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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 11 May 2022


Talk Show:

Crossroads ITG with Dr. Vanessa Hall, PMP CSM and Toni Lontis

Crossroads ITG is the guiding force in STEM focusing on full-service STEM Coaching services. We focus on coaching students with an emphasis of introducing females to the world of STEM. We also coach doctoral students seeking to successfully complete and defend their dissertations.

Our coaching program is designed on the framework of authenticity while delivering our program – The Inner Win!!! With 30+ years of STEM experience, we understand skills are critical for progression in all careers, but the real win comes from within… it takes heart to win at any game… especially the game of life and a STEM career path is no different! 

Call us at 469.337.2645 or to book our 2 Day STEM Inner Win Tech Start


CrossRoads offers one on one coaching to graduate students around the world. Our dynamic tream provides the necessary tools to assist students to successfully complete their masters or doctoral program.


CrossRoads ITG is an advocate for service to the community. Dr. Hall is passionate about bringing others along in the field of technology. The focus is to build technology leaders in the southern sector of Dallas. Dr. Hall serves on the Advisory Board for David W Carter NAF Academy of Information Technology. The goal is to bring positive change into the lives of our youth.


Dr. Vanessa Hall, PMP CSM
Red Oak
Other Websites:
Owner of Crossroads Information Technology Group and IT Project manager for a Fortune 100 Company

Dr. Vanessa Gipson Hall is an accomplished Information Technology (IT) professional with 24+ years of industry wide technology experience. Dr. Hall is the owner of Crossroads Information Technology Group (ITG). She is also a Strategic Initiatives IT Project manager for a Fortune 100 Financial organization.

Dr. Hall’s experience has extended across many industries in the area of technology including globalization. She previously served as IT Project Manager and Release Manager with companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Sprint, JCPenney, Perot Systems, MBNA, and Bank of America. She has paved the way in technology and systems management by providing innovative and strategic solutions in the development and/or conversion for domestic and international organizations. Dr. Hall’s expert knowledge in the area of technology has allowed her the opportunity to travel to Europe, India, and around the United States managing the implementation of technical strategic initiatives, training offshore staff in India, incorporating global models, and converting software financial systems for major corporations.

Her professional interests include managing financial system conversions, technical editing, and technology training. Dr. Hall’s professional memberships include PMI – Project Management Institute, NAFE -National Association of Female Executives, WIN – Women Interactive Network, BOLD- Black Organization for Leadership Development, and the Sisters Millionaire Club. She was recognized April 2013 by Southern University and featured in an article 'Southern Jaguars Paving the Way'. She also received recognition as one of Chase’s Masters. Dr. Hall obtained a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 1989 from Southern University A&M College. She also obtained a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Technology in 2006 and a Doctoral Degree in Information Systems Technology (DMIST) in 2014 from the University of Phoenix. Dr. Hall’s research studies focused on the Employees’ Views of Globalization in Technology.

Dr. Hall is married with two children and one beautiful granddaughter. She loves to listen to gospel, jazz, R&B, and classical music. In her spare time she loves to read, write, sing, volunteer, dance, and play chess. Her personal philosophy is God first, family second, and the remaining components of life will align. She believes that faith and endurance are key factors in obtaining goals.

Toni Lontis
Gold Coast
Other Websites:
Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Blogger and International Tour Host

TONI LONTIS is an inspirational woman who has dedicated her life’s work to helping women and the men who love them, find their passion,  purpose and voice.

Toni's had a career began in the Health Care Sector where she practiced as a registered nurse. Toni witnessed many lives that needed change, support, encouragement, empathy and most importantly love. Her loving guidance came naturally in this role and her caring nature thrived in this environment.

Despite having a wonderful career, her personal life was filled with dysfunction and trauma. The recovery and work she did on herself to heal and find happiness, formed the basis of her book. Resilience – Memoir of a Broken little girl, discovering a woman of strength and beauty, 

After the publication of her book 

Toni starting to grow her voice and quickly became a Public Figure, creating awareness about domestic violence, sexual abuse and social-emotional and cognitive health. Toni did this organically,  spreading her words of advice and expertise gained through lived experience,  and connecting with people across many diverse mediums. Her passion and energy grew a large following and this birthed many other things in her life; her Radio Toni live show, her podcasts, talks sessions, TV show, and mentoring began to experience growth. 

Now that Toni is in the public eye, she has been able to establish a platform to support victims of verbal, physical, sexual abuse and any traumatic event in their lives, by telling their stories. From the platform of Radio Toni, she is able to help others searching for inner peace and healing. Toni has escaped from the bounds of low self-worth, anger and pain,  from a dysfunctional childhood, marred by a congenital facial defect, sexual assault, verbal abuse, depression, anxiety and the failed flawed relationships that plagued her adult years. Toni wants to be a beacon of light in a dark world. I sign of hope after trauma. 

Her talk sessions and podcasts 

Toni strives to inspire, empower, educate and help men and woman across the globe to start living their best life. Toni’s love, advice and opinions are not only encouraging but an addictive prescription of positive richness. Toni’s ability to reach out and help people pick up the pieces of their lives initiates the rebuilding processes. This results in helping the masses live out successful, happier lives. 

When not hidden behind the camera, microphone, with clients, travelling or writing

You can find Toni enjoying quality family time in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland of Queensland with her children, grandchild, husband and menagerie of goats, llamas, dogs, ducks and a lonesome chicken. 

In summary, Toni is a real-life fem-preneaur  – From nurse to author to Radio Host, Business Mentor, Keynote Speaker and presenter,  Toni is an inspiration, dedicating her life to others.

Changes only take place when you have had help and drawn energy from within in order to rise above your fears to live a happy purpose-driven life – Despite unique challenges.
~Toni Lontis