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The Alchemy of Business Show, 09/04/2022

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The Alchemy of Business Show
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The Importance of Credibility and Trust With Mitchell Levy

The Alchemy of Business Show with Steve Rodgers

TITLE: The Importance of Credibility & Trust With Mitchell Levy


Trust is our most valuable asset and most precious resource. It allows for vulnerability and honesty. When there is trust, it benefits every area of your business and personal life. No matter who you are and what you do - the quality that amplifies one’s success is credibility and your path to career success is smoother when you are seen as “credible.” Mitchell Levy is an international bestselling author and Global Credibility expert who is a master of building credibility in life.

Mitchell joins Steve Rodgers in another enlightening episode of The Alchemy of Business Show, and they cover topics such as credibility, trust, and what we can learn from pain. They talk about why words are important in thriving and succeeding in life and business and regale the audience with their experiences and lessons in getting to where they are now. Watch or listen for the tidbits of information they share, and have your pen and paper ready to jot down the valuable tips you’ll find in this episode.


[6:07] Credibility is of the utmost importance

[9:03] Being of service to others

[27:29] Being coachable is being open to learning

[40:11] Turning your fear into empowerment

[52:45] Finding your purpose and sticking to it

[57:20] Teaching children discernment


Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy is a 2x TEDx speaker, an international bestselling author of over 60 books, and an executive coach at Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches. After interviewing 500 thought leaders on credibility, he published a 7-country international bestselling book, delivered a powerful TEDx on humanity, created courses, and created the Credibility Nation membership community to help those live, learn and surround themselves with others on the credibility journey.

He’s an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 750 books. He’s provided strategic consulting to hundreds of companies and has been the chairman of a board of a NASDAQ-listed company. Mitchell has been happily married for thirty-one years and prior to covid-19, regularly spent four weeks a year in Europe with family and friends.

The Alchemy of Business Show

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The Alchemy of Business Show with Steve Rodgers

The Alchemy of Business Show serves as a roadmap for purpose-driven leaders by sharing proven processes geared for those seeking to become more successful by integrating a well-rounded, systematized, and holistic approach in their business.

On the show, I utilize my experiences and accomplishments as a former Warren Buffett CEO, serial entrepreneur, leader of multiple premier companies, and business consultant to bring out the best in my guests - so that the viewer learns and grows with each episode.

I’ll be sharing my knowledge gleaned from my own transformations through overcoming life’s obstacles while also excavating golden nuggets of wisdom during deep dives with some of the most dynamic leaders in the world today.

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