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Bringing Intimacy Back, February 27, 2020

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Bringing Intimacy Back
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with Dr April Brown and guest April Natale

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown and guest April Natale

Guest, April Natale

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April Natale
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April Natale started her career as a Nurse. She is the mother of two beautiful children. As a young child, April knew that she was different and let’s say “extra sensitive” to her surroundings. She came from a Catholic upbringing which helped open her up to the world of Angels. April recalls seeing spirit as a child and not being sure how to navigate those emotions. She held them all in and, as a result, I developed anxiety. April's gifts gave the ability to see the messages and signs which became clearer and vivid. April would hear and fell significant, and sometimes life-altering premonitions that she knew she could not ignore.

 April was unaware of how to use her gift which made gave her debilitating anxiety. She sought out therapy to try and understand what was happening.  It wasn’t until I had a session with Pat Longo, an Internationally known author, healer, and spiritual teacher, that April began to understand more about how to expand and use her gifts. She was responsible for mentoring the very well known Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. 

Bringing Intimacy Back

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As we look around in this world today, it seems we are becoming more disconnected from one another, even though we have the technology to connect to more and more people than ever before. Furthermore, the lack of intimacy (in its many forms) is one of the top three reasons why relationships struggle and many times end.

Thus the Bringing Intimacy Back talk show is a show dedicated to inspire, enlighten, and encourage intimate connections. This show provides an engaging atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to enhance intimacy in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. The show will discuss intimate connections in many different forms, such as sex, communication, emotional, physical, health, and spiritual. In fact, research has shown that as we increase our intimate connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, and others.  It will help decrease the conflicts, anxiety, and depression in our lives.


Increasing intimacy for all has become Dr. April’s mission. The mission statement of the show is to provide an atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to increase closeness in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. Therefore, Dr. April started in February 2018 to host her own new Radio/TV Show Bringing Intimacy Back where she and other intimacy experts will provide resources and tips on increasing intimacy in all types of relationships. Audience members will be able to transform their relationships through relationship experts’ insights, useful and practical resources, role-playing, and audience participation. The show’s goal is to show its audience members that intimacy can be alive and real in the relationships we desired.

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feeling lost and alone looking for validation from your partner only to find the feeling of rejection and continued frustration here together yet so far apart now your frustration is turned into disdain and resentment your insecurities have begun to affect every aspect of your life ironically you have now become the cold and detached shielding yourself from the uncertainties of your relationships dr. April Brown has created bringing intimacy bag a series of discussions that are designed to help you reclaim what you have lost along the way dr. April will help you ReDiscover and reconnect to the intimate relationship your heart so desires go to ww.w. Bringing intimacy to say and let the healing begin
welcome to the bring an intimacy back show where intimacy is real thank you guys so much for listening today I'm on this show we aim to help you increase that intimate connection between you your partner your higher power your loved one's business Network community of variety of different things we give you the secret power to intimacy to create a life you love love the life you create so I'm one of the things about me you said of course you guys know that my name is April and one of the things that I love to do is sin x meet people with my same name instead of today what if I guess has actually my same name as interesting as on my LinkedIn profile and I saw another April now and then I was like maybe let me see what she does and you guys are just going to because it's something I've not heard him myself and I think you guys are going to be really impressed
so today's topic is the intimate connections without passed loved ones what does that mean well today on my show I have a wonderful person her name is April Natali and welcome April how are you doing thank you so much for having me and reaching out to me just because we have the same name but yes yes and April has a wonderful talents and gifts and one of her a cup of her talents and gifts that she is a medium which is and I'll let her explain that if she isn't psychic and I'll let her explain that also welcome to the show yeah so April can you tell us a little bit about yourself
where do you want me to begin maybe explain what you do and then how do you got how you got started okay so I am psychic medium basically psychic is like a soul reader and I can help you help guide you you know with future endeavors in a medium is somebody that is sort of like a vessel between here and the other side and I'm able to connect with them you know provide healing messages for for you and your loved ones from the other side
so even in the sense of these gifts as many times we don't recognize I guess in the beginning not at that gift of connecting with people from the other side how did which one that started first
