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The Power of Synergy, April 21, 2022

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The Power of Synergy
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with Gabrielle Cardona

The Power of Synergy with Gabrielle Cardona

April 21 Radio Show Theme:
My Coaching Program, Part 4

Tools and Resources for success


Segment 1:

1. Losing Focus 
2. Feeling Alone 
3. Destructive Thoughts 
4. Internal Resistance 
5. Low Energy 
6. Negative Emotions  

Losing Focus: Milestones and Rewards

4 milestones are good enough to be motivational, but still challenging

Feeling Alone: Setting up a support system

4 Dispositions: have at least 5 people on each list. And their contact information—with their approval

Segment 2:

Conquering Destructive thoughts Through Affirmations

1. Always phrase affirmation statements in the present indicative tense.
2. Keep them short and simple. 
3. They should consist of highly complementary statements about wonderful things that you are and do. 
4. Write a list of a minimum of ten affirmations. But they need to be proportionate: a 1:3 ratio. 
5. In the 1:3 ratio, one statement needs to be a statement that you completely believe. Without a doubt, you know it’s true. One needs to be something that you suspect to be true but sometimes wonder about. The last one needs to be something that you don’t believe at all but would give anything to have true. Just knowing that brainwashing yourself by saying it out loud enough times would make it true is reason enough for you to put it on the list. What do you want to have/be/do more than anything? Write it down. 
6. Shuffle the list of statements so they are randomly placed.  
7. Have at least seven copies of the complete list, strategically placed throughout your general environment so they are a permanent fixture in your daily activities, seen repeatedly as you go through your regular routine. Even if they are discreetly concealed from the general public, you still know where they are.  
8. Frequently say them out loud in a casual way, at random times, as you are doing daily activities. 
9. Have a set schedule that you also routinely use to recite the affirmations. No matter what is going on in your life at that time of day; other things can wait. This is not negotiable. 
10.  Keep a copy of a list physically with you at all times so that in the event that you feel a need for immediate positive reinforcement to cancel negative thoughts it will be easily accessible. 
11. Read the list out loud at least 5 times, daily. More, as needed.
12. Say the whole list out loud until you completely believe each and every statement. As many times as it takes for that to happen. That may be for up to 15 minutes, depending on how you’re feeling at the moment you start.
13. Have several “emergency” (and that may mean private, depending on your personality) places in your world (home, work, etc.) where you can go to recite them out loud, uninterrupted, if negative feelings begin to manifest within you.
14.  Even if you are crying, continue to say the statements out loud, with conviction, through the tears.  
15.  If you are stuck on one statement—just can’t convince yourself that it’s true—keep going until you do. If you say it out loud, frequently enough, your mind and heart will stop resisting.  
(Break at 24 minutes: 1 minute)

Segment 3:

Overcoming Resistance by making habits with daily checklists

1:4 ratio

Segment 4:

Giving yourself a shot in the arm
1. Keep any objects that will be used in a place or circumstance where you can have immediate access to them. 
2. Do not use any activity or object more than twice per day. 
3. Do not spend more than ten minutes doing any activity, unless prescheduled. 
4. Do not spend more than 50 percent of your hourly pay rate to purchase anything needed for the activity. (If you do spend more, it no longer qualifies as this level of activity)
5. Do not place any demand or pressure on any other people without their prior knowledge and consent; they must feel prepared if you ask for their participation. 
6. Do not consume more than the equivalency of 10 percent of your total daily caloric intake. 
7. They must be powerful and effective enough to improve your overall (emotional, mental, and physical) condition by at least 33% percent when you’re done. 
8. Be predetermined, specific activities corresponding to specific circumstances, so little or no thought is necessary in the moment that you are selecting which one you need. 
9. You must completely mentally separate and emotionally detach from anything negative in your environment so you will be fully engrossed in the positive activity you are doing. 
10. You must immediately deal with the issue or problem that generated the initial need for a shot-in-the-arm within you when you are done. 

Segment 5:

Managing Negative Reaction Emotions

1. The direct cause of it—what immediately happened before it occurred 
2. The environmental situation that facilitated it, and 
3. Your reaction(s) to your reaction(s). 

Then: List three of them at the end of the day and note, in detail, what you experienced and what you learned from that experience about life and yourself. 

*The emotion  
*The immediate and direct trigger
*The situation that caused the immediate trigger
*How you responded to the emotion, separate from what caused it


The Power of Synergy

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