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Project Review With Q, November 25, 2023

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Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

Part 25

Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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alrighty everyone Thanks for carrying over with us this is Project review with Q how do you do we have Miss knowledge here Asha sister welcome everybody is really looking forward to
is it states it is thrilling to show that we're all children though I guess so
that was some incredible information you pulled forward last show I am I thank you for doing that yeah so you know to watch the media track US you know obviously the the sandbox project review smoke going to come through and then are pulling through the conversation is quite clear that somebody's paying attention to us cleaning things up and and we're not going to stop and wait as we're going to get what we want and I don't have a lot of
I know we talked this weekend so I wanted to have you directly first if you don't mind and then I'll have a couple items at the end is that okay
MC Sports Direct Me Now
surely you're overwhelmed with the material you just whipped out and I'm sure I just didn't know if you have a let's do it let's do I do I have a song do I ever love making them bubble gum band bring them back forward why don't we in the name of Liberty we set off to the sea in the name of Glory read fighting to be free but one mistake can set it all to no one sees no one wins the game of chance I need to know
will the Sun rise where it's over will the sunrise will there be will the Sun rise unknown simple and fit all of us should let things be with day maybe don't think think that y'all the best the light before the final test I need to know will the Sun rise when it's over
when will the sun rise will there be will the Sun rise another day
that was the third time talking with that start us up okay that we do you excellent I love it beautiful beautiful boys think you are inspiring will get there someday
you kind of sound like I used to I mean like I don't I was hoping the doorstep would resonate so so hopefully people will recognize that one for some reason that that voice hasn't left me so I could say that the boys said the tone seems to marry pretty well over on the Morrison side so that was kind of funny to do that when I when I got going to do it Jim Jim songs
anyway which we played with which which I was thinking just let you just had so you were Jim Morrison but we're you also Rush Limbaugh passed where is your proof
okay boys allowed and I'm always seem to be allowed.
Pretty good transition how'd you make that transition from from yeah still still never beat me a call
yep even even without ego they're still competitive I don't know a weird game and it's the only game
that's how do you play with sticks and swear
yeah well you should get some work done today what you what are you doing so this week on for the people that space there was a post called invisible assassin and it was all about the dangers of the smartphone so you had this brilliant idea for a project for people
and perhaps we should call it M A D D D D D D D D D which would be Mothers Against digital disturbance distress dissidents disillusionment dishonesty disappointment deterioration Devastation decline defeat Decay decadence distraction Darkness denial danger dehumanization delinquency everything that comes along with the digital phone in your pocket what do you say to that
wow that what that's way better than mine okay so mad of course was Mothers Against Drunk Driving right by Nancy Reagan and so forth, and we have a bigger bigger issue now and and it's best to find a sexy acronym for us and some encouraging people listening today that I need someone to come forward to start the project I want to get heavily involved
in what I'm calling Mothers Against iPhone case o mate isn't very sexy as an acronym right so so I need sexy title that summarizes and so very good that's that's really good because it tells the story of why were opposing smartphones dumb phones and or why it is jeopardizing our creativity and our reactionary development and so are studying this over and over and over again and and do my best to bludgeon Steve Jobs whenever I can
comes with great honor to do that what what I'm getting at is a lot of time like this is really important for us to because when we react to email that are not proactive to what you want to do if you react to text messages what you don't want to do when you react to everything that takes you off your trade of for your inspiration that's what stops your project
it is so every creative thing we do in life is the project so if you react to things that are not in your primary decision-making process through your heart then you're not going to be successful because of the frequency bands you're and a type of human urine. So it's very important that here because we're a lower frequency if you like that model you actually to dig a ditch you actually this is one of the brilliant things about being a little crazy you actually have to go get the shovel and yeah well that's what's so fun about being here is because
you proved yourself that you are inspired to dig a ditch in a well and you actually go do it if you go well so you have that there's proof that manifestation and the only thing that limits you with different not bigger different projects different aspiration is you you're the only one that said derails it because you doubt your you need something before you get something in such as the smartphones are designed to do that and so if we could get Mothers Against I guess that would be masked
and educate people that this is not about
