The Donna Seebo Show, October 24, 2013

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The Donna Seebo Show
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The Complete Guide on How to Negotiate

The power of negotiation...we all can improve on that skill. Tali Raphaely gives some excellent perspectives so you can feel secure in your negotiation skills instead of feeling intimated, making you vulnerable to uncomfortable situations.

Guest, Tali Raphaely

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Tali Raphaely
Tali Raphaely
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Negotiator, Attorney, President of Armour Settlement Services.
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Tali Raphaely is an author, and the focus of his writing is primarily on self-help topics, business advice and on providing others with motivation and inspiration to live greater, more fulfilling lives. His new book, The Complete Guide on How to Negotiate, is available for sale on Amazon and in select book stores. He is currently involved in the process of finishing his next book, which addresses the important issues of achieving greater happiness and fulfillment in people’s lives.

Through his studies and personal experience, he has accumulated great insight he is now meticulously passing on to others in his writings. He has a great passion for writing about subjects that help individuals improve their personal and professional lives. His writing topics are derived from over a decade of experience in sales, marketing, management, recruiting, the ownership of his business, buying and selling real estate, buying and selling businesses, negotiating with clients, vendors and employees, and his intense research and involvement in countless self-help, self-improvement, and self-awareness seminars, books and hands-on programs and events.

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Donna Seebo is an international mental practitioner, psychic, award winning author, teacher, counselor, minister, speaker and radio/television personality.

As a talk show host Donna really excels. Guests on her programs include CEO's of Fortune 500 companies to working mothers. Her interviews embody a golden voice that shines with passion, purpose, sincerity and humor. She is one of the few media hosts in the country who actually read the material authors submit before booking them on the air.

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