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JD Rucker Show, October 30, 2023

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Dr. Peter McCullough Exposes Covid "Vaccines" Worldwide

Dr. Peter McCullough Exposes Covid "Vaccines" Worldwide - The JD Rucker Show

Dr. Peter McCullough has built up a tremendous reputation as an elite doctor for decades. But the Covid-19 pandemic has propelled him to superstar status a he travels the world telling world leaders how wrong they've been since Covid-19 was released.

In this interview, Dr. McCullough reveals not only how he's been fighting the good fight but even explains how he came to his conclusions. He's been vaccinated a tremendous number of times through the years and Covid opened his eyes.

He also talked about the company that offers his products,

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Recorded: September 28, 2023

Guest, Dr. Peter McCullough

Guest Name
Dr. Peter McCullough
Dr. Peter McCullough
Guest Occupation
internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist
Guest Biography

Dr. Peter McCullough

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Dr. McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist managing the cardiovascular complications of both the viral infection and the injuries developing after the COVID-19 vaccine in Dallas, TX, USA.

Since the outset of the pandemic, Dr. McCullough has been a leader in the medical response to the COVID-19 disaster and has published “Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection,” the first synthesis of sequenced multidrug treatment of ambulatory patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the American Journal of Medicine and subsequently updated in Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine. He has 56 peer-reviewed publications on the infection and has extensively commented on the medical response to the COVID-19 crisis in TheHill, America Out Loud, and FOX NEWS Channel.

On November 19, 2020, Dr. McCullough testified in the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, in 2021-2022, the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, Colorado General Assembly, New Hampshire Senate, Pennsylvania Senate, and South Carolina Senate concerning many aspects of the pandemic response. On January 24, 2022, Dr. McCullough co-moderated and testified in the US Senate Panel “COVID-19: A Second Opinion” chaired by Senator Ron Johnson. Dr. McCullough has reviewed thousands of reports, participated in scientific congresses, group discussions, and press releases, and has been considered among the world's top experts on COVID-19.

Well-respected North Texas cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough has impeccable academic credentials. He's an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, a full professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine in Dallas. He also has a master's degree in public health and is known for being one of the top five most-published medical researchers in the United States and is the editor of two medical journals.

Dr. Peter McCullough, has recovered well after being diagnosed with coronavirus in October 2020. 

The 57-year-old physician used the protocol of hydroxychloroquine, antibiotics, aspirin, and vitamins that he and over 20 of his colleagues have published for the early treatment of COVID-19.

The vitamin and supplement protocol includes: quercetin, zinc sulfate, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin C. McCullough said he doesn’t have any evidence to believe these help prevent contracting the illness, but he believes they should be included in the early treatment protocol as supportive therapies.