good and dark it's about control of your excitement reacting instead of proactively going to lie very tricky especially you know and it's very tricky being a media because everything I said is already gone so we're already guilty as charged brilliant people making media for us to look at BBS radio there is they have to react to your knees they're doing a brilliant job but that's their passion tricky to explain when you start looking at these fools that they're they're saying what do you want to hear I'll go get it and then they produce etcetera etcetera little different but they they use the tools do it in a way which complements their excitement so no one that's get lost
I'm we did dreams last week and I feel like I did a fair job but everything you're doing is a dream an expression of yourself and the phones are tool for your dream but as soon as you're reacting to someone else's dream is not yours though is it
if your Sunshine mermaid is closed by she had an incredible example of that this week at the arcade and she's not there do you want to share so yeah okay so the mermaid did step out to the steel to go play the seal pup but I will explain for you
the virtual reality machines that you're saying come into play at arcades and so forth in this case I believe she's participating in a child's birthday party and and reacting so number one she reacted to her child's friend and or a child's friend who wanted to have a birthday party and so first of all right from the get-go
do we want to go to the birthday party it's an obligation you have a young child they want to participate in the child excitement is to go to the birthday party
is it the parents excited to go to Prattsburgh in this case now we're constantly studying this and we want to see and then be of service to you is I call myself a spiritual crash test dummy right so knowing full well no one wants to go to the arcade except the children the mermaid goes participate and then takes care and looks at things and said okay so I'm really excited to be with the kids but my environment isn't my number 10 place to be so right from the get-go the signatures of the environment start to mold to that that's how powerful you are actually start enhancing the negativity you're starting to feel and capitalize on it so in this case the lovely child that we all love and everyone loves and the birthday party go
I'd like to do a virtual machine ride that we all know that this is mind control again we get to examine that we get to explain it and now I'll show you and prove to you that when you get imposed imagery that's not your feet of course that's when you can get attached respect with the iPhone they're designed to do the frequency bands in them enhance your negative feelings and adapt to your power that's that's really how emotional situations are enhanced through smartphone through video game through alternate reality machines like I explained this is a good start
so when we use this in business it's it's actually probably got it. This guy is he gives me so many orders but I hate him will things like that or are what I am explaining the smartphones in a personal life or professional are just designed for you to not only react to situations do not proactively creating but they're also harboring your emotions because now you're so powerful so when you're scared to open that inbox on the email it's actually going to bring you negative information in your inbox have you seen that in your life
I don't really like to open anyting exactly exactly but there's people who want to send you an e-mail correct
yeah we can say that
right this is what I did this all that is I removed my mailbox at my house
and I'm not kidding and I just have to do the male cat gets me and I won't open the mailbox I'll just removed and then now you're saying that's an ostrich putting his head in Santa go I just don't really want any mail cuz none of its I don't Grandma's dad so I don't really get any good male anyway so I'm being facetious but that's more or less what I'm saying is how do we how do we really own our communication and so my suggestion is you don't use the tools and less it is verbal that's my suggestion are there times when emails are proactive as a sample denounce all text by the way
so texts are always forms of reaction they're not very valuable forms of communication and at this point you can't prove it actually came to the personal spending
there's only remember everyone there's only one internet one
now who's going to start another arrangement for us a thousand of them who's going to connect our Collective Consciousness guess that's my job isn't it
or are you already have it under way I really want to get this is one time I might be inspired to make a round of
this topic which we will make a catchphrase and it's not to impose
any specific belief but why would we not talk to somebody why do we need a device to talk to somebody instead of just be with them what how did we get so far down the road that we don't go be with them to be with them we have to send us a picture of ourselves to a device not to say that they're not a value get a lot done but we don't we don't recognize how timeline are being manipulated from our child's point of view and so that's that's what I'm getting at is if we can get someone to create a project where we eat into our education system of what an iPhone is what up what a smartphone is how it is proactive and reactive that's my courage and if we can get someone to throw in a project and conception I'd like to put a body of people around that and maybe you'll be inspired to make some T-shirts stopped
well done and one thing you said was just too elaborate on it
so when the mermaid
you went to the arcade because she loves the children and she wants to participate with children
maybe 5-10 years ago that would have been so impactful but because we're all growing on a light so much the dark actually impacts us more so the more light you have more sensitive you become and you can take us out for a couple of days in without help it could be a week or so if we get abducted or or slime door would you like to share anything about that well done thank you I just I don't keep these memories very long so I just thank you so much for reminding me
Al's we've matured in our spiritual growth
