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Project Review With Q, September 16, 2023

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Project Review With Q

Part 15

Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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this is Kia we're going to disclose everything and everything so y'all over in a minute that's what that music yes I'm here. That's funny music you must admit that's is so good
for the record I called so I love it so let's create a nice welcome to project review with Q Asha
what would you like to play with today I have a couple of items that you'll probably be better at organizing me with but how do you want to play today and I'll support you in it well I think we should talk to some more people because I love talking to people and as much as I'm tired of talking to listen to myself I love connecting with people so anyone that's listening please call him right now and the update Country BBQ this week the healing club's the healing intention centers collaboration centers get in and give me patience are designed to get a some kind of pro forma.
you prefer. But I prefer a performer that says this is what I need to make the next step to initiate whether whether The Healing Center collaboration Center of kids camp all of those groups that you're all getting get invites this week and it may not be scheduled for this week but you're going to get an invitation at least and its profound how much I've learned about why we need so much healing and with this last week all I believe I have a great mentor for us to initiate healing without being a mentor and of course that was Lacuna Coil Evans and she has a great great model for not telling you how to heal
and learning and listening and observing and and just being one with you and we feel we're getting closer to creating a template a model of a collaboration point where we can standardized what's the best way for us all to come together and and have a nice communist realization and I I think that's what I got out of last week's work would you say the same alshaya
very well said yes which area is awesome and she makes it look like it's not hearing she just makes it looks like like it's fun like you're having a chat with the best friend and you're experiencing the best part of yourself it's really a beautiful way to uplift people and balance them and bring in more holness just threw frequencies and light and you know she is seamless really profound yeah and as much as you know you've heard me say that I really kill the English language and its capability of expressing ourselves so we listen to Adele send a chirp at you it's it doesn't have consonant
which stops the flow potentially of the harmonics of birds in their language in such a touch-up and so that's why I know Lucy is one of the few people I've seen that he has overcome bad if there is such a rash now she's brilliant and so when you communicate with her you have no choice you have no choice but to see yourself
Hi how are you you can avoid that you can avoid that with her and I feel we're ready to template to to to get us more engaged with each other the other the other item that is growing very very quickly is our Legacy the mermaid is is is pushing me and herself
the birthing at sea has got to be more prominent here at the Legacy that you may or may not be aware of notice the whales go from Alaska to the South Pacific why do birds fly south every year are all these animals going south north south north dip most common
forgive me for sanitizing I spent what was normal for us is to be nomadic we're not used to sitting still I didn't say we don't appreciate a place where we live I'm saying that when we go birth it is nice that really comfortable to be in warm water in the air and water have the same temperature it's very very very soft when you come into this planet
and I'm I'm very excited to watch these birthing centers acclimate and mature and the mermaid is really really encouraging everybody to look at how we are bringing your life into life
exciting other than that yeah I just want to take calls today and let you know that the farmers are the other ones there in like I'm waiting for one more Perpetual farmer to get done with their pro forma and we'll be done with that tomorrow and so the farmers are going to be inflated yes Mr a going to be in that Mick to the other ones I want to make sure I ring out to make sure I get home as your crash test dummy spiritual crash test dummy all heeling groups you're going to get an invitation and I'm going to mix and match a little bit with that is my feeling then you guys steer me how you want to
I'm not supposed to say I'm not supposed to talk about this other person's name but
Sausage Kitchen & European group I'm going to we're going to have a time for you David invitation out to you the Ireland folks make sure Junior has his pro-forma ready cuz I have someone lined up from the help him with architecture what is the other one I think that other than
Ellen Show is just less merizing I'm doing my best to get back on the planet didn't you have fun to Tasha I was so fun thank you for everything you brought forward and the mermaid about forward is really in chanting
yeah I can keep going on for a while if you want I mean what do I mean we have so much material out now it's just it's just a matter of people finding it now wouldn't you say
yes and digesting it for the people. Space is your incredible tool I hate to say it like this but you get caught up and we're doing our best has been an incredible tool for the world and the universe don't ever forget that it's coming from endorsements and I endorse all of what she's done and I'm ready for Call of Duty or option
thank you so very much for that you're so kind and loving and I just wanted to remind the colors today thank you for really knowing your question and we do have people calling from all over the world so some people when they're waiting it might be costing them $5 a minute and see if we can be really succinct and help those people that are calling from other places not have to spend $100 to wait thank you we have