jerk but not every psychic is a medium so I know that from a child I was definitely different I was always having premonitions a little girl and then I was always seeing hearing things and just things I couldn't explain it was up late at night and I would see faces and it was scary I was able to pick up on you know passed loved ones that or people that had passed away and the houses that I lived in
but it wasn't until I would say and it's this is all kind of my bio on my website is full my best friends since kindergarten when we were in sixth grade I remember I had that sense of knowing this was going to be the last time that we saw her dad we were leaving it was an active when we were leaving to go get in the car to go to a haunted house and she said bye daddy I love you and I was like bye daddy I love you but then my stomach just turned and he ended up dying in a car accident that night so after that happened I thought I was a little girl you know I was in sixth grade and I just completely felt responsible I didn't understand how I knew I had the sense of knowing you know and
you know I would take a shower I remember I feel like Mom can you stay in the bathroom with me and I just was I went it was so scary because you know what people think sometimes being a psychic medium it's it's great but it it's really you're taking on a lot of emotions and feelings of even people in the classroom I remember I was my teacher is I just knew which ones suffer from alcoholism or depression I will look around and I knew which students were either abused or just were very self-conscious yeah and I was just a lot of sewing up with all that stuff coming to you specially as a child that can be overwhelming Winery
baking I don't know maybe make you nervous or did you feel any kind of
anxiety or anything with all that oh yeah yeah and as I can cuz I got older it got stronger so I would have I would have more from Anna and when it would happen sometimes it would be natural disasters I would dream of planes going into shiny shiny windows and then 9/11 happened or I would dream about a huge flood and then the tsunami hits
and it was all over and I just I was taking on so much of the world that wants and things that were happening happening in our local news and then I would dream about where that child body was located to the police officers working on those cases so it wasn't just you know it was more at night and then of course people love you know family members did your mom and your parents understand this GIF okay because I'm up at night right you're not sleeping yet when I go to school I'm picking up on so many emotions of others and then of course they're passed loved ones that started the kind of comes through to that I tried and I would even be at my friend's birthday parties and grandma would be talking to me and you know I felt the presence of like
deceased son and the name Anthony Pops in my head and
that was his name-o you know I was just you know I always kind of knew I was psychic and a medium and I just so you knew it it like you had you seen it on TV or something or remember like Sylvia Browne was on TV and John Edwards had his show so it always kind of intrigued me and I was kind of felt like okay but who do I go to you know if I go to the doctor and tell him what's the time having all this anxiety and
but I'm I'm not explaining to him when I'm just telling you about how I'm able to choose these things your things that are not always think it's you always embraced I did and didn't you know I didn't understand more so until
now I would say you know it it wasn't until I got older and my stepdad he was dying from cancer we had an intimate conversation and he said I worry about your mother this all goes wrong and I said if anything ever happens to you you can come to me I'm kind of like a medium like people come to me when they die and you know my friend's Grandma's when they would pass away I didn't even know them and it would come to me and tell me all these messages and I would tell my friends and they would be like oh my God that's all true how do you know that so I told him and then once he passed away he came to me right away in a dream and she showed me that he was with all these people around a table and that
he was healthy and happy again I didn't recognize any of the people but my mom was sitting next to him and he was rubbing and rubbing his neck and it was where the radiation with a West Coast there yet
and then he showed me my sister crying and I said I didn't understand why but I felt that it was something with something to do with a baby girl and that her wanting to have another baby girl so I called my mom the next day and I told her listen I dreamt about you know Joe and he showed me you rubbing and rubbing his neck and I told her everything and she goes oh my God I used to do that to him all the time you know we used to watch these things between my sister crying and it was something about a baby girl but I feel that she needs to do something matically first and within a couple months later she got diagnosed with cervical cancer so he has come to me so many times vividly in dreams what else do you know why I see the signs during the day and I started to journal and
cancel the signs during the day the dreams was just amazing so you help I mean today's topic is about that intimate connection and that's what you many times how people connect with their passed loved ones what does the word intimacy mean to you again with people on the other side what helps me to start journaling cuz you're going to stay all I want this I want that from them and they're showing you and they're sending you any father's hummingbirds ladybugs butterflies all these things but you're kind of you do you get him here and there but you could tell them listen and I've done this before and I've journaled it
