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Bringing Intimacy Back, August 15, 2019

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Bringing Intimacy Back
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with Dr April Brown and guest Dr Jason Prendergast

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr April Brown and guest Dr Jason Prendergast

Bringing Intimacy Back

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As we look around in this world today, it seems we are becoming more disconnected from one another, even though we have the technology to connect to more and more people than ever before. Furthermore, the lack of intimacy (in its many forms) is one of the top three reasons why relationships struggle and many times end.

Thus the Bringing Intimacy Back talk show is a show dedicated to inspire, enlighten, and encourage intimate connections. This show provides an engaging atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to enhance intimacy in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. The show will discuss intimate connections in many different forms, such as sex, communication, emotional, physical, health, and spiritual. In fact, research has shown that as we increase our intimate connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, and others.  It will help decrease the conflicts, anxiety, and depression in our lives.


Increasing intimacy for all has become Dr. April’s mission. The mission statement of the show is to provide an atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to increase closeness in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. Therefore, Dr. April started in February 2018 to host her own new Radio/TV Show Bringing Intimacy Back where she and other intimacy experts will provide resources and tips on increasing intimacy in all types of relationships. Audience members will be able to transform their relationships through relationship experts’ insights, useful and practical resources, role-playing, and audience participation. The show’s goal is to show its audience members that intimacy can be alive and real in the relationships we desired.

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feeling lost and alone looking for validation from your partner only to find the feeling of rejection and continued frustration are yet so far apart now your frustration is turned into disdain and resentment your insecurities have begun to affect every aspect of your life ironically you have now become the cold and detached one shielding yourself from the uncertainties of your relationships dr. April Brown has created bringing intimacy back a series of discussions that are designed to help you reclaim what you have lost along the way dr. April will help you ReDiscover and reconnect to the intimate relationship your heart so desires go to www. Bringing intimacy today and let the healing begin
welcome to the bring intimacy back show my name is dr. April Brown and on this show at 3 and intimacy back into getting it feel to help you increase the internet connections you have children Family Friends Business Network community and even your higher power we give you the secret power to create a life you love love the life you I want you welcome Moana fly there is Tara Scully not forget friend who knows a lot about into the city today we're going to talk about different topics of intimacy and his name is dr. Jason welcome.
Jason's to actually the president of and CEO of Enterprise Creative Counseling and he's a licensed clinical pastoral counselor and he have a masters in business MBA in business leadership he holds a document and past general psychology and he's also certified as prepare enrich facilitator specializing in premarital counseling he's also the host of the new show they're going to learn about on the mental health News Network called you for the welcome. How are you doing today I have a conversation about intimacy and I want all of us out there who are listening if you have a question or if you want to call and feel free to call us with number one
888-627-6008 do you know before I get into that I think we got to give a little credit where it's due you know you are somebody who I considered to be in the thority and intimacy and because of your research in your work I personally have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for intimacy so for that reason I just want to say thank you for your work in this field and is Erica as far as intimacy transparency it requires discipline you know whatever you trying to be intimate with it definitely has to be some type of discipline couples really involves a mutually consensual relationship where two individuals reciprocate feelings of truck
emotional and physical to close I'm sorry emotional and physical closeness to towards each other it's about stripping yourself down and being open being transparent as much as possible which you know definitely will benefit the relationship and yes I've seen someone even describe intimacy is into me you see
which brings it. Transparency you know that we can connect and be seeing each other in ways that other people can see what you want to put in this way do you mean by discipline to be successful requires discipline requires you to do it consistently Intimacy in a relationship is just not a one-time thing you just can't be intimate one time on the level you know it requires work requires discipline getting up every day and sometimes put yourself aside your progeny go for the betterment of the relationship you know if it requires work and that's what I meant by discipline Edition one of the biggest problems a lot of couples halfway to Missy is the fear of intimacy this a real struggle
