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Project Review With Q, November 18, 2023

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Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

Part 24

Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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great day everyone welcome to project review with you thank you thank you thank you for all your face in yourself and me thank you Tasha do you have a copy everything you sir and everybody else we have a passive listener with us today
hi Princess Diana
hello how are you I'm good thank you
well what do we want to talk about today
I'm always afraid you're going to near me on that
like the rusty one of the weather I'll do my best. This one is very dear to me and listen to others see what how we do but I want to make sure I get the lyrics out to you all first cuz it's very very moving for me and many others I'm sure
no more lying friends wanting tragic ends
do they don't pretend they won't go when I go all those bleeding hearts with sorrow to impart we're right here from the start and they won't go when I go and I'll go where are long so long from tears and painful cries away from sad and dies along with him I'll buy cuz they won't go when I go big men stealing small week one Standing Tall I will watch them fall they won't go when I go and I'll go when I long to go so long away from cheers unclean mine misled the pure the innocent will leave for sure for them there is a resting place
people singing Just For Fun they will never see the Sun for they can never show their faces the right no room for the Hopeless Center cool take more than he will give he will give he will give and he ain't hardly going to give the greed of man will be far away from me and my soul will be free they won't go when I go since my soul concede all that I believe the kingdom I will see if they won't go when I go when I go no one can keep me from my destine no more lying friends wanting tragic and
all those bleeding hearts pistarro's to in pop we're right here from the stars all go where oblong
go solo all the way.
maybe a little ambitious but that was the first time today they won't go where I go
we are The Music Makers and the dreamers of Dreams very well done
TR well maybe too much, but I thought of myself as I do love that is masterful at
telling us down when you say I would say about Princess Diana when she say
I can't hear any laws so I wonder like the opera singers that cock of yours like to just stop and then then the people just turn the music on for the first time in their lives and now you're really good anyway I was feeling really foggy this morning this afternoon your day in my day what do you want to play with today
for starters you have a new video up or did you not put that video up but we had so much to the pr two of three people sent in the same questions and they also said we love it when she sings I have a bunch of questions that came in if you don't mind real quick cuz I've lost how to connect with other prq participants
Okay so
what's up
what we'll do is have a permission slip from all the participants to do that in the future and so I don't want to give out the information till we get a buy-in from everybody. Everybody is in a lot of people like to be past it but stay tuned we'll get a Rolodex for everyone as we get through the pro formas it would be my opinion I'd like everyone's input my opinion is that we need to get some of these projects are filled in an organic way that is stimulating to their spontaneity in synchronicity I definitely don't want to force people to communicate with each other and I'm sure everybody appreciate that look forward to a Rolodex that you can take a peek at as we get permission from everybody cuz that's what it is they're in high excitement and they want to connect right away would it be
possible as I also an alternative idea to write out a performer performa about that and to submit it and then maybe Kristan and Chrissy and it to the people that might fix with him they could also denied any suggestion any ideas at all should be considered a project how do we connect with the world about my project might feed the project how do I connect with only prq such as we can do it all sorts of different ways and that's what's happening where I can have the freedom to talk to all sorts of people they are very soon and yes that would be a great idea every idea is a project isn't yes it is
so the other and thank you for answering that the other question that they had was how can we find other people who are of the light because they find themselves surrounded with aliens and aliens in Chrome
that's Coronavirus
it's a great question, I got a radio show that's how I did it it was very fortunate to have found Kristen Christopher yourself as a mermaid Aaron minute many people and you know I did it by turning over rocks and it wasn't always comfortable for me to go that's not not as if I went door-to-door but one of the greatest things I did was to do the one-on-one work and I got to do a lot of people over the years and
and I never I never it's funny I never charged for the 10 at work but the people who promoted me did and not to say I didn't receive the money or the work but it was my true passion to connect with as many people as I could so so now is my relationships and sure from that work it is happening naturally because I really really wanted to help people and I really wanted people to hear my story and and and they just came out of the woodwork the synchronicities in like my phone and so that's why I encourage meant for everyone when you find your your passion for me it was healing people and strategizing and collaborating and I just put myself in the mix so I could just see who's who and that's my suggestion focus on your passion and these folks will show up this is my my my assessment
