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Bringing Intimacy Back, December 16, 2021

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Bringing Intimacy Back
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with Dr. April Brown, Coach Kay and guests Serena Arora & Kevin McQuillan

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown, Coach Kay and guests Serena Arora & Kevin McQuillan, Intimacy Yoga & Relationships

Bringing Intimacy Back

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr April Brown and Dr Kelly
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Dr April Brown

As we look around in this world today, it seems we are becoming more disconnected from one another, even though we have the technology to connect to more and more people than ever before. Furthermore, the lack of intimacy (in its many forms) is one of the top three reasons why relationships struggle and many times end.

Thus the Bringing Intimacy Back talk show is a show dedicated to inspire, enlighten, and encourage intimate connections. This show provides an engaging atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to enhance intimacy in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. The show will discuss intimate connections in many different forms, such as sex, communication, emotional, physical, health, and spiritual. In fact, research has shown that as we increase our intimate connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, and others.  It will help decrease the conflicts, anxiety, and depression in our lives.


Increasing intimacy for all has become Dr. April’s mission. The mission statement of the show is to provide an atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to increase closeness in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. Therefore, Dr. April started in February 2018 to host her own new Radio/TV Show Bringing Intimacy Back where she and other intimacy experts will provide resources and tips on increasing intimacy in all types of relationships. Audience members will be able to transform their relationships through relationship experts’ insights, useful and practical resources, role-playing, and audience participation. The show’s goal is to show its audience members that intimacy can be alive and real in the relationships we desired.

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welcome to the brain and Timothy back show we are intimacy is real if you desire to intimately connected with your self your significant other children and family friends community and your higher power this show is for you that we explore intimate topics inspiring life story spirituality and insightful tips on strengthening relationships this show is hosted by dr. April and her doctor Kelly now let's get this episode of the bringing intimacy back show started because we share with you the secret power to intimacy to create a life you love or love the life you create with your host dr. April p.m. to bring an intimacy back show where intimacy is real yes I want to introduce against you and this time like last time we have a new co-host cuz Kay how are you doing I'm doing great thank you how about yourself I'm doing

good didn't get those people who missed us last time Coach K is on new codes Cohoes and cupcake tell us a little bit about yourself

my name is Connie but I do go back home okay I'm a life coach and certified sexologist certified Doula business coach plethora of things in addition to being a mom of 5 wife of one with a yeah which is a lie definitely have you done all of your holiday shopping

traditionally holiday shopping concludes and start on Christmas Eve

you're one of those last-minute Shoppers I am otherwise I will have a house full of gifts for no reason at all yeah that's definitely a lot of people these days are like trying to figure out what are they going to buy their significant others their loved ones you know with all these products shortage because of Transportation it's it's something else it really is the good thing is I also sometimes yes definitely tell this show is also about if your last-minute Shopper you know that's one good way of buying things is also buying experiences you have had one experience that I had this past year was a retreat

those are amazing need it honestly I don't even think he hosts and Retreats to yes I did my first one for couples last year or second one will be this year in the ladies 10K yeah yeah and so for me the retreat this year with such a powerful thing because it was like you said you sometimes you don't even think you need it but it was really refreshing and stuff yeah yeah and I want you and she did to our audience their Retreat Center that I went to because it was absolutely amazing and Coach K you're going to have to check it out yes so I want it in Tuesday is what we call the peace which we could actually when I was there I honestly felt very peaceful you know because it's actually slowed me down so I want to introduce the

a toast of the peach between Kevin and Serena welcome Kevin is doing it to the show these guys are the owners of the peace which weighed which is where Costa Rica yeah tell us a little bit about you guys

well I'm I'm Canadian and I've been in Costa Rica for the last 12 years and running an operating peace Peachtree and just doing essentially what I love this passion projects in the jungle in Costa Rica and bringing back intimacy is certainly a pillar I would say of white piece of tree was born was to create an environment where intimacy flourishes and people can experience what intimacy is is it's like the embodiment of intimacy when people visit us and that's something that we attempt to create that's safe warm environment where intimacy nearest flourishes

yeah you know this is you've been here doctor April so you know it was a really I'll explain a little bit of just from my perspective is Costa Rica is a really natural place very harmonious Nature has people lived harmoniously with nature and it feels like The rhythms the circadian rhythms of nature people really tend to get to know themselves on a deeper level like you said yourself you slow down you it was refreshing so it's like what happened to get a little bit more open up the natural part of ourselves and it feels good it feels we remember that you know it's part of it sometimes it's we're just connected from it in the in our daily lives

