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A Fireside Chat, February 22, 2014

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A Fireside Chat with Lance White
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Guest Carla J Fox

Carla takes us deeply into shamanic healing, her experiences with the Monroe Institute and her development of Quantum Sphere Healing.  She shares views on the "chakra system" and why it's part of the "densification process", then guides us on the method to remove them, returning to our own energy signatures centered in the heart.  We go into her book, Traversing the Infinite Now, as an ongoing guide to awakening.  Last, she shares her "take" on the Galactic History transcripts!

Guest, Carla J Fox

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Carla J Fox
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*** SPECIAL NEW YEAR SHOW for 2020!!! *** Energy Healer, Quantum Sphere Healing Practitioner
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Carla Fox has been seeking the answers to life's most important questions all her life.  Through shamanic journey work and the use of altered states of consciousness, she has traveled far and wide in the cosmos gaining a unique understanding of the realms in which we exist.  Her mission on Earth at this time is to be a way shower for others who can benefit from what she has learned and where she has gone.

Her evolution of service to others started with her Shamanic Healership training at the Four Winds Society.  Her studies at the Monroe Institute led to the creation of Quantum Sphere Healing, the process she currently uses.  Her passionate interest in the whole death process helped her create her latest workshop entitled, "Journeys Beyond the Physical".  And, of course, there is her timeless book, "Traversing the Infinite Now", which is only available on her website.

Through her workshops, blog, and energy healing practice, Carla's mission is to assist others in attaining clarity, healing, wholeness and self-empowerment in order to take full advantage of the evolutionary opportunities that are being presented to each and every human being at this time. You can find out more on her website, and check out her blog at the links below:

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A Fireside Chat

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