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Project Review With Q, November 4, 2023

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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hello hello hello hello welcome to project review with you quit laughing.
I hate I love doing this show so much cuz it feels like we're always get something done when you say I would say is so great we kicking the chicken the chicken the can down the road at least
today I was just wanted to get a couple points out before you start Oceanside okay
no song today today okay I could talk about performance Contracting Northside I want to get to that after you're done but okay
when do a repeat real quick real quick real quick go for it right now
if we
close all right and maybe realize there's more to life than what we have no I can't believe I've lived so long living nausea new wrong inside I've just begun to see
is there anybody listening is there anyone this is what's going on read between the lines the world's best sayings
knows your
forgive me for the redundancy Just Can't Get Enough B I hope that helped start us out they always feel fresh and new thank you very much
I'm so excited. I'm so excited to see what you're going to surprise me with
I have the day feels like something's going to happen
you have got me way too excited about what you're going to share so you have to go first I'm way too excited well
first of all thank you everyone for the performances are reviewing them they're so fun for me to see everyone's inspiration
call the sandbox stirrers thank you so much they're just so exciting to look at how Innovative we all are and now it's just a matter of getting organized in a line with you know what we really want to do and I'm thrilled to be a part of it and project is your what you asked for and how do we put this together how do we how do we left now and it's it's brilliantly exciting
I want to speak to a couple things in in are in a modern-day business models that we can inherit and reinvent well so using some of the systems here are our valuable because we do have a lot of organization alignment in in in industry and businesses and if we just started getting more if you have more respect and appreciation for our fellow man and not worried about survival as much and maybe we start we have an opportunity more than our perception of of survival if you will is performance contract
and the reason I want to talk about that is it's it's been performance-based outcome relationships have been stolen from you by big business is a lot as a stereotypical State standardized this way but a lot of the D engineering of the West world was based on contract contract and so are abstracts cataracts contracts I think what do you think I should
so I'm not obviously I'm making fun of the word contracts and FYI if you have a slow contract and that you're being abducted anyway contracts aren't necessarily bad in business it's the way we we position ourselves with the Clements to others at least in the corporate process and let me know
furnace contract with stolen from your legacy way of doing what we're going to call business for the ease of communication in the universe so typically a higher-dimensional I freaking to be even on this planet you used to what you used to do when you want to go pay something with Athena people another Township another Village to ask permission you have an idea you say hey why don't we
if I can build a bridge that too windy at Celine Dion
when we start looking at outcome-based agreement I'm going to use the Irish family and their project so what what you typically do that you you're not standardizing in this Society is you're not qualifying the need and then delivering the Alka because it's usually based on an Roi because most of the Garfield police on the planet are financed from Banks or third parties Etc
call use
people like some General Electric Siemens Johnson Controls when they go say when when they go and sell energy conservation measures for their words. Might be a proposition a a business Silo so let's States Healthcare or industrial industrial or commercial focus on a market segment has cost examples when we can relate to these big corporations who are publicly trade which you may have stocking Diego proposition your local hospital they say if we can reduce the owning and operating costs of your hospital would you
improve XYZ
so I'll call out so these meetings are sea levels AFL-CIO CEO level say if I can reduce operating costs of your growth spin doesn't matter what the Improvement measures would you do it so now the contractor finds improving measures that reduce the owning and operating cost of the Pacific facility and the hospital with the hospital does it is sasa's which improve a measure gets the most bang for the buck so inevitably a Hospital's going to pick new MRI machine because they make the most Revenue
production and the bank love to give you money because there's no it'll rip so the MRI machine will have an Roi of roughly one year maybe a little bit more depending on the facility so now the operating cost of the hospital go down and the revenue produced is shared shared savings agreement in this example to the contractor and to the bank as well enjoys the revenue for you going through the MRI machine and the insurance company is still in that example
there is no outcome-based in the contract is there
yeah it's certainly missing isn't it so no one's trying to help anybody that are taking a new the neatest that the need is assumed to be the strain genetics to remind me on the radio shack scanning people with with magnets
is now the assumed deliverable this needed in healthcare
what was normal for you all in a performance-based outcome and deliverable from Humanity would be what if we could make people healthier so that they would live longer
and so notice that there's no Roi associated with that the ROI now is
longevity for people to heal and or feel better right so once you remove
