technology is your nose that there are plants on this planet that will take your IQ from 122 unmeasurable and I'm working on that everyone<br> so what would I look at this technology we're going to start restart ask why do I need electricity<br> and you're going to end up with I just like to stay up a little longer and I like to keep my food call you're going to you're going to get to a point where you don't really understand why you need Electronics because the abundance of life that were walking past will be far greater recognize would be my assessment as much as I can talk about this technology all you want but you can use dielectric with vinegar sugar and salt endless ways to do it and then wait till you Channel it with the electromagnetic field of your planet you have free energy and of course mr. Tesla understood that and many others now how do we distribute it is now my real question how do we make sure everyone's got a resource educate them well that's what project review with Q is so we're going to do that<br> and the people that are excited about doing it we'll do it so obviously it's not my excitement to give you technology or explain technology I'm waiting for our all these guys to show up so I can't wait to build the sex and that's why the farmers are are so Progressive is that's obviously our desire<br> is to get in trishan and sustain Our Lives will get more awareness about our Consciousness than our relationship with Source until this is all maturing actually and even your very words are perfect Russia because<br> it doesn't really doesn't really matter does it<br> in the priorities does it<br> exactly it is just all right here all the technology in the universe is right here I guarantee you please keep going<br> right now it's up under the recent posts under the project review with Q post today and this is an archived that you're listening to it's going to be on for the spirit that space under inspiration and this is called water light and there's a bunch of links up there you can research how they do it maybe create your own if you're excited about it this one little Lantern of light<br> two cups of salt water just dipping in the ocean is 45 days of energy or around 500 W free 2 L of water so that's everything we need is all around us so what's happening of course has the natural technology of the Earth the electromagnetic energy the salt magnesium the ions everything is free and it's for us and as we all implement this we're not going to need the big corporations that don't really have our best interest in mind<br>yeah<br> I wonder I wonder what we could have fun with the distribution of our AC right<br> where were heavily heavily reliant on on the alternating current and that is going to change our lives a lot at least in the western world if we would move to DC and again I asked all the scientists and Engineers Electro mechanical engineers or otherwise to to help us with that and give us a project to to complement this this dialog<br> my dear friend in in Perth of mechanical engineer I really can't wait to work on that with you but you know we as we as we all get organized here<br> there's so many opportunities when you said<br> it's unlimited and I love everything you're saying and I love the product Nikola Tesla as we know he is directly from the creation Lightship and go ahead you going<br> you're so fun so he created direct current which is fabulous inside that's what they use on both isn't it<br> Legacy Maritime vessels current is preferred so you don't get spikes<br> so it's it was a safer in the day of Tesla and then the opposition to Tesla purposefully executed in animal out of are saying it was Tesla's technology to make people afraid of it but in fact it is the technology that he was developing or he did develop was very safe is cracked I don't believe we need harmonic filters today in our homes if we had standardized DC currently in America<br> we all do what we have to do all the engineers that are in heavy Industrial and Commercial construction why do we need surge protection on all our Motors know our driveway Hospital you wouldn't believe the dirty power in the hospital and that's because of the transient 3 power that comes process harmonica if you want to get cancer go work in the hospital and I'm sorry my dear ones your beautiful people working hospital to help people but the buildings are designed to not get you healthy.<br> I wonder what we did before hospitals<br> thank you to settle the beach and eucalyptus leaves pretty sure and loved each other. Give me some water<br> convention<br> I was water charging at a restaurant yesterday and these people came out. What are you doing<br> I'm just cleaning the water making sure it's good for me<br> got your weird<br> you're weird no I don't use my own stack right there like I'm fighting the enemy again it is true you have a ride is we win we have environments that are<br> absolutely<br> aligned with us and it has tremendous relationship with all these people to call again and spending a project but we have environment.<br> it's how you sustain life you're happy your collaboration your music every every way we communicate with our authenticity with the food with everything you grow everything you do you will never get sick I guarantee you I agree and if we look at the Ancient Ancient beings who simply watched nature to see if there was some damage to Nature how it heals itself and that they learned a lot about temperature and how important temperature is and to always keep your heart very very very warm and of course the main Meridian to your heart is your tongue so you don't want to drink cold water or cold foods that harms of chalks the heart very simple things like that and even the temperature of a quality of food in those days when it be and I'm not giving Medical<br> nice but in those days if a baby had a fever they would give them a sip of coconut juice because coconut juice is very very Cooling in the baby's temperature would go down and it was she also very simple things like that you can have it at home so much information like that just by watching nature and the quality of of foods