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Guest Name
Dr Elliott Maynard
Guest Occupation
consciousness scientist, futurist, writer, management consultant
Guest Biography

Elliott Maynard, Ph.D., is a leading-edge consciousness scientist and human potential pioneer who recently addressed millions of listeners on Coast to Coast Radio with George Noory.

The mass awakening and rising up of global consciousness with the Internet finds Dr. Maynard looking far beyond Quantum Field Science to design utilization of breakthrough capabilities for optimizing humanity’s future on all levels.

A true renaissance man, Dr. Maynard integrates traditional ‘linear’ science with the nonlinear quantum reality of new technologies and processes for resolving the systemic crisis facing global humanity.

We’ll be discussing his new book, Brave New Mind, Living in a Future-Science World, a window into ‘high touch’ high tech global solutions that Elliott calls "enlightened pathways into the future".

Those who appreciate the benefits of Effective Sensory Perception with right-brain intuition will love Dr. Maynard’s non-linear consciousness technology as relates to optimal health, new energy technologies and breakthrough revelations in the fields of Earth energies, interspecies psychic communications, exopolitics, Tesla technology and weather modification.

As a conceptual designer, Dr. Maynard has laid out a new paradigm ‘operating system’ for the future human, incorporating changes in consciousness such as ‘coherent thinking’ to reduce conflict at the quantum level. See ‘heart coherence’ and ‘quantum computing’.

During a period of time when his wife was helping create a school curriculum for the Hopi Indians, incorporating their world view to thrive in white man’s world, he created what he calls the University of the Future.

A new ecological worldview plus many other projects for culturing global society are highlighted on Dr. Maynard’s website.

With global humanity on the cusp of systemic enlightenment, welcome Dr. Elliott Maynard to Cosmic LOVE for insight and outlook as understands an overview of planetary enlightenment tools and processes.

~ Christopher Rudy

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