the contract language about Revenue the outcome and deliver both very clean when you said
yes right so this is what I'm encouraging all the performance coming forward is what is the outcome and what information did you qualify for your customer base so your community solar wind farms are sold when solar panels are sold at your house cuz he don't have to pay anything cuz that's a micro performance contract and the Energy company is happy to subsidize it because guess what they get more power off the bread and or loadshedding isn't as prevalent for Peak demand and in services and maybe some new need direct I don't want to make a study of this day I will do more one work with people if they want
what I'm getting at is in each person in each topic but the bank's love to make Revenue off your Revenue in corporations that that's that's our whole get into that's all going away because you can't mark up money that you borrowed so that's why you're getting an RV now it's so the banks don't own any money I don't have any money they have a system to get you to recycle your energetic and they skim off those energetic switch your calling revenue and your systems are all designed to collapse into now they're they are clastic because you figured out that the financial system is is a slave system was not an outcome-based system is so hopefully that wasn't too many words but
what are you getting at now is performance Contracting is been stolen by the Boeing's of the world to Siemens of the world all of these large corporations propositioning Improvement measures on a facility or manufacturing process and you've gone to work trading and trading your labor or margins and and the gross
gross Improvement measure efficiency of a corporation
so that's all changing now because we're giving greater care what we do day in and day out in America is a great great example that people are going away that why do I go to work every day but I'm not happy
so now I'm encouraging us all to look at the way we Bass Performance and passion and commitment and desire so the commitment and desire
an inspiration are all one now you get the game is Rick so to speak when we move forward with our performance is always too qualified the needs and or the deliverable because you understand what the outcome is desire and I'll give you some examples here I'll use theirs there's a project in Ireland. Keep the family name a strong Family Guy strong like being they have a facility they really want to do nurture improve or a catalyst for collaboration healing comprehensive use for their community and they have a strong business
a lot of people so that they have a service they provide their Community I just talked to a lot of people what do you want what do you want but in their pro forma I noticed it didn't have that this is not a knocking them it's just how do we create an outcome based on a perceived need and how do you create and it went well with the Stars now unbelievable Synergy and manifestation Powers so when you talk to a thousand people and then you get 50% of them say I really want this collaboration center community how fast things go and that's what I desire and glean to standardize as we move our Pro formas forward so I'll give you an example of the Irish family that they're working with their customers in there they're standard task and scope of work
nice braids
hey what if we can have and what if we could have a place where we can all go share food share resources share healing capabilities Cherokee trades
and what we what do you think about that I like the the the broken-down Church up the the road at the old school house down the road whatever it is what if we just remodeled well the city owns are that they've just never done anything with it money so far it's what the community wants all right so if are pro formas are initiated from the need and if qualify it suppose I'd need
the Project's move faster a very important to see that that inspiration gets contagious because you find others like you and when you envision the outcome collectively it goes really really really fast and ocean track is one of those as well and I wish to show you the updates on that very soon give me another example there's a group out of Washington state known as a penny I'm not endorsing a seti and James Gillian runs it one day he just couldn't live with himself and what he was doing Dandy and I'm just going to standardize the storage and I'll probably miss a few items are but
what he did I believe you at the radio show on BBS but I just have to put a collaboration I just have to do it and I have to do it in this area and is excitement overwhelmed him so much he just stopped everything to do it and so you know I'm just going to put a bunch of cabins on 100 acres spot in a place that has beautiful energetic and people really desire this because he in addition to talk to a lot of people qualified a lot of needs looked at his heart continuously and said I'm just I don't care what happens cuz I know it'll work cuz my heart's in it those are the collaboration centers that just explode I bet you have a hard time I've been there and did volunteer work there years ago but I bet you know I bet it's hard to even get into that place is my my guesstimate
it's because so many of us want to try to do like that has nothing to do with money yeah you may use means of exchange to sustain it. Sometime but it's another example these classes that does migrating first collaboration Center that their invitations will be coming very soon
is what do we want in our collaboration so far I haven't heard anybody that will turn down a trip on a boat to a remote island
in a beautiful spot on the planet pretty pretty pretty popular everybody push me and I thank you so much for everyone who submitted volunteer work with those those those are opportunities I'm encouraging people to do in their performances I talk to a thousand people this month make a hundred phone calls whatever you need to do but the hurdles don't exist if you truly own it so the farmers are lots of farmers great ideas and Concepts