June from Michigan online one go ahead
hello can you hear me
hello hello OK Google release preciate you taking my call don't you think that was funny
thank you so much for taking my car and I appreciate you all sometimes I think you are talking directly to me when you are speaking to you anyway I don't want to hold us up too long I when I head up you said that I was a part of the ceiling I was supposed to say I have you know some pitted my project more times and I actually was invited to be on the 16th and I showed up at 7:40 your time to Pacific time and knowing right I came up for me at 10 my time and I came I waited an hour and I couldn't get it I got you I put down his own line that said
yeah well Patrick review how it will be with you shortly and I waited in the whole hour and and not say no one came in that time frame right since Friday email you know where are you what's going on and nothing happened and I sense another afterwards because you know my my project even though I I say it's pretty much any encouragement it is very hard in tangible and what I receive is what I give if it is also intangible and these things that I've done which create this like wow like to explain but anyway anyway it's just you know I haven't even had called me and she had said that you shoot
go to the Ender and and nothing happens so great respect you know me as being swept all the time and
something wrong I'm very sorry I am very aware of you and great care just know that when we put together great energies not everybody's excited about is connecting does that make sense
yeah there's a lot of attention on what we're doing and just use your heart that don't don't don't try and make it happen just know you're going to make it happen Okay we get thousands of emails that don't get to me so it's just part of the little girl we have here just just no just here here's one tool you can use I command my spirit to provide perfect communication and transmission from me today what's the weather today yep Yeah man so guess what you're on the call with me aren't you
so yeah so I just wanted to tell you to do that you were speaking last time when you get here you came out about your site and I know that too when I was a kid I could and through that they gave me a gift that I had to go through and I realize that I can function in the dark so and and what you said about your your other senses game Titans and that's true too I get that and I also wanted to tell you though that list of dr. Neal Johnson and white guy pass that information on to my doctor who is pretty well-known he likes 4 News next dr. David Brownstein and he
interested in getting that information like when I saw him last month and also I have to answer my other friend Karen who's also a doctor in Lake Placid alternative doctor see a movie called the inside of a Buick you sometime so I can you tell everyone again what is the name of your project and that will give us our okay so it's about encouraging others through experiences a right like I help somebody five thousand miles away and it was like oh wow you know I don't want to get into it and that was just one saying you know I mean
are there such a thing as true but that's why I just hope it still gives it power if you can just come rise real quick though that I need that I worked with briefly princess party for her four-year-old daughter and she was telling about me a professional figure skater and she gives me on ice and I looked it up as Disney was coming to South Paulo Brazil and I said how would you like it if I could hook you up with a I couldn't do it until I pass information even though I had gotten the name of Summer it say it pass it on to her I told her when you get there go up to whoever you think is looks looks like that's like the show
congrats anime carry class and I told her that you know you never know what will happen she did that and her kids actually were in the show and everybody's oh my gosh lesson for synchronicity
yeah and I do make sure I I keep my finger on this one I'm going to run to the next Colorado respect or else I'm here thank you for your tenacity that's what we need to have everybody thank you thank you thank you my great love to you thank you to all right bye bye
thank you Jen we have Michelle from Ohio online 2
good evening
how do you know it's evening
know how do you know it's evening I mean is it evening or is it daytime I said morning how do you know they might think it's night and you think it's that it could be completely different couldn't cuz when it goes away it might be over there
but I mean we can do this all day right like so why does the Moon spin it just always doesn't spin why does that damn thing that's been I don't know what day is it on the moon I don't know so good evening to you day everything to you
it's nice and I'm trying to take everything very seriously and I'm just as you can see how I'm doing please tell me how I can help and assist you and love you
thank you and love you guys right back I'm just going tonight I had a great morning and woke up having one of those heart-centered moment about my project and felt inspired to call tonight I know you've been working with the healers because one of my very closest friends is working with you right now and her project and wanted to touch base and see if there's the movement for it with us Educators I submit a project called Celestial Discovery Center in July had to let a few times cuz I know there's been issues of course we all hate emails and so I'm just following up to see if there is going to be some movement because we know we need to get rid of our education system stupid crap and I can't wait to help these
actually help from Young to Old Vine there their heart center again and redevelop what I feel is going to be a great thing for our into our community
yeah brilliant brilliant I am I am aware of you and I am aware of your project
what you all are doing you have a very prominently as well you're educating us what we need and when when you all are present a publish when you energized your desires it has been very diverse and it's not my job to sort the diversity I just observe it so that I can be the best service and in all the people that's or me
