Money: How to Make it, Keep it, and Pass it on to the Ones You Love, April 25, 2017

Transition Radio Show with Ken D Foster and Paula Shaw
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Money: How to Make it, Keep it, and Pass it on to the Ones You Love
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With Steve Sexton

Today we speak with our guest, Steve Sexton, about money.

Steve started his own financial planning business called Sexton Advisory Group eleven years ago and focuses on helping his clients create control over their finances. How do we make money, keep it, AND pass it on to the ones we love? Steve answers these questions and more.


We Discuss:

  • Current Events  –  What’s happening financially in the world today?
  • Millennials  –  How they are making an impact and creating wealth
  • Options beyond the corporate ladder and why they’re increasing in popularity
  • Managing stress and finding balance in the process of creating financial freedom
  • Saving, creating a budget, and avoiding (or paying off) debt
  • Developing a plan to fall back on when faced with unexpected life issues
  • How parents need to address money and planning for the future
  • Creating clear goals and making smarter investments


Resources Mentioned:

  • Visit:  Sexton Advisory Group or Call:  1-(800)-560-2611
  • The Silver Hair Tsunami
  • Paula’s book:  Grief… When Will This Pain Ever End?
  • Ken’s book:  Ask and You Will Succeed


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