have we asked as I said last show how we ask people what they want in their in their farms and they're going to give me W Community Gardens is that either we want our own guards that's okay
so back to the topic at hand performance-based Contracting has been stolen from your natural natural Society the Legacy the society's you had were only outcome-based commitment and contract so if I can will you is what I would is my suggestion how we treat it so if I can create a collaboration Center would you enjoy it would be the value proposition speaking about the collaboration centers Healing Center use the Healer of all the healing group
I was asked many times if you could give me a better modality and I asked would you want that service and they all said yes and I brought you lunch in 11 so was I listen and listening is very cute and really giving great are all the healers have passed me one thing how do I get better at healing
I said if I can find you that individual in a different modality and there's many other so much here so I can find you that modality if I can find you a service would you want to chat with them and look how they do it and they of course I'll say yes that's a performance-based outcome deliverable though isn't it
yes it is okay so that's this is where you're going everyone's getting rid of the middleman if you just gravitate towards loving one another and ask lots of questions that is my suggestion when you engaged with other individual how do you feel about you really like the sports car in providing and obviously we have a lot of Technology that's coming our way because we're getting stabbed your hair but this is a great opportunity for us to just ask the end-user what they prefer and now you can qualify where the passions a line when you go start your project so that's that's my great courage meant and so then the next round of pro formas that's my suggestion is what is the deliverable number one number two
what do people want it in is it aligned with the deliverable of your passion performance-based agreements used to look like and now we're undermined by your banking system I hope that helps a little bit a lot of wind out of me
thank you for saying that and another really nice example might be ancient China and some parts of China also the medical group's there if the doctors were unable to heal a patient they did not get paid and they would go to 8 or more years of medical school and they had to prove it again heal people and then in their own practice they didn't get any money whatsoever if they didn't want hundred percent hate someone
so you have to really really love what you do to come in that amount of time to something
and to find out maybe you can heal people so it's the same kind of passion we need for our projects that okay if I'm really if I turn out to not be here this early I can't help people that I'm going to find a better way
yeah and so this is he know my favorite topic is probably lawyers you know I love lawyers they always a very honest about deliverable Sunday
okay play me Richard Gere Gary dancing is a lawyer in that show yeah I started anyway
now and this is so I'm really excited there's one there's been several lawyers at talk to you that came in to pee our kids there's one that's a really seeing the bigger picture and a very intelligent person very Savvy spiritual a dancer in an Australian cheap agreements special with municipalities and we need to get that back and so now we could make our agreement with the systems are already in place but they don't have to have a Roi sociate with money they can have an Roary just like you said based on the outcome and so I'll give me example
what stories are on a sore subject for me because they spend a lot of your local money resources and services on things that don't sustain your day at the very good at making soccer fields and play parks and keeping the Greenbelt what if the Greenbelt now turned into Gardens for your community that's what you used to do all of that all those energetic know that service there could have now come based on if we're going to spend our energetics we're going to send all our energy into this Greenbelt making flowers down the entryway to see Hall why don't we grow food there instead of flowers so that outcome would be based on a return on investment Christian instead of money does that make sense
yes there's beautiful places around the world were all the street from apple trees and orange trees a tree is just for everyone to eat when they go by as much as they stumbled mr. Boehner did is past see what happens there a major study in Palm Springs La Quinta, there are all lined with grapefruit and you can't keep up with who you are and so why wouldn't you just have to set up as well then why why why not, I know I'm a broken record but that creative that the creativity lawyers can if we if we do start using some of those systems are in place it's just a simple as changing the contract will language an outcome-based deliver Bowl
your service so that's that's some of the ideas of come through me. Through prq through to our team and I really feel we can just use some of the infrastructure we have that I think the Western World and just augment the commitments and agreements and outcomes instead of it based on a car that's my suggestion in a ProForm is going for it and what does lovely Asha have for me today thank you for explaining that so well may I ask you a few questions about what you said
yes please I'm just going to dissect it I got you it's been a privilege and an honor to sit at the table at the largest projects in the world and and understand why and how they work and who the formal decision makers and where the info so I've many men example. I'm just feeling into what some people might have the most questions about and one of the things you mentioned was that the system was designed to collapse now was that a design by because primary Premier League over the course of our Legacy a 3000w you've done this so many times they know you're going to figure it out and so they design a system in this case you're in an inflationary