great just know great care is taken and the timing is always perfect just just know that there's no urgency the education you're educating us it's not the other way around because we we don't understand what it's like to live here like you do you're better at this than we are and that's a very short broke and in so we're teaching me what resources I need to provide the other people that's part of your teaching resources we need to provide for you and the healing and education and communication are all looking the same interesting is that so we're not we're all Desiring healing
and so I'm now look at why do why does everybody need healing well what does that look like is so absolutely fantastically diverse when you say
the death of ferry across the board is very stations are coming out this week guard list of where you are in your presentations to me you're going to get an invite and my great goal when I when I work with the experts around the planet is how do we standardize a step for our next step here
and that's that's what I ask of you that's what I ask of you with these performances what's up what's her next step to getting everybody really really happy what would what would you say to that
that's a great question would sentence that's making everybody really really happy I think
wine while we already know that's the communication and there's been a lot of I'm sure blockage and not coming from the outside world trying to get it you know trying to stop us from doing our project so
that is a great question on how you know how can we come now because you hate email
yeah yeah we will were being we have to talk it out we have to touch each other we have to see each other so more Morris looking like we need to get Grange Halls again we need all these people that have Community Center ideas are actually look like they're The Healing Center we just need to start touching chat when you say
I do I have completely gray and as you always drop it down and put it into our heart you know
you said something to and how we communicate might have some time of course I spent in the construction industry so that it's a lot of planning that goes into doing everything that we're doing building a center's building all the different you know modalities in the night and so it's a lot of work and getting everybody together it is hard so I honor each one of you for all the hard work that you're putting into bring all of us together into one space as it is very difficult but I know it can be done
I know I love I love it because I have observed organization alignment at the most critical and then our desires appear to be at the Forefront of the maturation and maturity of our desires they really works and so when I slowed things down guess what comes forward people's true trueness and I did not say that I've done anything I just wait for the opportunity and this is the call I've always wanted
I really want to do something is what I'm getting out of this phone call and that's the that's that's what I really meant the service I want to keep keep on top of me do not let go and I will put wind in your sails I guarantee you
you got it I'll keep my foot on the pedal as I'm pushing for it and this has been you've taught all of us so much and just the heart since completely change my pulse of my life so thank you for that and thank you for being in our space and allowing us to to push ourselves forward to do the things that we've no need to be done here to help I actually had a singing on my desk that you said it says we are the ones creating the new world right now right here in the old world Q I love you I love you thank you thank you so much my great great leader
I love you too thank you I love all of you there at the station change in our lives thank you
thank you Michelle Wie is great let's see what happens okay I've got a good feeling about this one we have Mary Ann from California online tree
haikyuu hi beautiful Asha thank you so much for emanating your light in helping us raise our vibration and my name is Aryan
so how can I help you today
yeah I feel so connected and grateful to Osho for helping me years ago and I feel that you are here to help my parents and the last call you are talkin about light bodies and twin flames and
yeah so getting this is Project review q and filled for me dad is a great opportunity so into it is so look at the the opportunity we have here now so your desire to study this is a project for me and many others is like Halloween so how do we translate our ability to talk to other beings netherrealm is a project for me how do we how do we sort it how do we understand all of it is my suggestion encouragement why is it that I remember other Lives why can I talk to other people in other Realms other dimensions whatever words you like it is a project and it's very important why do I have memories of being a dolphin what do I have memories of flying in the stars is it is something I encourage you can you get me a project like that like how do I
experts that are starting to examine themselves and say I'm really doing this and now I came back into my body and I woke up at 6 a.m. and said I'm pretty sure I went somewhere else I'm really sure I did and by the way I was talking to my dad he said I'm a dick okay whatever you need to do. That was a little too Frank sorry honey but if you if you have the. Knowing then just trust it is true cuz that's why you know it
I didn't know we were made with on this call and I feel you and and no don't you think that would be fun though if we get a group of people going I'm pretty sure I'm doing this but I can't figure out why and how and all of that stuff is really valuable to project movies Kirsten to not be timid that you don't have a title just give us the conception and let's work with that because they're so you got to remember that we have hundreds and hundreds of people calling in just like you and not sure what to do with this information and we'll sort it out if we can just get more of a touching each other when you say
yes that sounds wonderful.
