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Project Review With Q, October 7, 2023

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Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

Part 18

Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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greetings everyone reading are you there and happiness everyone haikyuu
haikyuu my favorite board game
favorite board game
or you're never going to never for never bored up here so maybe maybe I'll start us off with a little poem is that okay it's um
it is just a great honor to get to do this work and I might do to real quick
of the opportunity for Saul is so massive and so fun and so fulfilling this is a quid Paul Moore regarding Ascension and and today's a call today will be about how fragile is Q is about succession of what you want to do I'll just Channel poem is about a sentient goes like this
forgotten hands forlorn you trudge through your life the burden of drama and money red stripe
the chains have been cuts by laser bright lights and your heart bursts forth jubilant with a Halo of wipes your table is full of bounty and life open your eyes to the succulent knife that stabs into the sustenance not what it was only the joy of your benevolent cause fills you with the wholeness and cures all your emails goodness is powerful Expedia Trail to sustainable Purity and triumphant tails with the knife you're holding the key to your side of freedom and laughter Let's Lose of your ties the cords of attachment suck all the chews
out of innocent hearts and hardworking boots play till you're tired and love till your spent your sadness is gone can you tell where it went back to the other world you left behind to recycle the struggle that isn't your kind
horses Missy feathered serpent
Huey from the Galactic Federation
breast very very beautiful thank you appointment for today
possibly so how do you want to play today
oh you said you had two pawns okay very good that's all we're going to do that I love it.
The it is it is interesting to be in this position and finding finding other
other light beings lightworkers here is just a privilege and an honor and it goes like this
we wish to speak with you as a new age Begins for those on the Forefront of the advancement of light and Oneness
you are warriors of light you angels of kindness and charity
we are the embodied energy of the Christ Buddha deities of ancient civilization in a myriad of light beings from everywhere every Dimension we are unified strong in organized for this moment
yes we may lower our understanding and direction
over us all as a layer of universal knowledge which will bisector physicality and boost your life force directly returning to chaos in storyswap night fairies angels in magical tales of triumph over ego
triumph over competition triumphs over judgement your vibration through but you share the same road race
that is my blessing for you all today
did that make sense to say lightly it was a tequila original where did that one come from
suck that one into a channel
long time ago some of these things get left over and it's it's a it's tough to sometimes to be in a position where you know we we are getting our memories back and
Sonic X I come across this slipper are again but I have to
after the breakdown in their courage and everybody else too as well just have great great face in yourself and just know this is really happening we're really getting us we're really getting this done and that's my great encouragement about project me to is this is a succession I guaranteed session process it always works never fails yes it is arguably the long roads the long road is actually Bastrop and that's that is the purpose of project to project we used to it and it has so many interesting topics that are coming and it's so exciting to see everybody show their inspiration it's coming into maturity and and visualization and material in our material world is exciting when you say
understand it better that's fantastic did you happen to hear any of the brilliant sound bites from the collaboration that Kristen has created yeah you're sneaky wow would you make of it
absolutely astounding I mean it just captures the project review with his spirit so beautiful I'm so excited to get the permissions to post them on those websites because it'll warm the hearts of everybody thank you so much Kristen just above and beyond incredible will you put the participants permission I will put it on both websites
that sucks the really the value of all of us than the folks that are helping her we're taking great care of this information and who is evaluating an observing and helping so this is everything from Syracuse for you or you
I know I said quite a bit but I just want to remind everybody we're we are we can't help herself we want we want to create the freedom within and it's so thrilling to get this opportunity to have
unbelievable unbelievable has been advancing a project when you listen to those recordings there going to be a model templates for you to prove and standardized without standardizing a way to manifest whatever you want so synchronicity is the key here very important we we we start remembering that if we really want things to show up today in our life and nobody can tell you anything
accept yourself it's very important that we're open to receiving and let the natural laws of Life prove it to us and so that's that's brilliant time as if you had a name if it is if you didn't have anything more to to decide to whip that little upload in your sleep and she's she must never sleep and then then you end up as well so
