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Donna Seebo is an international mental practitioner, psychic, award winning author, teacher, counselor, minister, speaker and radio/television personality.

As a talk show host Donna really excels. Guests on her programs include CEO's of Fortune 500 companies to working mothers. Her interviews embody a golden voice that shines with passion, purpose, sincerity and humor. She is one of the few media hosts in the country who actually read the material authors submit before booking them on the air.

Tune in for an "Hour of Mind Power". Callers are welcome to call in for a live on air psychic reading during the second half hour of each show.

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Guest, Lorraine Flaherty

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Lorraine Flaherty
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Transformational Therapist
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I can offer you practical, easy and inspiring ways to help you make the most of your life; whatever your circumstances. The only thing you need is a genuine desire,  and a commitment, to change.

When you understand the way your mind operates, and  recognize that the early events of your life, or lives, affect the way you live your life in the present you can identify the changes that are required to help you take control  Then the changes you want; whether in your health, your relationships or your career can really happen.  When you take control, you become empowered and you let go of what is not working in your life. Instead you acknowledge your self worth, honor yourself fully and live the life you want to live.

I am here to be of assistance as you travel along your path, showing you how you can heal your life and get to a place of real Inner Freedom. Over the years I have learned many powerful tools, and techniques, that will help you and I look forward  to sharing them. I would love to help you make all the changes you need so that you can become more empowered, take greater control of your mind and live a life that is fulfilled and magnificent.