what is what is really natural for us and so when we're reminded of it when we come to a place like Costa Rica and it's like no other feeling

awesome yeah definitely and so I know you didn't get a chance to introduce yourself cuz you talk too much about the retreat center which is wonderful

and I know that you also Empower intimacy into until this Kevin of course the yoga and the body mind and specially done with the body and the hell I stab can you talk a little bit about that yoga practitioner for over 20 years I really been able to connect the two sister scientist for some of you who aren't familiar with. It's the science of life and so I'm able to really utilize this science like I said of nature that in a place where it's reflected and so that's what I'm offering people here people are coming here

stressed out salads out of balance they have issues with whatever digestion or emotional stuff

physical things that come off you know and the last me questions and I usually use what we've been able to create your attempts to treat us a really beautiful kitchen and menu where were using food as medicine so we're able to if any ailment that is coming to it's like okay how can I find balance with that how can we find balance and so we use the Future 2 and the amazing fresh food that we have here to really nourish our guests and he can well get them to a place of rebalancing

sounds like it's almost like a newfound respect for nature that happens once you get there

yeah I think I sent away putting it in August as soon as mentioned we can get sodas disconnected from nature and were nestled right into nature right into the jungle and there's wide open there a lot of open space through anal birds and monkeys and there's all sorts of different things around that is so alive and that's what I love about this particular area is very Lively and to be able to connect all that is around here and get back to you very soon way to waste the basics you know just a simple life a simple way of being and that's what people experience here and I think that is deeply nourishing and so many different levels and it's profound and happens quickly you know it's come here and I've been doing this for 12 years and you know just life and the ability to pull themselves out of their life and Nestle themselves into a live environment where they feel cared for and where they can

take care of themselves as significant as you can say that I'm just wondering cuz I'm new to the retreat as of this year but I know Coach K and Kevin is Sweeney you guys have experience in that so if someone's listening and you said it's like walking around I don't watch it on that before they came here what exactly do you guys feel like people can recognize in themselves and in their body but they need a retreat khk if you can also going to that too but yeah Kevin question before they how do you know that you know you need a retreat cuz you even said Walking Dead what is that actually

it is a key element to self care and take care of yourself into potentially plan a retreat and get away for yourself because it is so nourishing and needed and so the idea is to take care of yourself before you get to the place of The Walking Dead and that's what I would have courage and you know it's the signs are always there right it's like okay I'm I'm I have a short temper I'm feeling tired and lethargic I'm not eating while I'm not taking care of myself you know it all the various different things are warning signs and those warning signs need to be paid attention to and I like it when you know some people come here and it's like you know I just I know I needed the retreat and I had to pull myself out of my life for that to occur as a reset not to come back to my values and what's important to me and to do it outside of my life is so important for me what I noticed the most is a lot of women you know women come here and they're very

women are very

Wells of nourishment because you know we're made of water but what happened is that were consistently giving and giving and giving or taking care of other things other people other projects more than ourselves and what happens that well starts to run dry and then we start to run dry it is feels exhausting it feels worthless like overwhelmed we are completely short tempers no irritated everything kind of just Grace on us and we don't have the juice I like to call it that's when naturally that's how we are that that's what we're made of

Christian let you know this is not I mean it's like Gary disconnected and we tend to disconnect from our bodies are heart and we live in our head so when we're consistently in this masculine energy of doing charging going forward we lose sight and lose this connection to the body are body and that's where the juiciness lives and so when Kevin talks about self-care it's nice to be on a really consistent everyday basis and it doesn't happen when we're constantly living in our heads and thinking and worrying and doing and so this our Retreat on Retreat allows body and I start

juice that I have always had but I just lost along the way and I get to restore it and that's the only way that sells overnight saying it doesn't just like okay I'm going to do one thing I'm going to take a bath and I'm going to be selfish and I'm going to really consider the daily process you into that feeling of it because once you feel it then you can really start you know people are like wow I haven't felt like this in years

so people don't know where they don't know how you know that you need a retreat if you start to recognize no I don't feel the same I'm not acting the same I'm getting the same comments from my surroundings everyone saying you're angry or upset Alaska me about okay all the time that may be a time to say let me Retreat which is to withdraw step back take of you so

when you add what type of retreat like you have a piece Retreat Okay this may be what I need this type of retreat or this type of retreat I need to withdrawal from what is no longer mean Justice in this environment that I am now and go to a place where I can learn new tools and processes that I can bring into my current space that will allow me to flourish differently since that I noticed that are quite common with our guess is


