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Executive Shine, September 23, 2021

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Executive Shine
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with Jill Wright and guest Christine Kahane

Executive Shine with Jill Wright and guest Christine Kahane, Unlearning

Guest, Christine Kahane

Guest Name
Christine Kahane
Guest Occupation
We do not train, nor do we consult, we are RESULTANTS – we facilitate your unique desired outcomes. In our 30 year track record of successes, we bring an all-new level of awareness for the importance of, and need for... unLearning.
Guest Biography
Christine Kahane
Change Management, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching.
Christine builds on 25 years of experience working with organizations wanting to effect sustainable growth by building brands rooted in cultural core values. Witnessing the seismic shift in corporate cultures through values-driven change, Christine has worked to develop facilitation techniques that integrate EQ mastery, communication skills, and culturally-based business modeling.
Her company, The Institute for Unlearning, focuses on a company’s cultural health, guiding teams to engage through mindful self-leadership.
Her work in the U.S. and internationally has given her extensive experience in co-creating what individuals and teams need to thrive: uncovering the unique qualities that bring lasting relevance to business, through harnessing people’s innate  genius.
Her experience in leadership development and culture shift includes internationally recognized brands, among them, R.H. Macy & Co., Shearson Lehman Brothers, American Express, Barneys New York, Microsoft, Federated Department Stores, TLR Eclectic, The Landmark Group, and Mercy Health Systems. In the public sector, her shift work with government agencies includes EPS, NAVAIR, and numerous city and county police departments across the country.
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Executive Shine

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“Hi, I’m Jill Wright, and I want to welcome you to EXECUTIVE SHINE: Conversations That Count.

I search the planet to bring you some of the most dynamic leaders in various industries, who often only have one thing in common: uncommonly outrageous impact on people and business. They are leaving this world a radically better place.

So kick back and join us while we use the media to exploit what’s right in this world and head out on a full throttle assault against the disconnection running rampant through the workplace and the home front.

Who knows? Our conversations may land in some dangerous places, but we’ll make them conversations that count!

Join our crusade on today’s program to grab a few insights you can immediately apply to leverage your leadership and foster greater connection in a world that’s become increasingly disconnected.

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