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Project Review With Q, November 11, 2023

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Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

Part 23

Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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hello everyone I'll show you their IQ happy day welcome to<br> project review with Q do<br> let's say the Solutions in box for the universe when you say I love it that's exactly who this<br> I have a couple items I want to talk about David would you like to start first so I can get up to speed with my topics or how would you like to place that I love it when you said okay I was going to go through a couple sand boxers and<br> performance today I'll have more invitations going out this weekend so make sure you keep your subscriptions going so I can keep in contact with you and our folks can make sure we're supporting and in helping here as we go forward that I'm working due diligence to do a lot of 101 work and I'm getting a few things done here and I want to talk about the first person to talk about it<br> inner dialogue with the sandboxes conceptions and the ProForm is I've gotten to meet a lot of interesting people become aware of a lot of interesting<br> dialogue around our planet and one of them that I've always been passionate about and may have been geographically challenged of time was all the way in which our Parson governments of colonized continent<br> or at least the government's we have inherited and we work with we certainly work with it's been a great privilege to work with<br> Polynesian people Hawaii this one this last week was it incredibly personal to me<br> this is in regard to the Legacy tribes and Aboriginal Australian in this case Northern Australia and I must thank my dear mechanical friend and several friends out of Greater Perth area for helping me get a hold of<br> some Elders died of the great-granddaughter of going to the TV Islands last week and start calling out because we do have the Australian lawyer that I will be reaching out to you this week to strategize and how we get the story straight and a little bit here and many of the places you know I made sure that Captain Cook and the Gang did a lot of work in there. We got to turn this around and in my assessment anyway and that's what the draw to punch to as the more we all have the same<br> and admired the same goal in mind the fast of these things happen in the universe count so if we all don't appreciate apartheid is example we're going to change it because more of us don't appreciate it we all don't want to use the u.s. dollar anymore we're not going to it's just that easy to more momentum we get I know I'm a broken record on this the more we see the end and in our mind the more she shows up so I just gave some great politics around the average of people and it's a very old culture there that can't be standardized with just the average the very wrong but there's been a lot of races if you look at it in the greater Allen are incontinent you will see that this was more or less the birthing center of your plan at least for me omelette even to this day huge huge<br> calling heard that I think it's more fun to call birds birds of humpback whales go up and down that, just like on the Alaskan the Pacific for much life and of course that's why it's packed so incredibly buy used to be a very dark queen no longer doing that anymore but what I want to get out of his listening to people and its relationship with the sumed that the the compromisation was a revenue back to the people much like they did in North America here. You guys just shut up and do some casinos here you go you guys get your you guys get your $15,000 month check and just be quiet and that works for a while and does similar strategy in Australia is okay we're going to give you jobs when you get paid and you get<br> monthly check stipends whatever you like to call it in by the way will give you some area where it's only your Revenue<br> that's not good enough for me<br> because they're their lobbying now that well you get a seat at the table now and you get more rice now when we go to vote for things will we didn't agree with your court systems in the first place and we wouldn't have this problem if you guys didn't have court systems attention will now be like you made for me say before and now we got we can make this a project and I'm and I'm ready to call this project too and and see who else wants that's my call out to everybody here if you if you have a passion for getting the straight story on I don't want to call out Australia per say what I'd like to do is the good of the government I'd like to my suggestion for this project are the natives of all of the colonized<br> continents and countries how is it that we don't just flip them over again so I don't want to call anyone I'd like us to start putting together a model for substantiating y a consonant is owned by a family that doesn't exist anymore why did we vote Queens laws in the place of example in Australia or England and New Zealand all of them I feel that their case the case study on them is you Nico give me wrong but I feel the messaging and the opportunity to flip the bees Legacy European a little nice here<br> don't know the way in which<br> these individuals have been abducted it needs to be sterilized that way we write a wrong years by the