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The Power of Synergy, September 15, 2022

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The Power of Synergy
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The Power of Function; Cooperating With Nature


The Power of Synergy

September 15, 2022

The Power of Function; Cooperating With Nature



Definition of Synergy

There is no neutral energy

Performance is not an issue for humans


The Challenge of Personality Profiling:

*Most People base their answers on what they currently do, but there’s a more accurate way to determine your true nature. What’s:

1. Easy

2. Enjoyable

3. Well-done

Make sure you are aware of what things in your life are truly authentic to YOU


The Baggage Check Story:

*Why it’s the perfect example for functionality. It includes all 4 functions

1. Sensing: Looking at and for specific physical things

2. Intuition: Knowing what’s not “what it looks like” INCLUDING people!

3. Thinking: Making the decision to look closer or tell someone that’s not acceptable

4. Feeling: Establishing trust with people; taking care of them


*General Focus: Sensing or Intuition?

1. Tangible is better, even if it’s bad

2. Literal is better, for practical reasons

3. Directions are not confusing

4. Hypothesizing is a waste of time


*Making Decisions: Thinking or Feeling?

1. Making people happy is best

2. Making sense is more important

3. Creating pain is bad

4. Self-neglect is habitual



4 Levels of Activity:

*Dominant: all 3 elements = happens naturally

1. Like breathing; you’re harmed if you stop for too long

2. 8 hours/day: minimum 50%

*Auxiliary: only 2 elements = needs motivation

1. Like eating; you need to do it to survive, just not all the time

2. 3-4 hours/day: 25-30%

*Tertiary: only 1 element = motivation and compensation

1. Like walking; it’s good to do, but not for too long

2. 2-3 hours/day: 15-20%

*Inferior: 0 elements = motivation and compensation and restoration

1. Like running; it’s good to do occasionally, but can actually hurt you

2. 1-2 hours/day: 5-10%


What are the different functions’ differences, when introverted vs. extraverted?

Sensing Introverted:

Being stimulated by everything as a tangible and gratifying personal experience, alone

Sensing Extraverted:

Being stimulated by everything as a tangible and gratifying personal experience, socially

iNtuition Introverted:

Looking at everything as part of supporting public harmony; safety and trust, alone

iNtuition Extraverted:

Looking at everything as part of supporting public harmony; safety and trust, socially

Thinking Introverted:

Objectively preventing problems as a crime prevention service, alone

Thinking Extraverted:

Objectively preventing problems as a crime prevention service, socially

Feeling Introverted:

Taking care of other people as a personal service, alone

Feeling Extraverted:

Taking care of other people as a personal service, socially



Ideally? Do your Dominant function 8 hour/s day: 

1. Learn what activities qualify as your particular dominant function

2. Figure out how much you currently do; how much more you should

3. Gradually increase and decrease the activities; proportionately

*Baggage check is perfect for an ESTP


Lower-level activity? Do it in your Dominant Function way (once removed):

1. Include it in the activity’s function

2. Sensing/iNtuition in a Thinking/Feeling way: INTP example (tertiary sensing w/thinking)

3. Thinking/Feeling in a Sensory/iNtuitive way: ENFJ example (tertiary sensing w/feeling)


Can’t? Do it for your Higher Function reason (twice removed):

  1. Have it as your primary motivation

  2. INTJ: inferior sensing w/thinking

  3. INFP: tertiary sensing w/feeling

Know how to keep yourself focused while you perform

Increase your endurance and performance time w/o exceeding a healthy amount


I miss your face”:

*Intimacy: The value of emotional closeness

*PDAs: The invaluable health advantages of touch

*Personal Space: or just distance?

*Voice: how important is what we say? Or being heard? (“Would you?” example)

Dangers of Disconnection and Detachment:

*It means you are suffocating yourself, either internally or externally

1. Detachment: from other people

2. Disconnection: from yourself


Know what function the activity you’re doing qualifies as

Find a way to modify what you’re doing to make it “fit” your personality!

The Power of Synergy

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