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is this guest is somebody that definitely doesn't need an introduction we are so blessed to have him he's been on my show before but here's the thing since the last time he was on my show he has exploded he was he's always been very big here in the United States has been very well renowned cardiologist well-renowned in just multiple disciplines and no understanding of the scientific aspect of it on top of the metal and now it just in the last few weeks he is going so far International that he is he is pretty much I would say the the authority on the world stage when it comes to multiple medical topics including covid-19 vaccines Ivermectin and medical tyranny and generally very blessed pleased and honored to have dr. Peter McCall of joining a skin doctor Peter McCullough how are you doing sir very great so great to be back with your Jayden you are exploding I tell you what. You know I see you all over your fans are very loyal and
growing in size as you bring the world the truth about what's going on I know you cover covid while but so many other geopolitical topic so keep up the great work you humble me sir this this latest words you've been on it seems as if every day I see you you popping up in different continents tell us tell us what you've been up to lately yeah before, but I was fairly well-known professor of medicine I travel the world I'd lectured in most of the major medical centers across Europe European medicines agency's been to Europe since the pandemic started and you know I was invited for a very important special session of the European Parliament now European Parliament meets in Brussels but they also made in Strasbourg France this one was the Strasbourg Batman flying into Zurich bacon on a tight schedule I got to a Swiss Hotel in half an hour to take a shower shave they bust me to the European Parliament know Jade
no digital passport there it was paper and pencil checking in we waited in line all over you I said where I thought you guys were so Advanced with all this and other door shaking her head like I'm not really. Anyhow our session was led by German Member of Parliament Christine Anderson I got a chance to really get to know her she is a Firebrand riffic lady I had a great Supporting Cast Rob Bruce from the Netherlands we had representatives from Croatia France and our session was part legal part Monica we had five prominent attorneys people at argued cases in the Supreme Court and we have the five medical scientific presenters and I've not had my time and so I organize my thoughts and my speech was about the 16 minutes long and I made the point that a biopharmaceutical complex has indeed formed the World Health Organization is a big part of it.
involves these ngos like a w h o & W E F Gates Foundation wellcome trust Rockefeller if I trust Steppy Coalition private a distant relation and then this complex relationship between the public health Regulatory Agencies and big Pharma the pharmaceutical companies but it's clear they're coordinated they're working together worldwide and I do have these aspirations of endless vaccination there's almost a vaccine frenzy going on before the pandemic of the word vaccine never came up in my clinical practice or my day-to-day life now there's not a single day that goes by without the word vaccine coming up is that the same for you oh absolutely one-hundred-percent you know we we get we get questions in this is funny every time I kind of try to slow down a bit and you know maybe maybe I'm concerned off the tee with the audience maybe they don't like it no they because they're hearing it they want to know the truth
Amour jayda's coming out it's funny that you mentioned ruse and Anderson they they are for those who don't know when it comes to Europe are the closest they have in Europe to for example our like Ron Johnson and Rand Paul K they are fighting the good fight trying to get the word out about medical Tara me about the vaccines about covid in general it's just it's since I'm very impressed that you were able to to speak to them lately I would love to get on my show Christine's going to come over in New York as she's going to win an award the same time I will ever going to be on Wall Street and right around the first of December a great lady and I had a chance to spend some time with her at dinner afterwards kind of chain smoking the whole time amazing lady know she grew up in East Germany JD and you know her father was a former World War II veteran in the ends up on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall right he's on the wrong side that is communism sets in over Eastern Germany he speaks out
and this guy spend some serious jail time and a lot of bad things happen to her dad when he finally got out he takes the family and they'd get over to West Germany to get over the other side of the wall and then so she knows about communist and she knows about the brutality of totalitarianism she's a tough lady and anybody wants to listen to a really rousing speech listen to her closing speech for City do she said she said I'm speaking to every Member of Parliament cuz I'm speaking to it every elected official in the world she said if you are not standing by your people right she said you're going to rot in hell and you know it's about government officials selling out their constituents to this deck seen agenda this covid agenda letting them get stripped of civil liberties and it was amazing she was he laid it on the line no one's going to touch her no one's going to touch her you know another Firebrand over there is Andrew brigdon
had a chance to meet him he's also another chain-smoker, cardiologist at pay attention to these have it and anyhow he's been booted out of his party and so he is now in a different party he's a very successful he's in his area that he had his constituents it and then he's he's troop has all these dramatic Improvement there's a video about all his accomplishments guys very effective until he gets up in British Parliament he's in the lower house the British Parliament and hundreds of people walk out that they can't stand to listen to any safety data on the vaccines they Lily Waka it's amazing so I had a chance I was in the European Parliament I went over I was in I didn't speak in the British, but I was there I had a chance to attend in the House of Lords and had a chance to get to to see it more I've always seen a parliament Billy's from outside Westminster Abbey and but we went actually in the Westminster palace we actually went into Parliament
then I went down to Beth United Kingdom wonderful place south and west of London by 2 hours that's where the natural Hot Springs AR Hot Springs but they doing the Romans discovered this run 43 a.d. they were there two by 480 and they built incredible structures there and they really harnessed all the beauty and wonder of this these natural hot springs in they go ahead healing pools and various irrigation systems and all kinds of things that's where the first king of England was crowned their Route 88 75 everybody goes to Bath UK so very quaint Town lots of nice shopping hotels we stayed in France Saint Francis Hotel go to the bath Museum you got to see it it's incredible and then I had a stage presentation I was on stage with doctor test Lowry World Council for health which in a sense is becoming the alternative CDC for the world and our moderator was maajid Nawaz I don't you know him he's
play podcast you know he spent time in jail as an Islamic radicals in the past has reformed and you had a chance to really get to know him and we had a packed house in the UK older crowd and it was about you being a health revolutionary was pretty amazing then I finished up the trip I went back over to Nuremberg Germany and I have to tell you JD it was a trip I'll never forget my wife and I stood right where Hitler stood as he oversaw the troops marching and Zeppelin feel and I get your number is worth that was Hitler stronghold that's where he had the troops in it and all the displays it built this your incredible structures there and that's where in the end the Allied Forces and then to the doctors trousers just us judge has but that's where they had at the Allied Forces bombed the creditors that Led Zeppelin feel but but
Hillary built it so strong made it really make much of a damn they knocked down a few columns but man that place was we stood right where he stood and in the in the 600 court building that you can go through all the documents and go through and they have a really nice setup you listen to it then on the speaker phone and let me tell you what it was chilling I was reading some of these you know objektiv documents where they would write listen we're going to invade Yugoslavia we're going to destroy them even if they say they're they're not with us even if they say they're with us doesn't matter we can't trust him we're going to destroy and build it and I like them and it just one document after another and it turns out that in the doctors trout you I was paying attention to they ended up having about 1,500 documents reviewed by the spent over a year doing this they convicted 16 doctors
Nazi doctors in a sentence seven to death who actually were put to death there and Nuremberg and I guess my summary is there's no closure you ask the German to ask other people what are you guys going to do is up and feel they're like but we don't really know and we'll wait a hundred years and nobody knows what the right now they're kind of doing some drag racing on the big part where Hitler much the true supposed to rest the field is still kind of there and open the done a good job with the courtroom 600 with the that you know with re-enacting what happened at the end but there's just a sense of ambiguity of of Sorrow regret kind of a nauseating feeling when you go there and you realize how do you know that the Nazi
fortunes as they kind of took so many countries and territories in Europe at one point in time they had three point nine million people can inscribe to labor camps across Europe Eastern Europe 1.6 million Jews 30,000 labor camps 30,000 labor camps I mean Shady it was it was a torture session for Europe
yes it was and I feel badly for your the Legacy people those who had nothing to do with with anything but there's still that that hangs over them so much as the nation as a people it sounds like you are on top of everything else you doing you're also getting to explore both history as well as current times and that's that's that's a blessing now I imagine that with everything that you're doing you probably don't have time for anything else it's not like you might have like a McCulloch Foundation or anything like that going away know it looks as if I haven't gotten the screen has the McCullough Foundation your people always ask me dr. McCullough you know how can we support your efforts and you know I've been self-funding my my Media Services with travel I'm on my I'm an expert witness in over 100 legal cases right now I can't imagine the legal reporting and tell you I did get the other $8 through the IRS it's at 5:01
T3 McCullough Foundation doing very well people can make it tax deductible donation 100 case court case is going on at I I'm busy and I faced Department of Justice charges in the military courts were trying to get the military reinstated with back pay you on some of these Court decisions I know if you heard recently in New York state supreme court you know the healthcare workers got reinstated with back pay now for you know losing their jobs over the vaccines that was huge we are starting to see some victories occur I mention people stepping down which I think is very emblematic of these people as if they were proud of what they did they'd still be an office this idea that people running for the exits they know they were wrong
oh yeah. And neither were wrong at the time eating and that's the part that I wish people understood the others were starting to hear a lot from Basel III groups of people you got you got obviously the politicians you also have the many doctors that are claiming ignorance and you have the media everybody's saying hey yeah they all fall back on the old well you know that was the understood concept of the time that's what we were being told by by this that or the other and you know you mentioned number that you were there some of us I'm and I'm count myself as one of them would like to see a lot of these people especially people like and I hate the name names when it comes to stuff like this but I would like to see the Anthony fauci is of the world face the same type of drug maybe not with a death penalty and I sing Oh you know that but there was a lot of evil that was done this wasn't just mistakes being made by while these people some of these people in my humble opinion were involved
whether they were bought by big Pharma or whether they have other plans for whatever reason they decided to mislead people and and there's going to be there's going to be at side effects and repercussions of these people feeling for the rest of their lives in some cases I don't know what is so true I know if you saw some of the news out today but this we can do for your show it'll be this week but the money that's gone from vaccine manufacturers to the American Association of Pediatrics American College of paediatrics vaccine FDA advisor Paul offit is a pediatrician at pandas is obscene vaccine developer Peter hotez in Houston says he's worth thirty-five million dollars where did he get that kind of money I do if you've seen this out but it's on Twitter you got to see it
hotels recently is that some type of event and there's a concerned mother about her child but having a vaccine injury and she she comes up them and she says dr. hotez and and and she's very reasonable and and you know who test looks her in the eye right to her face and says you're a useful idiot while you're a useful idiot and you know his book is about the deadly rise of anti-science so like he represents science or anybody doesn't agree with him is anti-science and then he calls her in public on camera a useful idiot can you read to me I've done a testimony to Parliament testimony you know I'm a public figure and I couldn't program for thousands of people I would never look somebody I into that this is a study the arrogance is absolutely astounding of the biopharmaceutical company