long way to forgive me right next subject please send me the project there I'll need a lot of help I am going to call few people again this week and I promised an update they're literally looking at the first vessel in survey right now and she sleeps 20 young children beautiful children and five crew she's about 35 me and she's next training vessel and I still have a straight answer for you by the end of the week whether or not she is going to be incorporated in the ocean track but what's interesting about this<br> it was it's rigged rigged rigged to support shipping containers and or cars and Knuckles and a so I can go to work with maybe moving maybe ashes house across the world maybe you can just put your house on my boat and I'll just move you to life<br> it's a great platform to put someplace remote and I filled this one is probably going to start<br> drum roll please<br> if you look at Enders Island above Tasmania or King Island summer there but maybe maybe some rail maybe somewhere maybe somewhere else but probably greater Tasmania is my well you described it so beautiful<br> are you still there<br> I'm still here thank you<br> it never fails in a distraction when I get rolling here yeah so that that's good news and so it's more recent bands that woman on Ocean track is because the way I've watched it for grass hasn't been perfect and has been perfect at the same time example<br>I haven't found one person that does not like my idea but she said okay so as a group all of us stay so however many people we have in trq now and listen to the show's wow that's a great idea I want involved in that okay what do you want to do this I want to polish The Wheelhouse when it's okay Brent all right so now how do we represent everyone's cash it when it's just one person looking for the resources so we can apply this to to farming Healthcare healing is such a Tetra manufacturing all right so what I want is I want to go find a vessel that supports everyone's input and I'm in a lot<br> and I want to do it multiple times all right so now I'm going to be the guy that can find the truck so I find these vessels and the ones that are like it is from 1 to 10 or about a 5 or 6<br> they seem like they would suit the purpose of everybody's but something goes a little sideways with either of the vessel isn't as good shape as the guy promoted or just not quite a good fit or just a lot of weird tweaks to it and then all of a sudden<br> it may not complement everyone's passion as well but it's it's it's it's about that's in a good location and all the sudden out of nowhere<br> this golden gem shows up and<br> the whole world stops for me to go look at it like somehow some way all the resources everything just shows up<br> and now I feel I can prove that explain it Awards and show you how to do it and there's a lot of sequence of events along with this dialog but I'm not real sure that I can screw the way I've done it now and as it moves forward<br> watch the people who show up to join me<br> and Bill have the synchronicity of getting to where the boats are somehow some shape or form just because of the horsepower behind their passion whether it's homeschool groups or a scientist that want to do the private work or or just people want to have a vacation it's really fascinating to me to watch it<br> its momentum because of all of you<br>pretty fascinating when you say Asha<br> and it's really beautiful to watch it all unfold with you<br> what's the best dancer as you know that I feel this is should be getting easier for everybody<br> and I look forward to in the healing groups getting if I can get a compartment there and do the one of them work or group working so that's my great encouragement. As I get settled down here will start publishing the steps that I took from my heart instead of my head and that's what I'm really a little long-winded sorry that I that I'm prepared to discuss now is when you do use your heart all of a sudden he sing show up and we used a steady Ranch I think last time but<br> recognizing how you do it from your heart and your mind seems to be the great messaging I need to work on a we all can work on now is what is it when you know when I when I ask Alicia Nicole Evans what is it that's happening to us that we can explain it's different than when we use the mind would you have an opinion option<br> A long once I'd love to hear what music is has first<br> city so she holds her space she makes space and observes it<br> so it doesn't have to beat you can't name it you can't touch it you can't really a shape it you hold space for the intention to create unintentional more so I'm excited doesn't exist yet if you're just in a perfect space piece right then step moves forward because you're slowing it down recognizing it and then doing it does that make sense<br> yes and so I was doing it naturally and and I realized with your help and others think you know nobody understands a word you're saying and I don't understand a word you're saying anyways I'm like what you just read your heart and I didn't realize it dude did it naturally and nobody else was and so now<br> part of that component is undoing less<br> choices now so I can prove diagnostically how to get people to stay there and the best way I have found is to command your spirit<br> to take the thoughts in your head and put them in your heart and when you do it how come you don't stay there<br> that's the