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The Balanced Millionaire, April 24, 2019

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The Balanced Millionaire
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Guest, Dave Phillips, CPA and CEO of Victory Strategies

The Balanced Millionaire with Eileen Mendel

Guest, Dave Phillips, CPA and CEO of Victory Strategies

Dave has over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of leadership roles, industries and transactions. He started his career at Deloitte in the Emerging Business Services area working with privately held entities. He then left public accounting and advisory services for a long and current passion of helping companies/organizations start, grow, scale, solve problems, lead/develop teams that produce results.

Throughout Dave's career, he has held some of the following leadership positions; CFO for a privately held trucking/distribution company, CFO for a high end custom residential home builder, VP of Finance for a start up in the high-end customer support/outsourcing, and Manager of Accounting and Tax for a Tier 1 automotive supplier (industry leader, one the largest privately held companies in the US at the time).

Dave has also been point in a large family office (founders of the Tier 1 supplier above), where he was involved in any and all matters relating to the family (tax, insurance, estate planning, private portfolio holdings, charitable foundation, etc.). He has been performing CFO/COO services for clients in a variety of industries/situations for the last six years, reporting to Founders/Board/Ownership Groups.

The Balanced Millionaire

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THE BALANCED MILLIONAIRE: "For High Achieving Professionals Who Want To Elevate Their Business and Maintain A Balanced Life".

Learn from successful entrepreneurs how they grew their companies from the ground up and learned the hard way what it took to get to 6-7 figurers and more. Expert guest reveal their secrets and actions that got them through toughest of professional challenges, and how it drove their success to higher profits and personal triumphs.

You have limitless potential. Eileen guides you to think and act more expansively. Train your mind to think beyond current conditions. Once you immerse yourself, you cannot go back to your old habits.

Learn the processes of creating a transformation in yourself and translating this to your career, which will also change the three other key areas of your life—your relationships, health, time, money and...FREEDOM!

Shifting Direction...You can change course and propel yourself into a proven new way of thinking that will lead to personal growth, generation of fresh ideas, and a flourishing business. You will learn how to live the lifestyle of your choosing, without dictating external stresses.

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