we're able to feel so much more as you can tell and as the negatives have observed this they've grown to compliment that so we're growing out of this little this little trickster system here and they know it in so that's why the tools are getting more enhanced well in the in the example we gave when you get to certain level you're not going to be able to be in these environments so in this example of mermaid it actually knew this was not a good move but also is so cute seal pups mermaids and see what's over around the corner and that's exactly what happened because she's so powerful and you're being naive is your power being sensitive is your power so because you can feel and Stenson smell so much now you're now
you'll see you're standing next to people who have no clue what you're experiencing as an example if I go to a grocery store I put a cloak around me so I can hear everyone's thoughts now by taking off
it is the wildest ride ever because I can see the aliens in the human bodies have been everyone's going to have that capability now and these stones are starting to ramp up that incredible capability you have a feeling everything so you have the ability to send your neighbor a spot right now everyone has that ability to manufacture these phones know it and that's why I'm so excited to find a solution for this hope that made sense
well then so do you have a suggestion for people if their light is growing faster than usual and then they show more so they stay pop out more and they're more maybe at Target more of a Target because they do have more light now
yeah great question so
you know when we were making these projects collaboration more people and you know you have to feel out he said who is in whose really supporting your passion is maybe one way to to play with this question
you went from I'm not going outside anymore because I'm getting so sensitive Ted now I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to go down the mountain top I'm going to go see what's going on is how I perceive this question and I love it because that was me I wanted to prove that we could go to the higher dimensions in these bodies and that's what I did I did nothing for years just to prove back and forth going down the Mountainside what it looks like and what the one thing that I could standardize is
when I came into a town or city I noticed that the Transmissions coming into my head increased substantially and it was primarily Wi-Fi or dirty power
and so not only did I have the emotions from other people I had elect Electro electrical emotions and are carried on electrical grids the most cities are in a grid system to self recognizing Riches of the purpose of cell towers to self recognize even if you shut down one Tower they'll go around and find the other Towers in self-organized so what I did was starting to press my life through my body and made my butt looks like I created a bubble
within my body of light I didn't make my aura huge that's not what I'm saying I pressed my
Light Within Me envisioned and or created the bubble within me and made it full of are really tight while cloaking what I was receive it and it takes practice and I'm and I'm ready to train that the basically I may a shrunk my aura and then filled my my balloon full of light and made it a rock that make sense
wow that's really exciting so can you describe it a little bit more for people who are you sure it was it is the size of your body inside of you like the form of your body or was it in your heart where how did you do that because we're so expressive it just with feelings and that was the thing that was the trickiest one in this this type of human understanding of why I couldn't be this huge expanse of light running through
party in Touching everyone will because there's no that the reason you don't want to grow your aura and the situation in a party is because it doesn't have a governor for what you're letting it that's that's the that's how it was worth to know what's out there so it's you you're you're an angry while you're letting that in the end and so when you shrink your aura it says I'm not going to touch the angry elf basically that's that's how it works I might be a little bit to see if they got any candy you can adjust it all the time your light doesn't really have any boundaries to either accept its excited to be in your body so but because we're lazy with it or not acknowledge because the brain is so powerful
we aren't bring it in so when is example I commend my spirit increase my life force energy that ceiling is the are coming in your pockets now watch watch if you do it with me watch when we do it three times quickly here watching this is how it feels this is how the air is blowing up in your balloon that this is really just a job about sustaining it in day in and day out situation if the watch this with me real quick at home whatever I command my spirits increase my life force energy I command my spirit to increase my life force energy I command my spirits increase my life force energy now
look how you feel. Dad is pumping up your blue now all you have to do at that muscle memory all you have to do is go get some point we don't have to do it with words you'll just be able to go back and forth however you want with it sometimes you want to you want to be just lazy and not have to work at this in this sometimes you have to work at Washington get to work at last and when you're sitting on the couch obviously nothing's going to harm you with your nature you don't need to press right
the reason I'm suggesting this is cuz you if you sustain it you'll never you never have to work at it again that's that's where I'm going I hope that helps
very helpful thank you so would you suggest the people holder energy inside from head to toe and through their limbs and everything or would you make it more compact in the core
I like from the from the heart pressurizing you as you want to be so holding space I like those words from the chia-lin Great Space very very very present now being absolutely perfectly present is the best one we have I am really right here nothing outside myself I'm just right here that's the best I can do for these words