best I have found<br> until I can gets hot another way and so once you take the thought you had put them in your heart those choices are actually brought her way brother because it doesn't have boundaries it doesn't have rules it doesn't have regulation doesn't have doubt it does not fear it does not feel hungry doesn't have lost it just has desire<br> that makes sense<br> yes and there's something else that doesn't have any of those things you sent me the easiest and most fun way I have found to create is to be a child I'm a little kid and I'm so excited and as a little kid we have no limitations we can do anything and then it all comes together yeah that's what you call me to custred remind me to get off the slide so it's your turn<br> yeah I know you're always going to turn me in your little brother somehow I know it<br> yeah I'm so that's the best I can do and and now we have we got a couple bottles now but you don't got the healers rolling with a couple bottles we got that farmers with a couple models now they're going to they're going to be very unique to each individual but you're going to find there's going to be a lot of similarities and that's that's what I'm excited about these next two rounds that we get pushed through here is because we want we're we're working when we want to how we want to and it's really fun and that's my encouragement to you and just keep banging on our door and I will go as long as you all want to go so and anything from you I should otherwise I had some other items I might do<br> thank you I just wanted to point out that the one the boat you're looking at has an incredible wheelhouse which would be a really great space for kids to learn and you got a lot of it want to do that yeah this is a training facility up and I'm thrilled about it because it does have the educational classroom and so that also taught me that that's most likely what ocean treks started with and has most desire from from you all and where the people that are inspired to get out of the water safely and in remote places is example and then as an example another example of the mermaid she's getting very excited about about soul that has a birthing Suites and Waterpark salt water burst in beautiful Caribbean Water Somewhere art or South Pacific Waters<br> and so that both obviously it's passion and the people that want to do that those boats are going to look different I will soon have no idea what they look like but we will move onto to her excitement text and see how that works<br> it's just so thrilling to me to to remind us that we are also to have a wheelhouse that is a classroom teach people at a time not on a chalkboard navigate at the same time and then to be I always felt when I was at Sea it was just awful being up in the house all day I loved it but no one was up there with you so it's just thrilling that people can participate learn to stand a watch get their hands a little dirty and by the way get to go home and do it next year so I just can't wait to be that person and do project review on the in the Wheelhouse it would get some good videos to learn that be fun and then we'll rig a McDon get out of the studio for sure<br> I didn't understand about that the radio about anything you want also we have maybe five or six times the amount of people that that are interested in ocean shark that would fit on this phone for example so let's encourage more and more people to do exactly what you're doing be playful find the boat that you want that's going to coincide with how you want to do your ocean check and start to tell us what you found in start to tell us what you want to do with that boat and we can put you together with people to help make that happen so you don't chew just uses his heart and we all have a heart to use so he's found this incredible boat he's going to be playing with it tomorrow maybe and that happened intrinsically so everyone can do that and again there's so many people interested in Ocean truck<br> we have enough people to have already maybe six or seven boats correct to me that<br> seemed to me we we would be the most popular because we understand that dog eats a lot of people are from California or Mexico or North America Hawaiian support into a field that is just booming and it's going to complement the Spirit Ranch is I'll call him the Spirit Ranch is God and the comedy club all the all the summer camp models and spiritual awakening model self-realization model compliment ocean track for me that is nothing better than to have 20-30 small cabins on a beach somewhere where you can go collaborate Explorer for nature and<br>pretty soon maybe we'll find somebody that has a 747 passion. We can get some people flying around and so forth anyway<br> the momentum is not slowing down especially your you keep posting thank you or the spirit. Space correct<br> attract and now you're starting to see so you got another one Asia and I start working on this it's just I don't even know if I should really excited about it she does that's a good idea that's cool maybe when I get 5 minutes I'm not working I'll throw something up etc etc and now look at and know we just started conceptualizing what does fun today sometimes I ask Tasha I go where what's your Five-Year Plan and she says me just I don't really know right now I only know my excited right now forgive me if I'm putting words in my mouth. I guess what do you want to do this this next