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Project Review With Q, December 9, 2023

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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she can turn your volume back on
I hate I hate to say it but I just appreciate these people destroying guitars it's just amazing that you can make a guitar not sound like a guitar it's just amazing welcome welcome everyone with you how do you do to you to me
no this is not Abdul this is Rocky still there thank goodness somebody left here
I was going to ask you obviously not 8 billion +
and I'm in a rental car so I can read it into the person's read into the past of the event and I go in there and at the Feathering so it is a good question and maybe we'll talk about that later on today show a q it is important as we develop our projects for Humanity and that we don't get distracted and
and regardless of your project and I think it's really important that we have a lot of lot of ancillary distractions if we allow it but I wanted to lean on you little bit you you had a couple line items and I was unaware of you said Kristen had an update for you for us an update for everybody she says we will not be sending or receiving electronic messages for at least a week because they've just sent out a mass and volume of invitations and days and so they expect a flooded so please be patient and no we will still be driving the ball as she says on multiple fronts and she goes thank you for understanding
it is I could have asked for more just one day you everyone's going to learn her role here it is quite astonishing to see the the volunteer to volunteer at the level of Kristen and Christopher and yourself is it is astonishing and they don't want any claims they wanted t-shirts it is sometimes I want to explain to folks that communicating with you on these devices isn't as cut-and-dry as you might expect so there's people I put calls in to they don't get sent to
I can't get my phone to work sometimes even so I can type to use commands to make a phone call go through so it's not Debbie Downer bill on that front but there's just a lot of attention on us the printer judgement keep it up everyone we're getting it done so the more you pull us the more powerful we're going to be in this these new realities and so that's my great encouragement and thank you thank you so much Tristan for your hard work Christopher on the sense that whatever he's a great great great
great defender of truth that was a joke can to can't do much. Christopher Hughes just guard everything I've ever had. I love that so the other item we talked about on the break there is you said you had a couple updates on or the spirit that spacer for the people that fit people may have seen and it's about social Conformity because as you know prq is all about your individual Spirit your excitement what's individual to you or are unique to you is really what we're encouraging and people so this is a video and it's a girl that goes into it looks like a doctor's office like an eye specialist in there's a bunch of people there she sits down
and then a bell goes off every time a bell goes off everyone stands and she watches them stand for three sets of those bells and then she started to stand and one by one all those people were taken into the office and she was left alone in there and they played the bell and she stood and then someone else came in that wasn't aware of this and the bell went off and she stood and they watched her for a couple times and then they started standing and this person asked her why you standing she said I don't know everyone else was That's What She Said So at the social Conformity how easy it is to
to Let's a peer pressure or a similarity when everyone's doing one thing we tend to just instinctively want to be connected with everyone so it's not really a bad thing but it's something to be aware of so that we don't start doing things that aren't really true to our our heart so thank you for listening what would you like to hear about that I got into some pretty rich conversations yesterday for a few hours regarding Stanford Research Institute Google
Yahoo's in their apple obviously my favorite demonic Empire
what time what what when you look at the underground cities in that greater Bay Area massive Labyrinth of individual underground NASA and the US have the ability to go across country underground and
Prudhoe Bay in back and forth they could do all sorts of things because the tunnel system most of which have been compiled last night
and the vast amounts of booby traps that would maybe be at beginning measurement it's like a honeycomb and it's very difficult as I mentioned these individuals last few days very difficult to fight these wars that are underground when they're in a honeycomb system hard to believe in this is why they're so good at this game and controlling our our
our awareness is you don't see how big a city they created underground so when you look at when you look at Mark skidmores work or Captain Awesome six words when they're you have that much does the all that missing money you realize that there's a whole nother world inside your world and that's what the war has been about 4 for most of the last seventy-five years is how do you how do you fight someone can get out and can't find any and every time you go after they can see you and the technology they have a tendency to get a little dark but it is is they only have one weapon
in that is as we talked about the TV show Miz is a belief system that delivered to you day in and day out on screen so knowing how supper we are to be controlled will they obviously losing they don't have that ability more cuz you know it's a one-trick pony Still Still tricky to deal with them because they you know they they can create a lot of Make-Believe stories that you're going to buy into you like Donald Trump is Punchy to get shot up with the poison and we told you so in here we have a new guy we want to put in front of you to say that Jesus Christ and he's got all the answers I'm thrilled to hear you save the story now and have you published it that cuz
it is it is
are our solution not following the leader on on a lot of the stealth judgment self-imposed I'm thrilled and even that's project in itself is
