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Crossroads ITG with Dr. Vanessa Hall, PMP CSM and Toni Lontis

Crossroads ITG is the guiding force in STEM focusing on full-service STEM Coaching services. We focus on coaching students with an emphasis of introducing females to the world of STEM. We also coach doctoral students seeking to successfully complete and defend their dissertations.

Our coaching program is designed on the framework of authenticity while delivering our program – The Inner Win!!! With 30+ years of STEM experience, we understand skills are critical for progression in all careers, but the real win comes from within… it takes heart to win at any game… especially the game of life and a STEM career path is no different! 

Call us at 469.337.2645 or to book our 2 Day STEM Inner Win Tech Start


CrossRoads offers one on one coaching to graduate students around the world. Our dynamic tream provides the necessary tools to assist students to successfully complete their masters or doctoral program.


CrossRoads ITG is an advocate for service to the community. Dr. Hall is passionate about bringing others along in the field of technology. The focus is to build technology leaders in the southern sector of Dallas. Dr. Hall serves on the Advisory Board for David W Carter NAF Academy of Information Technology. The goal is to bring positive change into the lives of our youth.

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