wonderful thank you
I've been practicing with pressing with my breath so when I take an inhalation I feel my aura energy field expanding when I asked you I imagine pressing into my cells and inside the core of my body and that one really really works for me
breathwork is outstanding great great exercise for muscle memory yeah I love this topic keep going
so a lot of people might not even realize they have a lot more light and so they just did to do going about their day like they normally do and then they don't something happened they don't know what happened they lose their to use what would you suggest for those people the perfect example I'm by the way everyone whose put in projects regarding sleep and suggestions thank you thank you thank you I will definitely get you in the mixture in a conference call soon
the proof of us losing a intentionally unfortunately losing our are in our blue is sleep because we go all right going to sleep it off and then now
you're not present anybody are you potentially any other yard that is that a fair statement has been mentioned earlier might not come back for a few days will they encourage that person to reach out to me so I can help them and or whoever you are in many people have this experience so I would like a sleeper abductions are one of my favorite things to see Star Wars what's the Star Wars Sith Lords are our specialty but it's also great learning tool and once you hold space when you're sleeping you can do it obviously when you're awake
where we go with mrs. I feel is up to the audience we just have so much opportunity here to take the healers take the communicators take the teachers and get our little guys little girls aware of this
of of our Collective Consciousness is in our bodies and experiencing what it's like to be this version humans from the day were born and now starter education process until we want to conduct ourselves in life and that's my great my great some suggestion is we use all the projects that come in and start from that point and not to say farming in construction is important in some it's very important but they should all come from that basis your blue write your your spiritual excitement what's next and one more thing on that topic I've noticed that when you give your spirit would say something to do that's exciting for them for its for the inner it tends to get excited about that so before I go to sleep I often come and my spirit to rejuvenate all of my cells and then it it gets busy doing that so it and I suggest that it does it all
the night so then it's not intrigued to go somewhere else cuz it's got a job to do
yeah you what would you say job or excited to do something else to play with to have fun with
right and so it doesn't have any boundaries is how I interpret that and so we're just beautifully naive that's our power we just like what I'll just come over there. What did you do to me while I was going to hey stop that I just went over there for a quick swim you know that's pretty much how that makes sense yeah
yeah I did so that's really exciting to so that's why I'm really focused on when we get a project just own it don't let go of it don't wait for someone else to say I need you don't need anybody else with your project
and I want to I want to prove prove it all day long everyday and
if you're going to build the song If You're Going to build a house and you don't know how to play the drums you don't know how to cut a miter cut
you're going to figure out a way to do it if it's really your passion and that's okay it's not your passion but if you really want that house built you will do it if you really want that song written you will do it
and I can't wait to be wind in your sails whenever I can
thank you
would you like to share an update about ocean truck
yeah so I'm having a beautiful time I wonder if I should share Logistics I think we should keep that under our dance around it until it's okay so we're getting close to here to get in the first vessel ready and we are going to need through and we're getting need some fabricator going to make it she is a workboat and so she needs a little more tweaking for the little guys to make sure she's safe and everything so I will I will be calling it out for people who want to volunteer at a tremendous have already so don't don't think I'm not aware of that I just want to make you aware of where we're at in the process
the draw for it is quite interesting and its first location is for spouses location and so am I great goal is to get safety officer safety safety model for anyone to take over and use it to their hearts content and so we can all share the resource yet standardizing on on how we do that and making sure that first and foremost we can train people and let go of the resource yet still get to use the resource keep it sustainable so it's really fun for me to explain to you that it's turn key ready to be at a home school facility on the dock right now it is Turn Key ready to be a research and study vessel at Sea right now doesn't mean 0
80 modifications for those two capacity but it just needs a little more help to accommodate families and friends visit it is a industrial metal reason I'm telling you that is so that now there might be someone who's inspired that accommodate those needs needs assessment and or that's what goes my pro-forma so now all I can see is the up the updates that need to happen and now those resources in my pro forma will be outlined and now I'm by pro-forma I'm in visioning and currently I'm in these individual showing up and noticed that they don't they necessarily won't have a dedication to life to need y'all do something else I was too because there's a short-term nides need and or assessment but let's see how we do
in our manifestation of my needs assessment is it just merely because I'm on the radio or is it that someone was already wanting to participate in a project that's like now this is really fun so the people who who participate in your project or they already envisioning or defending your project