well said I remember when you first began reaching out the very very very challenging time in your life but you didn't let anything stop you cuz you were so excited and then everyone found you through you doing writing to you so thank you for doing that I don't I don't even you know it's hard to appreciate thank you because it was just so easy to do you know without no without resources every bill collection World chasing let's say no no vision it didn't even Slow Me Down it just I just got faster basically I just couldn't help myself so that's what you'll be doing two and is going to go I can't wait to and you fill in the blanks are butts
that's a great question and I've gotten over the years I've gotten that question a lot where's the rest of us
and what was interesting me is my whole life I know something's off here so I get all the implants out of me from the industrial-military complex and even after that I'm still going I can get more of me in me and that's my great passion to share my story because I I got all my memories back some speaks so that I can show people how to do it and so maybe that's the solution to and I look forward to doing that and showing you how I did it what your capabilities are going to be and it's it's quite interesting that all of us are at that point now something smells off in the in the water and go all we're not sure what it is we keep working for it and just never stopped and I guarantee you'll have some stuff this is a very pivotal time in our universe
warm it is Drew really there for you know the reason I saying that song was a lot of Legacy relationships family friends or otherwise they're actually in a different dimension when you live your highest do it you're actually in another planet now and you can go down there and go visit them and be part of it and be in the mix but you're going to have more and more trouble sustaining living with those folks hanging out with them and it's not it's not in your abilities to fly and nothing's going to stop you now and so now you're going to sustain it more and more and that's the other reason your team will start showing up and everyone has a relationship here of some sort that was that's a pre-ordained or not necessarily planned but in my case I know my
I know they're here somewhere I don't know what bodies are in but I know they're here and that's why I'm excited about today showing and thank you I should you have any other questions that we received and I just love what you just said that's exactly what I was going to say and the more I listen to you and Princess Anna speak and if you run out of Tron every time I go out every one is for the flight like literally everyone everywhere I go there smiling and singing and it's miraculous so even listening to you is going to help them connect more if they really into great your frequencies and thank you for that we all get that way so just because one of us has a little more horsepower than the other I am going to ask Princess Diana for her autograph
I want one too
not my name anymore so I politely refuse
and take out the garbage
okay Christopher had some good ideas this week I think that's a go that's going to be a quality project what do you think I loved it and we're going around the country flash mobs what do you what do you say everyone yeah right let's do it and end in this will protect us from the fake Jesus coming out of course because now we're going to have a thousand thousand Jesus knows that we know I like sandals and beds whatever you like and then of course a customer's other project idea of course it is a 2024 our spiritual karaoke and and
favor wrap course and Country Music combined still compliment each other
not many people know this that Depeche Mode Play the song Personal Jesus Marilyn Manson play that song Personal Jesus and Johnny Cash song Personal Jesus snap who's the Oddball on the list
everyone will get that one
yes imma I'm up for the 24-hour Terrence perfect karaoke
that was going to talk to man but if anyone wants to do that project that's a good idea let's see the Australian lawyer lawyer could you please send in a time we could hook up with you this week or next. A courtesy to your schedule and the Australian History Museum I'm calling it a natural Seuss in history did you also do the same proposed a time and then the girls of Ballard the ladies of Ballard the three of you could you also put in a time when we could reach out to you. Trust me if your schedule this week or next week but see I think that's about all the freaking I up
I think I'm ready to go for other stuff
sounds good
okay so one of the key topics for assume will
be very cautious for many healers many of the folks are coming true regarding spiritual education collaboration
it's very meaningful to me and many others is getting our next generation of kids so this may be a little more efficient any type of body and the topic I want to talk about this is my suggestion is is all of the the writers and illustrators communicators great communicators whether it began painting a poetry doesn't matter whatsoever speakers tell people that everything every Walk of Life if we could start my suggestions do we start about dreams
the reason I suggest we start with dreams as we can all agree that what does the starting point the most digestible information I think we have here to talk about our Collective Consciousness and our Consciousness are Spirit you like soul I supposed to do that but we all agree that we all go to sleep or most of us do I I may be the exception about who are these bodies get tired we go to sleep and I'll assure you that your spirit never sleep and when you're in these bodies you don't sleep unless you choose to because you don't tire and I'd like us to start finding a way to communicate that we are
