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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 15 May 2021

Executive Shine with Jill Wright

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“Hi, I’m Jill Wright, and I want to welcome you to EXECUTIVE SHINE: Conversations That Count.

I search the planet to bring you some of the most dynamic leaders in various industries, who often only have one thing in common: uncommonly outrageous impact on people and business. They are leaving this world a radically better place.

So kick back and join us while we use the media to exploit what’s right in this world and head out on a full throttle assault against the disconnection running rampant through the workplace and the home front.

Who knows? Our conversations may land in some dangerous places, but we’ll make them conversations that count!

Join our crusade on today’s program to grab a few insights you can immediately apply to leverage your leadership and foster greater connection in a world that’s become increasingly disconnected.

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Featured Guests

Jill Wright
Motivational Speaker, International Best-Selling Author and Podcast Host

Jill Wright is affectionately known as the Queen of Shine. She's a HeartCentered Leader and the CEO of Executive Shine and has been recognized by both Forbes Magazine and Harvard Business Review for transforming the culture of client-based services.

Jill founded Executive Shine in 1987, and now shares her 30+ years of experience by Speaking and Consulting to inspire leaders to unleash the human potential within their organizations through the power of belief and authentic connection. She is also a best-selling Author and the host of the Executive Shine Podcast.

  • CEO & Founder Executive Shine
  • Host of the Executive Shine: Conversations that Count Podcast
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Author "The Shine Principles: The Power of Human Connection"
  • Co-Author Best Seller - "Codes of Longevity"
  • Co-Author International Best Seller "1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success"
  • Served as Commissioner Denver Women's Commission
  • Served as Community Outreach Chair Colorado Women's Hall of Fame
  • Member International Women's Forum

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Press release 12/11/2020

1 Habit Book International Bestseller


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