abandonment issues this can be caused from fear of rejection control issues a lot of people haven't V inability to express themselves and we need refreshed yourselves you assume that your partner can read your mind you know these type of things really become a hindrance and an obstacle for people trying to develop relationships in the relationship glad that you mention about the fear of intimacy and how sometimes I need to know from my experience in working with couples many times this way back when when they're just starting to develop and on this year we are talking about a variety of different intimacy but you kind of mentioned a little bit of reference attachment and I can work with couples many times have you struggling intimacy
it's because you
grown up or haven't really had an intimate connections with a parent or someone and not the struggle there to see that since the attachment a lot of problems with intimacy will stem from childhood those early ages those early years which are so impactful you know our parents were intimate with their children as far as communicating you know being there emotionally most importantly you know they help these kids to grow up to be people who can be functional in a relationship and you're seeing a lot of dysfunction and unless you think we're seeing a lot of dysfunction pain if it could be as kids are going up there not really intimate play connecting with their parent
call Alex because of some of all the social media the technology do you think I played the role
images of how much time is spent on technology friendships and stuff the video game era has taken things to another level my daughter plays fortnite but if it's not it's not on a consistent basis no buts a wedge between a lot of people can get really out of control and that's the way we communicate everything is a message you know quick text or whatever it is just not any more intimacy so you know when when I start you know observing your work in in in constantly one thing about you is if you know. They believe in here by intimacy is you know it's just a better understanding we need to inject his back and Society
but most importantly parents have to start with their kids you got a form that that that They seized up thinking before they leave the house because they're just going up to be incapable of being intimate technology communication many times how many times and have a hard time does having a basic conversation yeah so I want you to think about before we go on a little break here are two minutes to talk about author is defensive communication intimacy
and like you mention people communicate them back so I want to think about your experience in the sense of working with couples how effective is communication when you're having a disagreement when you're trying to communicate to your partner about things emotionally effective is texting okay we'll be right back I can to talk with dr. Jason on that topic matter and right now I want to go talk about I'll spot we have a sponsor glad we all chocolate switch is in ICU now chocolate is really good then only that it makes you feel better in the sense of something sweet on your dark chocolate of course as a lot of health benefits
do Gabrielle chocolates and Confections there are here in Cape Coral and allocate on Hancock Bridge Parkway and they are just beautiful like taste some of their chocolate she specially designed to do whatever kind of event you have and they mix flavors and they are the ones you should go to a kickoff thank you so much. Dr. Jason Dr Jason with me just left off with about being intimate to texting I bet and I am as I'm saying that word I'm just even saying can you really be into me but texting what's your
theory on communication as well say what's my attention I would say communication is the one that couples really need to focus on First Communication is such a important aspect of relationship be really will set the tone of the direction are we know as far as it'll be the compass that that's going to die this relationship either in the right direction of the wrong direction as we moving to society where we're actually communicating less even though the did the speed of communication has picked up but the actual communication hasn't picked up the most people at the technology you know we can communicate faster but the real intimacy and communicating with people that has been lost
so with couples you know it's really important for them to focus on that I think that is a good place for them to start and communication and obviously about about talking about those things that you may not tell anybody else you know if you're going to tell somebody it might as well be this person in your life so you know cuz I study people to Tampa Miss but most men have an issue with communication and really divulging and letting people in because certain aspects ability starts to set it with a lot of men and they felt as though the more they communicate the more vulnerable they are and in some cases and it was somebody who made actually use that against you once you open up and I think you know a lot of people really need to communicate much more effectively in relationships
yes eyes you talking about that men have a hard time being vulnerable I guess they come from or different so what is your what is some tips for men who are struggling
in communicating with an outlet yes you know he has to be very careful certainly no friends are there for certain things but a lot of times you know a guy's not going to open up to a friend because you know it's not unbiased and first thing I really think if you are a man of your having problem opening up if you have if you're in a relationship and you can't even talk to the person you really want to see outside party somebody who's neutral you know who can really understand and help you and listen to your problems objective without criticizing you were
okay I need help you know I need assistant I love this woman she the best thing ever happened to me and I cannot tell her my my my secret I can't tell her I'm feeling today you know if you know some men sometimes things go bad just want to cry and you know we hide behind the mask and if you don't communicate will work if there's no communication is just as so depending upon Communication in a relationship
