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Edmund F Kuell III
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I provide wisdom and information on a wide range of vectors within the Spiritual Nutrition Institute framework. Food Supplement analysis and comnentary Inner Voice development techniques Live Q&A Retreat Promo with vevene sharing Discussion of SNi Consultations with revenue sharing The Spiritual Nutrition Way of Financial Healing How to create Social Sustainability

Edmund F. Kuell III is the first in what is to become a long line of leading edge Spiritual Nutrition Masters and is the Founder of the Spiritual Nutrition Institute or (SRi)

UPDATED Professional BIO | Edmund F. Kuell III | Spiritual Nutrition Master Professional Biography Edmund F. Kuell III Spiritual Nutrition Master SPIRITUAL NUTRITION Edmund F. Kuell III is a lifestyle educator and spiritual teacher with over 42 years of experience assessing and reversing nutritional deficiencies and a broad range of serious illnesses. He is the creator of Spiritual Nutrition, a unique way of integration and expansion of the main ancient systems of healing with the new leading-edge Health Medicine, all guided through personal spiritual guidance. He has successfully healed three of his own life-threatening illnesses and today enjoys completely restored health, superior vitality and unbounded consciousness. He has taught thousands this way to perfect health. He is the author of The Complete Lifestyle Nutrition Body-Sytems Guide! (1998), a comprehensive personal nutrition program development guide. As the Founder of Spiritual Nutrition, he teaches professionals and lay persons alike to find and follow their Inner Voice in health matters and spiritual concerns. His expertise is the integration of traditional American herbology, orthomolecular nutrition (vitamin, mineral, phyto-nutrient and enzyme therapy), European herbal and naturopathic therapies, Chinese tonic and medicinal herbs, Ayurvedic medicine and rejuvenative therapies, Bahamian "bush" medicine, and Tahitian and Kahuna healing methods - and how to coordinate them through following Inner Guidance. He has consulted widely throughout the United States and internationally. He teaches medical doctors and other health care professionals some 400 specific Spiritual Nutrition Protocols for their medical specialties as well as leading his clientele into the greater art of living a more spiritized life on the basis of superior health through Evolutionary Medicine. Edmund F. Kuell III has completed advanced Certifications in Lifestyle and Stress Management at both American and European research universities. In addition, he has studied Ayurvedic medicine with Triguna, the leading Ayurvedic Vaidya (traditional physician) of India and was one of the very first to use and teach Ayurvedic Medicine in the United States, as well as at Moolchand Ayurvedic Hospital, New Delhi, India, where he observed and participated in the successful outcome of cancer, malaria, vision loss, drug overdose cases and more. He also created and directed The Ayur-Rejuvenation Resort of the Bahamas where he conducted individualized herbal rejuvenation and traditional health restoration programs which includes natural therapies of sunshine, air and sea water. Let him help you to achieve superior physical health, calm your mind and accelerate your spiritual growth. The 26 Symptoms of Ascension Check out this important short succinct video. It will help you recognize inner spiritual and psychological changes YOU ~ or someone you love ~ - may need help with ... Ascension-Symptoms About the book: Have you read a handful of nutritional reference books but still have not fully engaged in an exact, comprehensive successful lifestyle and supplement plan of action? The Complete Lifestyle Nutrition Body-Systems Guide! provides such a plan of action and much more as it is spiritually based. This book is a unique, multi-use, personalized nutrition-program development manual that will soon be developed into an interactive website. It will empower you to create a systematic analysis and overview of your personal health status and determine what to do about it integrating the four main complementary world traditions of natural medicine. Precise, foolproof instructions will guide you through all of the steps necessary to understand and implement a comprehensive Lifestyle Nutrition Programme designed specifically for you - and your health concerns. This Reference Guide is useful for both the advanced practitioner and for anyone interested in simply getting well. It contains many herb uses not found in any other text as well as synergistic combinations that catalyze unique and previously unheard of healing results. Over two years of intensive full-time research and development on a foundation of forty years of clinical experience have culminated in this seminal and landmark work dedicated to bringing to everyone the very latest in innovative and integrative spiritually based Health Medicine access. Sections include: • Easy-to-Follow Integrative Instructions • How to Rebuild Any of Your 10 Major Body- Systems • Answers to Key Questions about Herbs • Chinese Body-Systems Energetic Herb Combinations • Western Body-Systems Healing Herb Combinations and Unique Single Herb Amplifiers • Ayurvedic Body-Systems Formulas • Scientific Study Summaries that Highlight the Historical Use of Herbs and Common Foods • Simple Fast-Start pre-measured Programs • Wholesale Access To Over 400 Health-Building Formulas • The Only Complete System of Natural Medicine Available Directly to the General Public What is Spiritual Nutrition? Spiritual Nutrition is a unique way to initiate and further conscious awareness of one's Inner Voice. To realize the importance of following this guidance. To heal the urgent needs of the body and mind. To attain vibrant health and visibly reverse all unnecessary illness and ageing. To spiritually uplift, accelerate and expand personal growth. To cultivate the spiritual discipline necessary to advance the Soul as the most important endeavor of life.

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