tired of being tired and overwhelmed and so those are three problems were attempting to solve for people when they come here it's like okay how to rehydrate and nourish ourselves known in a healthy proper way and out of sleep and to really take care of yourself and those are the last to unpack and unwind and just relax and how important it is and those are the three problems that were attempting to solve the people that come at our very comment that something I've noticed over the course of twelve years and it doesn't take a lot to fill those problems but it takes the right amount of support and so that's one thing that we're attempting to do and I think we do a great job doing

yes definitely and how you were just saying that I'm earlier that in people need a retreat that they feel like they're walking down and are you know Walking Dead and just connected and you even said I'm questi become to a retreat where there is that atmosphere that we can flourish Body Mind and Spirit and get so connected you know not only with that sells but with nature it is amazing thing so we're going to take a break but when we come back I want to get more into detail about the types of retreat what happens at a retreat and how to definitely you know impact and where we can find out more information about you guys okay we'll be back in a moment

I want to take a vacation in Paradise a vacation to rekindle the version without the kids actually hear each other and game inside if so vacation counseling is your next vacation April Brown has created vacation counseling and Southwest Florida as a perfect option for you and your partner will retrieve our one couple at a time we have a variety of packages available to choose from including virtual Couples Retreat if you and your partner interested in the vacation counseling please visit us at vacation for more information on pricing and packages also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep track of the latest news stories activities or coupons on vacation counseling and dr. April's other services we encourage you to still have to receive a monthly newsletter called intimate connection at Doctor April remember if you and your partner are struggling with communication and intimacy looking for a retreat to connect vacation counseling can be vacation in Southwest Florida

welcome back to the Bing and it's Misty show where intimacy is real well today on I'll shall we have Kevin and telena of the Pete's Retreat and the peace which tree is a place that I visit and the same Costa Rica beautiful Costa Rican the jungle this past summer and it was absolutely amazing it was a time. Where I was able to reconnect with myself and I'm in a previous talk just a few moments ago we talked about how what do we know we need a retreat and especially I mean at that time I felt like I really need to retreat and I think also we treat the also really good for if anyone is out there in your grieving over a loss because a lot of us have suffered a lot of loss this year for a variety of things

Retreats helping purpose and meaning and sell one of the questions I have for you guys did you guys call your retreat center peace retreat

why is that absolutely you know it's something that means a lot to me you know the attempt to get into a peaceful state which is there's nothing easy about getting two piece of state and

I set the name in order to create the environment and so that was the premise of the name of what's the what's the environment I want to create not only for myself my family for other people and that's what came to me I was having the capacity to build this peaceful State because I know life's not so peaceful at times it's not peaceful within as we do manage to as we attempt to manage being an individual in this world and certainly in our relationships in our communities and some muscle for it being peaceful is challenging and so I thought I'd set that marker through that the name Christopher

yeah wonderful yes one thing I'm that I really like that your retreat is that you guys do a lot of yoga and it's not just any kind of yoga and kinetic yoga person I wasn't a younger person before because I thought that I thought that I had experience before wear and yoga they pushed you to do this and died and they come and do all that but you guys did not do that they don't push you just are there and you let people do the emotions as much as they can do what they can you let them be them and I think it's Keith not as part of our approaches how to support somebody being an individual and import that is now we can lose ourselves in so many different ways we can lose ourselves within ourselves again within relationships are families at work or communities and so on and so forth and we have to sacrifice a lot to be in a relationship and it's it's very easy to lose one's self and I think that's one of the things I really appreciate it

developing ourselves as individuals again and to come back to what's most important to us as the individual which our values and our interests and passions and Porter and there's nothing like the practice of yoga to to create that environment just a little bit more a little bit more so it's not really about us you know as the teacher in front or not it's not it's not it's about your experience and how you are your best feature what are you experiencing on your mat As you move into these different shapes as stressed as you listen to what you're listening to all of these things that come to you and everyone has a different experience and so you know it's that's the beauty of yoga really is

philosophy in a practice that well how you show up on your mat is how you show up everywhere and that's how we really look at it for a long time for me to do all kinds of yoga you know it really is comes in so many different ways and shapes and forms but what I really learned along the way and was told that you know my uncle is you know you don't study yoga you don't even do yoga you are yoga