okay yeah and I'm listening here and I'm I know that there's a question out there you haven't even not just a man some other people you mentioned going to a party then like oh my God is going to a pastor or going to a therapist in my personal business you know or maybe I'm crazy if I go. What why go and have some wine a stranger doesn't even know me tell me something about my relationship doesn't answer that question buddy Circle and that if you look hard enough you will find it you know you can find somebody to talk to but for some people you know they they have been
you know so I know some people who have confided in family members and soon as something happens they are all the business all over the place and everybody knows about it so you know a given taking it but I think it comes down to the individual I think it really comes down to everybody operation and processes things differently so the individual who they are and maybe they passed and maybe if the family of your family's already dysfunctional and you probably don't want to talk to somebody in the family and he probably seek outside help audience members to know is that when you talk to his family they know everything and so they can just buy it when you talk with a professional number one is confident not going to the greenhouse effects that we cannot go in talk about your situation so yeah your personal situation so
not there then this person is also not bias can you talk with family members and stuff sometimes goodbye is on so that's different and then also if you're talking with the relationship therapist such as dr. Jason or myself we seen a lot of them and we've done a lot of research that we know what works and what doesn't work
so I think definitely thinking about those opposing pros and cons and tastes really do help and going back to your communication is a tell people it's just a basic sometimes going to basic communication things of not using the word you not being a being accusatory like saying something about your feelings you should really always start off with I but I also know ya trying unicorns name calling doesn't work yes sometimes for females like I've told anyone he's very long-winded I've told him some time to their motion on the stoplight at the house and then give the other person who made me more concrete sometimes I think people get lost in the story
one of the things that I know dr. Jason does deals with is temperament
explain to a child temperament impact intimacy
absolutely I thought you never asked will determine the level of somebody being able to be transparent in my research and study with individual temperaments you come across individuals being able to express themselves intimacy for them it's going to be a lot more work this type of person really has to get some type of intervention for them to really explore in Tennessee on different levels you know there's a distemperment known as The Melancholy very introverted very to themselves doesn't really Express themselves very much and intimacy is based on the feeling of being loved I think it really has to be some kind of connection to love between the individuals to really fill in the missing you can talk
body but you have to feel it as well get this is feeling and when you and knowing that some peppermints do not express a verbal lovely rather do tasks they rather do things for the individual but that individual might be somebody who's looking to hear hey I love you know they want they want that verbal confirmation and even though you're trying to portray yourself as being loving and doing things to show your appreciation it might be misconstrued by the other person because they're expecting him over here a verbal because based off their temperament you know they may have a way of responding so I know you really got to kind of look at the individual once again I'm not everybody is the same that everybody's going to process things the same way or Phillip Phillip by intimacy the same way but you know you got to start somewhere you got to start somewhere so really helps helps me to get a to get past some of the blockages that really prevent people from becoming intimate
couple so you know everything out on the table and and and break it down and break down their temperaments and it's it's a pretty pretty good experience took the temperament test with Dr Jason my partner in the eye and it was interesting and that you learn not only information about yourself if you are collecting information about your partner is it like you said yeah the same thing I think something must have came up in my my thing that that I need to hear the phone I love you vs. reactants a good. And I also need to hear it and so since we both did it was something now that he's okay he really needs to hear it and with the fact that you give and not only helps through intimacy with a significant other but there's also a variety of different types of hair
also help with intimacy overall in different aspects because there's me and how you connect with your employees employed person all that kind of stuff so I have to take assessment is that since you're getting intimate with yourself you know first and then at least you know how to make a beautiful picture of Angel individual pieces have to fit and you know when you take this assessment you do get intimate with yourself which I think is what is a very important aspect of intimacy is you can't really expect to be intimate with somebody else if you don't really know who you are but yourself so indefinitely
talking about self intimacy the other aspect that I learned about myself is that I don't like you in there then I had to realize that way I can work any keeping that in my in mind of everything yet also talked about energy level which definitely impacts off of your Intimacy in that kind of stuff.