she also and Bravo to you actually let's look at some of the things that you've been doing cuz you never tell anybody and you've you briefly mentioned something leave it was a couple weeks ago and above and beyond
all the projects we're working on including ocean truck which is spectacular do you have many many projects ascending many many planets and one of the most important or a very important part of helping us and are making it easier for us with the work you did with the moon so significant and we just sort of pass right over that so would you be willing to share a little bit more about what you mastered in terms of being able to free us from a lot of the slavery systems from the Moon
well yeah it's a very long story is as your Where is the
yesterday it was short version is that the Moon it is your it supposed to be in a position of judgment when the moon is your arch-nemesis and it's designed to control your genetic Tides the feminine feminine side of the masculine side many different ways and the short version would be the individuals that manage the moon and operate the moon machine and it was brought here
there's a tremendous amount of politics that go with the Moon
in relationship to controlling the planet and the rite of passage of creativity for this planet many many many many many Political Items there in relationship and the Moon is basically a gun pointed at your head and if you make a wrong move the moon can do some very nefarious things to plan it well that's never going to happen and the reason it's not going to happen is because the individuals that manage the moon have been sustained and the ultimatum with many many many many years ago and I was not fulfilled and so individuals there have been removed
it's going to be a resource for you in the future and you're going to be able to model how many things with it many I not only will you soften your weather patterns your titles systems you'll use it now you can also use it for energy many different tools with human is going also be in education center and you'll see how you'll see how many many Technologies can be used here and I'll be the short version that most of your life has been controlled by the moon
and if you want a little more details start studying Pink Floyd songs on the album called Dark Side of the Moon and what what basically has happened is they could flip a switch and make you go crazy every day if they want with the moon and that's not going to happen anymore so they could send subliminal messages in to you and to your television systems in your phone system everything so right and that's why I'm encouraging everybody to get excited about what they want to do is because you're you're really freed up now on top of the Ascension cycle the complement in the air suspension cycle in your Ascension cycle
so that's what I have to say about that
wow that's all
phenomenal thank you and Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon the album cover is also a cam with the rainbow in the vortex triangle do you want to share anything about that
okay so what do you get out of it when you see the infrared lights to the pyramid but that's of course that's what it is right icss rainbows frequencies for Quincy's the triangle Austin symbolizes the control system so the moon the Dark Side of the Moon the album may be showing us that when we leave our body the moon captured us in their control system and send us back here is that accurate so the recycling center and what would once we realize that we're we're not changing the bodies were going into which is one of my favorite project when people are realizing is in in our submittal process
your bodies are changing but you are not and you can leave this place and not to say it's not worth sustain it because we have although we have trillions and trillions of locations in the universe that are just beautiful incredible I'd ever want to just missed our surviving is because of our integrity as as knowledge keepers of knowing where on the planet where the ones keeping his final. We're we're basically the spirit for this planet and that's very tight and this is one of few planets that can become a son this one is very very Advanced so
to get rid of the recycling center on the moon is was an incredible incredible Joy incredible excitement and I know it may be a fantastic story for many folks but you've been recycled for thousands of years and and people have been manipulating this version of of humans stronger and stronger and stronger until the end of days so to speak and look what you get your biosphere has been manipulated so that we can get a human
that we can control because these geneticist they they understand that we're so powerful we have to be kept in a cage okay and if they don't get ahead of the game they're going to lose their their their sticks taken this location and the Moon is is that factory so to speak that make sense
yes thank you very much and also the this system of capturing has been shut down numerous times before but this time you actually were able to eliminate the beings that were in control of that is that correct that's correct so it is with great great open and great great passion I want to give you I want to I want to give you quality updates so that you you're you're you're excited that there is just not all doom and gloom and there's a lot of folks working hard for you and you don't you don't get a lot of quality information and that's correct this will be the first time in a very long time but I'm not going to put a number to it's because I'm part of the equation for the bad guys was to install tonight and that's why the moon let's run is Major purposes of the moon is to get you believe in time
