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KickAss Relationship Show, September 6, 2017

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Make the Financial System Work for You
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Make the Financial System Work for You with George Antone

In this episode guest, George Antone, shares personal finance strategies that no other personal finance expert talks about… all centered on how to organize your finances to make the financial system work FOR YOU automatically! 

This is not a conversation about credit card debt or living below your means; but a more advanced approach that some of the wealthiest families are using today. Yet it does not involve starting a business or changing your employment or investing in the markets.

George tells us how to reduce a 30 year home mortgage to 10 years. He also discusses how to use debt to your advantage.  His advice is practical, fairly simply, and incredibly insightful.  George helps us shift our thinking to be more inline with how a banker uses their money to grow.

Guest, George Antone

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George Antone
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Expert on Personal Financial Strategies
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George Antone, the author of 3 best-selling books on investing and finance, is an award-winning educator, investor, and an entrepreneur. He is also the creator of the world’s largest network of private money lenders. George’s approach and methods have made him a popular keynote speaker around the country.

KickAss Relationship Show

Show Host

Join renowned speaker, best-selling author, media personality, and marriage coach, Midori Verity on, The Kickass Relationship Show,' as she shares intimate secrets and modern advice for couples, to elevate your relationship to live sexier and happier, to have WAAAY more fun! Midori believes success in life is better when mixed with excitement and love.


  • Feel more appreciated

  • End the screaming and start the thriving!

  • Get Re-connected on a higher level with your partner

  • Create the blueprint for success in all aspects of your life

  • Have the relationship & life you’ve dreamed of!

​Then Tune into my KickAss Relationship Show, and learn strategic tools to quit the B.S. and feel connected, understood and loved, and regain control of your future as a couple! So you can live life to the fullest!

Just come open, and receptive, and enjoy the transformation!

• Love deeper

• Live happier

• Communicate better

• Stop the fighting & start the thriving!

With Midori Verity

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