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SOS with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters with guest Ashlee Kozac

Discover your inner power with Ashlee Kozac. Eating clean (she thought) until her son was legally dead for 27 minutes. Ashlee shares her journey from narcissistic abuse to wellness and personal power.

Interpretation: The Seat of Personal Power. Host, Sarah McCroskey interviews guest, Fred Burks, Executive Director of the PEERS Network of websites providing thorough research and well sourced documentation, on topics ranging from major cover-ups to the finest examples of human potential, community and courage.

Thriving Not Surviving with Gina Gardiner

Guest, Davida Ginter, Personal Power, how to prevent burnout in leaders and changemakers

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio and cohost Mark Laisure

Better Health on All Levels Through Laughter: It’s Possible, with Guest Sebastien Gendry the Laughter Wellness Guy, Well-Being Engineer, and Master Laughter Therapy Trainer, and Comedic Guest, Bob Hope USO Award Winner, Stand-Up Comedian Mike Marino on The LIFE CHANGES Show