people that have passed over last night I got the pennies thank you but I want you to step it up a notch and then the phone start going off to ringing and ringing and ringing and nobody is on the line when you pick up so do you you know those things but also they're going to come to you to warn you about things and my stepdad has been a big person on the other side that comes to me a lot with warnings and stuff even for my mom's car most recently he show me that it needs to be serviced and then her light her service light came on but I have to my moms will be tons of tile loose or put it on Facebook but she called me one time
I told I had a dream about him and he was like sitting on the couch and goes she was looking for she was missing something he was like to see did you look by the dresser
you know I said I called her sometime Joe says something about by the dresser look by the dress or whatever you're looking for and then a couple weeks later goes by and she said she calls me and she's or April I don't put this on Facebook I said Okay and she goes I was reading the Sunday paper and I I need in my reading glasses so I went to the bedroom to go look for them and I said did you look by the dresses to go see I looked all over when I went to leave the TV turned on my gosh wow she goes and then I I I shut it off and right on the the dresser right on the dresser floor right by the dresser was her reading glasses that say was right there they're showing you their showing you that there are around there but I'm assuming you have to be like you have that gif not everyone I do
I know that if you asked though still show you your loved ones you know they're not locked up in heaven like we all think they're really yeah they're really like in the car rides right next to you there on the couches watching Dancing with the Stars with you there's still do the same things but in a different form there's they're just trying to make their presence known with you. Just those things that I just talked about but I'll record it recorded okay okay yes could you forget about it a lot of a okay Ma if this is real if she's real bring up my nickname OK and I'm channeling and I'm writing things down I just heard the word Punky Brewster oh my God my mommy's
that's exactly what I wanted to come through okay okay so yeah so what you're saying and I do believe and I know one of my favorite poets is Maya Angelou and she used to always say that when she was on stage of giving her points out of talking that she was there with all her generations of other women and and other people and their family so what's your you been sharing with us is that we can't get connected with our pass left once we just need to be open in and you said a great idea is starting to to journal into right things out yes yes yeah yeah I really do would like you to kind of expand on that when we come back from a break on how we can be connected and also what's the difference between us being connected to our love once and maybe also hiring a professional like yourself
you know what's that the difference in the benefits of that you were going to take a short break and when we come back we're going to talk more about that intimate connection with our expert medium April
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welcome back to the bring an intimacy show where intimacy is real on today's topic we're talking about that intimate connection we can have without passed loved ones people who have passed away and today we have a special guest April and April is Natalia she is excited medium and you've been sharing with us how we ourselves can I'm start to connect with a loved one if you can expand on that but also expand also on why maybe it's important if we decide to get a professional you know often times people come to me
for their children when the kids you know her they can't sleep at night cuz they're kind of gifted like me as well and they're still open and kids are still just so open and you know I tell them to give them tools and things to do I'm so if you have a child it's like me and are seeing hearing things that are not there and you taking them to doctors you know sometimes it's not always a medical solution it's a spiritual solution and also when you're stuck in deep grief and you just need to kill yourself out of bed for that day I would say pick up Journal
and just starts right and you know it sometimes it turns into automatic writing and you're getting your getting those messages from your loved ones and your Spirit guides and your angels you know ask ask them for the guidance cuz they're always there and your love you no matter what but you can ask your angels with swallowing
you know writing things down really did help me a lot during grieving process cuz if you know even though I'm a medium I was still feeling grief deep Grace you're going through and now I'm able to
how do you kind of just understand cuz you know we can talk about like you you want to live with your grandma so I know now that was my first time and I just wanted to make sure like you were legit and that kind of stuff yet
yeah exactly
and I and I do it with the the
the good the best intention the highest of all for you and your guests loved ones but when I went to read you and you asked me do I want it I want to maybe check in with my grandma yeah and I asked her that I don't think I actually that verbally
I don't ever lie yeah you got that yeah you got you all I know is that your father was standing there but like I said I know that
you really want to hear from you know this person but there's there's a there's a man here and you know you kind of like okay but he had passed when you were really young but he's yet he's still in your life and part of your journey and guiding you when I think that's still provided some comfort for you knowing that and yes it's true and you know intimate details so I ask for things that only only you and your loved ones know things I couldn't possibly know I asked for the highest good of all concerned and I asked for healing messages you know a lot of people that have lost their parents or just anyone you know they feel very lost and they need that healing and that's that's kind of what I tried it I try to feed the medium and give you those also cuz it's about
