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The Power of Synergy

September 15, 2022

The Power of Function; Cooperating With Nature



Definition of Synergy

There is no neutral energy

Performance is not an issue for humans


The Challenge of Personality Profiling:

Is Your Brain All it Can Be?

Tonight we will be talking with Expert Brain Trainer Jessie-Rodriguez-Melendez about a vital topic… Brain Health.  She'll answer many questions, including

*What are the dangers to your brain from living in our current, fast-paced World and how can you protect your brain?

*How does your Brain help your overall life functions?

*What can we do to optimize the brain to your overall performance, your productivity and especially, happiness!

Rich Dubin, Founder/Publisher of 'Lower Extremity Review Magazine' (LER) - a monthly publication with news and clinical articles about the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of lower extremity injuries - is back! We also have Jill Lane, Founder of Fueling, a Nutrition Consultant and Sports Performance specialist who helps pro athletes and high achievers attain maximum strength, quick recovery, heightened energy, sharp focus and optimal body fat for peak performance! Then it’s 'The Sports Doctor is In' to answer all your emails! Join us!

Lena Live with Elyena Miremonde on BBS Radio!