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Dr Stephen Ezra West
Your Pitch

Dr Stephen Ezra West is one of the most intuitive minds of today, who believes we are all capable of becoming geniuses in our own way.

His contributions are vast and include Master Keys to Zero Disease; Prenatal Empowerment as the leading edge of education; and The Laws of Empowerment, which reveals how Integration of Truth = Life, while Disintegration of Truth = Death.

So from your greatest pains, anything you're most afraid of and everything you feel is most out of alignment with either your personal life or World Peace, Dr West offers us a stronger foundation to talk about it and shift it into health, wealth, peace and prosperity!


Dr West is a top researcher, developer and teacher of the cause, prevention, and reversal of the most painful, crippling and killer diseases, such as COVID-19, heart disease and cancer.  He is one of the world’s most knowledgeable, inspirational, life changing, health and empowerment experts.

With 30 years of experience, focused primarily on applied physiology of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing and empowerment, he has empowered countless people while speaking throughout the world and consistently generates legendary successes and empowerment of audiences as he performs many live demos of more than a dozen new techniques, including his exclusive Instant Mass Healing™.

He has been featured on the Discovery Channel, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, in film, and on many stages across the world.

He has always been a high performance athlete and has experienced some very serious injuries; from torn and bulged discs in his spine, a grade 2 labrum tear, and a completely severed PCL in his knee. Yet he has always healed himself, without drugs or surgery of any kind and has over 30 years of experience in teaching ordinary people how to heal themselves!