couple weeks I just want to do right now that's typically been your answers that correct that's all I'm doing right now is the best I can explain it and each time I do right now another puzzle piece shows up but it wasn't from<br> thinking how it should work just looking for the next piece to go in the puzzle I suppose is one way to look at it but it's been really fun and it's going to be my great joy to to show everyone how to do it we're going to do a bunch of times I'm going to grab some more projects as well and then country Q is also intended to be your networking and collaboration so as this grows I have now a way to put other trades and services together with you and so stay tuned my great encouragement as we have been slow here keeps going for a while and I'm in great honor respect fish a sheep everyone submitted and I love you all and I'll keep going here<br> any other news you want to chat about Natasha I would like to point out that it's really fun for me to watch you continually incorporate more of what you love about life and ocean track and you took you like to share your ideas at all so one of the opportunities when you have a good-sized us all sitting at the dock and it's a tool that it's a school house and I find it great fun for us to be able to use a full-scale commercial kitchen and get our kiddos saviet prepping food and understanding food where food comes from a cetera in complex complements our modern education system I would expect<br> but it's not something I ever really want to do full time though I do love cooking<br> I do it when I'm excited about doing yet whereas other people might like to do it more often will they can you supposed to do that and bring the troops and having a big back deck you know having a 40-foot back that I can throw some picnic tables we got something there and why not why don't we why don't why don't we have Gatherings or see it while sitting at the dock so much opportunity to have education that our kiddos don't necessarily get every day whether it's really really the opportunity I do my best to explain is when you're on a boat immortality your views of immortality as a young person change<br> so as example the kids go to school they come home late have gently dinner clean the room whenever you go to bed blocked makeup you again and it really have to take care of the house Mom and Dad do that<br> and by the way the house isn't going to sink if I don't make sure it's taken care of so you can see what I'm on a boat just goes for adults to if you don't if you don't take care of this this girl that's why they're all named ladies on the water it's not going to take care of you at the risk of being everybody's<br> mentor of reasonability bed I'm being facetious. It's really fun to see mortality from each individual's point of you cuz you take better care of sex you take better care of yourself as example if you're going to stay all summer for 7 days you better have 14 days of food and water what it's about it's about breaks down to Setra so you just take better care would be my assessment and it's it's the proper way to trade amongst each other I'm very curious of how we will do that I want to break all the all the trade laws almost overnight if I can Islanders Thailand or should be able to trade with each other regardless of Licensing agreements and so again that that lends itself into three trade rebar during standardized and then of course the edge<br> nation that comes with working with people that are different ethnicity and is just endless. Very very nourishing for me at least the feedback I'm getting it. I sent it to the way we like to collaborate with other societies<br> coming to keep going and talk to so 3 hours I have another question yes please let's say you love making breakfast and you you are not going to use money everything is barter so how would you barter for breakfast this is loaded this is really a loaded question is this in my family or is this out to dinner at a restaurant let's say you create a restaurant and you're the cook<br> instantly<br> you we know let's let's make it a restaurant that so now the boat doesn't have any food if you bring food I'll cook it for you it would be 1 +<br> Well now how about the guys down the doc wants to chat only brought enough food to them unless they brought their food you can have a shared food system and a shared<br> kitchen maintained by the people who use foods and it could grow from there so not only are the people buying food doing the prep work clean the dishes maintaining the kitchen there also sustaining be the donation of the food and or vegetables in the case or short or vice versa<br> so what happens here is now the cost associated with the assumed deliverable isn't even in the game it is it's not even the conversation is it so you're just the outcome is the only thing we talked about you we like breakfast we need breakfast be cooked the seller is and we don't have any chickens we better get some chicken if somebody has chickens like cooked eggs if that's where I was excellent and you're not going to have let's say you don't have Wi-Fi but you're going to offer a greater connection<br> Soho<br> diem<br> the water does an incredible things your body if you take time<br> to stand in the ocean you can it<br> probably end up going a little deeper but if you stand in the ocean<br> can you start asking the ocean questions it will give you the