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Guest Name
Jim Smith
Guest Occupation
Executive Happiness Coach
Guest Biography
Jim Smith is The Executive Happiness Coach®, a global provider of executive coaching, and personal and workplace transformation services.  His passion is to create a Happier world and workplace, one Leader at a time.
Drawing on 20+ years of executive experience and 50+ years as a Human Being, Jim has coached leaders from 27 countries and six continents.  He works with leaders to better balance their lives, dramatically improve their leadership skills, and build more positive workplace cultures grounded in transparency and trust. 
Jim is also the author of several books on Happiness, Leadership, and Coaching, and he has touched the lives of over 18,000 people through his work on Positive Emotion and Leadership.  
Finally, Jim wants you to know this: he worships Dark beer, Dark Coffee, and Dark Chocolate... and deeply believes that Happiness is a Decision, not an Event!