opportunity to really take back our education system we don't have to do the ABC's in schools anymore
it is nice idea where we get we really just take back our education system so I can do more of what we prefer I love kids getting together kids I think it's out healthy that children get to grow together
but they should be deciding how they want to grow and that's why I was really thrilled when you talk about these things even though they come across dark in the service they're really great opportunities for educators to find a curriculum that compliment this opportunity when you say
yes in fact we just received a curriculum from someone who has a brilliant brilliant ideas with the children so they're coming in can you explain it was and to you also
really allowing the children to ask for what they want to learn and really focusing and very slowly allowing them to dive into what they're interested in in every area where there is a water in the ocean or the animals in the ocean or he was very well done. I was wondering when is the the age we should start asking our children will assume that if they have a four-year-old they haven't been to school you let me people probably put it on priest or something are you believe is after work but certainly if we are giving our kids and grandkids when do we start asking them you feel
they could give us a starting point for what they want to learn
what age do you think that you should have be 10 years old to be 4 years old I started examining so much different when they grow up around the world and then you look at some of the kids have never been to school and I can't I can't actually argue that there any of worse off anybody else but would you say thank you for that question and there was some Indian tribes I'm sure you're aware of and they never let go of the baby for the baby was always with the mother
cycling or just sleeping or just smiling and when the baby started to Adventure to look at it side and then whatever the child is interested in they were they were given the ability to go play with that in absorb that in learn about that until they're interested in something else so it seems organic can't you if you were a tiny baby wouldn't you want to have full range of what you're interested in exploring that
stripes and that's why I want to be raised by elephants that are monkeys or monkeys not sure which but I think the Monkees the elephants in the Dolphins probably have the the best schools is when you watch their there's nothing more contagious than watching a baby elephant bounce around aimlessly in between the legs of Mommy and Daddy and Etc absolute news just spastic nuisance baby elephants are and and so curious they're just like so maybe maybe we get our kids animals dogs cats who knows what and maybe they just grow up here naked with animals until they grow fur I don't know it's Nadia Nadia
should happen the most natural way of course is the way it was intended
yeah from the kid I'm around a lot that is what he does and it's disturbing it's just quite disturbing is just too smart
and in the skin I'm around here he just goes why are you doing that you know and it's like something like fixing a television like what do you need that thing or something else I don't have it
the opportunity there is just as I do in all I do remember that I I can't wait to get caught up on my ocean track suggestions and ideas here as soon as we come into a little bit of a break but those curriculum please keep them coming because we're going to be yours I remember to do with ocean Trek we're just going to be service providers for a facility we understand you don't know how to manage or or up yet learn how to manage 126 ship or you make a really easy we just waiting to use it a beautiful beautiful day somewhere in British Columbia Hawaii or otherwise why is credible place and nobody gets fixed or we got to
can access with everybody especially kids and family to the creek and anytime you can bring a curriculum board it's not wasted even though we're a little least we made sure to be a lot of folks and I especially work hard that enough to cover my ass and all
it's just so thrilling to me to have you stimulate me when you give me more of your ideas
and we we shall never stop we should never stop coming up with more ideas more submittals to populate everyone else's ideas as well there's something that stood out to me this this last week that I I want to make my
my Australian comrades hears about many countries that I want to be made aware of if it can happen
there's a couple things I want to talk to you about this next cause of action and opportunities the goal for many of the agendas on this planet that are not what we prefer was focus on countries that are naive and don't have very big populations and are very big Geographic to that I should be very obvious to you by now is Canada
and Australia so, clearly why does stable Canada today even though I spent plenty of time of their understand the country of Australia was engineered not to have any people on it
it's humongous geography it's bigger than what you're told to and it's full of water there's a river every few miles in there all told they don't have the water they have the most advanced toilets in the world because they're trying to conserve water it rained everyday in Austin at all over the place and they're convinced that they cannot use Wells because it's deemed a soft water hard water tree looks so no one would believe it or not as well
because they are under the sea this guy that they have to have process water for the municipality so that's obvious an opportunity for my dear Australians to create a project and awareness regarding water should come from your planet artesian wells are the natural way for a mammal in to process water
since sold a bill of goods in Australia that you need to collect rainwater Okay the reason this is not preferred Nazi can't do it and have good energetic water but in most cases the water does not get a chance to realign recalibrate reconfigure with the surface of where it originates and or where it spent its time so it's not calibrated yet and so that's how devious these people are at controlling the waters Planet stripe deposit
