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Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown and guest Marla Renee Stewart, Owner of Velvet Lips LLC

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Body Talk Live with Jeremy Gateman and Robin Popp with guests Marry Lorden and Dr Clarrisa Hughes, host of A Little Breathing Space covering Intimacy

​Welcome to Body Talk Live with Jeremy Gateman of Total Fit and Rehab coming to you from Century City, California.

Why is Masturbation a subject we should be talking about? In the next hour, We will hear from Jane Langton, Certified Sexual Health Educator and Advocate. Jane recently spoke on the stage at doing her TED TALK at TEDxSFU.

This show will address issues relating to sex, intimacy, relationships, and we will concentrate on masturbation without a doubt! Her speech on the Tedx Stage was called "Motion for Masturbation" and with over a million views, it appears we need to be learning more about this subject!

We will speak with Michael about his very unique story - a prostate cancer survivor who was rendered completely impotent as a result of the cancer and its treatment.

Mr. Russer asserts that what makes this an interesting and engaging human potential story is that because of his ED (erectile dysfunction) he now experience extraordinary physical and emotional intimacy with his partner beyond anything most normally functioning couples could possibly imagine.

As women, we often times give the entire essence of who we are to others, not honoring our own self-worth, nor understanding how to balance the life we have created or been given. "Sacred Sundays", was written to help the powerful and powerless super women living on the edge of burnout and breakdown, find ways to press pause and take time out of their busy schedules to restore and rejuvenate their mind and bodies, as well as how to find spiritual transformation through personal and sacred intimacy. Isn't it time for you to care for yourself the same way you care for others?