Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters

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Talk Radio Show Program

Happiness Hangout

Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters
Show Host: 
Lori Peters

A Show about happiness, gratitude, self-esteem and much more as it relates to personal relationships!

My guests are relationships experts, life coaches, therapists and much more. We discuss all aspects of how to create and keep a healthy relationship. 

Come hang out with us as we discuss thought provoking questions with audience participation.

Happiness Hangout show info:

  • Great for singles who want to manifest a great relationship.
  • Discussion around how to make your current relationship better.
  • Transformational stories for becoming a happier much more satisfied person and how to do it.
  • How to keep your happiness level up during higher levels of stress whether you're with a partner or alone.
  • How to Get Happier ASAP.
  • How to start over in a relationship.
  • How using tools like gratitude, mindfulness, law of attraction and others can help you in your daily life.

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

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Happiness Hangout, September 21, 2016 energy healing with Dr. Jean Logan


Featured Guests

Guest, Diana Garber May 4, 2016
Guest, Marc Mawhinney April 20, 2016
Guest, Alex Bratty April 6, 2016
Guest, Sara Troy March 23, 2016
Guest, Alison Kero March 9, 2016
Guest, Lisa Ryan February 10, 2016
Guest, Jackie Kelm January 27, 2016
Guest, Derek Rydall January 13, 2016
Guest, Kim Langley December 2, 2015
Guest, Lisa Marie Jenkins November 4, 2015
Guest, Carole Gold October 21, 2015
Guest, Gary Loper October 7, 2015
Guest, Alan Batten September 23, 2015
Guest, Kim Langley September 9, 2015


Talk Show Program Host

Lori's picture
Lori A. Peters
OH - USA Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube - Patreon
Author, Speaker and radio show host on happiness in relationships

My company, Together We Win, Ltd (Happiness Hangout®) focuses on happiness and well-being within relationships. 


  • I focus onhappiness in relationships as a writer and speaker.
  • Writer at Your Tango and syndicated in several magazines including The Huffington Post, Pop Sugar, Brides.com and many more.
  • Writer for The Magic Happens (TMH) Magazine
  • Over 23 years of presentations provided to very small groups and up to 1,000 participants. 

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