that's designed for you to wait a minute but I'm paying 30% tax on my real estate and now I'm going to get kicked out cuz I know you're going to figure it out this sucks and you're going to stop down the couch Gates and the King Pig's Trotter Street you're doing that right now except the Kings out the problem the infrastructure you've adopted so the king is never the person who engineered in place above that are usually satanically driven that words in complete but the most part it's a false gods these kings are following and they're the instrumented and then you inherit this case in the last hundred years you've inherited these systems have gotten a little systems are designed for you to figure it out this sucks let's go to another one so that's why I want us to be very careful about our RV
you are getting another chance but do you need a means of exchange to deliver now come that's my big question
excellent answer thank you so would you say there are actually two RVs a dark had a white hat
everyone's going to throw this Beyonce you just going to put me in the corner right now aren't you
yes you got it right so you get you get to adopt asset-backed Securities and it has the potential to be a stepping stone I don't think it's fair that people making tennis shoes and Vietnam can't even afford the shoes they're making so that doesn't seem very very balanced does it
no not at all okay so now we look at Transportation look at housing can the same as knock knock this country and we look globally if we're going to use this means exchange are we currently used very quickly obviously how do we make it more balanced so I'm not opposed to trading and bartering with something and ask about something I'm just saying how do you make a salad and you have it right you could go straight to the root cause and that is
deliver outcomes of your passion and the people will show up up if they're passionate about the outcome when you say
yes excellent and right now we have at least six countries with that asset-backed dollars and that seems to be going quite well for them and can you share what that means for America
show America's got a big choice now. So I'll let you know if you take a million u.s. dollars over there you'll probably won't get one of their dollar okay so your money is worthless in the country saw she is listed in there they're rolling and so that's why you're seeing a little little little step children running around starting little skirmishes here and there that's why you're seeing the banks not willing to trade across borders there are the they don't know what to do many countries it looks safe if you take you take a certified check or cashier's check I'm witness to it to another country if they'll probably put a hold on it for 60 days 30 days would be optimistic depending on your your credit rating with the bank but there is there at the highest level
respects they know it's all over
you do have Quantum Financial computation systems in several of the group's now and they have been trained and there's some pretty healthy now it's a matter of who's going to jump on board so it's not that will everyone's going to get terminated from the bacon it's Tuesday to get on board with the information were talking about today
so America has got a really tough lesson to work because they are the root cause problem not them individually it's the system inherited from what's the let's find a name that's been lost, the Jekyll Island group wake up the shrink-wrapped Federal Reserve that's a true story of the Federal Reserve has been shrink-wrapped to make it for you all that it's all over
and so owning things is very valuable now because you want to sustain your life and you want to sustain a deliverable but don't fear this is really simple stuff super simple you don't need as much as you get your perceived anymore you really don't use your bodies are really starting to what's a get to a point where
they they are going to be more balanced if you are making more balanced choices and I practice and practice Brecksville you if your choices are balanced your body will follow your spirit that helped Sasha and when
the dollar
crashes a lot of
costs will also go away a lot of taxes will also go away so there's going to be a strange Balancing Act would you like to talk about that if you can lost again I work very hard not to create timelines for you because I know how powerful you are
but based on your passion collectively not having things wanting things and there's a thing in the way called money that's naturally engineering your RV you know a guy who makes two hundred grand a year just just broke and many said he's so over the course of decades you started to figure out that I don't really like this are figuring out if they don't become a superb figure on the computer that they know you need 10 million dollars just to survive in some cities and it what is the opportunities for them so that stimulation actually creates change
and so the US dollar has been condemned quite a while ago the only thing keeping Alives that you keep using it dammit you so you're in a circle you're just playing a merry-go-round with your financial collapse very long time ago your relationship with it has not so you feel has value
what happens now when your 10 and our house is only is actually only worth about $1
are potentially and when we make that change in you realize that $1 now can buy you a superyacht is going to be quite a change for everybody to see the value of our value systems are changing what do you do with the super yacht you do nothing with it it brings no value to anything other than cell service is really a bunch of people I suppose we can go see some really nice tights and there's nothing wrong with traveling in that means that there's something wrong with that but how often can you use it for just living in your super hotel that's close it doesn't sharing it is nice but look at the Yachts look at all the marinas in the world is full of boats that don't get used so why don't we just share that is where you're starting