chaos is caught on film and this guy is that he's been advising America through the liberal media about pandemic response she only has one thing to say is take more shots he looks Disturbed unhinged
his daughter has autism and so he publishes a book and he says the title of his book is vaccines did not cause Rachel's autism
you're in Psychology we could call it transference that means that she thinks of vaccines did cause autism but he's a vaccine developer so he can't psychologically come to grips with it so he publishes this book yeah he's been out there acting like he's responding to this novel coronavirus and you know what what's on Earth is he has Chinese bio-defense grants on Starz Kobe to that go back to 2016 so this guy knew all about it he knew this was coming and he really is on CNN acting like you surprised and it any comes in with a strong assumption the vaccines will save lives they have signs they've lied he's published papers out millions of people have died because they didn't take vaccines
and if you don't do the assumption that that a novel vaccine would save any lives is preposterous in fact no clinical trial that's perspectives double-blind randomized is ever show the vaccines we do step there's a recent paper by Michaels in college showing that even in the Pfizer dossier from the time of the day to cut off in November to the time they actually went to the meeting December 10th of 2022 is 38 additional desk by their doesn't include him as an appendix to the core slides or bring it bring it up in the meeting nobody on the piano brings it up and you know nose 38 Des there's far more in Pfizer than Placebo and at the time of the committee approval of Pfizer they had Miss Andover threefold increase risk of cardiac death from the original studies which were only three months long
and so what the Michael's paper has shown us is Pfizer never should have gotten on the market all of this was known there was going to be greater numbers of death in those who took the vaccine and boy we've seen it now you do a grim Milestone JD on the CDC website now we have surpassed 18,000 Americans that have died with the vaccine that's reported the CDC grows under report of reality that's what the CDC acknowledges 1100 of those desk Shady are on the same day as the shot sometimes right in the vaccine Center that's how acute is the CDC is turned a blind eye to safety the FDA has American Board of internal medicine Richard Baron someone who's hunting me regarding my board certifications she had previously stay on their web site that's thousands of people have died after the vaccine on the city's website and goes but that number is small in comparison to those who died of Coke
so he's trying to minimize the vaccine that Baron announces today she's stepping down just like fauci did
so big what my attorneys does I listen to ask the board you know what does does the board still big stand behind these Reckless statements and barren means that when I'm going up against it and I don't know
you do have to know and it's funny you keep mentioning all these various bad guys in your right there they are scurrying for the X is not Peter hotez is not here's the funny part you know I'd mention Anthony fauci I've always said that I've been saying this for a long time but Anthony fauci and Peter hotez both have essentially a God complex but I have to pick who's is worse it really is as bad as fast you was I think that hotel is not he's got a God complex mixed with delusion he has he has this insanity and the reason I know this the reason I feel I don't know it I'm not Asia I'm not a psychologist or the reason I feel it is because shortly after he was basic hauled out anytime he gets caught up by anybody we should say during the whole Rogan thing for example with RFK Jr about it I was watching his Twitter feed and it was like he was on Twitter for like 23 hours
today consoling you know, think about people and retweeting them if they post anything positive about a Mark or Hayward with you. Going to be like oh you know we appreciate you and I'm talking about himself in the third person in Henry Tweety and finding articles that are going after Rogue and going after RFK Jr you sir you are not RFK Jr or any of these people who who is Ian been long time in a mega anti-vax everything you you have have gone after covid vaccines would you agree that is that a fair assessment. In this because I was treating covid patients I have been Grant I had an investigation into drug application fee after I have promised a treatment protocol it later became copyrighted as a McCulloch protocol bkl the worldwide gold standard for the actually the most complex medical intensive outpatient treatment of covid and yeah I was the first
public figure though to question the vaccines and I did so in August of 2020 in the hill and I got you know that's why they read by the house to send it to White House Washington insiders and a title. Bad was the great gamble of the covid-19 vaccine development program it's still on the Hills website I was uninvited contributor for the first year you know Scott Atlas got most the other medical, Tater thought I was the only public figure you're talking to right now you can't find anybody else to put it in writing that they were questioned the Dexys and I questioned them because you're they were the genetic code for the lethal Spike protein and the questions you do you install a genetic code and somebody how do you shut it off there was no plan to turn it off no one knew how long the genetic code is going to last what was going to happen to it what about the spike protein with some people get too much Spike protein that could be lethal and in fact that's happened with the spike protein damage organs
that's happened this is all agreed to buy the Regulatory Agencies what a bad idea for the clinical trials you're right so when you do those unbroken hotels just drives up from Houston to Rogan studio in Austin I don't drop down from Dallas when I when I'm broken and this whole thing blows up Bobby candy cuz I'm Bobby Kennedy says listen nobody will even debate me and so rugged says well why isn't hotez debate should I I contacted Brogan I contact about becoming a president he doesn't need to be litigating vaccine detail cease to be presidential foreign policy domestic policy immigration education to help get your just get into presidential mopeds what I'm a voter I'm an independent voter you know if he wants to be President Kennedy's working for me and that's what I want to do what I told Rogan is I said listen let me talk to hotels
has is a few years older than me he's Junior me though in terms of academic accomplishments I have about eight sixty it listings a National Library of Medicine there. 25 would make Professor mess and I'm at 860 hotels is it about 500 but he's in my ballpark and I said why don't we go into the Rogan Studio let's discuss vaccine safety I paid to see that and broken cuz he's not going to do it is not good and sure enough hotels doesn't do it hotels goes on an interview at the Johns Hopkins Educational Center I've been a day of Johns Hopkins TV I've been on the show and has got this really softball interview and they conclude together that well that's not how we do medicine we don't debate data we don't discuss that it's like it's unbelievable so they're there can be in his mind no discussion of vaccine safety data
now you can actually Wrong by the way that's exactly how Sciences supposed to work you're supposed to look like they do you supposed to pay the damn it you're supposed to test it okay these are all reasonable long accepted protocols I've done everything I can I just want you to know just a quick side note I have like I have something stuck in my head when you said that you know you were there and he he was there and he's close to you everything that we I hate to to go solo okay I'm going to go low and they always say you know you do they go low we go high but my gosh when you said when you said this guy is at 5 I thought you were about to say this guy is a five-foot-tall g, slurry that Sarah Gonzales The Blaze did on hotels did you see that a couple months and I've been on her show a lot you don't play Studios just a few miles from where I am right now
and Sarah just went on it and it and she just she called him loti just really went on and you don't give me your appearance is really mad at you. I wear a white lab coat I wear a sport coat and tie I'm clean-shaven and I take care of myself which has is always unshaven and just looks awful and bowtie weirdo tailgate at your lives in Houston so it doesn't have a basement that I was using as a basis but he's hunkered down into some type of Bunker where he's got his bow tie on he's got all this ornate stuff behind them and he's wearing a lab coat not know who wears a lab coat in their own home the guy is probably not been in that Medical Center forever the internet says he's worth 35 million dollars he's received all these prizes in medicine you know he's been nominated for the Nobel Prize
is vaccine those last year his vaccine didn't save a single human life, color product has been applied the estimate start it save tens of millions of lives in spirit hundreds of millions of hospitalizations my selfie Italians multiple professors at Madison and a paper is UCLA Emery So Many prestigious institutions as papers he brought her we had when we was like oh and you know all kinds of American Heroes involved and here I am I didn't have 35 million dollars dumped on me I've been cast to get fired from two jobs now an independent practice started the foundation which is wonderful and you know the average medical assistant donates $5 because she's lost her job is harder than it was part of the team but but you couldn't compare and contrast anything different this biopharmaceutical complex is so powerful you know the Gates Foundation
invest trillions of dollars index in trillions with it you know that the Gates Foundation invested a field million and bio and Tack and I got out billions so this biopharmaceutical complex is so powerful money is no barrier for them anything they want to do and I think I think this complex this working Syndicate they've been meeting in Davos Switzerland for years now you know the price of Entry to just go to Dallas and attend the world economic Forum the priciest meeting about and they they go there regularly I saw an interview with I forgot his name but I want to see you where he was busy talking about it from Devil's he was talking about how how you know there has been a great business decision I mean he wasn't trying to hide it he wasn't saying all we know. All the lies we saved
you know this is really held their stock prices and and we anticipate the next year is going to be even better and I think I might have a great what are we got playing next year that's awful
World economic Forum as we're talking about the annual meeting in Davos I analyzed their agenda last year Jenny it turns out their agenda last year only 22% was on economics 7th 7th percent is on other things like climate change diversity equity and inclusion pandemic response this roster of who goes there a governor Greg Abbott of Texas is a wef operative Justin Trudeau of Canada multiple States senators United States senators go there all the heads the major corporations they're all their Pfizer moderna Google Facebook YouTube
who leads the world economic Forum on Africa ever seen him but what time I'll send Laura Ingraham and it was a Friday but their producers we decided to have a little fun with Laura and when it went on I mentioned Schwab and we showed a clip of him like 2017 he was making some diabolical statement and I said Laura I said Schwab reminds me of Ernst Stavro blofeld but they villain Spectre in the in the James Bond movies as a picture of SpongeBob on a picture of Spectra inspectors got the scar face by Laura Ingraham almost fell out of her chair on Fox News it was so funny but you know it's not funny what Schwab is saying he is a megalomaniac you know what his book The Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2017 he said he said in the fourth Industrial Revolution the environment
doesn't change but human beings do with some type of various things they plan to do with the human body and he says and the winner-takes-all I mean you don't get turned into robots and you win is that what you mean how many promises this book covid-19 The Great reset this is just a few months after the crisis start so I published cursed face covid-19 took a year for us to write this get this done in three months is going to be a limited window to establish a new world order
what does it mean by that the new world orders that mean he's on the top and I'm on the bottom I mean you can you can't dismiss the power of an all-powerful Financial Syndicate led by the world economic Forum do you know our current director of National Intelligence Avril Haines is a direct wef and she's refusing to declassify the documents over the Wuhan lab Josh howly in the Senate has just written a letter saying listen you do your 3 months late on this where's the document she's refusing to do it April Haynes with paired up with George go the CDC Chinese director it and it an event 201 and and their responsibilities there was this scenario of what if the virus comes out of the lab how do we cover it up so she's actually living out her assignment when she was at event 201 you can't make
the stuff up and it's just the other is a pharmaceutical complex has infiltrated countries all over the world and it's clear they're operating you know I was in the UK you know Bend Tap The Chop Top Public Health director works for my journey now the top Danish Public Health director works for moderna former FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn works for Flagship The Venture Capital firm or moderna nine of the last 10 FDA Commissioners work for the biopharmaceutical complex Jeremy Farrar who helped fauci and Peter gasic in the cover-up of the origins of stars Kobe to other women lab Jeremy Ferrara at the wellcome trust he's been upgraded to being Chief scientist to wh
so these guys are all working for their next job it's in the open corruption is everywhere j.d.