and<br> the temperature of your heart and the rest of your body<br> and so that's why in Columbia that they're drinking hot coffee and a hot day and then the Western World who were enjoying our fruit toast corn syrup Tutti Frutti purple Scorpion<br>exactly and you hit it on the nose when you're not well it's helpful to eat warm even when it's warm to drink warm even when it's hot out because it produces the cold energy out of your system and yeah there's nothing there showing how much sugar is in a pumpkin cappuccino it was 14 cups of sugar in what would you say cappuccino<br> it was a pumpkin spice and what's the name of the company but there it was cappuccino frappe or something 14 couple wow that's that's wow I can refine that and start a business with $2<br>well okay so that's interesting<br> the most important<br> is a course this is Project review with q and it's all about your treatment and what does your excitement do why don't you go over that again what does living your highest excitement what does it really do<br> you know what it tells you you don't know what the<br> when when you really disassociate with the models that are you inherited what once you start looking at it<br> I realize I'm representing the Western world I want to remind America you're not very big<br> and the rest of the world knows it<br> but your model for survival is very strong in the rest of the world is really excited about not living your model anymore that is a means of exchange is not is only a boundary<br> for your excitement so<br> when you're inspired to do something is your new money not put money before your excitement if I if I need this thing<br> I can't this thing then I'll get excited is now disappearing<br> you just take one step forward each day for what you want to initiate into this world<br> forgive me for getting a little off track here but this makes the only sense that that I understand here is I wanted to do something and then you go do it now<br> it really there. I just really want to go do something all your abilities are are under your nose right now so. Don't limit it you know just really want to do it<br> if you're in a my great joy is to prove that you can do it when you're in the dark as dark as play I love it I love it cuz I can prove to you and I'm quite convinced I can standardized that everyone can create absolute Utopia for themselves by walking the talk just do what you want now<br> let Things Fall Apart and possibly<br> I'm not endorsing that but what if you just did exactly what you wanted<br> wait till you see what shows up the resources the people I'm living proof I guarantee you I don't need Asha in the side with my excitement there's no way I find Asha if I don't do what I wanted what I wanted to go and connect with people and I'll find out you and now we have a radio show<br> that is enough words out of Chatty Cathy here it is so perfect I'm so grateful for what you just shared because you are absolutely the living example of project review with q and I like to point out that you and Princess Diana something stands out about the two of you more than anybody I know it you both<br> constantly give how can I help you what can I do if you how can I get can I give this to you like that story you told me you had $500 left in your pocket and not as another Penny anywhere and you gave it away at such an example of how you both live and<br> everything you need comes to you but I don't believe there's a moment that goes by that you're not giving and or figuring out how to give to somebody would you like to share anything about that<br> start send me up aren't you you know me so well actually scary to give yourself up to someone and everyone and I don't know that I would have it any other way and it's just expose myself and expose everything I've done in my life<br> Bonnie it seems to be it's uncontrollable for me too so far cannot isolate the way I I conduct myself this I just can't stop myself it's like I'm like a magnet to Steel when somebody needs something I just listen and I listen how do I get it to them how do I do it I don't I don't really know I speak for the mermaid to is wheat we don't know how to stop herself for like we're we're just running water down a cliff like we got to go<br> is it so what I'm working on very hard is everyone has that in there now what do they may not do it like I do it they may not do it like you do other things you could do today you protect yourself tremendously in what excites you and and so<br> my great Passion now is to standardize at so we can all understand it and that's why I'm doing the show so what is the metrics for Success what it was because we're so heavy rain here compared to all the other realizations knee pads about the universe standardized that if I do this I'm going to get there<br> and then of course you're back in the brain<br> this innate feeling you have through the center of you is you is all I can answer that question to Ahsha and when we when we participate with you we just we just listen and sure we defer some people that are maybe not understanding and aware because there's other opportunities for us to help others<br> again I'm still working on explaining it we can't help ourselves as where I'm at so far is that is good enough answer<br> Excellence magnificent as usual and again even if someone isn't speaking to Q he's everywhere he can he will sense what's going on your wishes are granted and even two weeks ago the team here we were under quite a bit of attack so I just mentioned in a maybe we could do I had to hard drive before the show is going to tell them what you did go ahead<br> do all night long with the first sleep I've ever had that was uninterrupted so of course all of my spirit was able to rejoin me so I had way more energy for the show which protects us a lot and when we know what we're doing with our lady but thank you again for that and we just I didn't even ask really but you just wanted to give me the best you possibly could so thank you for that you're welcome in that MS project in itself is so many people say well why don't you do that all over the planet and why don't you do