emotional connections with your loved ones that sometimes even in the sense of my father who passed away when I was much younger that the passed loved ones want to have a connection with us and so then maybe they attached to you and hoping that this person will call or whatever the case maybe does that make sense that I'm what I'm trying to say the sentence besides getting requests from the people on this side of the Earth itself requests from people on the other side
like what what kind of example would you say I'm just how my dad was showing up
how can I put it I just didn't know if sometimes other times people show up that you want to talk to their loved ones in this side without their loved ones asking for them that's what I meant exactly what happened you I feel like yes and same with your assistant that I read mother but that her ex showed up
you're asking about this guy that's in your life right now I suppose
I do but I'm so focused on my mind and now I'm going into asking a psychic question I'm saying well this guy is Virgin you don't barging through the door right him no and then he provided the healing message for her as well oh yeah they'll they're all around us they're always always always trying to send some type of healing message so you're going to go you know you're going to go in there and you're very open and so was your assistant which is great much better for me to bring as many Souls that want to give you those type of healing messages and yeah it was it was really it was really cool to have them come through for both of you and so what type of people usually come to you for what in the sense of
so I have people that comes to me and wants to know things just don't
I just kind of tap in and then I'll hear words sometimes it's I'll just your word like lupus lupus yes the doctor wants me to get checked for Lupus okay get check for Lupus I'm not diagnosing you or anything but she went to the doctor and she doesn't have they did the paneling she didn't have Lupus it finally gave her that the mine and she rested but she has other medical issues she needed to take care of and you know ask for the highest good and so that's a lie and then for mediumship they come to me for a brief. Of grief you know and grief and they wants to be able I've been asking where I want to sign I'm just not getting it and I'm telling them okay they're showing me
you know
they're showing me a bag of Cheetos or something it's funny though and she's like oh my God my kid just dropped the bomb on a big bag of Cheetos in the back of the van the other day okay with letting wants you to know that he was with you during that time you're at
funny things like that or there's so many so many messages and it really seems that you enjoy what you're you're doing but doesn't get overwhelming with so many hours
things that you hearing yeah you you taking a lot you do you do but now that I understand these gifts and my abilities I'm able to control it more and more as I give the messages and you know I I'm I'm learning how to close down as opposed to being open and a where all the time like I was since a child you know I'm able to tell them no I'm not I'm not you know available right now cuz I've had so many loved ones that comes to me or kid they come to me and dream then I'm just like I need sleep or during the day it was it was giving me a lot of anxiety was it was overwhelming yeah okay so in some
I guess you have to have an open and closed kind of thing that you're open now and your clothes now and that kind of stuff my ground and I surrounds and I protect myself kind of like in a bubble of God's white lights and I also put my kids in a bubble of God's white light and I put on a shield of like armor and I just protect you know my heart where you feel those are taking things and sometimes feared around in your gut feeling that's you know Spirit coming through some messages so I protect those cuz you're not always going to come around
you know high level energies and Spirits sometimes you're going to come around you know like a bad neighborhood of spirit
and so is some people are listening and as you know I'm a very spiritual person myself and they're saying you know what this is psychic and medium and stuff since I Go Again spirituality people are like him I think that's exactly what psychic medium is I think that it goes against more fear-based religious groups okay I think that mediums are very spiritual and they're also religious as well you know right so you know I went to Catholic school on Saturdays and I just had an amazing teacher that would talk about angels and how they send you signs
he opened up a doorway for me to communicate and that's how they were like okay we're going to her for messages as a little girl and I didn't understand it I didn't understand cuz it was nobody I could really go to until I met my spiritual teacher yes yes if someone signs up for is there a difference when you sign up for your services as a psychic versus a medium or is it all combined
I'm certain people want to come to me and I'll I have I haven't suffered so you can pick one you know if you can pick them both and I have it on there where you know like you we did both for you going to be like okay I'll do mediumship first we'll see who's there and then you know and then I'll go and psychically and just kind of guide them with whatever I feel is what they need to hear the most and yeah that's that's kind of you know sometimes I like all that's exactly what was on my mind her you know when this is what's going to happen or here's how I'm going to give the message to guide them in the the best way possible you know you have time for another break 8-ball and sell and just break here would love for you to share about your services are people can reach you and connect with you and what do you have to offer for a commune
out there so my name is April Natale I'm a psychic medium you can go to my website at April Natale. Com it's a p r i a n n a t a l e. Com and my phone number is 847-261-4498 and then you can also email me at info at April Natale. Com I also have a bunch of social websites Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn that you can contact me on his wall and it's April Natale again it's 8 p.m. r i z o n a t a l e x to me if you need some guidance psychically or any type of spiritual services to if your kid is just seeing hearing feeling things as well as yourself and it's coming through to you as you know I'm xiety
