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Pioneers of The New Earth

 We are giving birth to a new human presence on Planet Earth. Within this current portal we get to consciously clarify our values and Dream In our most optimistic version of a Bright Future. Earth is insisting that it be founded in nature, balance and harmony. Breathe and align with Earth and Source through your body. Tend to your vertical alignment and our sacred interconnection to All of Life.

That's what real.

Receive inspiration, rest, go inside yourself, find what is true within.

Act from there.

It is time for each of us to honor our unique role, even

if we have no idea what that is.

Authenticity, pleasure, courage and connection are

natural to being a human.

Be Human.

Join us as we liberate HumanKind,

together, as

Pioneers of The New Earth.

* * *

HumanSpirit Radio Network

Lift Your Frequency, Change Your World

(since 2010)

Broadcasts and conversations to ignite and inspire Who We Are as evolutionary beings on an unstoppable path of self-discovery & awakening.

As we anchor our full, multi-dimensional Self into our physical being we are gifted with the wisdom and insights needed to negotiate and inform these changing times.

This is where our species is headed…

This is the arc of human evolution…

This is HumanSpirit.

And our time is NOW.

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