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The Alchemy of Business Show, July 16, 2022

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The Alchemy of Business Show
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Getting Extraordinary Results as an Ordinary Person with Chris Heller

The Alchemy of Business Show with Steve Rodgers

TITLE: Getting Extraordinary Results as an Ordinary Person



There is no recipe to becoming a great CEO. A CEO or business owner becomes great when they overcome their challenges and use them to achieve new heights. It is easy for a business leader to feel as though they are the only ones going through the troubles they are facing and question whether or not they are doing all the right things for their company and employees. However, a good leader can lead their company in the right direction through thick or thin and still have profitable returns.

Chris Heller, Chief Real Estate Officer of OJO Labs and CEO of Mellohome, shares his journey to becoming a well-rounded leader who leads from the ground up in this episode of The Alchemy of Business with Steve Rodgers. Being leaders in their own niches, they have had their own share of ups and downs in ensuring their respective companies thrive. Being a CEO is a great job - if you're ready for it. Tune in to this week’s episode and learn why a CEO can be compared to the ship's captain - you will have to make some of the most challenging decisions in your life, but it is all worth it.



8:05 Adaptable skills allow flexibility at work

12:52 Why People Fear Rejection

19:35 Always be open to learning

35:03 Getting extraordinary results as an ordinary person

48:42 Technology is not scary

54:54 How we impact the lives of others is our legacy



As Chief Real Estate Officer of OJO Labs, Chris is shaping partner strategies, creating a cohesive structure between real estate professionals and OJO, and accelerating adoption in the industry. Chris Heller brings deep industry and leadership expertise, having held influential positions for more than 3 decades.

Formerly the CEO of Keller Williams, Chris Heller earned his real estate license when he was 20 years old and built one of the most successful real estate teams in the United States.

Heller joined mellohome as Chief Executive Officer in February 2018. Under Heller’s leadership, mellohome has flourished, quickly {doubling} its forecasted growth and driving significant change within the experiential and product landscape for the homeownership industry at large.

The Alchemy of Business Show

Show Host

The Alchemy of Business Show with Steve Rodgers

The Alchemy of Business Show serves as a roadmap for purpose-driven leaders by sharing proven processes geared for those seeking to become more successful by integrating a well-rounded, systematized, and holistic approach in their business.

On the show, I utilize my experiences and accomplishments as a former Warren Buffett CEO, serial entrepreneur, leader of multiple premier companies, and business consultant to bring out the best in my guests - so that the viewer learns and grows with each episode.

I’ll be sharing my knowledge gleaned from my own transformations through overcoming life’s obstacles while also excavating golden nuggets of wisdom during deep dives with some of the most dynamic leaders in the world today.

Anyone seeking greater productivity, unlimited abundance, higher profits, and deeper alignment with their purpose will benefit significantly from the community of entrepreneurs who appear on The Alchemy of Business Show.

The show provides all-important mentorship and will inspire creativity and action as you experience the stories of the journeys, the failures, and the triumphs of individuals from all walks of life and what they have learned along the way.

Each show is about one hour long, and new episodes drop every Thursday.

You can listen for free on any app that supports podcasts, as well as iHeart Radio, and you can watch on YouTube, Roku, e360TV, and more.

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