and so how are you every time you are in relationship why are you how are you when you show up to this podcast how are you when you go to sleep at night how are you when you go to your attention when you go to cook a meal or you do or eat a meal you know what are you doing your actions and how are you being really is the yoga and we really the focus is on relationship so it's the relationship to yourself but also the relationship that you have to the environment and then the relationship you have with others and that and me that's where we really focus on intimacy vulnerability health and

like vibrancy vitality and select these pillars that we use yoga ayurveda and human potential really help to access them to kind of pull all of that together to give you a really big picture of Who You Are

and I just want to turn the tables here and what was your experience on the yoga mat at Peachtree everything she said but also a very spiritual aspect

because it's a can I put it feeling like quietness and there was times of course and your yoga you don't talk the whole time which is great so you say a few words and digesting those words and then the quietness and you and there is quite nice but you can also hear the animals and then hearing that inner Spirit talk to you and help you flow through

what's really breathtaking and that aspect so yes right right right I need for my Christian beliefs you know since we still you know so you can hear God so that was very

nice yeah I know also I will talk about spirituality at your retreat you to this informal day today but there's a nickname of the sweat lodge

explain a little bit about that the way of putting a sweat lodge and a cacao ceremony and so we have a shaman that comes on property and leave these ceremonies and it's not supposed to be a charlatan and prayer and whatever your connection to higher power is its welcomed into space and we attempt the matter what we're doing here and so the ceremonies is no different than that and a sweat lodges about a two-hour ceremony and we're basically not in a hand build huts and there's board for ceremonies within the bigger ceremony could put it that way we're bringing in Hot Rocks into the center of the the inipi and the doors closed and hot water is poured on the rocks and so it's teams and there's songs that are sung

I heard about 10 or 12 minutes and so we do that four times in the bigger ceremony it's an extraordinary experience it's challenging to say the least you got to confront yourself as dark you're around other people it's hot and all these three different things you're sitting in the dirt with all the elements around and I'm a big believer and in this particular lineage it's about the womb of Mother Earth that's the symbolism of the in it and so you're being reborn on so that's one way of looking at that particular ceremony that's followed by cacao ceremony and we drink Rock account and the symbolism of the cow is the blood of Mother Earth and so it's a very grounding nourishing satiating experience that comes from kick out and it seemed his medicine

and so that's normally lasts about three hours in their singing and cleansing and all sorts of things have happened through that ceremony those together or extraordinary deeply moving to say the least and so we offer those are properties well I liking it a little bit what I said about your experience on your map. It's your experience through a similar experience but everyone's having their own individual experience with in it so you know what it is you know it said it says that you get whatever it is that you need in that moment whatever you need the spirit will get that to you in that in a moment

nice are approaching in part of his attempting to create an environment where each individual can see themselves in various different ways you know whether it's through food is medicine center on The Old Mattress meditation or ceremony or whatever maybe a walk on the beach zip lining whatever it is there's all these experiences and I think that's the gift in so many different ways so that's that's the first epic like how do I know myself in all these different aspects through yoga through an EP true true like zip-lining whatever it is like the Spa getting a massage whatever it is that you experience on a retreat you were getting to know yourself on a different level and then you're able to share yourself

and you're into me see how do I say that with what it really means to me so I can get to see myself do that and that's the only happen in relationship and so we use IRA. And yoga and really give that lens to open that open your eyes to yourself

share yourself really authentically with other people

yeah definitely unless you were just talking about it into me you see and so I'm assuming you guys have had and if he doesn't also took a couple set up

yeah what's the benefit you guys when couples come on a retreat what's what's the benefit of that

I'm jumping on this one I'd love to hear from you

they found a new sort of safe space so this is the opportunity to give themselves permission to be honest you know we all want to be honest in our lives that we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but when I'm at this Retreat I have this this person that's telling me

it's okay to speak to Phil to show

what you may have had bottled up and in that environment the receiver is a little more receptive because they don't see this as a war zone stories that you know when you're at home you're on the defensive but when you go see this place that's two people that were open to go to this place to build grow and open up and so the benefits of couples coming is truly okay maybe when you say this thing to me at home you really aren't you just are trying to help me because they said the same thing

JHS Exorcist which almost

yeah I was just thinking I miss you saying that that in when you're out there in Costa Rica route on the retreat about their nature it brings I sent that you feel you have to be authentic because there's not all the technology and other things that create this false sense of

to a person may appear to be you know I'm saying I just like I'm not sure if I'm explaining that, I just feel like when you're out there and nature it causes you to be more authentic to yourself and of course there's someone else I don't know if anyone else has any thoughts on that you know that's that's what people get when they come and retrieve you to space and how important it is to feel spacious and we all know how Bloody burdensome it is to be human being and the pressures that we have to stand on a daily basis to see the lease and feel squeezed by lice and squeezed by a relationship so on so forth and it can create this critical and we can reverse that on retreat