stay out of time and or create new Timeless so the timeline machine has been compartmentalize from the people that can't roll it so it's still you can still use it a novena or teaching Center for other people in the universe believe it or not as feeble as you may see yourself we're actually a really good tool tool belt before how far a planet can get out of alignment with our natural state of being and show other other races other dimensions are they they want to see how we got so far out of whack and how easy it was to get so far before old when we are considered tears powerful unbelievable creators so that's what I say about that
thank you awesome awesome now are there magnetics connected to this change because I've noticed a lot of people are experiencing dizziness or strange balance issues in the past couple weeks without have any relevance here it would be a common symptom so remember you're creating all the space you're sitting in front of you no such thing as time or space so 11 way you can check that statement out for yourself is when you walk downstairs now you may not see the next there
I know people that lived in the in the past on their own but now it's probably going to be an everyday event would be one
What observations stairs when you go around the corner maybe go around the corner of a wall corner from your house you turn to early or sometimes you turn too late because you created that in so that the the way the moon was using our electromagnetic aetheric sealed was too attached to us in a way to sustain a location you can you can drive the moon faster and slower by the way so I can speed it up I can slow down your days are going to change in relationship to time so just because you're looking at the clock doesn't mean that you had the same volume of day
very important to get rid of digital clocks if you can't because they're still there still working in a negative Force so to speak very difficult to put judgment so because maybe you appreciate being in time and on time all the time
show me a song
I'm tired of myself
the opportunity now is now he gets up now you get to really play with my statement here and that's a project in itself because we we
I now have a great opportunity to practice you can make your day really long now and I'm not I'm not saying there's folks here that can hijack our minds there still is but they don't have anywhere to go and they have no master anymore they're confused in the so they're they're really reacting to what the hell did you next so time is going to be your biggest clue that something's changed why did it feel like I did a thousand things in an hour when I used to take me all day stuff like that is as relevant to your creative Force which is the actual force of time you're you're the timekeeper so if you want to be you know
aggressive in your day
that's going to be easier and if you want to be Alexa diesel day that's going to be a lot easier so I think that's the best tool I would start with I I will look forward to doing more talks about that because I'm I'm not used to hear I'm more used to over there as arrogant as that might sound to you this place as early as very unusual for me
and I want to be helped to see you all when we start we should we all start more of us start recognizing that we control the outcomes and deliverables of our day and that includes light that includes the weather that includes your environment includes everything when you say
yes and as time continues to slow down eventually it will stop and we will be living outside of time is that correct
thank you and if you really want to get ahead of the game as cute as saying turn off your digital clocks because those are tracking systems if you look at the clock and it's at 11:11 or 1 to 3 or 9:11 to tracking you so if you're if you never look at the clock they're going to be even more confused and I have even less ammo to control us
I set my clock for 11:17 everyday
that's how I given the middle finger try and hack that good one
so I've noticed and I'm wondering if this is part of the Moon project or if it was another project that you have succeeded at wonderfully I've seen no Chemtrails at all in this area for almost a month and muscle people and speaking with her saying the same thing
what I am always viewed as a laggard because you know not knowing that I have the ability to call in help does it doesn't mean that you don't take great care when you use allies it
and it's really important that I know a lot of people are suffering here and there but you got to the picture that the onion has a lot of Peel and so the wound isn't necessary folding the reactionary symptom isn't always asleep just like when we talk to the self-realization folks this week healers that are coming through the all these groups getting their invitations now
it's you have to take great care when you do these things because if we talk about Chemtrails but there's some positive things about chemtrail and obviously it would favor the negative side but the
the removal of chemtrails
has a tremendous amount of layers of Mendes and when you're playing with negative and positive Ai and you're and you're dealing with so many different issues and how you want to manage your biosphere who gets to play God and that's and that's the short version and the Girl Scout you can't just sit there and poison a biosphere you just can't