or did you forget to call out and then they participate very fun exercise what what what you're capable of now is to make indigenous systems in script or otherwise
verbally is outstanding So when you say out loud in your couch I need a safety officer to help me support my goals with motion track
I guarantee you they'll show up I just tried in your personal life
I commend my spirit to communicate to the world it will actually happen take great care when you do that do not abuse your power take great care when you do it and if you do it with love it will happen and so with that my encouragement stay is to use a model that I've done with many many one-on-one people are many soldiers who've been traumatized many people who concert incredible experiences
top neither experiences and can help me with the following model for developing future pure selfish and I guarantee you works
and forgive me it's a little redundant for the Legacy listeners
make a take a notebook college-ruled notebook paper and draw a line down the middle
and about four lines from the top draw a line across it and so you making a t on the left side of your T you're going to put key and or the past the middle line will be called in and Rachel and then the other side of the TV will be asked and or future
he sighed that whole line. Calling them right in what you don't prefer in your life
what you can't do what you don't want to do everything you do not prefer in your personal life professional and doesn't it all on that make it humongous if you wish
and when you're unsure about things going right that kind of in the middle of the spring the neutral zone the middle line you'll say I'm unsure if the skies blue whatever it is and then I'll need
future side next all right everything you want to show up in your life
everything just make that the most robust, can't make them Bodacious I can't wait to fly spaceship I don't care what
what you're going to find the way the mind works is that
it is if you're having trouble proactively creating your future you're going to notice the column in the p and the column of neutral are going to be robot
and if you're only focused on the future and that your creative Force that's where you want to put all of the thoughts in your head and or your imaginary system of doubt it's going to be I can't do this because my ex-husband is not going to let me travel with the kids that would be on the P side because I want to go live in Barbados
what do live in Barbados is on the future in the past would be that guy's going to let my kids go out of the country to live with my new husband that would be in the past right so why would we have a fear of living in Barbados because our mind tricks us into sustaining the past
that makes sense
yes and also the Mind thinks it has to know how to do or how to make it happen but what you're saying is just be aware what you want and it'll happen so this next round and boxers a form has coming as I'm calling out every weekend Reach Out teacher what I'm calling perscription ibvs national anthem of that prescription up with DBS Radio and we'll get stupid now with your pro forma their importance they with me now even though we we may not fit your group through recently now in your pro forma can you please make me a tea that has the doubt what I can't do what I thought I should do the steps I need to do down the piece of the past and the neutral and the future so if you can all make those in corporate citizen are pro formas
do my best to get Asha one of mine a legacy one I have successfully did this exact exercise 2 years ago but it's a test and every single thing on my list
every single thing and there wasn't a shortlist
don't you know that's my suggestion going for
thank you I'll see if I get that I can actually be a more resource to you as a counselor or coach or a consultant so that's all you business owners that have failed businesses please bring your project and I'll help you pump the tires but it's up to you obviously to really know what your passion is I hope that helps you had some incredible successes with what you just described Things That No One Would imagined was possible no way is that going to happen and you just have to wait out you doing anything but writing it down that was all you did
give me like at the border Channel everything there were like five different things that I can do is no way that can happen
it's just wild to yeah I'll give you a quick so I'm excited to help people and I have to do what I want
and I just start meeting people I started learning about all that needs that you all had I'm saying why don't we start project just got to do something to get to cover more ground tonight just talking to one person an hour I realized I did not feel affected in the more people I got through the more I realized they were there to help me and of course my team shows up is just amazing and I'll hope I'm a good team member for them and so that resource and collaboration when you all have the same passions not every day but when you-all Envision it it just cannibal so my case I have you no no way to see and and do things like I used to but I'm still excited to talk to people and help them it just catapulted because I just want
they helped them and didn't know if they want to help me but they're like wow that's pretty cool on that and it just amplifies and that's what that's this is a really good definition of Absentia this is some of our horsepower
that's perfect in that does sort of answer that your question does everything you need exists before you ask for it and it seems like absolutely absolutely so that's what the chief there's many different tools I'm sure you can find other stuff that's my suggestion and now when you write your tea and you've now read it out loud to other people. You're obviously is where you want to focus if you only put your attention towards the future say it out loud I want to live in Barbados example I can't wait till it's these people are now when you go to the coffee shop and hang out with the Bros you and I just really want to live with in Barbados with my daughter. Wow that's cool so the more we collaborate is the horsepower we have is as Consciousness Lisa
