Happiness Hangout, January 11, 2017

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Happiness Hangout
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with Lori Peters

Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters discussing happiness and the 5 prescriptions for happiness with Executive Happiness Coach Jim Smith.

Guest, Jim Smith

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Jim Smith
Jim Smith
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Executive Happiness Coach
Guest Biography: 
Jim Smith is The Executive Happiness Coach®, a global provider of executive coaching, and personal and workplace transformation services.  His passion is to create a Happier world and workplace, one Leader at a time.
Drawing on 20+ years of executive experience and 50+ years as a Human Being, Jim has coached leaders from 27 countries and six continents.  He works with leaders to better balance their lives, dramatically improve their leadership skills, and build more positive workplace cultures grounded in transparency and trust. 
Jim is also the author of several books on Happiness, Leadership, and Coaching, and he has touched the lives of over 18,000 people through his work on Positive Emotion and Leadership.  
Finally, Jim wants you to know this: he worships Dark beer, Dark Coffee, and Dark Chocolate... and deeply believes that Happiness is a Decision, not an Event!
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Happiness Hangout

Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters
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Lori Peters

A Show about people, resources, and activities that support personal re-energizing; the clearinghouse for all things happy!

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The Happiness Hangout is a support network of people, activities and information to help you create a better life or enhance your current happy life. Chat with others and listen as we provide thought-provoking questions and information - encouraging supportive feedback for everyone. On this show we will discuss a lot about happiness research and overall well-being. Come hangout with us!

Happiness Hangout is a show covering many of the following topics:

  • Providing research around happiness from oodles of available resources and written materials
  • Happiness as it relates to several aspects of one's life such as life balance, work, relationships and health and more.
  • Transformational stories for becoming a happier much more satisfied person and how to do it.
  • How to keep your happiness level up during higher levels of stress- again a mix of personal story with happiness research.
  • What is the Happiness Hangout?
  • How to Get Happier ASAP.
  • What is PERMA and how does it increase your well-being?
Bi-Weekly Show
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5:00 pm PT
5:55 pm PT