and just because you want to manage and monitor
vessels coming in and out just because you want it changed the subject of life here both are equally poor decisions defending yourself Chemtrails and proactively destroying and creating a biosphere the way you wanted to become it in the none of them either one of them but understanding those initiatives expects quite a while in there so many folks involved when you say
there were there are now though the people seeing anything in the sky that will almost completely be something nourishing our environment or something that I actually do need to track alien ships
yeah it times the most of them will be more for the gas now instead of a
I'll be careful to give it any power but above particulate usually a bi-metal particulate in that can be many different things it's very sad for me to talk about that component because obviously difficult to defend your crops when
you getting sprayed with B particulates it's not it's not the right way to go about things for any species here but again
the opportunity here is to realize that we have the power we have the ability to do what whatever we want on our planet it's our planet and we're all going to die we're all going to do whatever we want now and that's that when you said
I would say and also the there's a wonderful nanoparticle removal cleaning on the Christian Lightship website is absolutely phenomenal and it will clear out the nanoparticles from all of your body it's really intense though if anyone runs it you might want to do it on a day off where you have the day off the next day and also commands because there's there's so many nanoparticles around it's really great to declaring that as we go along would you like to give us a command for that cue don't work until you see the were not in time so just because we sprayed the song For You fifty years ago for us it's today we we don't see time so you all are in timelines and we're not and so just take great care of the information I give you and that there's no such thing as time
so you have all of this knowledge right underneath your nose in your music and your books and sorting it is not easy cuz there's so much misdirection but the creation Lightship
I Was Made For You only for you and we use your means of Exchange San Clemente Inn in any resources and conventions and all sorts of conscious life Expo the etc etc probably our Judgment of time but certainly I encourage you all to look at creation Lightship it will heal Christian rights webpage there's not one modality that can't be healed
scuse me the Google I want donuts in Camp Hill
one way to remove the metal particulates in your water system and so forth is to use nourished water and you're the nourisher of the water cuz you were liking you have sourcing you so my suggestion with particulates that maybe in your body and most cases that's what's causing your cancers radar dirty power at cetera
is you command your water you asked your water you give your love to your water to heal and balance you and it must be verbal must be verbal and I know it sounds funny to be in front of your family safe water please heal and balance me now and then when you drink it drink it in Envision it going down your body down your throat counter clockwise or counterclockwise is a generator
and that's why it's funny to see all your generations of the clocks are they go to the right go to the last with anything you can't
when you're doing healing work so if you seeing somebody with circles you used to left I noticed there's a black magician on your webpage doing visual visual
I feel you was doing
enstrom who is directing an energy out of a senate seat in the United States noticed he was using counterclockwise moves did you see that yes they are so you're more powerful counterclockwise that's right it was to show the black magic it wasn't to put black magic on there just have my nose can we take her twice today and what we're talkin about absolutely please say Chuck Schumer and obviously can see these these creatures and his energies because he has many many many abilities which is why he's in that position so he there's a video from a couple months ago where he came in to send it and he saw a being in his chair and he assured it out counterclockwise and sat down
yeah see you so healing healing with so when we and kneel to a bye bye metal pro particular it is in this example use a steel water is our board powerful tool cuz of course we are water but you can command your spirit to heal and balance you and remove anything that's not a sense of you or from you so what when you have issues in your house so you have issues in your body you can use it the same way I command my spirit for anything in my space that is not authentically me but make it broad don't don't think
when you do healing work for yourself just know that it's going to work and so that repetition
your spirit is going to enhance U
give you support and that repetition is a muscle memory for your body
so just just know that you're doing it in the spirit world has far more overview of your bodies than you could possibly see through the brain yet your comprehensively can see everything when you're outside of the body so to speak does that help you think
as always very helpful thank you and when he was talking about the commands the commands from our heart that is actually what created this universe that's how powerful they are they're so powerful they are Source energy you're using your Source energy create