how they can contact you if it's a really awesome assessment it came into my life back in 2012 and ever since then I just been the biggest advocate for it it is become the basis the foundation of my my Counseling Practice is something that even I trust in believe the report more than some of the clients cuz you know they could be telling me one thing and take off the mask and then what does temperament test does is allow me allow them to remove the mass so that we can really get to the core issues I believe if you're trying to treat a problem the best way to pull out from the root not just a cut it off and then go right back so you know but it's a really cool about 15 to 20 minutes to complete a few questions and
play return me to get some really detailed information about you I'm going to get how you respond to your knees for socialization you need for control and power are you need for love and affection and these are very crucial needs especially when you're in a relationship to understand yourself but forget about the relationship is about making you comfortable in your own skin and I think a lot of us know a lot of people out there who really are not comfortable with who they are because of these false lives these images and these things that are not that look perfect but then I really perfect is in the reality and we emulate that we try to copy that and you know there for driving a bigger wedge between who we are and who we want to be so you know this has really been just life changing for me because it made me be able to look in the mirror and say I love me I love the way God created me I'm pretty
fearfully wonderfully made and everybody else's
okay so where can they you can go to the ww.w edify to look at the assistant to get more information or drop me a message and we can get you the assessment and that is great for kids if you're a parent and actually one of the biggest number clients I've been getting is from parents and you know it's today or something else but you know just the lack of communication between mom dad and and kid is is really getting bigger and bigger so this allows them to be able to communicate with them to get a get a good understanding what's going on inside of the third gear kid and provide tools for them to better communicate with them look and come back and looking to talk about Intimacy in another form it's messy with your higher power
chocolate and Confections they are in here in Cape Coral Florida and I just wanted to let you know the right off of Hancock Bridge Parkway and they have a thing to be picking and Gabrielle focus is making a chocolate that is good for you for you if you don't look her up and going to a website you can see the variety of pictures of how she formulates chocolate into whatever kind of thing that you are not they've done it when I seen a woman a chocolate and cheese and hot and big cookie format and the chocolate is European chocolate so it's a very very rich and pure chocolate things can melt chocolate so much for sponsoring I shall okay so if you have any questions on anything we've been talking about all calendar
where is 1886 to 76008 with others which is one of the highlights at the Adele or even if you're getting older to connect with someone on a personal level and there's also this will be called spiritual intimacy and I know it's something that you happened. Sorial and basically and it's something that's really close to my heart with your higher power
yes I look at it as
my higher power is a side man helps me
decide what to do just it's just it I don't feel like everything's on my back that I have to carry everything
what what a beautiful God we serve where we don't have to so many battles are fought on our behalf that we're not even aware of we have Victory every day so he got to give it up to her our creator for doing that I think a lot of them look at at at at the religion aspect of it instead of a spiritual aspect of it and you know if somebody you know Opposites Attract somebody maybe have a beautiful Muslim faith or Catholic or Christian and and because of that you point is they just don't talk about anything Spirit whenever it comes to do whatever she believes and I believe in that and I think they're missing out meaning of spirituality
Anita on a level I mean even if you may not share views you can do things that are considered spiritual you can still pray together you know you can you know you have to get into the doctor and then call the dogma of a religion every time you know you can there's just so many aspects of it that you can really do but I think a lot of people get shut down because they have different religious views and spiritual spiritual I'm sorry to me it is meditating increased over the past few years in fact I meditate for quite a quite a bit of the morning I'm sorry most of the morning I'm spent in meditation and prayer and ask him before I would just get up
and couples to meditate together you know that that's a form of spiritualists that you know I think a lot of them a lot of people miss out on having shared values spiritual feelings about things you know what is your what is your purpose in life the meaning of life no these are spiritual questions that you guys can talk about instead of just arguing about you know whose religion is is correct in this much more to it is such a beautiful atmosphere and in the rainforest is sitting there together and he can all that in