are observing our life in human body that was designed to the tire out throughout the day and where do we go when our bodies been asleep since I'm looking for a script that we can explain to children and their parents were getting more comfortable to talk about the topic and and or a schematic how Spirit Works coming into body and many times for friends and family and I feel very comfortable drying it again but it be
it'd be a fun to get a collaboration group together for just explaining how Spirit comes nobody how what volume of spirit you're using and I feel dream are the best way to explain that because we have the ability to remember dreams and then some of us don't remember so it was don't dream at all so they say to me and what a dream is what I want us to that's my great great goal is to understand where what happens to us when we go to sleep
and with that I'm just going to leave it right there so you can ask me some questions if you don't mind. So would you like to share what a dream is
okay and then this is this is why It's Tricky Spore for us to start the topic and get parents comfortable with this and day one we we have to admit is that when we dream we are going to the etheric or farther and back so we're coming and going and we're leaving a placeholder in our body when we leave the body so we have a fingernail on our body so to speak well the rest of the nine fingers are out and either hyperspace or Universal Universal specs do I fix a ski like that so I've done my best to explain this dream is a dream you're actually dreaming your New York
when you leave the body or actually more real than you are here not to say that this does not have weight this has tremendous weight because you're expanding the universe you're participating another component of the universe but I don't get you long-winded on on the metrics here and stay on topic a dream is you leaving your body and participating in another reality
tell okay when Edgar Allan Poe says all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream
can you elaborate on that
right and absolutely perfectly said you're so powerful you can be more than one place at one time because there's no such thing as not you're so powerful the heart based imagination not mind based the heart based transmission machine a knowledge machine it can't stop and do it have no deliberation it has no I can't do it I said it many times you're like a seal pup swimming around in the ocean and you can't wait to see what's behind the next coronavirus or talk to you order or bottom of the ocean you're just so spontaneous that's even a word that would describe late or how spontaneous you're so yes a Dream Within a dream that you have something sent
nighttime was my reality you and I used to dream of you before I met you and I'd find you and I realize this is the dream last night
real that was more real than when I wake up so I need I need to find you that is a true story everyone and so just a where you're going and beautifully done thank you for that it is that powerful now whether you can sustain it is really all we're talking about in the more you do it the stronger you get him or we as an example we can talk Halfway Around the World in daytime or nighttime and that's it so that's basically I have that ability and you will have that ability and so yep that's correct no question of it thank you on that topic I would call that is sweet dream you know where you're actually going to wear your frequency is more alignment with your wholeness so Princess Diana if it's
give me to call you that the mermaid she also had another experience that was similar would she be willing to talk about that
so we going to talk about my state of myself
it's so exciting to hear you talk about it decades names at Willow recognized but yes I want of my recent ones that I was sharing this in the night I was realize I was going back into my life into my life and that was just really exciting to me because I just I just thought the favorite ones and they I just love him very very proud of who I was then and what I did and then going back into the into the his time so I would do it in the night time recently and get all my memories back and I'm Drew upon the strength that I had when I was getting that body where I had different we have different entrances and strength and every and everybody else
everybody we are inside and anyways so it was quite strange cuz I'd come back to reality and in the night I was exploring that reality as her and with her and getting those memories back and I had another another amendment of that last night just before I wake up this morning actually that was really fun
and I'm always going to let out of it when we were working with kids and we can start the dialogue with consciousness
and think about all the people that maybe just tune into Tango these people are not these people are bunker answer the sequence of events of being another person in the puzzle NFL powerful we all are
Reserve disposable Bic lighters that you're jumping into and you're used to being in a more robust physicality that have more capabilities that's that's all we're not here and so if you if you had a more robust physicality it from the start now so you can't get it back you would remember you're doing is like herself would like us to consider us nice story books Simple Story book for children and their parents around dreams is it true that you are going somewhere when you drink so my words or get rid of them at least you can prove something happen when you drink whether you agree that you're more dream here or there doesn't really matter me you still going somewhere now my suggestion in lies is always to be authentically 1% as powerful