other<br> because every water molecule molecule is talking to another one now the reason it it doesn't do it until you ask and or ask permission is because it takes such great care of being in peace neutrality until it reacts your situation ties wind Tundra so that's what's so amazing about water is it's always in a state of peace until it reacts to on a vent quite interesting is it so that's why a lot of are mammals are so aware is because as a school<br> they can treat occasionally with each other instantly they can communicate with the ocean giving them the feedback and in many cases this is the time of year we need to go<br> breathe because the ocean gave them the clues I'll give you a micro microscopic example but things have been most part forgot unless you're a pearl diver<br> or you live with the ocean daily and it's a very authentic way to<br> communicate when you are fishing and you do need that sustenance not resource of the fish will nominate themselves to help you<br> yeah and so living below deck of a vessel helps recalibrate your your natural tools to do that or is that where you're bleeding for Mission and also in the old days of higher Consciousness the mermaids would guide the Lost sailors<br> would you like to share about that<br> yeah it's dangerous without spirits<br> yeah the mermaid<br> we're very Noble very Noble and more people on your planet quite a few and they realize that you've lost relationship with them to get back though people have the ability to when you hear the Mesolithic stories of more people being able to go on land and see what they're referring to is more people have the ability to turn into a human and then turn back into their aquatic being and thank you Billy Plain Jane explain that<br> and that was what was normal for us when we were more people and all of us I'd say most of the population on this planet was a person at one time<br> and that's been taken away from us probably<br> I argued limerent I'm starting to throb of that back and and it's it's not a time it's just the genetic whales beaching themselves on the show several times them if they see it as you work hard to die on the beach so they can make the transition into a human to right a wrong signal or they may choose to want to be a human so when they leave the body Bill inherit a mammal mammal on<br> and so you're able to do that to you able to go backwards for the backwards it's like that's what you want to call you just changing the type of and that's my great encouragement we can get more people teaching breaking down those those ancient myths<br> and no better than having the children do that for a son<br> exactly and they might be able to teach us with the mermaids still do during a storm when they can talk to the water and calm down for safe Passage<br> yeah it's those are all true stories<br> they can do great work Wilson you could work too well the good work you see whales do is with harmonics so I'll all my people have that ability to cause a lot of time to see the whales pointing down towards this the bottom of the ocean that stem recalibrated we can take your medication and themselves and so they can forgive me I'm not sure I said that one too many times<br> it's always enjoyable. I love hearing you talk about yours and if you do mr. Poseidon yes I would like so it is it's really pulling me and I don't know that I'll ever be happy to Jenna prq show on a little just be amazing and have a bunch of little ones cheering in the background kuester kuester come on let's go kuester<br> so I am mostly want to be at summer camp in so I'm looking forward to that and getting the other summer camps up to speed so we have a place to visit and<br> anyway G updates and anything else on the web pages regarding projects by chance. You always come up with these people that can make bricks out of oxygen and stuff if I need more items like that well there's one video on there we haven't spoken about yet it's something talk and it says beautiful girl Kalina who went around and asked Perfect Strangers<br> very important questions did you see that one OK Google is Estis at to tricky for you. Or or us because that is that was just shocked my favorite one was the it looks like everything is pretty much in Southern California is a statement the one that blew my mind is the what appears to be the uptight businessman suit and tie briefcase<br> I want all of those every one of those people's is going to go I know she tried to be no doubt about it but that guy he's the last person you thought he was going to sweat you didn't think you'd get that out of the way and it was so good is he what was the premise or who is called Big talks forgive me for the spirit. Space and it's under inspiration the last one and what was the premise for to start with it looked like it was pretty organized but now I'm starting to feel a little spontaneous how does it work the feeling I got was it with a project that she was given to come up with for school and she just went and got permission to use it on YouTube and asked all these different people questions<br> okay and so did how did she formulate the question what was the premise of question<br> something that would<br> get them connected to their spirit so I'll ask you some of the questions if I recall what would you like to do before you die so good in it and every time that she asked it to all these different people in different locations