would you add to that
one of the thing you said was I know I know I was just playing with your play we leave these lives in what we tell each other and I don't want that. I want us to tell each other what we want right so the whole universe is created by you Jared wants there's not one thing in the universe wasn't created by you
pretty wild huh
and we even in away free time so into says he lives outside of time that means he does not live on any timelines so when you don't live on any timelines because you live in the heart in the now you have no problems you have no nanoparticles you have no Chemtrails you have no it's just a whole different experience would you like to elaborate
if we live in our our highest inspiration it is tiring as these words get it it's we are so powerful that week we float around is our normal State we just kind of float
even even physicality most people you can actually observe it in dance you see ballerinas when they're in the moment you know how hard it must be to find imagine being a ballerina expert an opera singer some of the greatest athletes in the world they are there just in that moment of inspiration not to say that they are not colliding with another athletes divorce but they're floating in many of these instances when they're in their element and so now if we just all apply that every choice of every day that's that's
what's the birds and I love this
right on cue hey I miss my work
yeah so it's just brilliant now we
when you say
she's saying it all for us
yeah and my light hard way to encourage everybody to get outside as much as we can so
but if we don't have it but if you don't have this machine how do we
how do we contact each other a lot of people said well you're getting those abilities back now more and more and that was one of the biggest accomplishments with the moon you're going to start hearing
healing I should say feeling knowledge and you're not going to understand necessarily how you know it but you're going to know it
and so that's one of the greatest tools you're you're getting right now
and that's my great gift with bunch of greedy Q is now we get to do all these healers all these folks coming in where we're going to work in a standardized it it gets a little tricky because you're going to get a lot of information really quick and it's it's a change you're going to just know things that you want to do that you're not doing right now because you're told you had survived its really okay we all are going through it it's truly the definition of faith and it's really fun because these next step please next couple years are absolutely astounding I assure you wait till you see where you are from a year from now and then wait to see from where you are a year later and the next year and it's never going to stop everyone
you're in it now you're in it big-time yeah they're structions of your growth are are are only developed created by you know
does that help you think perfect and this ties into what you were talking about before with the dancers because the engine ski was well-known or floating physicists would come and they would record it and there is no physical possible way that he could have stayed in the air for that long because of course he was living outside of time with his absolute Bliss when he was dancing so many beings have come forward before this time to show us how to live outside of time and all of us are going to be living in that magical realm at least those who live in their heart is going to be a lot of support for that moving forward
that was unusual was that it was very unusual
of the best answer a kind of Christopher Walken though he may be both those people Fred Astaire and then genske right, how could we cover so many I could we get to so many 1,000 1,000 Jesus has those all those three are you right it's a fantastic Story one day we'll get comfortable with how we do it it's the the bodies are the trick your folks so they compartmentalize us and that's a project in itself is to clean up the medical industry teach that and
the farmers are actually a very good school for that and how energetic come into a plant and I can't wait we got these farmer projects are going to complement our education system with the kids
cuz we can prove it that's a living being that's going to give you a nutrition and loves to give you the Trish knows its role
and the sustenance that you get from a living being that wants to give you life is unbelievably powerful when you say
more powerful then it'll be more powerful in the future moving forward with all the extra light and all the extra hard energy that were using to grow replying or giving to grow very exciting yeah so it wouldn't I look at life and there's no difference between a plant and animal or human they all work the same way and in Coalition with each other and you know I look at a doll all the folks around the world recognizing that now and I'm envisioning that we have an opportunity now to have children right adult books
so every all the adults want to write children's books what would you say about that I love it I would buy them so they'd be good illustrators you know stick figure people they just they just see is the what's the big deal why don't you guys just go play did you want to bring up in our collaboration there was a poet who has written some children's books and she's wanting to network with some children's book artist schedule want to touch on that now