Berlin taxi can breathe differently have less responsibilities and all that makes a significant difference and there's an unwinding that accursed and in that comes to communication and a different style listen to speak to you about that I think it's such a key element to set the environment so we can communicate with cameras and we can feel spacious and safe and I think that plus more I can be created on Retreat agree I also like what you said. It's like there is something that is recognizable in nature that is not as I kind of mentioned at the beginning of the Republic's call is like it's not recognizable when we are not really surrounded by so many distractions so many places to hide so many screens to hide behind you know any nature there's this it's all Stripped Away and so when you are stripped it Stripped Away trip down this there's nothing to see that is built and it's almost like and you said it

it's like a safe space that when he can actually don't have to hide you don't have to protect ourselves there's nothing to hide from him when we actually feel safe were able to

build and cultivate that inside of us that safety inside of us then we can actually be much it's like stealing our buckets like I said and then go back to this was our world go back to you know the technology and go back to this place but still able to sustain some of what we were able to fill ourselves with that's the benefit I feel of a couple's coming here at like you started with this is like couples coming here they're able to actually see each other through a different lens speak the same language in a way that is stripped out that is like there's no offense and and we've worked with a lot of couples and both of you and so it's able to hear that you really changed our life. We were able to change our life

relationship we were just able to save more sounds decisions after a timer

yeah definitely, I was just thinking one of the major changes when you guys even talked about it that I made dehydration yeah I was never really a big order drink right now and they have a big water thing

his dad cuz he pointed out I was dehydrated yeah and I said yeah so I learned how to drink water now which is probably bring it to the line as a baby seems so simple but it's not so simple as yes but I'll also brilliant and I'm actually changing life and various different ways you know helps with connection of different sorts definitely Nature has a way of helping you to see the thing that you've taken for granted

I definitely going to take a short break and we come back we're going to hear more about what kind of retreat you guys offer and how we can connect with you guys will take a break and will be back in a moment bring you your connection and your love and beautiful Costa Rica

February 27th through March 3rd 2022

we'll make sure it happened

vacation counseling intimate Couples Retreat your next vacation enroll now at the keishin

welcome back to the bring an intimacy show where intimacy is real so Kevin is doing a please tell us what kind of retreat do you guys offer there

well so much to choose from for adventuring Yoga Retreat as an example where there's a combinations food included to get three a local excursions Daily Yoga and so on and so forth so that's one of the many that we offer we offer a peace Retreats rain come down and get three spa treatments and of course accommodations and yoga and all these various different things that you can enjoy nestled in the jungle as we can see more of what we offer on our website Peachtree Costa Rica., there's plenty of offerings there and they typically are anywhere from five to seven days each of these Retreats and so easy to fit into a busy schedule no question about it and it's certainly easy to get to us flying into the library airport there's a lot of direct flights from the US has example straight to Liberia and we make it easy we have a shovel there

transport you directly to property so we attempt to take care of every step of the way you just basically have to get here and from there you're you're nurturing along and cared for and loved up as much as possible we also host Retreat so we also host groups and and dr. April we know that you're considering that you're fantastic and it's a great way to you know feel like you're in community and that you're going to some place that's really going to support you and you're just feel safe in we also run yoga teacher training so if that's something that's a little we want something a little more intensive that you can you do get certified in at the yoga teacher then we offer $200 and $300 and $100 program and we use you know like I mentioned the yoga ayurveda

that we really used to connect yourself to connect with yourself to connect with other people and our main focus is relationship and so it's it's it's not about necessarily depose you know it's not really but the focus is learning a language and mapping you're what we call the cycle of Jesse's so when you are seeing yourself in this pattern and then this Louvre to get into one relationship and get into that pattern in that Loop you break off the relationship to get into another relationship so I noticed a similar pattern map it out and then what do you need where it comes with the root cause we we we go all the way to the root cause where that comes from and then how to break it and how to break that cycle and Hannah

how do you become Atmore that your cycle of just just he's not being a tease does not become diseased because that's what our school is called her school is called yoga and it means Optimal Health on all levels so mentally emotionally and physically