they all went well never put that one together they were they were they were lost weren't they<br> what's my answer exactly what I'm doing right this moment<br> me to get exactly the next moment I make the next choice I just don't have I do remember I planted where I go one day I'm going to go to Hawaii or something zealous goal that didn't really make sense except self-service I haven't had that in Branson in a very long time and that's my great encouragement not to make light of Me by the light but<br> there was there was almost no one that answered that way was there<br> not one and they really had to ponder it<br> a long time so this gal what did she get out of it what is she going to do with the material I mean obviously she put the video up what can she do how do we put it into play<br> did you know this person can we get her on on a show or or a guitar on a prq call<br> okay so seems like we've got something there where we can<br> to follow so we need to do do another round of it or we could do follow up with these people that got asked that I assuming again where the video is going up naked watch themselves<br> what can I do differently now to to to convert that to knowing what they will do restaurant<br> yes and when I found really fascinating is these people perfect strangers opened up and Spilled their heart and talked about the most intimate aspects of their life because someone asked them<br> Stow just because this person took great care<br> and says she's a perfect stranger comes up you mind if I ask you a question and videotape<br> yeah go ahead that you're not going to be together but she seemed to get it every time didn't you everything on that video it was a to be received as a great compliment she would ask them something very important about themselves<br>why didn't I think of that<br> you do it all the time when every call yeah might be around to that<br> my favorite one recently is when I had given the Oceanside narrative to several people and of course we reference Q on there as they filled the deliverables and the people whose Q<br> I'll miss you and I'm saying this to these people who have no idea about the radio show so forth<br> it's it's a compassionate person within our group in Ocean Trek just loves to help kids and do this and that and Qs greatest excitement is always been to make water camps and he's big boats do it with so far he's just a guy. You should get on the show you know one of one of his friends has this webpage called for the people that space and it explains what queue is New Year's<br> I can instantly incorporate her dialogue<br> I'm not so sure I like video tape thing but maybe we could make this maybe we could make this go viral everybody runs around to everybody and says what do you want to do the end of your rest of your life before you die what if we all do it at once<br> wow what happened that's a great idea what look what happened to those people that change their life. Like that it appeared that's my great encouragement to is if we would just get rid of the boundaries<br> it will happen I just will never Tire of explaining it because I know how powerful everybody is not and I and I know you outside of these bodies and I know you inside these bodies too but we're so bad we're so good at this so that's why I've been encouragement is still to keep asking yourself that question was brilliantly done and now I don't want you to play XO everyone will go and have to go look it up thank you and that reminds me we have a lot of people on br-2 just wanted to do something to help and that might be one thing to do if you got an interview people make a video put it up on YouTube because what happened when I saw those people that access their Spirit the spirit got activated and that's the whole point to come alive<br> yep and then get them in get him in the hopper with us and let's see what projects they come up with and that's what BR cues for sorry to be a commercial today is really let's quit talking about stuff and let's do stuff yeah we we we owe it to ourselves and and that's it let's just do what we want now the gloves are off if you will that needs these governments are falling apart right before your eyes in alignment some organizational lines and so forth but I'd say this isn't the time is just perfect for all of us<br> well said thank you<br> Usher York virs<br> with the opportunity to do something fun for a change I did not think you were going to bring that up on the air they've always been my arch nemesis<br> is that really your highest excitement to go to to school and learn to be an IRS agent is that your highest enjoy that is there like an IRS scam somewhere or something so these guys just love banking or what is what is it they do here they did this looks like they sit here with really nice clothes on it and just help me go get my things that I need to go used to help other people so I guess there a service provider but I don't know but what is it<br> going around Circle that's what's so fascinating of course his Bankers listening to me right now throwing shoes at the radio but what I'm getting at is that it's it's not going to make sense very soon<br> and your your is such a being disrespectful a lot of us had to do a lot of things just arrived but if you do start studying bricks and some of the other models are out there. And they don't have<br> don't have enough that they don't have the middleman they