wells should be free to dick in places on this planet you have to get a permit to dig a well please explain that to me very passionate about that because I always had well water and I noticed that it's exaggerated anyone who directs Marty a well that is water the possibly display is coming to the surface will enhance and increase the enlightening process it when we put mechanical systems on water that delineates its alignment with your planet so if we could start bottling water for the shipping water that was not mechanically schruted Beyond or pumped into containers that water would be far more a healing
energetically physically then water that was pump mechanical and so forth and so forth and obviously the chemical that you're wearing already
I'm making making light of this is recently you made me aware of some individuals who are loading that if your children Australia and I I want to I want to qualify this this is a potential statement that is not holistic for the country but it's gaining ground you have showed me that there is a great agenda that every trials in Australia will need to be inoculated by May of 2024 or they'll be taken away from your their parents do you feel that's a true statement
it's a threat more propaganda is the thread is propaganda right okay now reason I'm bringing this up is that we've got some really Heavy Hitters in Australia that have legal background and the reason this is important made is your starting to see that for project is our legislation system is breaking down in its design hierarchy and so we can get ahead of this real quick if we like the services we like to eat with we really like these system to use them but we will will decide how we want it this is where I want to go with it this goes for all of North America this goes through Canada to Australia
we have people in place that have aligned with our natural rights show in America every Sheriff every single sheriff in every single county has sworn oath to the United States Constitution in order to get that job and sometimes they need to be reminded of that to my question for Australia who is that who is it that speaks to the people
and listless going to have to have them sit down here and not have people come to our door and so I said it so because I said it sell good reviews. Laws regular rules that we voted on being told what we're going to do is got a tent
is is Michael Jackson soap anyway this migraine encouragement and suggestion if we can get our Australian folks come up with some suggestions how we might do that and create a project around that I feel I'm ready to hand that often so few folks in Australia
how we get more administrative say of our systems and be able to have more participation without reacting to internet goes for the whole world that is the good news is somebody's trying to take some looks like we still have a little bit of an enemy left
little bit
it's a fair statement and also course
a lot of this is hidden so no one even knows it's happening so in Australia the webpage called for the people. Space is rarely able to get queried if you don't have a legacy link to it I figured out I thought Australia was free
you know I tested it for over a year many many other your your internet service is lying to you in Canada and Australia and others it's channeling the direction which aquarium is all going to go away don't worry about that shooting, but for now I just want you to be aware of is very difficult query the so if you're an American and Australia you can't pray the same way and vice versa so if you look up you know just a simple query
are all now being manipulated by the same people who talks about through underground in Silicon Valley hope that's the encouragement sorry for a little bit gray there but we have a lot of opportunities what else do you want to chat about today thank you for being that up and if anyone is wanting to go to for the people. Space or for the stairs. So they can go to the BBS radio show under project review with Cuban both of the Legacy links
and also I just wanted to mention that if you're in North America there is a website called find a spring. Org and they've got all the Natural Springs all over North America where you can just go to one of these places in the wilderness and with a bottle a glass bottle and fill it up with spring water fantastic spring water all over North America or free
yeah I remember I remember I'm the day that Olympia Washington and Washington state that they have an Artesian well right in the middle of town and they closed off because all the home was were drinking the water there
and they were the most people the most people don't realize that the Olympia Brewery Olympia Beer you can actually find a reference to it in the Clint Eastwood movie Any Which Way but Loose right turn Clyde anyway
location job sorry wrong location. Not quite like the Deschutes River and the German individual who start a code start up the Olympia Brewery he only started that because it's the cleanest Most B telestic
water in the world that he can find it that's all that water came directly off the glacial till of what it called Mount Rainier and those buildings are not many people know that the reason that Brewery got shut down is because of politics and the heavy politics of the capital of Washington State are very interesting that you would have Bill Gates in a gang living in Washington state and and controlling the governorship and made the laws there but they're only reason that we got shut down is because it was said that it was in impacting the flow of that River and an environmental impacts the river so they got put out of business in reality that's one of the few Brewer who Brew in a way in which the water
but that was a legacy Brewery who bottled water put it in a bottle possibly displaced from the pressure and differential pressure of that River so that the waters energetic would not be removed when they went through the Brewing process very interesting process when you start taking into perspective that water
water can retain its its molecular there is energetic molecularity if it keeps blowing and the mechanical systems enhance it in a way in which it retains its very interesting facts so not out of it.