when you have the people that are supposed to be monitoring and monitoring and regulating the companies because those companies are actually controlling The Regulators who's watching who you know and that's why they're able to see them changed my jobs back and forth you know any government back in the private big big Tech back in the government back in private big Tech over the NGO to take a break for a year go hang out with with Klaus Schwab and everybody and then and come back and now we're back in the FDA and I will but it's just it's insane and then people who what about the oversight from from Capitol Hill you know who the industry is the biggest donor to send a majority leader Chuck Schumer yes it is Big Tech you know who the biggest donor from an industry perspective is to send a minority leader Mitch McConnell yes it's big Tech they're playing both sides they're playing every side is Laura Ingraham
I'm a come on and come in about Mitch McConnell's freezing episodes have you seen that he's at the mic and then he just completely goes blank and it's happened a couple times I found out that she had had a fall in March and I had a concussion use Housewives had a few broken ribs he's got the shuffling gait he's got some type of neurodegenerative disorders face is very expressionless Thomas like a pseudo parkinsonian syndrome but when he fell in with a concussion is explained it to me it looks like he's having petit mal was called absent seizures where he may be having some Freezing episode that's related to a neurodegenerative disease but whatever it is it serious it's happened twice now and it was he was driving I hope he doesn't try I really don't know what if he was trying to walk down the stairs it'll be curtains he'd have a hip fracture so what I told Laura Ingraham in the in the National audience is I said listen to spam
I need to stop in the the doctors need to step in it's not safe and what they did is they sent like Jennings who's one of his friends he came out and said oh Mitch told me he's fine but I know you don't listen to the patient anybody who's had elderly patients knows this or your elderly family members when things started to decline they tell you everything's fine it's not by mr. C spine it's not as I commented on and him and also I know if you seen Dianne Feinstein have you seen her she looks awful she's in a wheelchair she has lost her JD she has Oscar meningoencephalitis this is syphilis that's rotted through the brain and actually through the skull into the brain and it's knocked out her facial nerve she is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome she has the same Cinema Justin Bieber has but you don't want to enter way worst scale at 6
vaccine Injury center I didn't mention on Fox News I told the producers I wasn't going to be to make a diagnosis on TV but but McConnell and Feinstein they're actually both of the conditions could be markedly worse by covid vaccines
now and that's one of the things that you know he's here about the deaths of people dying suddenly we hear about the rapid rise in myocarditis we hear about long covid which I don't know I'm going to hopefully break something to you because just to do a new study came out out of Germany that shows you the way that I worded was it was the last I guess you could say justification are tempted justification for the Jabs they've been saying that well the M vaccinated are more likely to suffer from long covid if they were to get covid and they just debunk that in the most read book citation up here that's an important one to mention it mention the papers by Sophie Dexter horse you knew the Institute of Medical epidemiology at the University of Halle Wittenberg and Halle Germany and its has published an international trophy
Texas diseases and you're right basically all of this long covid is since 2021 JD it's the vaccine it's not long covid you can't blame it on the infection the infection is very much I'll know the people getting residual symptoms are people who take it in the vaccine and that's what their German paper shows very important I'm going to get it on my sub s needs to be reference because when I said the European Parliament is we've had three false narrative the first false narrative was the the the virus is unassailable it can't be treated we have to wait in lockdown social distance that the second false narrative is is that the vaccines were safe and effective obviously weren't the third false narrative now is everybody sick now it's due to covid the infection
I know everybody sick now as soon as the vaccine so there's three false narratives and this one's in the medical literature know you know almost every paper on Long covid never mentions the vaccine and so when I review the papers at your first thing I say is wow okay who took the vaccine and who didn't because you know the United States we have 25% of Americans didn't take the shot I didn't take the vaccine now as you pointed out I took I took all the vaccines prior to covid Milford I asked my mom for my vaccine card and I counted up all the shots I ever took Jay to you I almost puked and I realize this I took 69 vaccines and shots because I had to take flu shots I was a medical staff I was kind of a bit you know if I did not get kicked off medical staff so they was a document color you're an anti-vaxxer I can't be a next time I took it as a zillion
never take a picture I took them all know at listen what I am though is I'm vaccine risk of where I am now aware the rest I didn't really evaluate it much before now and I have kind of a sick feeling in my stomach that the whole vaccine thing for children and came out of control is out of control now you know if you saw this it just happened the the FDA is just improved the RSV vaccine for the 3rd for third trimester of pregnancy are pregnant women not for the women's benefit but for the theoretical benefit of passing an immunity to the child what a terrible idea and his reason why it's a terrible idea any vaccine in pregnancy and vaccines and pregnancy by the way just started in 2017 with the flu and the two. But do you know that vaccine is risky because vaccines can promote a fever anybody knows has a fever in pregnancy is the leading determinant for miscarriage and stillbirth
M&M premature delivery you would never want to give a vaccine the third month of pregnancy so I'm out today with a quote in the children's health defense right above this this is a this is a danger you apply this to every pregnant women in the United States were going to lose babies over this for a theoretical Bedford RSV in a baby and there are tens of thousands of cases is so easy to treat with nebulizers we just have to get after early the only kids end up in the hospital and up cuz they don't get enough nebulizers there's an outpatient still very supportive on the hospital very rare to ever have an RC death so that scene is not going to save any lives in fact it's going to cost some pregnancies that's what I predict you are a zero doubt about that zero down because it's listen there's a time when I would argue that pretty much across-the-board all doctors medical professionals in general are amongst the most
trustworthy people in the world things are changing. Because they have like I'm not accusing doctors or nurses or any medical professionals of changing themselves is because they don't necessarily know what to trust anymore they're starting to to question things just as you have and they're starting to wonder you know do we come out as an authority and say definitively this or definitively that do we risk being persecuted within our own field press even losing a license if we speak out against it anyting is not just covid you know like you said mention your ass because I'm sure there's a lot of doctors and nurses will like this is a bad idea but how many of them are actually going to speak out because they know that this could get them in trouble you know it's this medical tearing that the the medical the big Pharma medical pharmaceutical industrial complex as you put it these are
these are really started to take complete control over something that should be strictly science-based
it showed good baby but now is a doctor would we have an old in an obligation with compass fiduciary relationship with our pictures and we have to put our patients Above This biopharmaceutical complex and their aspirations for World dominance in a tie I won't do it doctors in my circles won't do it patients are flocking to doctors who are honest and telling them the truth I'll tell patients listen I didn't look in vaccines previously critically it wasn't part of my my practice scope but I'm looking at him now and I took them all but the fact that I'm okay that doesn't justify the fact that a child has autism or attention deficit disorder or some other horrendous outcome with Hyper vaccination is not okay and when you just want me to go reappraisal I think in the future I think we're going to end up with the with a very cautious wait-and-see approach
risk stratification of the World Council for hell kind of this alternative Global organization that is factual it's a consensus trip and evidence-based officially come out with a halt on a childhood vaccines and said listen there's multiple studies now showing the kids are take no vaccines they're healthier there's a Studies by hooker Miller Marcin Thomas there's an older Amish study that they all show the kids are take no vaccines have lower rates of asthma allergy dermatitis need for temp in Austin me tubes attention deficit disorder Asperger's disease autism spectrum disorder it it's striking to go natural is best yes God gave us the ability
tudus are bodies to to defend itself against things and I'm not saying there's no never go to a doctor never take medicine I personally I don't like taking aspirin if I've got a hair tie like this is what they take Motrin and I've got a headache I don't like doing this thing but I can understand that there's certain times when people do need to to be medicated or certain medications that do definitely save lies I'm not against modern medicine but we have as a nation acting as a society at large we have become too dependent on artificial means of trying to control a lot of times these artificial means of trying to control and improve her health they're not answering designed to cure things in design to to mitigate the symptoms for example you know when that's something that okay it feels good maybe he feels better maybe you're less sniffly lower temperature less pain but is it really helping to heal you more'n would you have been better off as we will not know my gosh is so great talking to you sir I do want to ask you though before before we go
going to ask you because you know you are you are a a professional you are well respected across the world but you have mentioned that then you've been under attack financially speaking you work with a company that that I also happen to work with people can go and learn that they can give your your protocols get gets the stuff that you've been working with I mean mentioned Vladimir zelenko the good friend God Rest his soul but he knows if you go to check out your company or the company that you work with people will be able to find perhaps the right medicines the right she was right supplements the right whatever they can get there by going to if you do want to go there folks can go to JD Rucker, wellness and I will take you directly to to the wellness, tell us about it please I got a tire with a just passed our one year anniversary I was invited by
iconic e-commerce Juggernaut Foster Coulson to advise the company as the chief scientific officer I do so on a part-time basis a great partnership I've had with them the wellness company offers the Best in Class biscuit pharmaceutical-grade supplements that Spike support which is nattokinase is the major ingredient but it has six hundred other minor ingredients including the black a sativa extract and green moss extract is the leading detoxification supplement in the world is called spyke support wellness company highest grade quality products are all us sourced and the other stand behind everything they have a cardiovascular supplement for patients with cardiac myopathy our hearts are we also use it in my car. That's one that I specifically help them put together they have a wonderful natural approach Frost
the process people want to get off some of these heavy drugs they have a sleep supplement which is wonderful young people want to get away from this prescription to sleep drugs to one of their big programs is called freedom from Pharma they have a pharmacist for consultation they have a full medical unit for online telemedicine a great group 34r what is it is only sixty bucks me most people in higher co-pays and that they have a community Dentistry health and wellness materials are all under one website you go online on a computer and log in to become a member of the membership really cuts down on a lot of fees. I think through your portal they get quite a discount on some of the products you one of them is called one wellness and we encourage people with diabetes and his other problems sign up for one wellness it's going to be you know I think under $200 a month but it's unlimited care
unlimited and you know some companies are signing up at this is kind of like a supplemental and I looked at my healthcare insurance to pay for commercial healthcare insurance company my wife my kids are all being my wife at $1,700 a month each month you are getting a lot and it is to integrate I think anybody without healthcare insurance wellness company is mandatory people just to sign up for it you need the back up if you need some antibiotics needed position access you know it's another product they came out with the medical kit which is very interesting that has some basic antibiotics basic things wounds infections and it's just you know instead of your sick in the middle of the night you're trying to find a doctor know you have your kids you actually intend to take care of it yourself or doesn't doesn't the kit also include like Ivermectin
yeah. I got to talk to my wife I wish it was more Ivermectin in the cake cuz I think you need more but one of the important things I want everyone to know the most important thing I learned is the virucidal nasal sprays and wash it so that you know is I love talk what else are they all work on the virus is still loud nowadays people get it we're in the Omicron eg5 NFL 1.5 out brakes done with it strange that the new strands are so mild that we just use the nasal spray soon as you start to feel a little sick using nasal spray couple skorts sniffing back spit it out to him twice and each side then gargle with scope and Listerine put a couple drops of iodine in it and 32nd gargles do this every 4 hours my mom and independent living changed just got covid again and well-documented case we started right away