don't have mission statements they don't have rules or anyting all assume you've read up on some of these bottles and they don't have a central bank to<br> yeah it's just you and the other guy is your means of exchange what do you want I want a thousand okay<br> until makes instant pot of money right here now is if we when we do when we deer ate all of our our money<br> it is exciting to me because we're going to realize we got we got Hood Way<br> and everybody in the Play Store housing market will appreciate that I assume it will be a little confusing at first but once we realized that everyone deserves shelter and everyone deserves resources<br> but you're in California so you turning spree there I know that a no taxes it's just<br> yeah at least you can drive fast to only place you can drive past and state patrol is California know there's Germany a New York Manhattan can drive as fast as you want and go through red lights<br> yeah yeah it's pretty good place to do that it's<br> California there's just so much potential still there I know people live there or not how big the best experience but man it's exciting to see people changing their is that a fair statement so exciting people here are so beautiful and so loving and kind and passionate and excited and creative and everyday they're just smiling and it's very inspirational<br> juice juice feel the energetics have had a big part of it or is it the timing<br> when you get that many people in one area I feel like that there is some weights of the what what is the term used in the spiritual woohoo Club group the Thousand monkey effect when you say that that does have some Play Because more or less than the Scuttle bus going to start to sink in a little bit the rumor going to start sinking in and people are going to start to smell the coffee is not what it was before huh<br> I have noticed that the light that is pressing in to us now I've noticed the people in this area are very receptive to that they're they're very playful childlike people know they're very receptive to at the moment and they're receiving it and they're integrating it and they're free so sad in this area so do we give do we give Mexico back California we give California to Mexico to turn over all these seems to me somebody took somebody that was not funny sorry I was just on topic that it seems to me that that we have too many states in America that's all I know<br> so I'm I am anxious to work on that one why we need 50 states in America what what would be a solution to that<br> you know<br> yeah he just got a new just got to pull the rug out<br> look at all the revenue that is my great encouragement for someone to bring a project or look at all the the community revenue and look at all the federal revenue that comes from you when you go to work and when you buy things and look how much is wasted just from the way our organization alignment is used I'll give you one microphone cause of my way we can start with the education system any other but here's a tremendous overlap that makes no sense to me<br> I live in a town and have a police officer there and police department and police vehicles police resources in jails<br> in a county that has a pool policeman police cars the jail facilities structure<br> and I have state policeman Administration cars because it states we have three tiers of police<br> wait a minute we forgot about the National Guard the Army the Navy why is it that we need three different police departments in the same geography you because you haven't going to State and all the counties make up the subset of the state so you actually have States within States and then you have cities within those counties so you actually have States within States within States in my exam<br> all right so what value does my<br> my abs are view observations bring to the population do you see the value in having three different tiers of police forces in what is assumed to be one state can you find a connection there what where would there be.<br> It would be a value for the bad guys to take my taxes<br> so now well we get asked the city guys what they want to do their the county guys know the county guys get their money from the your your property taxes to the guys get it from revenue from the parking ticket and sales tax in the town in some cases and the state gets it from from everything so it's really so we can't stay a line of communication so that's my big suggestion how we remodel our municipalities and in North America so that's my suggestion if we can get someone to come together with that one I would be all ears and I like talking to Mayors and I love talking together especially especially the Washington State Governor<br> love talking to that guy so anyway that's my good encouragement we get some paperwork on that one<br> that's my joke about him being in jail but you can't hang out with Bill Gates. Shots all right with their clothes out<br> I am so thrilled that I get to work with all of you all please keep pulling on me and stay tuned keep up the web pages send loves and kisses to Asha everyday you look at that web page and it'll be it'll be my great thrill to do this again next week. I love you I love you I love you too and thank you to Christopher and Kristen for all your hard work and your love and thank you everyone for listening thank you thank you Don happy ever.<br>

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