yeah so some of the some of the purpose for this all today is would get through the proformance thank you thank you thank you to everyone who subscribes to Brunswick you every one of you is very valuable and we will get you. I assure you and priority of this last week was
is 2
work with people that have more or less
got us on a path of standardization how to create more Enlightenment opportunities and that ain't even that has boundaries in my face it's even brought not only do they have they found themselves in a way in which they recognize themselves they're ready to coach and be the system
and some of them which direction they want to go of course but the one you're talking about
has developed a succession story process for teaching children what they are where they are how they are from themselves
and I'll let them describe how they want to do at the deaths of some real give him they need they're really good at delivering that message really good it really see it from the child's point of view they really understand succession of Life all the way up into adults they understand what it's like to verbalize that articulated but they need help
with illustration drawing pictures of seeing people so this is a call out to all the illustrators are out there that can help us let's create a project for illustrators cuz we have many many many other folks that want to create more public relations and so we need Ellis traders to show cuz the weather is so stupid to the folks are calling me or just send it in to our process and how we'd like to compliment their project of yours and now you guys got the same project
and that is the Redemption process when you say
excellent thank you very much
so they will just send it in through the BBS contact page
great Christian also somehow found time to do an update for me she put it on so I didn't get a chance to hear the whole thing if with her permission I'm going to post as well because the first part that I heard was just phenomenal but what she's wanting to remind us of the general from what I heard was it
there haven't been some invitations that say there's lots and lots of projects
within the categories that haven't received invitations yet and it's not because they're not viable it's because of the timing and we need more people to be effective and efficient and also we're in the collaboration stage now with a lot of these groups so the project review has slowed down a little bit would you like to talk about that Q
yes we're sinking our teeth into a really strong ones that complement the rest so his example we have a lot of construction guys that are ready ready to go to Burns nails but
we need to get the collaboration centers or guys so it's it's a more of a project management discipline in sequence of events and so that's why I'm encouraging everyone to see your new world as a marathon not a race this has nothing to do with means of exchange this has to do with getting us all a line and organized for what we want on our planet our biosphere
there's there's no shortcuts to making Heaven is what I'm doing my best to explain that make sense this brings up just about there is a new video posted under the inspiration on for the spirit. Space in on the recent posts prq with for the people that space and it's sort of jeans William decided it's about giving a voice to your spirit to allow the magic to ignite and it's a lovely woman called kyleena who went out and started asking real questions to people and they all sat down with her and gave her heartfelt answers and I created this incredible on dance of of love and connection in Atlanta City and it's just a simple example of it's not just the projects that were igniting with us. Every single moment of every single day everything is so important every breath we take is so important
that's project review with you is really about living every moment as your spirit
that's your cue Q
can you might be on mute because we're not hearing you
are you getting paid for this this is
I mean that would satisfy play it is what it is weird using means of exchange rate is it is bizarre because it has to look like it is so uneven
it is such a judge yet because it's it's facilitate a lot of a lot of innovation but stifled at the same time so that's that's my great encouragement is if we quit what we're buying backwards everyone compared to where you came from so when you're excited to go do it again I'll use ocean I'm not worried about the the material items these healers aren't worried about the material items that they don't really care about the silly they just want to go a couple people and then they go ask people what help do you need and then they mold their deliverable to what and that's what project reviews keys so proud of you two is actually your your tool to manifestation I talk to thousands and thousands of people for years and years and years they say
I don't like my home I don't like my community and and my town has disappeared for me and I say what do we do to needed to change that we need this and that and this and that and then we create this collaboration process is collaboration you can see that someone has decided to try and separate so the more we start seeing the end in mind so when we feel and then we see through our minds I then it actually happens that's how powerful you are and so the more and more we keep looking and gleaning for the deliverable from the beginning from your heart then it actually shows up does that make sense
perfectly said once again thank you
yeah so when we get excited about something now nothing that was always a case here in the last hundred years
are you going to hundred years but now it should be really easy