So thank you thank you beautiful love you all thank you
ESO again that The Healing Centers in collaboration there's you're going to see that they're merging that's why I so interesting to see how we do it is the need the desire for healing and collaboration and all of these Wild Things We have or just starting to sort out getting older so that's my great encouragement when we be create our new worlds are new communities thank you also
thank you Aryan and we have a net, and Manfred from Florida online for
Google can you play We love you thank you so much for being with us today we are so inspired how are you guys are thieves and and we're so excited about this whole group of projects we are the ones taking on a massive project with combining wellness and hopefully hopefully you're going to tell us medibag with our triage in our vamping the horrible way that our system is set up for wellness medical instead of Wellness we're also trying to talk when you're d'occasion and changing it into creativity and learning and then we're also tackling the birthing center
and making it support from before baby even get made to right through to baby is now heading off to Creative Learning so our question to you
can you hear me okay
beautiful please keep going beautiful please keep going
can the nurses and Professionals in everybody in line. We have the most fabulous property that we've been doing everyday the progress of the buildings going up and stop asking where we're just asking so when do we make our website lie
and when do we tell all these wonderful beautiful people that has sent us bios and that were all involved with that we're going to be going live
why would you ask me
but the the development property that we most the community's most definitely needs is going to require the old-fashioned money
when why do you believe that
okay so I'm going to let you answer our account but obviously without having access to it
I don't have any money I'm broke and everything that you want to do like what do you what do you really want to do with your don't let me be slept I'm really intrigued what do you want to do there like how do you want to help people and or collaborate with people
so if I could we're kind of taking a step back into history you're talking to seniors even though he sounds young cuz we don't age and we are taking a step back when we were young and when it took a community to raise a child when it took a community to support each other and we wanted to create this environment that has large footprints on a crash diet has an extraordinary
going into history so we have community centers we have governance building we have birthing centers we have triage and wellness in admitting and even hotels for families to be there for support and and and training centers in art center education is going to change from education to inspiring with Co-op courses then and The Apprentice training programs for Tech and Nazi intrinsic model of the body if so what is it you
would like to do if all of these facilities and stub sub facilities and people all of the association's you just named what is it you want to do
for Humanity we we all have our individual Hotel essay and desire of my heart is in healing and up between evolve
yes sir
we already
I asked you what would you like to do so this Healing Centers alive I give you a billion dollars what is it you do day in and day out with great respect and what is it you do do the envelopes to send letters love to do today
so mine is the the intricacies of everything bringing it all together and run they could come by Park Spire inspire people to come and be part of this wonderful how do you how do you do that
yeah so I have already been doing it but people are stopping to believe which is hurting my heart how do you inspire people to come to your incredible incredible location how do you do it do you have a radio show do you take over my radio show do you send out mail what are you doing to make your incredible facility more more popular and people to come there so they can get help so we're already ready to go live that was one of my questions when can I say yes let's make it lie
I think you just said you I think you just said yes didn't you not
yes yes
yeah I've been on the other end of the time in Morganton to the farmland
I'm trying to bring it back to where it should be helped this one maybe that would bring the soil back to where it's helped again from being all this
commercial parking
chemtrail chemtrail in the airless not good for us or the land animals I don't believe in corporate Farms as much as family farm
I'm trying to answer the farm I'm more into the farming
beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful you guys are amazing don't stop your vision is my great encouragement stay up with us I have both modalities you spoke of today to confident you many many people compliment you just a really really just see the vision see the end in mind watch it go and just speak it when you dream know that it's already here and we'll move on to the next car stay on top of us don't give up on me just stay with us and keep seeing the vision my great love to you have a beautiful day
love you too love you
thank you Annette Tom and Manfred we have carry from New York online 5
I hear you I asked you how are you
my project is called the Harding Foundation I worked with well
I've been working with them for 10 years and we are relationship is so bobbing
and we put a template together
teach children
how to
no experience the connection and the communication and the adventures of having a friend that is a whale and you can be don't have to be in the ocean this is all on the inner plane I have I have published a children's book during covid and the song to begin to do that I have written all of the lessons to the practices how I was taught by this whale to heal my body after traumatic
devastating years of healing I couldn't
actually figure out how to finish the healing but I knew it was with my heart and screams in the universe I need a teacher I got one and he taught me and I want to bring that to the world I want to bring how he taught me to use my heart
to share that with whales always taken first I thought of teaching adults and they said first you'd be better off creating a children's books that you could teach it simply and if you can
I have done that I had my children's book actually won an award wasn't really his self-published it I worked really hard and we have a really fun song as part of it so I want to be able to give the the children's book audiobook the coloring book that I begin to teach the children to connect so that they're never alone as a friend so this is not part of a larger Community Center being built so I would like to be included in the healing education call to take it to the next step
brilliant brilliant now I'm going to remind everybody I want you to take my place in the assumed popularity that I bring forward it is can you present can you present on this radio show in the future
and then we we have video and audio can bilities if I want I want everyone to show up and just use the energetics that we have here can can I count on you to present something steps you know tangible we can go this really works and we like it and yeah and so forth is that okay
okay okay I'm counting on you and that's what we're going to do it is worth as much as I'm outspoken were using this genres so we can we can promote everything you guys want to do and I will be getting a hold of you thank you very much thank you thank you thank you
thank you Terry we're out of time but we have someone that's been waiting and they're they're from Bulgaria
icon from Bulgaria online 6 please go ahead
thanks love and light to you
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you please
thank you Jill and mermaids from Susanna thank you for your service love and light to you and love and happiness and all the best and I'll be outside to the quick kill where are we on the quantum Financial system I guess that's been stored your name Q&A on the emergency broadcast system the financing RV in the hall this important topic moving out of respect for PBS they have scheduled to keep here working at the progression of all the questions you have all your media your internet for the most part is lying to you I know it
and I know it's entertaining but you must feel the progression of your excitement is what energizing The Next Step so yes we're getting all new currency but it does not excuse you from The Unbelievable capabilities expression yourself of what you want to do everything is maturing based on your excitement now you don't need anything in your way I need money to go do something is not what's happened here you're too powerful. So please do not wait on Redemption I need something before I can do something so yes the world is tuckered out with the US dollar and it's over with and you're going to get a jubilee yes you're getting a jubilee you're watching right now but did you believe is not excuse you
from you you are you you want to do something you actually can do it now does that make sense
yes and that's very good my great love to you and Erica my brother please put a project in with us so that we can talk more if I had three or four times I send it it seems that you are not getting it and probably open for Tatian beautiful calls today Austra thank you thank you thank you
thank you all, thank you for waiting all the way from Bulgaria and yes please do resend sometimes when it come from overseas it is hard to receive them to please keep thank you. I'm sorry we went over thank you you're awesome we love you thank you everyone for calling in for listening and have a great great day night whatever it is wherever you are love you bye bye

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