any propaganda here but if we could find a brewer that still does that I'm all yours
well that's really interesting so how would you feel without without interacting with the doctor they just starting a new one and going through the motions of that all again you know Christopher has been next to his spiritual karaoke classes or 24 Hour Fitness
I can't even finish it's just too funny
my suggestion is a lot and I noticed Ginger beers and quinoa Brewing is starting always said that spices are going to be the new big thing here on Earth you're going to start using spices again like you used to number one if you were going to make an investment in the world I start growing cinnamon allspice etc etc that is going to be the most prolific thing that's going to enhance longevity here it's a preservative natural preserved of an enhancer of our natural water
and then when you look at brewing and and bottling and packaging liquid it is going to be possibly displays pressurised systems connect a chance to align to their natural flow so
if we can if we can start looking at the way we ferment is going to be the second item that's going to change everyone's life especially the people in Northern Hemisphere and we're going to get back to
distillation practice Elation and we're going to get back to correct fermentation and as we started the show. Can you prove it that that only when you use spices to preserve things they're far more energetically nutritious for us so you're all of our bodies nutrition is starting to change based on energetic very important in and test play with your water you can water charge in it
you can take the worst water in the store and in water charge and get it to come around
but if you put water through before deceive or text pipe would have hurt and or wine and so you'll see it tastes completely different have to play a different energy and so that statement that we used to be able to turn water into wine is actually backward you can turn wine into nutrition as water again because you remove all the sulfites in otherwise if you did I think it's just a matter of educating ourselves and I feel well in a way when you say
brilliant information thank you so much and just a note on preventing a lot of people use vinegar to do that correct
there is a lot of ways to ferment without salt and vinegar various things that the vinegar companies have just changed many of them from 5% which was what made it very nutritive to a 4% so it ruins the the food just something to know if you're going to be doing fermentation yeah I have a recipe but I'm keeping it secret so no one will have it
yeah it's it's bogus it's it will we're going to get back to this stuff just simple spices will get it gives a better permutation process I do know a couple if you do look up one group they were about the recipe but you can figure it out if you place it go look up the recipes I had a company this was not the only one in the in the world but there is a food processor it's done it the right way for me could probably share a little more information but if they're called only crowd olykraut if you look at the recipes on there there's no salt and there's no vinegar
and it's it's a dryer with a dryer process I'll give it that but it's bulletproof guaranteed work and retain the nutrition will that model is what's going to be carried forward with our fruits and vegetables of all kinds of fermentation in the end that's just a great way to get out of the supermarkets and you know what it is living experience that when you grow a row of carrots and cabbage
they grow so fast you can't keep up with that we don't eat that much anymore or at least we don't eat this we don't eat we don't stand rise our diet like we used to and so we have to just get smarter at putting up our it's really fun to do once you get good at it
I never thought I'd like beats but once you've put them up right in the Trisha Valley they give you is just shocking and the way you can cleanse and purify yourself when they be you you're out and about in the industrial world it is magnificent I'm doing great thank you for all the wonderful and I had a question why did they bring frankincense and myrrh to Jesus
wow that is really heavy question so first of all who could presume to know that answer what what how do you why do you feel I would know that answer a nevermind I don't want to answer weave weave weave in Bellis me way too much that I still come to work it's the most valuable it was your money. It was your, it was your true resource it was preservation of your message in that case it had it had symbolism it had useful as it was to sustain life longer why were the mummies preserved with the same same preservative why were you considered that way
so they would live forever so you don't need a healing bad folks just get some get some spices rolling why do you think Grandma Masala is still such a staple in many of these and arguably Grandma cell is not complete
way to do physical preservation of your body but it's certainly possible beneficial to many components of your body in any way you got that right and you tricked me
thank you for your answer I love your answer and those spices to buy a really high quality frankincense today is over $100 so that's another really fun project for people to start making their own oils because it is a challenge to find really good food and really good oils and really good spices to use days and we'll be moving toward where we can all feel with the quality was not so it'll be worth your while you can just whichever one's the most most likely the most beneficial sea I try and buy some really nice Jasmine you have seen that what that goes for
is it more expensive than frankincense and with your surprises me is that refining process isn't that you know drying spices that is not tricky I do drying
and it takes a little space but I feel that the natural herbal remedy books that I feel we need to reduce the Native American ones are probably the Legacy tribal books around herbal medicine really needs to be our staple again and the Middle East they still live that way
what why do you suppose