Hugo and the US dollar is represent of it is that we leave manufactured so much based on the dollar that it's going to get real obvious to all of us that we really we don't understand the values of anything because it's been based on a measurement system that has no backing other than people going to work each day special gambling system in America at least because many of our large corporations based on stock informant so what's going to happen to US dollar is you're going to get a setback security if you look at all use United Emirates his example and I have made time to notice that the revenue from their country goes back to the people now that's a very tricky because once you get all that Revenue in and you see that you're happy and can buy many resources and trade many resources someone still got to provide them the rate
that was a great test for Humanity when you got to see several countries and these next six countries going back to asset-backed Securities America you're very wealthy with assets
now quit giving them to excellent
and you got something why does why does and I have no problem naming names here because I sat with these folks how come you're gross domestic product Revenue doesn't come back to you and why is it that we're Hauser doesn't plant more trees in your yard and what why is it that we're not planning trees everywhere anyway and why it wouldn't ceilings be shared with everyone plant a tree every day we might be able to salsa Nation
also if the government stopped money laundering we could save billions
two pocket and Telus forever all the bad guys to get a huge cut and all the people to pay for it
do you think Darwin sailed have anything to do with that
it's my great, great if you really want to see how well the United States run
having the privilege and honor to sit in those meetings go look up Mark skidmores a documentary about the missing trillions is another world somewhere based on our are metrics record so where did it go what is skimming for a guy ask you
are you talking about the trillions that went missing before the 9/11
the discrepancies discrepancies yes I am the discrepancy with more comical you should see the financial discrepancies of installments of deposits to someone's given us a bunch and someone's taking it so wait a minute where they come from because it doesn't match the taxation of America took its a fun read so you can see out and and that's what's going to be fun when we do our trump series took the dark is so well invested or has been in the United States military the United States politics government that you really got to play a trick even get in there and so that's my great encouragement that
just to get in the systems like we have was a Monumental achievement so why do you think they killed Kennedy why do you think that that Donald Trump gets a claim put against him every day of the week. People just take potshots at you everyday to try and slow you down mazing huh
the more innocent he is the more they go after him it's all about losing control of a lot of wind today sorry just one question out of curiosity the trillions that went missing didn't the white hats have something to do with that
yeah so what you can do is prove its corrupt and to make it clap right before your eyes and get everybody ticked-off you know lulling us to sleep you know what is think he's actually one country can look at with first-hand knowledge is is Australia everybody makes a nice living down there even if you're flipping burgers and that little people asleep because you know I am a pretty nice as it was in a pretty nice house and you're pretty much doing pretty good you know that's what happen when you say
we forgot to stand up for ourselves and while we were sleeping with our two week vacation why these guys started passing bills and laws that we are unaware of from easily from the sixties until probably 2016 and these things started getting really tricky Don whine because the bills and laws were overlapping to complement the implementation of your electronic War system and and so noticed that a legal document can be an email now really tricky huh that the American public have funded many other countries apparently true funding help for the people and not see American taxpayers who are now going to be burdened with this changeover so luckily the White House have a lot of things in place to protect us we just need to wake up
is that correct
yeah so the goal is to let it fall apart before your eyes I assume you guys already been collapse we're just keeping alive the credit industry was greatly engineered for that obviously you saw that the Housing Industry the good news is it's going to class the bad news is the dark will try and commandeer and inherit try and get you didn't hear another system that has a central control system and white house will do their best as well she gets you to realize it and adopt something you choose not what someone tells you to chew very very important do we do we where do we get a set that's my question Pepper when do you look at this decision making process
for you to what you're going to trade with and it's on it's your choice right now and that's my great encouragement do you want a middleman to trade with your neighbors
that's my question
very good question and you don't like to create timelines for us but you do like us to make the best choices so in the best-case scenario of what Americans can choose what would you suggest
you know I know the answer right
of course that's why I asked you
the council gave me always everybody stuff. She's got my number
this is a stepping stone is what's happening your Cooks
it is it is an olive branch it's a stepping stone we're starting to figure it out and making our choices
