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Guest Name
Ashlee Kozac
Guest Occupation
Coach and Yoga Instructor
Guest Biography

Ashlee Kozac is a confidence, health and nutrition coach with a focus on integration.



Ashlee Kozac  is certified in Buti yoga and nutrition. Her background with narcissistic abuse gave her the inspiration to help empower other women that have ended up on the same path. Stronger through her journey of introspection. She noticed the power that came from her past that she recognized and was certain others would benefit too.


Ashlee allows space and safety in a non-judgmental environment.  Helping women switch their perception and gain clarity from the confusion that can come from narcissistic abuse.  Ashlee empowers you to transform and unlearn patterns of suffering and confusion so you can live from love, joy, and excitement now. Her primary focus is integration. Growth happens when we integrate dense energy. The integration of density is a fast forward button to your least destiny. Breathwork, movement, and nutrition are just some of the tools that Ashlee uses to help her clients resolve the past. With the option of other tools that one could benefit from to transform and raise our vibration(frequency). Ashlee Kozac is a mother of three beautiful children.