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The Alchemy of Business Show, October 1, 2022

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The Alchemy of Business Show
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Building a Livable Future Through Clean Energy with Jim Bunch

The Alchemy of Business Show with Steve Rodgers

EP 32 - Building a Livable Future Through Clean Energy with Jim Bunch


Humanity is now shifting from burning the burning of fossil fuels to a newer paradigm of energy that harnesses the natural power of the sun, the winds, and the waters. But are we changing our destructive ways quickly enough?

Jim Bunch, the founder of POWUR, is passionate about shifting the power back to the people and helping humanity avoid the 6th Mass Extinction.

In this compelling and informative episode of The Alchemy of Business Show, Jim tells the story of how his passion project, POWUR came to be and how it is the world’s first clean tech platform allows people to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

POWUR allows anybody to license the software and start their own solar business from the palm of their hand for less than $100.

When it comes to the Earth, we already know the solutions; all we need to do is implement them. And in this show, Jim gives excellent advice on taking action on your vision.

Jim also has insights on how to approach the idea of failure and how important it is to experience what you came into this life to experience and accomplish what your deepest purpose is to do.

In the last 200 years, humanity has done incredible things through technology. Jim now asks: what can we do in the next 7-10 years to move into a much more sustainable place - not just for ourselves, but for our grandchildren? By following the vision of people like Jim, we will unlock more abundance and can create heaven on earth if we design it correctly, work together, and take action.


Jim Bunch is known as an “Impact Investor & Advisor” who is on a mission “to lead a global initiative to change the world.” His 2 passions are Technology and Transformation, so whether it’s investing and advising Impact companies or launching a new business venture or helping CEOs upgrade their life and businesses, there’s a common thread you’ll find in whatever Jim Bunch does – and that’s inspiring and bringing out the best in people.

As a founder of multiple impact companies over the last 30 years, he has first hand experience of what it takes to start, capitalize, scale and exit impact companies. Throughout Jim’s career, he has been passionate about creating fun, effective, and powerful experiences that help people and businesses initiate positive and sustainable change


Awesome Resources

Jim’s Website:

Connect with Jim on LinkedIn:

Book recommendation - Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming



TOP 3 Golden Insights Shared:

1) The Importance of Executing on a Vision

“It's one thing to have a vision, it's another thing to execute on it.”

We often know what we NEED to do and HOW to do it – but it is that all important step of actually TAKING ACTION on what we know to be true.

2) Do something that’s worth trading your life for

rather than just “spending your time” - you should be INVESTING your time.

And where you invest your time should be aligned with WHAT YOU VALUE MOST

3) Accomplishing What You Are Here To Do

“If I came here and I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to and I didn't experience what I wanted to, to me that is the only failure.”



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The Alchemy of Business Show

The Alchemy of Business Show with Steve Rodgers
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Steve Rodgers

The Alchemy of Business Show with Steve Rodgers

The Alchemy of Business Show serves as a roadmap for purpose-driven leaders by sharing proven processes geared for those seeking to become more successful by integrating a well-rounded, systematized, and holistic approach in their business.

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