any decision you make as the person you are you're going to wear the suit wear the suit and really own it so not taking away from this reality at all I'm just stating once you recognize that your dreams are a tool to exercise sustainability of yourself weather in the etheric were here becomes your real horsepower hope that helps thank you if it's a very complicated topic because you don't dream and that's where we want to get to the Pinta Janet's dreaming because she was collecting more of her frequencies and doing a great job at it coz just totally conscious and her dream and coming back to Lee conscious to bring it back here with her to integrate that into her life and you guys can trust me if it's not accurate but for the most people that are just beginning some people say I never dreamed that could be because her
conscious enough to remember it and some people will jamming have nightmares so there's a lot of different going to happen so would you like to tell us why you don't dream
yes thank you so when some prior to get in the way of getting wiping my memories and in all the implants because when they all got removed I got to go back so that was obviously a goal for to keep their finger on me and make sure I didn't get my memories back and so what that allowed me to do is recognize how this works so for me I'm continuously on the other side of the fence I'm on universal side and I'm dreaming with you right now so I'm more over there than I am here
when you seen people Channel individuals you take people so I'm I'm different because I'm alive baby I'm not better I'm just different I'm I'm from Source continuously right now and so when I come in here there's no I don't have a stopping point it is Derek the instructions of the etheric if you will don't exist for me so I know I'm coming and going convention so I can see me from there
here not the other way around. There is it's kind of like putting your hand in water you can see your hand underwater that's what I'm doing right now
and that's why I in most cases when you hear me talk or sing it should have a frequency from that destination and that's my great-great a gift I said I hope is that we get to get stimulation and say that's actually quite similar in a way to what Princess Diana has been doing with Sinead O'Connor because there is a is going out of this frequency into frequency that really conducive to more of her holness and bringing that back so she's sharing more time down here maybe than you are but she's capable of the same thing cracked and commitment the attention all of it so you know we did we did a lot of dialogue with around on last week well that's that's also Clues to you that you can be simultaneously
really judge the sequence of events of when you're in a body because there's no such thing as a time that's what that's that's one of the things Dream Cruise is out could I have been in the planet of ashtar command for crap zone for and playing with the mystery music bus and then come back into my bedroom so so if we recognize Consciousness as unlimited as a dream state then there is no boundaries to There's No Boundaries is what I'm doing my best to explain exactly what I was going to say if anyone was wondering what would be the point
phinehas I'm bringing I'm bringing more of that state into this reality so when I wake up all this they were in that much sense of reality at the small limited but when I'm on the other side as I call it on tonight when I'm more aware of how Limitless I surely am and how Limitless this universe whatever truly is and you bring it back camera with you and then suddenly everything becomes less of a big deal so I just laughed becomes easier cuz all the little things don't worry you any more you realize it's all just one big dream and you can really just do what you want that's my rules nothing really matters is that stuff so that's getting more and more expensive nothing anyone can see nothing really matters nothing really matters
again you know where did you just say that Freddie Mercury man like a housekeeper attachment from bangs more detached from all the worries trials and tribulations in there for most high frequency so that helps me and not lie thank you so
Princess Diana and cute have a lot of light so they're able to hold their Consciousness and see all different frequencies fair that usually everyone can get there in a lot of people are there but there are some people that don't hold a lot of like right now because they've had a lot of trauma and for those people they might be having nightmares would you like to share about that
yeah thanks a lot. This is the tricky one for our children books writers Museum in in explaining to parents and so forth as we talked in the past you and I both solution so I want to make sure we have a solution for some of the words I guess at the end of this because of the restrictions of your awareness in the body
and the hindrances we'd say in recognizing the volume massive volume of your Consciousness capabilities
you can go play with some good elements or you can play some bad and many times the bad elements of leaving this body are so tricky and so capable of misleading so is an example most of the hypnosis people in these ancient families and Military complex they were hypnotized most children when they want to deduct them with toys and stuffed animals dolls whatever and then the man in the black hat that takes you a to Gastro love soundtrack.