it for me when you can so participation is really where that question comes and plays<br> who am I to control the expression of all of you<br> I want I just want to compliment participate and these abilities in these tools are here for you all are here for you<br> I'm in and it's your equally as powerful as me<br> and I do not want a fan-tan and testifies this story it's just I know how to do it and in and use it in a positive way with great care is taken with our story and I'm ready I'm ready to help all of you and I can do it it's just where I will text the pages where it will be intimate is is one way to look at it granular but you all have these abilities I assure you that what you're pulling out of me today thank you babe for filled with your answers thank you and it does remind me of a story which is an example would you like to hear that<br> please so there was this is a very old story from so many people may have heard of it but it was a company in the midwest that was going under and they had three months left today they told everyone working in a company for closing and not going to have a job in three months and people were really really upset because the holy calling me at that time was going down and they're scared so they were becoming depressed and not well at that are in there was one employee in the company who was having probably a harder time than most and she her mother was her mother just moved in with her associate extra costs and everything but he was incredibly inspired to help people this one employee let's call her Diane I don't believe that was her name and she<br> decided to create<br> a way to help people make resumes and cover cover letter so she created a newsletter and she sent it out in an email blast everyone here is how you create a resume and if you need help I'll stay after work and I'll help you out a lot of people truck up on it and then she also would post jobs you found here's a job here and your maybe you would be good for this and so she ended up getting a bunch of people these jobs meanwhile she's not looking for anything for herself cuz she's so excited about helping everyone else makes you so happy to please people and she's coming home exhausted taking care of her mom going to pick getting up the next day and look in the paper for everybody to after three months about half the people I believe you had a job because of Diane and then the whole company closed and the people that had the company that closed a poster and they said you know we're starting a new company and we would like you to head it and we're going to give you twice the wage that you had at our old company so that's what happened so she wasn't thinking<br> about herself she was just so excited about helping everybody else she did help most of the people that really are probably other one cuz she also would send out an inspirational quote every day people happy a person who's not looking at how am I going to pay the rent I'm going to take care of my mom she's just excited about helping people and it worked out really well for her<br> yeah I know those stories should be getting really comment until many of these people will never listen to the story of this show is example they're doing it and all of you will be in that same end in so I consider this show and and or these radio shows all of them will be a networking process which we can use these these communications is just a network hey do you guys have some grapes cuz I want to make me wait we have just a tremendous opportunity here to grow our our desires of of<br> continuity to get out of the these systems we've been heard it said that we can now we can all mold them however we want we just have to keep collaborating so there's no bad collaboration long as we keep clap when you say<br> elaborating and also qualified are on our own projects and given ourselves permission yes I'm going to watch my website today yes I'm going to add light to my project today in and whatever it is you're going to do you got permission from to if it's your you know if you don't need permission but if you're asking for it course if it makes you happy people support you know right it's so when we look at some of the chats we look at Catherine Oscar from Ohio and she gave me permission if she gave me your name of course light would be a good addition to a good project and I'll make sure it happens<br> thank you for the request and I know I haven't found the queen yet that's outside of his bed and she's somewhere in there and we don't do it just because you emails doesn't mean we're actually getting up where we're working really hard it's pains me to say that to you not I'll just keep grinding on it and it's less and I assure you our Communications will get better have not found the Queen's assistant yet and she's a great resource for us I need her in the mix<br> Hawaii projects thank you<br> color charts are great Sherry yeah you have to use it<br> we're almost done here are we outchea<br> yes we are would you like to<br> going to make me Jen aren't you going to make me do something<br> I just wanted to be really big I believe you're bigger than this universe aren't you well until then<br> I walk around in circles I'm up all night wondering if anything in my life will turn out all right where did he give four reasons that used to be clear what I thought I needed so bad with Zoe<br>here<br> finish oh wow<br> where did you pull that from that is so perfect excellent<br> I love you so much and I love everyone listening to us today and I just commend you for staying staying with us we are all we are all getting through this I am sure you and just keep keep working here I'm sure you this is this is happening you're definitely in the Ascension cycle and it's all right under your nose I love you I love you all beautiful day to you also please send us all thank you to you for everything and thank you Dawn Kristen and Christopher and Princess Diana on we know you do a lot and it seems as well thank you everyone for listening thank you for your questions we love you<br> and blessing bye-bye<br>

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