overwhelming you know feelings I can I can help guide you with that and then also if you're just in deep grief and you want to connect with your loved ones but you just don't know how
feel free to reach out to me and it if you're unable to
even afford my services just just shoot me an email and I have no problem with with still helping you so that's that's all anything else to add to King of it's great yes and when you're talking about because you've mentioned it a few times this deep grief and I've seen them quite a few people in my counseling sessions where is been a tragic loss maybe it's unexpected yes yes and people want answers
what going through a medium what can I provide them
you know sometimes that it's going to provide them with the answers of questions that they have you know around the death or situations and sometimes when it comes through they just want you to forget about it and not grieve over even just leaving the room and then they passed away you know a lot of people don't understand that you know we're part of his soul group and you know sometimes your loved ones wait for you to get there and then they'll pass and then sometimes you're there every single day and night and then the moment you leave the room like if they're sick or something
you know that's when they're able to let go you know you just mention what part of his soul group what exactly does that mean
group is he know I feel like you should know this to it's it's it's your your parents your friends your siblings your your children you know once those people start departing apart of you leaves with them me I'm able to take on their personalities you know your grandmother yes
yeah like a little Betty White and just give you that moments up having them in the room but almost like the movie goes like the Whoopi Goldberg situation and I'm able to provide that for you yes and I think of it so many times it's
when you get answers to your yourself Fields advice you're not like overwhelming you know like why did this happen and yada yada
he'll just sitting there and they're really right besides you and those really mean things approved you know the validations of listen I'm right here and you know I hit a reading with the young girl and her friends have passed young they kind of want a different paths because the one girl started to get into drugs and when she came to me
girl I said channeling in the girls said he sure she started to show me like a Tweety Tweety Bird and she said I was just trying on it sweetie might I was going to wear my Tweety Bird sweatshirt before I came here and I said and she showing me the way I told her if this is real if this is true bring up the time that we got arrested yeah yeah because we were just acting up the skins and you know we all have stories like that and she just he just cry but the bring that intimate detail that story between her and her friend and it was somebody that was a part of her soul group you know when it's very healing for her
as well as the person on the other side and it's also feeling for me to help somebody that's so good to hear that it's healing for you also yeah yes yes in the sense of giving back yeah yeah yeah so I also want to spend a few moments talking about your other gift of psychic yes
something that scared me very much so because I was able to dream about the people that would die and then they would die but then I also dream of all people that were pregnant before they even know that they're going to have a baby in it it's great but it's also scary and and I was able to reach out to a very great spiritual healer teacher mentor and she taught me and you know I don't want to see death unless I can prevent it so now I'm able to show those warnings of you know get like with my sister about her having medical issues I I needed her to know that she's going to be okay you know when I trusted you know my step tips show me that type of warnings medium and psychic Lee too but psychically yeah it's
the things that just come through it's it's so many different things you know I read somebody her brother in Mexico and you know he wanted to know about his son and then he wanted to know about his wife and the wife
I thought that she had stomach issues and I kept telling him that and they just messaged me the other day that she actually does and she's getting that taken care of it's nice to help keep on that way right to do people come to you I mean many of many of us are so uncertain about the future you know what's going to happen next and so do you get a lot of people that come to you and that's about a variety of different things that maybe they should spend time figuring out the door I'm you giving the answer you know like she's going to be my husband there you know what I'm saying that kind of stuff
me and they're wondering when they're going to get pregnant but the thing is I'm able to kind that's happen and go a little deeper and I tell you need to forgive yourself for that life lesson choice you know those life lessons back then you had an abortion or something so that's what they just needed to hear to really allow them to spiritually like calling you know what a soul to be born to become pregnant and then within you know months later or within 6 months to a year later they're pregnant so they can provide you know
okay yeah so what you're saying is dumb
you also provide healing for those people who are sometimes looking for the future by addressing some kind of a hold they may have I'm not sure if that's the best way to say almost like past trauma or just something that's blocking them
