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HumanSpirit Radio presents Pioneers of The New Earth, August 14, 2020

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HumanSpirit Radio presents Pioneers of The New Earth
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with Guest, Fred Burks of PEERS

Interpretation: The Seat of Personal Power. Host, Sarah McCroskey interviews guest, Fred Burks, Executive Director of the PEERS Network of websites providing thorough research and well sourced documentation, on topics ranging from major cover-ups to the finest examples of human potential, community and courage.

Guest, Fred Burks

Guest Name
Fred Burks
Guest Occupation
Language Interpreter, Humanitarian, Columnist, Writer, Researcher
Guest Biography

Before resigning from the US State Department in 2004 due to excessive secrecy demands, Fred Burks served many years as a language interpreter for presidents and other dignitaries. He interpreted for G.W. Bush, Clinton, Gore, Cheney, and many other top officials of the US and other countries. Having participated in numerous secret meetings where the only people allowed were the principals and their interpreters, he has acquired important inside information and contacts.

After receiving a wealth of eye-opening information on major cover-ups from respected friends and colleagues, Fred was inspired to develop this website in October 2002. Continually opening to divine guidance, Fred has dedicated himself both to getting the word out about the cover-ups, and to inspiring others to help transform ourselves and our world through love and empowerment. He is currently executive director of the PEERS network of websites and manager.

Fred has also helped develop and foster several inspiring communities and websites, including Moment of Love and the free Personal Growth Courses. 

HumanSpirit Radio presents Pioneers of The New Earth

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Pioneers of The New Earth

 We are giving birth to a new human presence on Planet Earth. Within this current portal we get to consciously clarify our values and Dream In our most optimistic version of a Bright Future. Earth is insisting that it be founded in nature, balance and harmony. Breathe and align with Earth and Source through your body. Tend to your vertical alignment and our sacred interconnection to All of Life.

That's what real.

Receive inspiration, rest, go inside yourself, find what is true within.

Act from there.

It is time for each of us to honor our unique role, even

if we have no idea what that is.

Authenticity, pleasure, courage and connection are

natural to being a human.

Be Human.

Join us as we liberate HumanKind,

together, as

Pioneers of The New Earth.

* * *

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