I would add that's beautiful I would add that when we're collaborating it's as if it's already happening which is takes it to the next level so the minute we start talking the team just explodes with making me even more happen so it's the being in the moment with the excitement of it's already happening would be for me even more powerful
okay so the one the one item that's consistent with our our Dream conversation last week is if you can see it it's all right you already crazy in if you can see it through your mind's eye
it already exists in your reality
but you haven't recognized in yet and that's how powerful you are so if you're dreaming up the Pink Elephant in my case it's purple dragon while I'm eating Frosted mini-wheats with a silk silk pajamas Dragon really likes me sexy but inside joke every one anyway
he's always going to be my little brother anyway even drawing it and so that's what I'm I'm encouraging the communicators as great communicators to come for finding as a drawing methodology that's in a lot of people are comfortable trying and or don't feel they're good at it but that is super powerful to draw things coloring really powerful and so now you've taken your dream your vision your your your gold ever you like and now you could pay for it now and now it actually exists and I'm not kidding
now are you going to realize it here or somewhere else in time-space there's no such thing as time and space and so that's the purpose of the call today and and what I wanted transfer to forgive me for a lot of you
it's always good to hear and it's interesting I did read a story about an Air Force plane that they were they realized that their wheels were were locked and one of them have shoes on and off when they went down and check the kids or something wrong in a red light and so there's a guy in the back and he started drawing the wheels coming out and just playing with perfect wheels and Landing perfectly and that's exactly what happened they couldn't figure out how they did it cuz there was there no wheels that came down so this is an illusion this is a dream or having an how do you want to paint that dream because whatever you decide that's what's going to happen and if we get into fear that's what's going to happen to get into excitement that was going to happen
Yeah It's Tricky little studying you just brought up is
if you don't have emotions prior to being in these bodies so that's what kind of disappointing about the RV everyone so excited about getting a re-evaluation of means of Exchange
notice that has nothing to do with the excitement of your projects okay I can't wait to have it all ready then I can go Lisa it's just as it's obviously a trick everyone not to say we are not due for another tool here don't get me wrong and get a little more educated on our values and our metric obviously somebody's trying to get us to go on another system and there's some good guys trying to get you to be aware of that and they were the attacks on the bad guys trying to get you on it was brilliant brilliant you have no idea how close everyone was take you don't get your shot you don't get your mail that was a that was a strategic plan to undermine that brilliantly done not to get on our policy
structures that have to do with November really tough month for me right
Phyllis he is slotted a race of beings and gave them casinos number one in the month of November and then you murdered all all my friends and family and myself and so yeah and by the way the body I was born in the same day it was created to bomb the the Trade Centers regarding money so I'll leave that is another story another day but now the World Trade Centers were designed to be a token of my excitement here and I'm trying to say that but it's it was exclusively for many people many many many people all of us to show pretend who's in charge here but they picked the key dates to do that on this all I'm saying and thank you thank you I'm just so proud of the Architects and engineers
FERPA truth they done a brilliant job and I hope they're successful going forward but I think you're going to have to take the court down system down first so my encouragement
and I'm glad that it's happening very quickly you can see it in the news in public I obviously right before covid in it had it was almost whatever it is that's a catchphrase in history we have black flag
Kobe's got a sexier.
I don't know what to say about that so I was watching watch the movie
Close Encounters of the Third Kind the one made in the eighties and run away from where the benevolent Lance Wright State communicate with the Earth people with harmonics quite interesting, exactly like this with propaganda we decided we're just so gullible I love it I really love being naive it really is you wouldn't do that
you guys better stop that stop that
you know I'm working on the character of on Mad TV Stuart
and I don't know you have a lot of disbelief comedians at one time is it really do love the one catchphrase
I had fun today let me get a couple of very short time here in the seat
the builders we talked about Community Lucy local government rebuilding in Escondido pinyon Pines Arab area. Please send a message with would be a good time to contact you next week or the following week the individual out of declines as well give me if I got to try to keep your identity private the Builder theme Builder out of Idlewild did you participate with that group to think we're ready to catch up with you guys and push it. Push nine on your projects are a few other they're going to join us potentially anyway I think that's
Austin keister you did a great job thank you so much for putting this all together for us and I love you and thank you everybody for listening prescriptions up so I can get ahold of you my love to you have a beautiful day

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