and so that's our main focus is really it's a language that you can learn it's a map mapping process that you can take home with you and whether you wanted me to know that you're not that's totally up to you it's a great platform to be able to share this but I'm so we we do that for reasons so wherever you are there's options for you your feet Retreat and that's important to us to create various different choices for People based on what they needed and where they are in their life

yeah that's one thing I'm asking also that we haven't really talked about it the accommodation and the great thing about the accommodations at your retreat if there's very simple so I ate you know I'm telling people that are joining me on the retreat it's not like you do when you buy Now TV to watch football

but you can actually go and I know some people may be like over there going to be other people there are strangers or whatever but you actually get this bed and talk with people but you know I didn't they open air with the the sounds of the Monkees and the Crickets in with and all the other stuff it's not the people in 2 seconds to talk to get to know each other you know one of the ways in which we do that is how we serve our meals it's family stopped and so he get to sit together and eat together and share with each other and I think that's extraordinary people from all over the world to come here and see what a brilliant things be able to do is sit and share a meal together and there's just there's there's the intimacy that lives in that in those moments that are rich and it's missed and a lot of different ways and special ability to be connected with people and in contact with people and to do it in a respectful responsible Waze

phenomenal again deeply heartfelt meaningful conversations you know enjoying like that just the food in the atmosphere in this experience together when our training people said that they shared things with total strangers who sings the families back home you know some real lifelong friendships that have been created here and I think that's a real thing at this Retreat that's that's definitely you don't come here and it's really for that it's for Community to be around like-minded and see if you feel supported and one of the

attempt to create here and it does happen here there's no question that experience

yes well thank you so much for being in the show and I definitely agree with you that connection I mean I met the wonderful young ladies that I'm still talking to today so yes definitely still people want to find out more about you guys what's your website again and and the connections Costa Rica cam so you can see plenty there we also have swastika you'll get and so those are two platforms that you can check out for offering some all the good bees be off for a while

alright yeah 12 cocaine I thank you so much for being in the show we appreciate everything and we will definitely of course I'll see you guys soon in February for a while but yes yes and I definitely am so thankful that I met you guys like was so rude

yes thank you thank you thank you for being in the show awesome so coming up for the bring it in Tbilisi back show in January we have a variety of different gas coming out we have actually for Noddy and she's going to be doing authentic power and Jennifer Fletcher who's on January 13th sexual dysfunction and intimacy Coach K and I will be taking a two-week break and I will be back in January yes I'm looking for that yet cuz Kay do you have anything you're doing for the holiday season and that's what I enjoy food is life to me so I just want to be happy and eat and stay safe with our crazy weather and that's the main thing is to

just be at Denny's

yes yes yes can you tell us a little bit about that absolutely it's it happens the first week of every year and the first week of April Fool's in love Couples Retreat and had to do it right you know right in Waynesboro Virginia is really local and it's meant to be Thursday through Sunday and this year we're going to focus on three main areas of communication Sexes is sex but it's truly broken down as s e x and intimacy and then we're going to focus on just the the deeper dive in with Stacks it's sharing experiences and then x-ray so to find out what those things mean you just want to come on over it's definitely one day I want to make it out to Costa Rica I'm going I'm going to get there and I can tell you that and I'm really excited

because of the closest that it brings in the communication to pranks with couples and even thinking well I don't know what to give someone for the holiday season

and you think it will should I buy a new purse bag should I buy this a bat already I phone number at never whatever one of the things that you could do is to purchase an experience because that is something I don't know about you Coach K but experiences you take with you for life you know bags personalized jewelry close shoes all those kind of deteriorate reading experience and so what I hope this show did it's to bring the opportunities if you're out there listening there's tons of retreat. There you can go there first play on to Pete's Retreat. Calm down close to make a piece when she comes to making yes and going there and our check out my site for vacation counseling or Coach K and by yourself or you and your spouse a retreat

or if you know someone whose dress up purchase a retreat for them that experience will be a gift that can last for many many years you thinking about you know the perfect wedding gift for anniversary gift you know we have fifteen hundred pots and pans when I'm able to get a retreat as a unit engagement gift so I'm going to start out my process on a on a positive note that something I remember you talk about memories so often and here's a way that you can play some memory and someone's or your your own lap

yes I definitely would think about ya the gift before marriage or that like you said the pin gauge meant yes awesome definitely so she said that's one way of definitely going about the Cubs K and I will be back in January I'm going to take a break in if you need to figure out times and schedules and all that going to my cycling and intimacy back and follow us and you will see us in January this is been to bring an intimacy back still wear intimacy is real thank you guys for this year and I'll see you guys next year

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