we have been taken away so I don't understand why we don't standardized a production facility in North America for the statements
or are we Distributing off of North America
and what is the answer
yeah there's it's controlled him we're really good at making Marlboro life so
Aboriginal yeah so anyway my my goal in the statements would be to get some project going around spices and I'm always a huge fan of getting algae Farms as a standard for us we we have a nice band with the temperature organic temperature control if we take the middle of California go straight across the country south feel we could get an LG Farm every major town in North America
because it's at least three-quarters of the season and what that's going to do is going to give us a biome seed stock and nutrition for humans to so long why couldn't we just have our innocent polities instead of making Parks and Recreation make us farm that we paid for and grow spices in LG so that's a component of a project that I suggest we get involved in as of course of course they started the show is why don't we get a little more involved in our local governments utilize our taxation system if we don't have to hold it but why not use some of these systems to give us what we want but we've got enough soccer field
brilliant thank you for that and then goes back to the video about Conformity if we do what we really want to do instead of just go to the supermarket and do with what we can get there if we really want to have a healthy food and we will make that happen and there's nothing they can do about it there's absolutely nothing they can stop us from when we're just going away from the norm that they're karelina since I got an idea
I am going to run for president
you already up Q suppressor
which was going to be my slogan cute ards for US Express cards are going to win this one I'm sure you know all a lien on you guys got this wrapped up don't worry about it some big news coming out smokes and it's called the old that will call the news today is just a massive changes that you all that you all did and and we should all be very proud of Frederick you helped make it. Don't ever doubt your vomit project for you too and many other groups when we start
putting together suggestions for improvement measures on the earth in actually starts happening just because you didn't get your fulfillment of whatever you think someone is yet just by you saying I want to change things in my community I'll let you know something in my life actually works now so just us conceptualizing right now is making those changes it's true
when you said thank you so much for bringing that up because the gift of you creating project sure he was too exciting people to get excited about what they want to show what they want to create then putting it in writing and then Kristen and Christopher and you all reading it and putting your infusing it with your excitement and having conversations and getting people together this is how we create this is immaculate conception in a way because you know you lit a fire of spirit on this planet and ever since project review with Q began things have been escalating for the light tremendously wouldn't you say
how is it okay that was trying to do my best to have fun for give me so when this segues nicely from our last show at the wind chill when we conceptualize and we start coming up with ideas I know it's spinning the wheels of people were listening right now and answer to listen to all the people who listen to show is just I'm so honored and the people have donated to me I am so honored your Brilliance that you would resonate with yourself and know or recognize me and or these ideas being one with your is yours and so the more I talk about spices days example we're going to get an influx of bugs that say I can do that I want to grow that
it's not like I can I want to do it but when we stimulate everyone's fate of force it just explode and so that's what I'm doing my best but still it's just just conceptualizing us is how are natural knowledge comes in and that's why your technology is going to come into so you may not remember how to make the lithium crystals in Power Star Trek Enterprise but when you start conceptualizing and visualizing how to make a power generation out of the lifting pistol facetious right show it now comes through you through Source through your heart center and then you start translating it in your head now these are the tools you have no but the imagery as we all get chills that imagery starts with the creative Force so the more we start the dialogue
or we keep talking like I'll never stop let's keep this going as long as we want the more we started fishing Solutions opportunities the excitement I want to plant more trees doesn't matter someone else will take it and run with the ball beautifully done it was designed by all of us what would you say on that was beautifully said and so true and so exciting and also we have the ability to help people call and talk about it on the radio show if you've got some oils or some spices and we know it's coming from your heart then it's going to take off even faster so thank you for sharing all of that I see that we need to be very respectful of EVS right now with our time
yeah we're Chatty Cathy had his turn as me
yeah bro it'll be done today Asha it's a tremendous amount of work so we chat a few days yes thank you and I want to really say thank you to Christopher and Kristen thank you so much for everything in and dvsn done filling in for for our main hose that usually does everything and you sir you are phenomenal I love you and thank you all the worst news
and thank you Don who's not here
I love you and I love everybody that's following me and
keep it going it's just so rewarding to steal everybody's good intentions. Just just love it love it love it until next time everyone have a beautiful beautiful day and time space in your day are you going to be here next week for the show are you taking a holiday
and stop can I will see you next week everyone we love you

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