you don't know very very tricky to to use these words but you don't know the difference between believing and knowing because it's a fantastic picture it's enticing as energetic that touch your heart in certain aspects
that's your core your spirit well when you leave the body that's happening all the time too good or bad and so are our Dreaming or horsepower envisionment doesn't have hindrances we only create more Master gods of creativity and so that creativity is so I guess the seal pup just looking at what's around the corner what what is that what is that what is that that's all we really do when we're outside to buy we don't have doubt we just keep looking around very excited and and and when you're powerful outside of your body you get a lot of attention and you you're very very visible to the dark in the back and I'll leave it at that that I could go very deep for that
thank you so if a person feels as if they don't have a lot of lighter they're not remembering games but they feel like it's possible that they're not staying in their body while they sleep so maybe they wake up and they're sore or they've got a wounded I've got a something going on then most likely they've gone out of their body so how would you suggest those people would do what they can to stay in their body while they sleep
very good yes so very common for many people to bring in in the dark really wants to bring in that reality into your reality cuz you're the horse so that's why people may have scars after doing battle in the dream state because they're trying to anneal to your horsepower does a very long story so I don't get too deep in the woods with that one but the beef
the primary way to fold more space here and sustain it is to demand it and be authentic to it without saying you're you're begging it's you and only you can do this so as an example many many ways to do it but here's a Subway before you go to bed I command my spirit to stay here all night long just something really simple or I command my spirit to be here all night long sustained my body heal balanced meal will you can use many different modalities
I I have a lot of people say should I ask for protection all night long the reason I don't suggest that is now you you now propose that there's something bad going to happen when you invited in Laurel door opening there and so if you're a little more positive about the outcome I commend my spirit to only play with deer deer babies all I don't know Muppets I commend my spirit to only be old in The Muppets going to get abducted your mind but seriously holding really on that you want to sustain whatever it is you're doing cuz you are dreaming right now I guarantee you in a physicality that was engineer
college now continuously many different work and it will work I know how many people say no I did not just it's it's a sustainable process if you stick with the process it's an exercise that's like going to the gym you just got to practice and everyone has a different degree
thank you I have noticed when you're conscious in the dream and you notice something stands out for example the color of clothing that you're wearing that can help you bring it back with you to remember but also when people are living a very high frequency experience in their life then they're much more aligned with those higher frequencies when they drain the main concern right now for a lot of children is there interacting with electronics that really take down their frequency would you like to speak about that
yeah you sound outstanding you have really you are really shining today thank you so much the alternative reality machines that would be the Xbox at cetera are creating visual impacts our children if I had a suggestion for appearances. Don't let your kids play these first person third person video games that all men are there is especially with the type of transmitters and receivers you have a smart TV and iPhones what you're doing is your closing in dictionary
partisan of your creative Force so many children are addicted playing the game they're already thinking about their next move when they're at school as the Tetra how many people they're going to kill the video game when I get home etcetera etcetera so your load your your imaginary horsepower is as you said lowered by the electronic imagery but it's also being lowered because you're participating with electronics as your primary resource for I would say play time or even stimulate a different way than you would with rainforest like going painting or playing Outdoors or hiking it's a completely different activities for your heart your heart doesn't like video games at all your mind love them
that's great and there are frequencies that can come across the electromagnetic energy is moving through the house so please everyone turn off your Wi-Fi if you have it turn it off before you go to sleep will sleep much much much better if you'd like to share anything about that Electric electrical engineers I can speak with Comprehensive they are utilized for targeting so when you have an IP address on your computer yet let you dress on your phone it coordinates of frequency and everyone has their own frequency band that they're playing with all day long and assignment so if I can get your IP address and I can get you to look in the transmitter continuously and that can be all these devices we just talked about I can triangulate imposing
I can I can hijack you I can scaler you I can attack you many different frequencies but it's not to necessarily kill you it's just to manage you like I can get you to believe that there's a lot I can take a whole city it's on 5G right now and I can make them all angry at the same time I can make them all happy at the same time I can make them sick all the same time just wish I would hope that helps
thank you excellent and even if you have your Wi-Fi off if you have a gadget put it in another room really far away from you because there's more than Wi-Fi going on and a lot of times if you for having me they had a really hard day and they're upset about something and then go to sleep than that that's been going to their dreams the body's going to be attracted to something in that frequency possible what I find helpful is if you are feeling unsafe if you imagine what would make you feel say maybe it's a kitty or a puppy or a bird singing or in the person you love the most holding you than that can put you in a comfort zone where you might stay in your body or if you do go somewhere it might be somewhere much more pleasant than you would if you didn't do that and also Princess Diana would you like to share how you had this experience as what you were focusing on before sleep
we're not in that particular instance just in relation to children and neither one of them in his room at night and stuff are not very real parents crack down on the world a bit and really try to get that to you as well
and then ask your question Asha I looked into the eyes of a picture of Sinead O'Connor and that's what stopped all of this for me it's about really powerful if he needs to be I especially the left I am an old days memory started flooding back in and not just really I don't know why stimulated that and then that listening to headphones and I even some interviews of her speaking incessantly frequency it helps to remind me and bring all that.