self back you know when but he'll also sometimes I'll dream it to I'll do it and I'll tell them and then I'll dream it a little more vividly and then I'll read them again and I'll tell them listen you're going to this is going to happen for you and you're going to have another child and the child going to have dark hair and then the baby that I dreamt about just was born in January so yeah there's there's and then there's just job situations could sing with the person that I read New Mexico he he's unemployed right now and he's very worried about it you know and I was able to pick that up and sometimes you can use tools like tarot cards really provides the bus reading psychically and yeah I feel
anything that you kind of love people come to me so family relationship work situations anything anything that you know about yes I've had a lady comes to me and she asked me about her niece how's my niece going to do in gymnastics and and then I you know right away I get the Visions or whatever you know and I said you know she needs to work out in her Landing cuz she's going to get hurt will she going to go to state yes yes she is going to go down to state for this but he needs to work on our landing and then I get text message months later she made it to state but she did herself when she lands did she does need to work on it more so
you know yeah that must bring a lot of fun
joy to people but I'm thinking also sometimes that you may provide information to them that's a little bit scary
they don't people don't want to hear you do the same
I always thought the intention before and I asked for the good of all concerned so it might be scary but it's also warning them I don't ask for any that's related things it's going to be a scary thing is to be more of a spiritual you know don't let fear and let fear take over and I feel like it just kind of calmed you with the things that were on your mind and that kind of guided you to yes and you kind of feel like you can breathe again yes yes I think I was really helpful and so has people out there listening I do think it's really good sometimes to check in and see where life is going and seeing the things that that you can improve on their art week in that kind of stuff yes
yeah yeah go ahead now I know in part of your bio and what you talked about earlier was that Adam you probably would diagnose with a lot of things Ivy and stuff like therapy therapy and all that but it wasn't until I went to a spiritual doctor
that's when it was like oh yeah you're gifted I would call myself to see the secret psychic because I didn't tell anybody and then all these things were happening and I was getting such you know validation of my reading psychic lien and as a medium and then I would just say you know just email me afterwards like how healing it was and I started accumulate all these emails and then I started to come out to
family and friends that way yes yeah cuz I think positive
anxiety is is not accepting who you are is learning how to accept your gifts he had a lot of premonitions going off and even when he would meditate he would would say you know your boy got told me that you were the chosen one but do you know the doctor this week that's what he wanted and we thought that it was
that's what he needed at the time and he was put on all. On and off all these different medications and he was diagnosed bipolar schizophrenic and
you know what I truly feel now that I see the way that I'm channeling and even as a child seeing hearing and passed loved ones standing right next to our loved ones when they walk through the door I see them and I'm like okay now I understand my brother a little more spiritually issue it's a spiritual and your people just help back the more you're going to be blocked by like I will say this to
don't self-medicate a lot of these people they start to just walk in a room and feeling hear and see things that are not of this world and that's why we have a lot of people that self-medicate exactly yes and you're right it's all were all connected in the sense of Body Mind Spirit heart of the sun show here in this section here we talked about different ways to connect without passed loved ones and tips I know you gave one great step on that we should start journaling what is some other tips from audience
you know when you think that
the electrical the lights Turquoise Ring Off the toy start going off you know your kids toys they can
you're seeing Sparkles of your sting Shadows go by really quick just know that you know it's it it's your passed loved ones sometimes you might wear your Spirit guides and guards are at your loved one never leave your side and talk to them they want you to and and encourage them to do other things held up the mess with the electric so you know when big things and changes were coming so my grandma she just text in December you know I told my other loved ones okay you know if you're coming to get her you to make those noises and my kids toys with start going off and it's always the same toy that every time a transitioner somebody in my soul broke is going to go to the other side that's why I'm like the toys in the lights go out in Courage that they want you to
how you they want you to tell them play that song on the radio and if you can't remember that's why I say write it down you know because it's you're going to forget and just encourage them you know just know that they're they're always around us always is it good also to bite and also voice it out so they can hear when you hear your name
being called that them you know I would love to have another show where callers call in and really say about all of this happened was it my loved ones yes yes it why you know those are ways that they're trying to get ahold of you and they're showing you Chinese or feathers on you know the grounds and enemy with your cell phones and the electric and stuff song yes yeah I was just thinking what if you have someone who is messing with your stuff but he don't want to hear from them
you can set your boundaries you know there's somebody said how do you set boundaries
you kind of write it down to them
you can set your boundaries listen like I mean I know you you're have a boundary of time limit now but do they listen
yeah they do they do for me now they're okay