I'm here at all the supplies now we headed to it sank vitamin D vitamin c e Christine what would be an izze stack these texts really good product I eat you can get it through your report of what would being a sissy says the stack and mommy just coached mom to it she needed no prescription drugs so there's no fever with this there's no Palmer involvement there's no need for a vaccine Texas to actually shut down one of the schools they don't shut down a school for something my mom and independent living gets through in a few days but I know you don't and that portal is JD Wellness I got to tell you a quick story because you're you're I know you got to go get a quick story about the the nasal is not the last interview you did with two interviews ago and we talked about how was your time by the coil silver and and the iodine and end in the screen that video on Rumble
yeah I ended up becoming end up getting it had over I'm not kidding you head over 3,500 comments and all they were talking about can you never talking for an hour I would say it is 2000 of those comments were people not like talking training then say no I use this this nasal spray this is when the work's all right I mean they were just discussing this over 2,000 comments talking about nasal spray and you'd mentioned it for like maybe 30 seconds before this is my typical Peter MacKay is I get a sore throat for three or four days then I would get nasal congestion okay now I'm at three days of that so I got 7 days then I have snot and cough for another Sunday it's a two-week experience right and the average person gets four days a year and now the nasal sprays and gargoyles is done to it day-by-day you are literally the misery is over with
you do the back seats don't work Masterson but the nasal sprays and Cargoes do that's actually what we learned from the pandemic they're so good great commercial products to mention to come fix our exes one of them clear which is Xylitol base 1 is colloidal silver be held on the platform we had a nasal hygiene Summit with a bunch of experts come on do you know a little babies even to loot baby shampoo works do you know what you don't see water works if you're out just go out in the ocean and snort up some sneakers even Salt Water Works a little bit but you're in the trick is don't make it painful as people are making really thick iDine Solutions don't do it Jenny all you need is a drop or two it should be very comfortable right up your nose sniffer back spit it out it should not burn I think having a little salt in it actually makes it a lot more tolerable and let me tell you what it really works in reducer
the intensity and duration of symptoms gets people through the illness. I had a patient today doctor good guy he has never had covid never had covid and I said listen you could get covid and if you do start with an s o space and our goals he's ready to go with Ivermectin hydroxyz a doctor so he has a at all and I still listen I'll coach you through the other drugs but we can always get people through with Michaela protocol there's others flcc or flds they're all fine but the bottom line is will get people through the park house and we've never needed a vaccine your I haven't had anybody anywhere near the hospital now in couple years so it's not a when I say o hospitals are filling up with covid deaths not covid what it is is they're just doing tests on people in the hospital for other reasons that's what that is right no absolute I mean it is let's face let's call it what it is we have a vaccine that doesn't work and it can be dangerous that's supposed to be used against the
disease that isn't really that dangerous at all for most people and all of it is so expensive and they say it's free and yet we're paying so much for through text. Dollars at the end of the day all people really need is to be clean and wash your hands and you should be a little bit of medicine will be fine no fear you don't like the title of my programs in Germany the last ones in prison or was that you know fear was yesterday no more fear you know someone showed today I think it was Craig Kelly from Australia on Twitter Is On My Feet video or a picture of some workers in an Australian rugby stadium and they were spraying sanitizer wearing hazmat suits and they're out on the field and they were spraying the goalposts of the end zone
I mean think about the insanities hazmat suits cost a fortune and you know I might show I interviewed doctors in Africa Central America they treated thousands of covid patients they never wore masks but everywhere Master these workers are in Australia where he has been since I asked you to give me a branch office is pretty well known in El Salvador I said what do you think about the Chinese wearing hazmat suits on the street she came face-to-face with tens of thousands of cover pages and she never wore a mask without words I can't even respond to the Abyssal Ridiculousness of hazmat suits
no it doesn't make any sense this is a clown world that we are currently living in and thankfully there's people like you out there who's trying to bring sanity who's trying to expose the lies expose the insanity and remind people that there really is no reason for them to be afraid at least not of things such as covid Dr Peter McCulloch sir is a blessing in an honor to have you with me to get you back on I don't know we're not waiting six months again or however long it's been we got to get you back on more regularly alright sir all right God bless you see you
do I have a confession to make it's not major confession but it is I think it's important or anything but I never ever ever listen to my own interviews I do not listen to your real listen to my figured hey I already heard the conversation once why not let's do it again but I will admit I just sat there and listened to dr. Peter McCallum and 41 55 56 minutes the guy's just that interesting is wicked smart he is he's on the you're fighting the good fight he's doing everything you can to to get make people aware it's not just like a purely self-serving thing is he really legit Emily wants to help people I think sometimes a lot of times will hear about these people to get involved with this cause you're that cause and you can kind of me you could see how they benefit dr. McCullough was doing
find for all the stuff happened and just like so many doctors out there in the United States and abroad he would be doing just fine still not having to worry about licenses or attacks or or anything like that it had he just kept his mouth shut and stayed with the state of the approved narrative but he is not like that and he's cut from a from a Different Cloth as compared to a lot of doctors and I'm not tripping on I get I know this is hard choice I did have a conversation with a doctor oh gosh was it a baby year year-and-a-half ago it was off the Record so I can't say who it was in the one doing the famous doctor today you're relatively well-known and he was telling me basically look I get it I know why your why you're going after the medical field and know why you're going to have to cover some of us just don't have a choice not the way I like you always have a choice okay you can always become a carpenter you don't need no it's not like like your life will
you sent me has a gun to your head and they're saying if you don't tell people to get the job then you're going to to be killed or you know anything like that he's at I get it but I mean you know you know how hard it is to to spend your entire life building your career building a reputation building your business building your your patient list helping people this is something that I love and someone that supports my family I didn't want to throw it away just for the sake of and then swear he paused and I said for the sake of may be harming and possibly even killing people
he's like look it's a tough choice you know I do have regrets some days I I don't like it and that is not as conversation and I really wish I could have had him go on the air because it was I mean it is not a black-and-white issue to me it is okay to me it is but
maybe a little bit more extreme than your average American or even to the vast majority of Americans out there you know to me it is black and white if you are a doctor and you believe that these vaccines are questionable then you can't give it to people you swore an oath mean that's it you don't lose your license over okay well that sucks you know I mean it does but we make hard choices throughout life
so again I'm not I know it is a tough choice that I don't want to I don't want to cast aspersions at those who who are making the tough choice even if they made what I believe to be very clearly the wrong doctor McCullough on the other hand has made the right choice is my mind when he said he's been jab like like 60 times McCully crap I didn't even think that was possible how many jobs are there right but he's come around and I think a lot of people have I wasn't in there and my back's her purse Seine I've learned a lot more about vaccines ever since cover came out of now we at with it with that with our young child now I don't want to get into personal details especially living out here in commiefornia can there's no other use against you but but yeah I am very skeptical of pretty much all vaccines in its natural for me because I'm I'm relatively skeptical of all all drugs all whether it's in injections pills I am not like like a what is it
you know what I'm saying I'm not I'm not against it I just prefer eunos measure of Last Resort I don't like taking antibiotics unless I absolutely positively have to.
But it is what it is what's talk about gold you know I mentioned before doctor McCullough's interview I said that hey it's it's crazy out there and though I'm not a financial advisor I do see the writing on the wall I think you do too I think you're understanding that is where our money is whether it's in the bank or in the stock market or in a 401k or an IRA or whatever anything that's associated with the dollar today anything that's associated with the various markets were seeing what's happening in the real estate market was seeing what's happening in the car market we're seeing what's happening in and everything I mean they're going after crypto hard
again not a financial advisor I've got to keep keep repeating that because I don't want I don't want anybody to say Hey you know he gave me Financial advice and this is not Financial advice I'm not qualified to do that I'm just telling you that for me it's a no-brainer I want physical precious metals backing as much of my my funds as possible cuz especially if and when they roll out the Central Bank digital currencies you're not going to want everything tied into the stock market up or anything based around the US dollar they're trying to destroy it and so I just people on the outside so I just foreign interest like bricks it's not even just just our own fed there are any people within our government on both the right and the left of mostly the left seem bent on propelling us down a path where we have no choice as a nation but to go to a central bank digital currency in the end if that happens let's hope that it's the digital dollar not that I want to see if reading syndrome a digital currency but let's hope it's the digital dollar
how to digital you want or something like that that digital your other digital Ruble God forbid we don't know what we do know is that central banks themselves were pushing this there buying up gold and silver as much as I can BlackRock Julio the ESG company essentially the coming it says it's trying to destroy the planet on behalf of the globalist Ali Kemal they make recommendations this year for their top investors to move some if not most of their money into precious metals it makes sense go to jtr find out what a Christian precious metals company can do for you whether it's a rollover account to transfer count just get
get away from the the dangerous aspects of finances and go to The Higher Ground the safer Haven I'm not saying that goes I will never take the old goats going to be 3,000 and and died at Silver is going to jump out that 60 bucks I'm never going to say that because it's true it is what it is I just know that it's going to hold value for an extended. Of time it has since well the Book of Genesis you go back to the Bible you go back to the beginning all the way through until Revelation gold has mentioned throughout and it has throughout human history retained some degree of value it has never been valueless
and I value is generally for the most part gone up over the years of the Decades over the centuries and Millennia so Jenny are I want it so much that I learned from dr. McCullough just now and I just about his his sore arms from having 60-something vaccines injected into the he was talking a lot about in this was got me thinking about how these people people like obviously Anthony fauci the Visa they are
the running for the exits the getting out of government and moving on two different jobs they're the kind of trying to go into the Shadows I think that's some of them have actually left the United States quietly ever so quietly my question is do they know and did they know from the beginning you know I mean do they expect that now things are getting really really crazy now that we are the people are finally starting to wake up that the normies I know my audience who has been awake for a while but but I know that the normies are trying to starting to wake up it's time to realize maybe I shouldn't get that 5th or 6 or 8 jab maybe maybe I should get my heart check from myocarditis maybe I'm maybe those those pains that I'm feeling there that's not long covid maybe that really is
side effects adverse reactions to The Cove in Japs and if these powers that would have been involved with this these medical professionals as well as many politicians a ton of bureaucrats and pretty much everybody at the top levels and big Pharma