to to be able to bounce around very nipply if it's true if it's really true but if you're going to run around Circle that's not fair that's not fair if that's what you're going to get if you if you really get get going just walk down the road take a walk in the park and the beach whatever and say what do I really want to do and you just take one little step one little step towards what you want to do maybe you write a poem about I want to do this I want to do that I want to do this don't put camps in your the English language has a lot of can't work
and so remove all those words in your head about makeup
I am going to we are going to when we get there I can't wait to those type of thoughts are what make it happen when you say that reminds me of this incredible video that was out a couple years ago of this gentleman he filmed himself every single day for two years and when he began he was maybe a hundred pounds overweight and he was crippled he can hardly move but he said he would do a different yoga pose everyday and you saw him transform he didn't he wasn't saying I need help you wouldn't think I'm going to go to the doctor I'm going to go to the chiropractor he just started focusing on getting his body healthy and whole and perfect and over so he time-lapse did 2 years just doing an exercise everyday for maybe half an hour you wouldn't recognize the guy he said he went from couldn't walk to he was standing upright looking perfectly healthy
it reminds me of Wilma the the athlete who had syphilis and she couldn't walk and then she became a Gold Medal winner it happens all the time when we want to yeah it's it's so you're able to change your biology everyday at 1% so you're a new person every day is would be a standard model you're just water so whatever and into the water gifts French sometimes because we have a lot of electromagnetic frequencies in our lives at least in the western world and it gets us out of balance
or the time flies when you're having fun yes it does and I want to correct I think when I had Polio I apologize I am dyslexic. Just lexic Des Lacs oh my gosh Lexus is in my house oh my God anyway.
How did they come up with all these little cook is my favorite asshole for sure is regarding syphilis so the opera tickets for us to clean clean ourselves up is also is everyday we we we have to get used to teaching the doctors how to help us if we're going to we're going to get squared away here and I can't wait you know to work with all these the professionals at their Transit never did the recognizing that chemicals are taking us out up in there not the root cause analysis when you say
yes elaborate a little bit for everyone please so I can compartmentalize
in an isolated in priorities that make your the doctors treat you like you're a machine and it has no relationship to us. Your Consciousness how your body actually is generated regenerating itself worth each and every day
so when we look at people like my invitation will go out this week for a Lucci Nicole Evans made up to run all this week the people advancing
their performance this week they they start their healing process with opening a door of realisation from the other person's point of view comprehensively what at what I mean by that is when you go to help someone here is how you start
my doors open to everything and every issue you have without judgment without fear
unconditional and no conditions absolutely no way to judge that person loving door open once you start there now you have it now you have a canvas you can start learning about the other individual so if we don't care about 11 in a cheddar when we go to heal when we go to be of service each other ever going to be as comprehensive as far as the tools I just explained
I'm sorry that's what you just described as being a spirit
anybody everything so thank you can I say some more I don't know
all right thank you everyone for showing up see the subscriptions coming really really utilize that to identify you so we can get a hold of you keep you in and the categories in so you are a service to the other project and vice-versa will definitely have you in the mix and will close like this
home by the sea
creeping up The Blind Side shining up the wall stealing through the Dark of the night climbing through a window Steppin to the floor checking to the left and the right picking up the pieces putting them away something doesn't feel quite right help me someone let me out of here then out of the dark was suddenly heard welcome to the home by the Sea coming out the woodwork through the open door pushing from above and below address without Direction I said hold the spare then is when they sigh and they moan
helping someone let us out of here living here so long and Spirits bringing dreaming of the time we were free so many years ago before the time we first heard welcome to the home by the seat sit down as we relive our lives in what we tell you images of Sorrow pictures of the things that go to make up a live endless days of summer longer waiting for the Morning Light scene photos in a frame things that go to make up a lie
sit down sit down
sit down
when you say when you say when you say
we need to sit down and just take a look at ourselves and say
for the rest of your days sit down as we we live our lives in what we tell you let us really believe in what which are you
I hope that was a good show for everyone and I shot I couldn't do it without you my great love to you thank you VBS radium
thank you Judy
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