all these years I put them in check because I can go into a public place and I am taking these hitchhikers home so even when I bought my house the first time I couldn't sleep in here cuz I knew that there was a meal energy and then I started to dream about how he passed and then my older neighbor confirmed that's exactly how he so I just grab one of these two graphs add this is white sage a white sage okay so you can get it ordered this from Florida there was a holistic store out there smoking
you just tell them to go to the lights you know where I don't want your negative energy here and only want those walk and got slight loving nature and it wants to spend stealing messages cuz you know I'm like I did and I was like okay goodbye you're just you're just waking me up at 9 since you're buying me and sometimes too you're not going to want to talk to a loved one that just wasn't really there for you
that's part of your ceiling too and I have a lot of people and I've had readings were just loved ones that I just don't want to hear from they come through and now they're there polygenic and stuff so
yeah okay okay okay so yeah you've had meetings where people have come through that they're they don't the people in this I don't want to talk to them basically and you just let tell him
no one wants to talk to you on this side and you have to go
contact me but I don't I don't want your your energy around me okay okay good so besides stage is there any other good things tools you can get like palossand so you can get you can get holy water or you yes they even understand. A different background without the same English language I'm still able to communicate through Boston images
you know it's all love and light on the other side so they're sending me things through
you know my own references so like that girl she's showing me the subway I'm like why am I seeing Subway in front of them and I'm able to kind of
Elvis Theater so is there anything else that you would like audience to know that we have not touch bases on
I don't know what else what else is there how are you I want to know is a doctor do as a doctor yes yes hot nurse to so I had a lot of Ethan patients like after I would do hospice they would I would find like a rose or flower in the room and it was loving and our they would come see me and dreams and say thank you and then I go back to work the next day and they had passed away you know the big, I'd check book I feel that we kind of have it backwards and I feel that we need to
take care of ourselves spiritually first before we fall in the body you know and so like I feel like we got it backwards start as a child so when a child runs to the disco's to my room no don't don't fill them with fear say okay we're going to send them away or email contact me and I'll walk you through its or I'll just let you know which careful of when it is but I want to know is the doctor for you how was it how was your first experience was very spiritual very mention earlier that sometimes people see sparkles and I always seeing Sparkles ever since them my grandmother passed away right yeah yes yes yes so ruski in the ears to I had ringing in the ears because we are at
very strong and it would get so close to me by the ringing in the ears and then the lights would pop out kids toys would start going off so you know what the Sparkles yeah and then the shadows and then of course you know I started see them again I see there you know whole like their loved ones yeah so that was great and then on my bedside as a parent myself and knowing other fathers and made me realize that if I was so lost if I could not be with my child cuz of death how I would love to connect with them even after all this all this time yes yes yes because you love your kids no matter what and I probably has may be taken out a little bit for granted
Team Ford first for you because he was like that was my daughter and I even apologetic about some stories that you heard about him and yet he and you just took it all in and you were so open and it provided you with a lot of healing like you you know me and you because it's been so long but they're still around you when he's part of your soul group and he's part of who you are today right exactly exactly am I know my mom is smart but I know matically is a lot of gifts that he provided for me so yeah thank you so much for being on the show today yes I could talk to you forever he has same here but I would love for our guests to unconnect with you so can you tell us your number again and your social medias
you guys to it's okay there's two quotes that I really loved and it's you know we're we are not human beings having a spiritual experience we Are Spiritual Beings having a human experience so I watch you guys also know that and then also when you meet people treat everyone like their God in drag you know it's so jao everything such a wonderful world if we did that has a p r i l and it's an a t a l e. Com and my phone number is 847-261-4498 and you can email me at info at April Natale. Com again it's a p r a l and a t a l e
and then you can find my Facebook Instagram Twitter and Linkedin and it's all April Natale a quick question now I just text not Richard but one last quick question on what did your mom name you April cuz you're not born in April either of them right you know your daughter is my birthday I'll just write your throat is Mike that's why you are born in a happy birthday to my mother today is her birthday, okay so cuz you were born in April that's why she named you April like for girls so when she got to me I always say Okay April what month is it she was like 17 Amy Natale which is Christmas in Italian so I just have a very know. I feel it is kind of spiritual
like Easter and new beginnings new life and it's a means like open my mom actually found that she was in Germany and she met someone whose name is April and just left the name but you don't Carolina April's anymore know you don't know I think it's pretty cool thank you so much and I'm so glad we connected then I help next in space forever and yeah thank you so much and if there's anything I can do like me now please check her out check our website out and this is been the bringing it's Missy back show thank you thank you guys

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