if they knew this whole time then that that these drugs were going to have the reactions are we're going to cause the reactions that that people are having now and haven't had him for the last two-and-a-half years they knew that that means that this is really a legal issue this is something where people sell but they're protected from lawsuits yeah but they're not protected protected from from willful intent, it's one thing to say how you know you you're shining way this truck is experimental or hear you know this is sudden emergencies authorization you can't sue over this cancer that but that isn't all of those rules go out the door if somebody willingly knowingly harmed people okay now you're into a whole different different set of laws and rules and that's the case they knew
bike Galaxy we need to go after them I always say we need action so what I'm doing now is I'm calling on you if you are an attorney if you know attorneys you know I would love to talk to you and I would love to talk to you is there something that we can start doing can we get the ball rolling that should go after these guys did I mention that the Nuremberg trials that's not far off from what I wouldn't want again I'm not looking for the death penalty on these go who knows maybe maybe if we dig deep enough we find out how evil the plan is maybe you does deserve something in the most extreme form
of Justice available to humans
there will be those who say all but your Christian you know you should wait to pass judgment. It's not yours to pass judgment they'll they'll get theirs in the next life I get it you know that doesn't mean that we can't try to stop them now we fight regardless of what we expect to happen after we die we fight whether we think we're going to win or lose we fight because that's what we're supposed to do
okay we're not here to just sit back and watch everything happens I know some people are I get it
but if you're listening to the show on wwcr if you're watching this show on any of the various places where we put the show hey you know you're probably a fighter to some extent that doesn't mean that you're going to go out there and and protests are not going to go fly out to dad's house and and bring your camera and try to get interviews maybe you will, I shall be amazing if you do I'll plan on my show so you know but we do need to do something I think from a legal perspective that is that is where your perhaps there is a a window of opportunity for us to do to do that so if you aren't turning you know an attorney I don't have money okay it's not like I'm saying oh yeah you know I'll pay pay a huge legal fee that to get this going but maybe we can figure something out okay contact me at JD talk JD Rucker, Taco goes directly to me no screeners no assistance nothing like that
I can't wait until I get a producer you know I talked to a fantastic producer very recently and it does look like it looks like it could be a good fit now the only question now is can the show can you show support a high-end producer and that's what this person is this is this is a top-notch I'm not saying do you know this is a cheap show but we have to we have to to be cognizant of the economy we're just as affected as everybody else is okay I've got sponsors Robinson Genesis Gold group we have and we do everything we can over at the Liberty over discern we try to spread the word we do have plenty of sponsors there as well but it's not like we're sitting here flush with cash so I'm saying that because I'm just very hope I'm excited about the possibility of getting a top-notch
if we can't then we'll go get us a cheap producer and cuz I need one if you're out there mister produce or Mrs producer and you want to you want to work on the cheap call me call me and JD talk so we learned a lot from dr. McCullough one of the things that key takeaway here beyond the nasal aspect of an if you didn't catch that part go back and re listen to it because because what he sings for a stream of that doesn't just apply Dakota that's pretty much that's a protocol if you get sick first thing you should do is to basically flush out your nasal cavity flush out your your the back of your throat that's where many of these diseases that's where they they live that's where they grow that's where they they basic keep you sick OK Google send these viruses they will spread throughout your body that's where they hang out it's kind of like the the out of the reproduction area so to speak that's where they can grow
many of them so that's your baby first step and I'm not a doctor either said I wanted people people get mad at me for giving medical advice here and given Financial advice medical advice I'm about to give legal advice I guess now I am not an advisor of any sort is the show host on the show host who tries to keep his finger on the pulse of everything is happening in the world I do have a lot of stories to get to they so don't want to dwell on this part but but the man you know when you have when you have somebody to doctor McCullough's caliber when you have them for an hour you it's it's like a golden opportunity in many ways and I feel that we didn't get to dive deeply enough into the MacArthur Foundation I'd frankly I didn't even know what it does it talk about a little maybe just to Humble who knows but his discussion of dr. Peter hotez and I did make that joke I've regretted me and I don't like to rip on people especially if I don't like them the last thing I wanted
drip on them for their for their appearance yes dr. Peter hotez as short as short as he is but I'm not exactly a tall guy as Mater you know I shouldn't have said that so so dr. hotez you're not listening but if you just happen to whatever somebody send you the clip I want one apologize for ripping on you for being 4 ft 9 of her or tell you where that was just wrong of me just wrong me I should focus on the fact that you are evil that's more important than your height I should focus on the fact that you you claim that you would have saved so many people and yet I would argue that you probably killed many people meet up maybe that's more important then your dwarf like stature so we'll see we'll see if he calls me up and says he won't even go on Rogan he does sort of lean in the direction
chords ifreedom okay and I think that's becoming a much more prominent I guess use a stance for a lot of people out there maybe some of you may be you are an independent you don't necessarily lean in One Direction or the other except for the freedom aspect of it maybe you're starting to become you know he's a Libertarian like I've seen so many more of these especially if you want to write a letter I should say people that were generally a political you do the thing that is drawing people drivers who starred in 2016 Donald Trump himself was able to draw a lot of people who never ever ever ever voted never consider voting never wanted to vote hate it all politicians they are all all dirty scum bags right that was what what they thought and then Donald Trump as long as he's able to get all these brand new voters and of course you know Joe Biden did to Joe Biden was unable to manufacture millions of Voters that didn't exist so I guess they have that in common right but you got somebody out there
the Robert F Kennedy Junior who is currently the only the only candidate the only major candidate who is even close to being truly against the Jazz people can say all Barabbas and you know he's he's had a symposium about it and he's he's questioned the the Jazz and thought after the lockdown but that's not this isn't one of those things where you know you dip your toe in if even if you believe as I do is I believe any of you do if you believe the covid-19 vaccines are not effective
definitely not necessary because the disease itself is not the dangerous most important if you believe that they are dangerous they are causing adverse reactions in people that can result in life-long lifelong disabilities or even death that I have somebody who's running for office it behooves you just as it behooves a doctor it is a behooves you to speak out even if it is politically damaging
I couldn't do it if I again I'm not a politician so maybe maybe that's why I'm probably never going to be a politician right but I could not pretend like I do you know we're going to be against the mandates you know there's there still unsettled science there so we're just we're just going to oppose the mandates are going to post lockdowns we're not going to say anything about the vaccines because some of the voters still like the vaccines no no that's not good enough I'm sorry
either either you're against them because they kill people
okay or you're for them
because you pretending like you don't know they kill people that's it those are two possibilities we will sail open but you know this is Trump's fault Trump operation warp speed I get it you know I even said like I said from the beginning I said before Trump or the Santas are pants or anybody even came out and declared they were running for office I said I said the first pope intelligent person who runs for office or who runs for president and who is conservative at least in some way okay and a republican who is anti-vax that's the person that I would swear I would support that person unfortunately over Donald Trump
yeah because I love Trump I want to support him but I want somebody who's going to tell the truth by the vaccines and none of them do one that does is Robert of candy he's a Democrat and while I agree with the stance on Ukraine on I drew the stanzas on on personal freedom obviously on the vaccines themselves on censorship on so many issues there's a lot of issues that I just don't agree with him okay I mean his proposals from an economic perspective he would have his if he had control of the house and the Senate along with being the the president he would he would be the guy that ushers in modern monetary Theory and full full force our nation economically speaking would cease to exist within two years of a Democrat controlled DC with Robert of Kennedy Junior running a basic calling the shots from the economic perspective because he doesn't have it let's face it you know the president does dictate
baby. Through him that they set the agenda K Trump all he did was sign for example the tax cuz he didn't write the tax cuts up and said he sort of did, his team was working with at the time Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to put together the legislation would turn into the 2018 tax cuts so no I know it's not me the executive the executive Branch's job to write the legislation within the influence a lot
and I would say that from an economic perspective as bad as Joe Biden is okay it's destructive is he is Robert of Kennedy Junior might be worse that's why I just couldn't vote for him I guess we came down to a suspense maybe I could I don't like Mike Pence I don't like my tent but maybe maybe that but otherwise I just can't see myself owning for a guy that because that would essentially probably destroy that the nation economically speaking in a very short. Of time but I love his stance on Jazz yeah I actually had it here quick funny story for you to break actually did have a supposed to interview dr. I'm not doctors. Doctor I was supposed to give you Robert of Kennedy Junior and I got a call from his staff just so happened that when the day that our interview was scheduled was the day that he got covid he was feeling it so it's it's I don't know if it's a claim to fame or it's just not interesting at all but it's it is
kind of funny that they that the one time I could have interviewed Robert of Kennedy Junior and there's one in particular that you'll see it's kind of my bugs out Stadium
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you know I didn't intend to follow up there that particular ad with this story of it just this was a story that I think I totally forgot until I got back to it it's an article that actually ran on all of my sides yesterday I so it's it's it's just now being put in the show notes I didn't realize I was going to talk about it until I started I got some some email some questions about the article itself title 10 things to know about DNA and RNA vaccines for livestock and again and then going to talk about the Jabs in in cows that wasn't the intention but that's that is how it worked out so This Heart of mine that I found over at the Joseph dr. Mercola site it's from somebody or some group I guess called the sharp edge I have no idea who that is so if you do know who the sharp edges I want to be able to distribute the article properly and not just to Temecula site so please let me know JD talk who is the edge
I can't wait to get my producer because I want to go to pay cause I'm sure some of you know the edge is Zaxby's like that's saying a guitarist for for you to do something like that but yeah it is the author was titled the are the sharp edge so who knows from the article not all genetic Technologies used in veterinary medicine fall under the category of mRNA vaccines or mRNA Gene therapies there are other terms to look out for there are several DNA and RNA base genetic technologies that have received the approval for conditional approval for using chickens cows fish and pigs chickens cows fish and pigs what do they all have in common unless you were less you're Muslim or Jewish I was either pigs and if you're into I don't think you can eat the cows either right so so there's that but you get the idea I really can eat chickens
what's what's wrong with chickens why do they get the why did they get any religious protections something's got to ask God about that one other required labeling for meat dairy in egg products is not transparent about possible exposure to DNA or RNA base Veterinary biologics by saying number one the whole big thing okay to pick injection it was actually dr. Mercola if I would call it was somebody who was writing his sight brought it up for the first time and this has been happening since 2018. You know that I didn't know that until very recently and like I said I keep my finger on the pulse of all of the stuff how is it that one got by how do I get by so many people you know I was reading the comments while you post stories several months ago I was reading the comments and the notice I called yeah I heard about this everybody was like what what is half out of this hellhole why was I told you know where's the where's the anger where's the protests parently pigs
