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The Balanced Millionaire, October 16, 2018

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The Balanced Millionaire
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Guests, Dr. Meribeth Dayme, personal performance coach, and Dr. Janine Kennedy, Naturopath

The Balanced Millionaire with Eileen Mendel

Guests, Dr. Meribeth Dayme, personal performance coach, and Dr. Janine Kennedy, Naturopath

Part 1:

Guest Dr. Meribeth Dayme

Dr. Meribeth Dayme, PhD,  is an exceptional personal performance coach known worldwide for her pioneering work and expertise in the function and use of the human voice. She is a coach and consultant for leaders in the fields of business, and well known coaches in theatre, voice and singing. As a former university professor of singing and anatomy, she helped establish a new standard for understanding the voice and how it works, has won awards for her work, and is a frequent guest lecturer and workshop leader. Her books on the voice are used worldwide in universities and colleges.

Meribeth's years of experience and study have given her the ability to know the voice inside out and back to front on a technical level and she is one of the few voice teachers who take care of the human spirit and soul. Meribeth stands for life long learning, wisdom and knowledge.

Specialising in personal transformation and captivating performance, she works with entrepreneurs on the unseen energetic components of voice and presence that make lasting impressions and create visible results. Using a scientific and conscious approach to performance,  her clients display a remarkable energy and presence.

Her books include:  The Performer's Voice, and Presence, Confidence and Personal Power, ebook found on most online book sellers.

Part 2:

Guest Dr. Janine Kennedy

Janine Kennedy has earned a B.S. as a Registered Nurse and has a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctorate Degree (BCND). She is also a bioresonance and alternative-therapy expert. Janine has worked in preventative health since 1980 when she helped design, implement, and lead wellness programs at her University. This culminated in the University’s first wellness retreat center in 1986 where people traveled across the globe in search of better health.

Over 30 years later, Janine continuously strives to help people understand holistic health and become proactive in taking charge of their own healing & wellness. She uses her unique knowledge to bring help to thousands of people. Today she is the leading professional behind the Bioscan Pro. Dr. Janine has over 16 years experience in biofeedback alone, and she utilizes the BioscanPro™ almost every day for herself, her family, and her clients.

The Balanced Millionaire

Show Host

THE BALANCED MILLIONAIRE: "For High Achieving Professionals Who Want To Elevate Their Business and Maintain A Balanced Life".

Learn from successful entrepreneurs how they grew their companies from the ground up and learned the hard way what it took to get to 6-7 figurers and more. Expert guest reveal their secrets and actions that got them through toughest of professional challenges, and how it drove their success to higher profits and personal triumphs.

You have limitless potential. Eileen guides you to think and act more expansively. Train your mind to think beyond current conditions. Once you immerse yourself, you cannot go back to your old habits.

Learn the processes of creating a transformation in yourself and translating this to your career, which will also change the three other key areas of your life—your relationships, health, time, money and...FREEDOM!

Shifting Direction...You can change course and propel yourself into a proven new way of thinking that will lead to personal growth, generation of fresh ideas, and a flourishing business. You will learn how to live the lifestyle of your choosing, without dictating external stresses.

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