perfect thank you Julie and say something
I just want a reminder with that's actually how it works so we can stimulated I watched it with all the people I get to play with Mark with every day is we're remember we don't know exactly what we play sound tone the eyes or nose to the Soulard one as we know it works it really works we did it this way so we would remember my voice is like spots my Awakening he is a guy here and he's taking on the r i t i saw the harmonics in your voice it just crazy of the best the best shall I had a two-hour show my entire life changed after that the words you spoke rim for them but it was the frequency of your voice to my semi Spirit instantly recognized it and went
very important and may recognizing you are so when I heard your voice for the first time as well of course I have a question how do I find the others you got to go find the others
yes thank you and I concur Princess Diana. How I felt with both of you it really when you find your family everything becomes so much easier and so much more fun and I was going to ask you princess Danny have you noticed that your singing voice is improving
unfortunately not we were talkin about it
no I am that's one thing I do know that you've been playing around with your boy
yeah I know I am it's so frustrating cuz I know as a limitless cells is that true selves we can do whatever we want we can change whatever you want about ourselves instantly and so I am playing with that I'm in this body of of how far I can take it and I would love to exchange and enhance things about myself as we all would like why not to have more fun in this experience beautiful singing voice would babe
it's coming it's coming down what you said because I'm feeling into the audience and some people know the reason why Princess Diana when she needs cash already knew she was tonight so please don't take any of anybody because you're admire them and do that because you never really know who they are or what their connect are you my title by someone and then find yourself in and courting with something that you might not want to
yeah that note you can actually make me if you take a picture of me as I find a little gift Keith me sick for probably a couple hours I usually cloak I can I can defend myself and so forth but I do not allow anyone to take pictures of my eyes for sure
important you see a lot of people who do a lot of videos or get their pictures taken everywhere with all these different people and they're having a hard time signature we all have a signature these machines are designed to start working on that DNA
ganado compliments on the restrictions and what I'm calling the IP address of your of your body very long story but I'm really looking forward to bringing a
project around green how to explain them to our children are parents so we get a little more comfortable than the next Generations up okay everyone doesn't look like our modern education system is going to help us our religions are obviously helping us they're just making sure I don't get to speak would be my assessment religion and or tell you what's going on here that you're dreaming this reality and that's how powerful you are and it's amazing what do it very proud of what you're doing and to make a backbone for the stories without is my call out this next round of sandbox and just how do we make these books so it's digestible and maybe stair-step it without making a book and making it our own and not mess my suggestion
fantastic thank you thank you both of you this isn't really exciting thank you for the great information
Jimmy were questions it looks like we're just out of time and the only other thing I wanted to say is when she was said Dawn he was talking about Donald Trump just some people might get confused with Don if he asks and thank you. We love you and thank you Kristen and Christopher and Princess Diana and to see you I love you all so much thank you for listeners I love you you'll give us a notice that I had a couple requests for ocean track so ocean track is always been a passion by many many many years and you've got news we got the first boat lockdown and it's interesting that how the vessel comes into reality is it's it's amazing you know someone obviously we don't make any Revenue off prachi
cute animal at best it's really interesting to see how we would keep progressing a very ambitious project and I can't wait to to give you all the stuff in the next steps and my great excitement here is how we going to use the stuff when ocean Trek because I professed to share these resources I want everyone to get out there and have incredible time on the water
the first day we take a look at the Cecil very first day of school in Fiji called and said we really like to be a part of this so now I don't even check your ideas that can be turning the project I need your help to facilitate what the what are we going to use the vessel Sport and so I need help with curriculum location age range and the most important thing is I need someone to make nightly skits comedy acts at night for the kids is very important on the beach right and someone who played the banjo obviously and I need the class clowns so I've always a summer camp flyer and so
that's that's my guess I need all those ideas come through as project and so we can start coordinating and collaborate
right on and here we are at the end of the hour
he does it to me so I won't say again
exciting I love what you just said thank you anyway much more to come come in that's how we get a hold of the other my Rolodex my love to you all my love to you all thank you for having so much faith in yourself and myself thanks for listening have a beautiful day

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