in the United States of America have been injected with mRNA vaccines since 2018
wow wow but it goes to show you the right now we might be more sensitive than we were in the past but it's still possible for them to sneak things through happens every day no matter how how on top of things we are there 24 hours in a day we have to sleep for some of it and we can't just be staring at screens or books or papers or anything like that watching videos all day I guess I mean I kind of do but even then there's no way that we can keep up with all of it I'm just telling you that this is one of the reasons why I'm so adamant about making sure the people go and share stories don't just read them don't just watch videos share them share them with with with people you know friends and family day email them to people you know if you have to if you don't want to call him up but I would love for you to just call and say hey to check out the show Hayes check out this article you can find a lot of this stuff
sites that I I operate now I am the editor over at the Livery matching bird Fiona and I kind of tag teaming got some small staff do things for us but as far as picking out the stories that so nice and so and we do that drop day every day seven days a week 365 it took them leave years when it's 366 and then sure swear that's my sight I am the owner and the editor there it's a one-man show but I have a lot of lot of fantastic writer people send me stories there regularly and if you see a store you think a that should be up there as soon to be supposed to people send it over to J D talk and I will be happy to to examine I get a lot of stores where they have 20 cuz I build up some great relationships some strong strong drinks out there who when they get stories they send them through Todd Starnes sends me his stories all the time John Solomon the epoch times they send us stories headline USA
one of us underrated sites out there by the way and then you say that, it it doesn't get like millions and millions of views but I probably should cuz they do a fantastic job I should investigate of Journalism but also an engineer they they they can recognize very well you know when to what a story needs to get more attention and they know we have went to pull up in the AP or went to ask you write it up and that's a that's a talent I don't see very often it's unfortunate and conservative and alternative media that the discernment level for a lot of these Publications even some of the most popular one is very low and you look at the Gateway pundit yeah I know people at one of my men to the Gateway plan is very polarizing some some of us love it I have maybe one of those little loves it others are like oh my gosh it's always it's always you know articles are showing their always fear-mongering or whatever they will have our preferences and Mike Adams over at the natural news in his team against same thing there is people either love it or hate it said the same thing about Infowars the reason why I'm so so
I didn't used to be but now today the reason I'm so in favor of going to more of the alt and I'm not alright I'll get them thrown through Nazi terms at me or whatever let's sing all right but alternative media yeah the ones that are willing to take chances we ones that are willing to say hey this person died suddenly and we don't know their vaccine status the ones that ever say Hey you know it looks like China's going to get to do something here or over there the ones that are not are not making money off Google was that are not making getting all the traffic from Facebook those are the sites that then we need to pay more attention to and do they get it wrong sometimes he gets in safe mode sometimes ya sure this is where comes down to you and me and everybody else being more Discerning we need to know be able to recognize when a story is legit and when it's over the top and sometimes it was an over-the-top turn out to be true so you know my best over at the stern report and the Liberty to try to do b a b the Discerning Eye for for the eye
how do you get tens of millions of visitors a month and all the sites so it is praise God for that
and I got in that bed rail too long ramp is. But hopefully you get the idea point is is that is that we need to take stories like this talking about mRNA Jabs in our life so I can our food supply and get that out of the people have to email it posted on Twitter post on gab get her true social Facebook and all the troubles you post to Facebook but you get the idea of getting out there email it share talk to people about it okay let's get more engaged and involved because right now the United States of America with all of our blessings with all of our money in technology and and and Powers
we have a population that I would say at least minimum 80% maybe 90% I might be delusional it could be 99% but a very large percentage of Americans have their heads stuck in the sand and you thought I was going to say something else out there a shame on you for thinking I was going to say something up their heads are stuck in the sand
I don't want to hear about this stuff they're still getting their news from Fox or CNN they don't want to know about about our food supply can poiised I think for a lot of people because they don't want to know because they don't want to know
like I said I had a I had a funny conversation about organic food with a very respected businessman we're out to dinner and then the topic of organic food came up and he was like oh you know you hippies she actually called me a hippie you hippies you know you we've been eating all this this food for four decades you know what it's there's nothing wrong with it I know you haven't
gosh man you really think that the that the food that you're eating back in the sixties of the is the same through the training today so the genetic modification slot really got wrapped up in the 90s in alligator accelerated exponentially in the 2000s isn't like I do you know we have we have generations to prove it's it's beneficial in or that it works I said in the funny part is the entire does the predicate or getting into genetically modified food was to try to feed avocados literally it as a sales pitch from George h.w. Bush you know that he and his buddies at sat in big act big Pharma combined it Monsanto yes they they look at this and then continued on straight through into Clinton did the same thing but even worse you know know know nobody's ever really addressed it properly will now we have data
you have access to information let's get it out there let's try to talk about the stuff and I know again I'm about to get into an article that is so now we try but it's going to be worth it I promise so these are getting these are 10 things to know about DNA and RNA vaccines for livestock number one what are the different terms used for DNA or RNA base Veterinary biologics all right I am already bored out of my mind so we're going to skip number one number two okay now I will go ahead and say I will read this part and then I'll skip the future ones not all genetic Technologies used in veterinary medicine fall into the category of mRNA vaccine RMR a gene therapy to look out for when it comes to genetic Technologies for veterinary medicine these terms also include are in a particle technology okay I I regret being bored by because it is important we know cuz when we hear for example if you hear DNA immunostimulant well that's talking about
technologies that are manipulating the animals DNA might not sound like it unless you're a scientist but yeah well here's what prescription platform product I think I've ever heard that one prescription platform product that also means basically genetic technologies that are that are changing in the my humble opinion damaging the food that would then damage those who eat the food or two how do DNA or RNA base Veterinary biologics work
with Securities are in a particle technology a gene of Interest provides instructions to the immune cells which translate the sequence into proteins that act as antigens days this triggers an immune response as for agrilabs exact vac DNA technology vaccine is produced by splicing a gene for a specific antigen and a bacterial plasmid which is then multiply purified and administered for delivery into Target cells where antigens produced by the plasmid elicit an immune response
I wish I was better at cuz I understand exactly what you're saying and not because I'm smart because I read too much of the stuff but that might be a mouthful to try to to to splain from ale prospective long story short I guess the easiest way to put it is that they go through there is not just a single you know when they say there's any more in a DNA manipulation or genetic modification that doesn't have a single tax there are multiple ways than this is done and more ways that are coming up every single day for example vaccines live vaccines given those vaccines of the ones the the MRNA versions that came from Modern in Pfizer those ones have me even though they're both classified as mRNA vaccine they actually have slightly different forms or ways they're able to produce the spike proteins are or have the body produces by proteins but it is go through genetic modification
Mark Zuckerberg was like you know but I heard from my my
my deep sleep house that this is actually going to change your DNA so maybe we should be careful about I'll take a no no wait I got word I got work we're not supposed to say that out loud and we're going to get separate injections that aren't the bad ones so so all you guys all my cronies you know when it comes time to get your your vaccine come see me and dr. Zach will get you taken care of yeah that happened then it talks about bears put is that number to you know how do DNA or RNA base Veterinary biologics work in many different ways and coming up with new methods every single day number 3 which agency approved Veterinary by biologics who was it it was one of our one of our Affiliates at at Pepperell Naturals who was our Eric but they had posted an article and the article just kept going after big farm a big farm before Mom like
technically yes they are mean there is far more involved it is really big and it's kind of driving it in there utilizing pharmaceutical technology that is it we do need to know who's in charge this time is different from from animals animals let's get started there are several DNA in our rna-based genetic technologies that have received USDA approval or conditional approval for use in chickens cows fish and pigs as outlined below chickens in 20 in September 2015 a Harris vaccines received a use the conditional license rna-based Avian Influenza vaccine has vaccines employees their unique Sierra backs smirna particle technology platform which can be updated to match current and future avian flu strains that's funny this is back in 2015 again and they got approval what's been happening since 2021 I think technically start a little bit in 2020 and 2021 got ramped-up 2222 is crazy flu vaccines I guess they failed
is the bird flu killed more chickens or turkeys more livestock and poultry than ever in our history and if you recall it was crazy with happened to Jenna Lee when you have a bird flu outbreak at say chicken you'll see that spreads it can spread through Neo Farms that are that are kilometers miles away but not very far you got any chickens they may be one of them gets infection start spreading it to other chicken and then like a patient comes along and starts to talk to the chickens today what are you guys doing your chickens and there's like you better go so I don't know hopefully I didn't get to avian flu I'm going to go over here to this farm and talk to those chickens
denim corset out Sprite and its present in a relatively easy to understand way right and of course that's not exactly how it happens I don't think pigeons really do talk to chickens in case you thought I thought that
two guys but the one we saw in 2021 and 2022 and still ongoing 2023
is popping up in weird places that are hundreds of miles away
oceans Away by the State stabbing in Europe in Asia I don't know what's happening in Africa or South America to know that that that Asia there's been many reports Europe and of course in the United States and Soviets like one day it's an Iowa next to Athens Texas and for them to be together as they should be the time to be be so dispersed also happen simultaneously whether it's true I'm not accusing Harris vaccines of doing that I'm just saying that it's conspicuous it's it's it's awfully suspicious somebody is doing weatherstem or somebody else somebody's doing cows cows are bears is ladna immunostimulant receive USDA approval for use against bovine respiratory disease in January 2014 the first-of-its-kind DNA immunostimulant that is a genetic technology rather than a vaccine or antibiotic
it's not a it's not a DNA vaccine it's not an mRNA vaccine that's why they say oh you know what there's no one remember can I get a text before this one time our country our company snow are we going to see the first Beast, using promo code jtr or 15% of a check out but how Company New the CEO Jason Nelson is valid if if they force if they make it to where we can no longer get beef that is never been injected with DNA or mRNA technology we're shutting down the company and I agree with ya know why you feel that way glad I didn't have to impose my will on you because he brought it up so yeah so certain of getting around right now they are trying to push for mRNA vaccines to be injected into into cows just like it's being injected into pics okay but even worse so because there's
another day I'll explain why that it's a long story and I'll probably get an expert in the bovine and Industry that to talk about it fish that they have their license singing pigs have their licensing that's a lot longer because I noted they have been the pigs that are the beef bacon bacon ham pork chops and Renee technology mRNA vaccines have been used on those here in the United States very very sad is their ongoing Research into DNA or RNA base Veterinary biologics