with more integrity and don't be so fearful of this next choice you're getting very soon here
I'll be careful with my words you can say but just use this new tool you're going to be Kevin
in a way that has far more purpose or more purpose and starts bothering your passion in with it it's not important that you getting a new fuel very quickly here
it's the way you use it is very important I hope that helps
it does help but I would imagine everyone would like you to elaborate
elaborate and why and how to use it in the best way possible
what is the value of anything can you tell me the value is what you received what what you enjoy what you celebrate from any any outcome
so the value is what I give you how I receive it
I love you is that valuable well it's that you can't value that can you that's beyond
okay so how do we use that in our our trade a trade with our neighbor system that would we value that we make our system smaller do we just trade locally
that's beautiful beautiful part yes so what feels really good I love to get vegetables from my neighbor instead of vegetables that are shipped over from who knows where
right so I'm I will tell you that that's going to be more common noun you already seeing with the collaboration centers that are coming forward with us I would rather walk down to the end of the road and talk to Farmer John and trade my shingles for you know a couple of slots berries and so far. I'm not dodging your question I'm just saying your your value system is changing because you realize that you don't have to ship things to you from across the ocean to sustain life and certainly are several of our farmers were recognized that we shouldn't be going across continents of spring vegetable region just because of climate so for me our values are changing cuz we're recognized we'd rather go to the Farmers Market
then go to the Super Store that ships food to us as an example or you're going to see cobbler show up in your neighborhood again how great is that to have a personal excuse for you and your own neighborhood
and Taylor's are going to be be more prevalent again so once you see some of these big corporations sweatshops will collapse
the trades are going to be more prevalent in your your community because you're going to desire to be passionate for you one day going I love sewing and I can do it because I got to put those people because you're you're revaluation Persistence of going to make it easier for you to do what you really want so that's what's going to happen guarantee you
excellent thank you and you had mentioned that there was a bit of a challenge in the United Emirates because no one had to work but the way you just described it for us in America we're all going to get excited about producing food producing clothing producing things that they are neighbors could need because one of the things that may happen
for a while it might be more challenging to trade from other countries because until we get a really evaluation between countries would you like to share more about that house that has been assessed in this is what country do for you is it it it evaluates what you you can digest as far as acceptance so I'll give you a micro our Consciousness is controlling the outcome of the the next step for us and our financial system this is what's so great about cars if you'd like that term it's not an accurate term but the English language it is Facebook if you started counting all the second hand stores in America so the Salvation Army's the same pants to Paul's value Village's anymore I'm leaving out if you counted
call them and look at all the volume up of items that have been manufacturers are being sold second-hand it will be 10 times the scale
all of the department stores right now as far as volume of items being sold right now where did all of these second hand stores give generator black
is jealous
we drop off our our garage sale items that didn't get sold at Salvation Army and then they put Marge not at they wash them and then you buy
okay so again there is there is the opportunity that what if you just had your own community
export system your collaboration what if the kids outgrow their clothes and you went down to the Community Hall and you left him there at times that by 1000 you don't go to any department stores deal
so you've already created a network in your trendy haven't you
that's exactly what project review with cues about it's like a kick-start to a successful white hat revaluation in an organized no line process whether you want to use the a bun to remodel or any of the other one not endorsing any model I'm just asking which ones we want to use specific pretty sure you're going to find you're going to need less as you recognize that money has less value energetic you're going to have more value to help always so very helpful and we have just received the 3-minute mark do you have a spelling or anything else you'd like to share
what did the deer say when she came out of the woods
I don't know
even better
last time I do that for a buck did you ever deliver that one no I want to hear another round of invitation this week and my great encouragement to stay to keep these subscription going till I get ahold of you by UBS radio has been outstanding and supplying us your contact information and being our administration supports this is all for you for the people. Space please keep up with it lots of information coming through this supports what we're doing here and I will have some ocean traffic updates for you by next week I love you all I love you all I love you all thank you John BBS radio
what you say to me I love you too thank you so much for project review with you and this video show and thank you Kristin and Christopher I think it's funny that Kristen Christ in Christ in Q&A
I think I got set up or whatever
thank you everyone and happy everything have a great week ahead

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