we'll make it through there are a number of ongoing studies on DNA and RNA based genetic Technologies for veterinary medicine as outlined below and they've got you can find us again over at the surf you got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 7 sizes ranging from 2016 all the way to 2024 weird is our future future studies awesome good for them I'm going to stop there and we're going to go to break before we do that I want to I want to note about this last one is their ongoing Research into DNA or RNA base Veterinary biologic the question is why okay. Now I'm going to park in Back to the gentleman I got into an argument with you know he was right chickens and cows there's always going to be wrist I'm Anila popping up mad cow disease popping up for the most part you don't hear about the masses
getting super sick from from Foods usually I'm going to start see what happens when we get ready cuz we have a very good system perhaps to comprehensive by the way a very good system of a tracking diseases tracking tracking a bad food products and then were calling about I know if there's going to be people out there like hell yeah but my my uncle died because he ain't a bad chocolate I mean I'm not talkin no there's no cases but we tend to go over Kim and I would say in this case this is this is overkill for a reason and other words they are taking basically a non-existent problem
pretend like it's a problem and offering a solution that is actually the problem itself would argue that this is part of the conspiracy and if some of you don't like conspiracy theories so be it but this is part of the conspiracy to poison the human rights special hearing United States of America they want us to be eating this this nasty food that's why I am so out of it so out of it Noah treating grow it in yourself if you can't use organic seeds get out of the Cities get out of all that stuff I better take a break freaking to rent when I get back we'll talk about the last as first I was like my last five parts of this list of stay tuned
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all right I think we do have enough time to finish up this list so let's let's get it moving number 6 and again for those who missed it this is a list of the 10 things to know about DNA and RNA vaccines for livestock like I always say know what you're putting in your mouth that what you're putting in your belly number 6 is it possible for mRNA vaccines in livestock to contaminated meat dairy or egg products that really is a question we know they can be injected what about contamination when the article says according to a recent report a 2014 USDA presentation on vaccinations for contagious diseases states that food animals receiving vaccines are subject to mandatory withdrawal period prior to slaughter for human consumption animals may not be sent to Market until the withdrawal times has elapsed during the mandatory withdrawal time the accident animals or products from vaccinated animals may not enter the food chain or all time is determined by the country in which
vaccine is license and stated in the product licenses you have our Times report notes the USDA recognizes that there must be a waiting time between vaccinations Slaughter for human consumption due to risk of contamination of contaminating the food supply USDA presentation does not however acknowledge DNA or RNA base biologics but the same standard of waiting times likely applies as evidenced by mercs are in a vaccine for pigs which states do not vaccinate within 21 days before Slaughter 21 days really that it mean this is supposed to be something that changes them forever okay this is supposed to be a production that will allegedly make the meat better for you less dangerous for you or whatever
and yet it's 21 days it's flushed completely from the system I'm not buying it however and in this is a note from today's guests however dr. Peter McCullough notes that and more any technology is far more durable than we ever could have imagined it last in human body for months unchanged
what is blasting the human body for months what to do in the cow bodies Pig body's chicken bodies fish bodies
bison bodies might be stuck if they might be the final industry we might change hotels to the whole bison start selling price and it's actually not a bad idea I need to to bring that up to Jason Nelson my partner at hole caps with standard wait times it is conceivable that mRNA technology administrative food animals could contaminate the food supply with that said the epoch Times report found 0p reviewed studies looking into the transmitter ability of mRNA vaccines from livestock to human either milk or meat in other words if this is a child they're saying look we were going by the standards that we set forth for other injections K other vaccines we don't know what how the how basic are persistent the DNA or RNA aspects of vaccines are in animals
but we're not going to look into it to find out
was that type of doctor Peter McCulloch has warned that developers of Novel vaccine Technologies for veterinary medicine are blinded with an infatuation from a molecular biology and I've lost sight of biological product safety in the food supply and that they have failed to acknowledge the possibility of collateral impacts are humans as possibility I would say likelihood Edition dr. McCullough has raised concerns regarding transmissibility based on a recent study which loaded cow's milk with mRNA and by consuming the milk mice were successfully administered a covid vaccine wow maybe now we know why they're not they're not wanting to look into how long it lasts cuz they already know maybe they've already had their studies secretly and maybe this is part of the plan cuz they've already been able to inject you know what 80% of of every man woman and child in America how they get the other other 10% of the 20% so I do math how did they give you
20% of us the purebloods so to speak with food but it seems to be the plan that's why I know what you're eating know what you're eating. Doctor called points out that the considerable ethical issues this research presents with a large segment of the public having strong objections to mRNA in the food supply particularly if it was done surreptitiously or with minimal labeling morning I just don't want in the food supply tall and again we talked about activism we talked about you let's start let's start electing officials especially the local and state-level by the way this isn't about d.c. this is not going to do anything about this this is low on the priority list and probably by Design but to protect yourself to fix your family work locally and I would say that that's not a distance from most things you should be it's it's sad how many people know who their congressman is thousands of miles away in DC but I couldn't tell you who their local legislator is
are there city council members are
those the people have more direct access more direct influence over your life in life for your family
then anybody in DC. Alright let's move along I'm not going to make it if we don't live alone or 7 are there labeling requirements for me to Dairy or eggs that may have been contaminated by DNA or RNA base Veterinary by Logic through this quickly lead required labeling for me Dairy and egg product is not transparent a possible exposure to DNA or RNA base Veterinary biologics USDA does however choir bioengineered labeling for foods that contain detectable genetic materials that have been modified through certain laughed at techniques and cannot be created through conventional breeding or found in nature of its unnatural yet you have to say that it is by Wednesday near unfortunately that that means it's one of those things where before they fought to not have to to label it as bioengineered now they've done things at the house they said okay fine well then you got to label this in this in this in this mess that way it's kind of a camouflage from the masses everything will be
have to be labeled as violent janear and when everybody's incredible nobody is
movie reference is the usda's testing process for the technical genetic material is capable of picking up traces of genetic material from biologic used in veterinary medicine in other words labeling yeah the organic labeling which is as close as you can get to to trying to build trust even that is no good the USDA organic organic labeling does appear to permit vaccines for livestock use for me Dairy and and eggs great can't even go down that road look know where your food's coming from but I'm not just saying I'm saying is sore sit source for food special feed a lot of it you should Source all your food in my humble opinion but sometimes we just can't so try to know you know I know the Farms where all of our beef comes from they have done research on every single Farm my wife knows all the Farms are all are dairy products that have come from she's actually a long time ago she did Stack rank of the ones that shit wasn't just yes or no is like okay so some sort of have this summer
policy Action News like we could we got Clover for examples like Isaac Clover on the battleship I didn't know which organizations are behind this agenda I'm going to skip this one because now I'll read a little bit report Corey's digs report at codex alimentarius was established by the un's food and agriculture organization and the wh over the sole purpose of setting the standards and guidelines for all food that is consumed by human beings gosh that doesn't sound untrustworthy at all it's just the UN and the WHL telling you what you're allowed to eat great working with you or stay DEA awesome
centralization right they're moving along because I can by the way I'm not moving along cuz that's an important topic I'm moving along because I can probably talk about the topic for 2 hours and as matter fact I think I'm going to and if you drink epsom salt do you want to get back on we talked about you and vaccines maybe it's time to get him to talk about about animal vaccines or my good buddy Tom Rands he would be another good one to get on I will call him after the number 9 what our lawmakers producers and concerned citizens doing to protect against contamination of the food supply from mRNA vaccines pay attention is import lawmakers have proposed legislation Arizona Missouri South Carolina Tennessee and Texas to permit mRNA inmates or to require disclosure of food labeling What legislation in Missouri and Idaho failed efforts to block mRNA vaccines in livestock remain ongoing in other states and speaking of Tom Ryan's he did try to leave the charge is the one that blew the whistle essentially on what's happening in Missouri and it's it's insane but this quote-unquote red-state
gay the red legislature was did not hear our concern we have to get louder about the stuff and it's coordinate Gabe take up take a cue from the left unless he's able to make their their their their very few but loud voices they can make those hurt we need to start doing the same thing only better there's more of us there more people in their concern about this then are concerned about their their issues the less issues so let's get together my goodness and I'll trade group known as the beast beef initiative has pledged that their beef box producers will not use any mRNA vaccines in their livestock over a hundred producers are partnered with the beef initiative and can be found here and that link is goes to producers. Beef producers. Beef attorney Tom friends speak of the devil has spearheaded the movement by States for transparency and disclosure of mRNA Gene therapies in the food supply has helped the draft Missouri HB 1169 Naomi wolf of daily
is also promoting the cause she's also both ends and Naomi wolf are working with Hulk out that way just a side note dr. Mercola has raised Awareness on the issue of genetic Technologies used in veterinary medicine in the potential dangers to the food supply in recent interviews and on his Publications substack
last but not least what can the public do about it stay informed the start and inform others by sharing this information additional resources on this topic are are listed below and can you can find this this article article the title of it is again for for reference it is titled 10 things to know about DNA and RNA vaccines for livestock and you can find this at the CERN I'm it's on dr. Mercola site but he takes his the you take some doubt he thinks our tools down after 48 hours so it will remain on the term for as long as they allow me to the still exist there additional resources on the topic listed below sport lawmakers and advocacy groups pushing for transparency and blocking DNA or RNA based biologics from entering the food supply know what's in your food and who is producing it that's good advice and then buy for producers in a pledge to never use DNA or RNA base genetic Technologies such as the beef Initiative for such as
February 6th go to Africa first beef, check check us out Corey Davis also publish an excellent resource for finding high quality foods you can find that at Corey Biggs, coreysdigs so again you know I didn't intend like when this article we publicize Yesterday by the way just to be clear but when this article hit my radar as far as hey and you should probably talk about this it wasn't because people say oh you know you but if I wasn't selling beef this is I would be talking about this it's not it's kind of like the chicken the egg right I was talking all this stuff before we ever even wash their beef company is a matter of fact I would argue but this is why this is why I'm not doing it for me to always going to make a huge fat profits would not okay I can I can say with all honesty
I'm exactly $0. I got it I got a bunch of bags of beet that's good okay I got a freeze dryer out of it okay they just sent me my first freeze dried because we're we're going through freeze dryer so fast we're upgrading the big but now that I didn't do it for their for the sake of try not try to sell more beef I'm doing these articles alerting the people because food is food is it is his partner live can't live without it and know what you can sue me my gosh shouldn't have to tell you this and hopefully it hopefully you're sitting there just nod and because you already know this but does not take it seriously is important stuff again I want to thank my good wonderful sponsors over Genesis gold brick Christian company they can help you to protect your wealth retirement
it's good that you're connecting to JDR jtr and contact Genesis Kobe today I will be back very soon with another upset but in the meantime you stay safe and God bless

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