one of the beauty of Nature and trees and animals just taking everything of your present moment and and being so thankful to be alive things in a different perspective when you sit there on your action for the moment and you sit there and you're just
Facebook what you have many times you don't get so wrapped up into all the pettiness stuff and be so angry about this and I didn't and I kind of felt the same way when you've meditated or another terminology is mindfulness being in the present moment you know you just look outside and it's a beautiful day and you know how can you not feel the spiritual this and inherent in the calmness and the beauty of that in all you are so much that we just take for granted and couples you know who do that often find themselves dealing with more problems down the road you know you got to be able to get past the differences and stop letting these differences become blockages you know that that ruin relationships
yes definitely in cell also as we're talking about intimacy even talking about intimacy with your higher power mid pipe is also impacts and our talks about self intimacy. The other emotional as back within ourselves and no yes how can we cuz I think sometimes
we are uncomfortable feeling
we don't like when he's feelings come up when should we do as many times be pushing all down yada yada yada and then it blows up later I was just absolutely emotional intimacy is a few be on the Forefront of emotional intimacy has to be one of them I don't think we've ever seen as much emotional turbulence among Society right now so emotional everybody's just waiting to respond emotionally to something and it is as emotional as we are you know what we're sitting behind a computer Facebook in order for a Blog
we're not we're not emotionally intimate with the people were in a relationship with other people right next to us because we we can let him know and once again like I mentioned before becoming a be vulnerable is is probably the number one reason why people don't get emotional why why there's there's a lack of emotional intimacy special relationships and I'm not having something to hang over your head or somebody to hang something over your head will not allow people to get emotionally connected now from just counseling you know quite a few men in any couples you know one thing I hear from a lot of women that so you know he just doesn't talk about anything you just comes from work and not a few words but this man has gone through hell today he's feeling sad he's depressed he's anxious and he's not able to convey that you know I'm not that that's a problem
okay yes and we actually have an online question from Christina D and Dallas Texas and a question to us as my husband is always looking at his phone email text Facebook shopping it's not in his hand I feel we have lost my people connection what do I do
do you want to take that you can answer yes so I'll even in our household because we both businesses and I kind of stuff we all have I ever on the phone thing for him because of XYZ however to create that intimate connection sometime is creating a certain space and a time frame when no technology is allowed at dinnertime weather that is I'm going to definitely at 9 shouldn't even say whether that dinner time definition is not the time for you to eat in communicating
add to share your day another time is sometimes people have like you know to do business with you all of this but you can connect me with one another it's really important to
not tell him I just don't pay your phone yeah yeah yeah it may be another way of saying it at the right talk to you for about using I statements instead of you take my eye and I always say you should start off of the Padme I truly miss you and sometimes when I'm with you I just feel like I'm not connected with you so is there any possible that I'll do the same thing as I get distracted always say you do the same I'm going to try to and where I put my phone down because you know
I just need to get away and when we're at dinner time or when I'm talking with you just put my phone down and I don't know if hopefully you can do the thing
so you're not demanding that person to do the same with your after them in a way that makes them feel hey she really wants to spend time with me. Jackson from bring it to the table that way definitely is not going to respond in the defensive way because I received his phone might be the reason might be the you did the financial you know support you know maybe he's doing let you know that I had before my office in saying you know he's always in his phone and all this and he looked and it's basically said it's the first I've heard you say that like I've never heard you say that and it kind of goes back to
are we are we really conveying what we what we want or are we expecting you know them to read our minds because this was something that I guess she expected him to kind of just know he was doing but he needed her to verbally say hey put the phone down you know and he had no problem doing that now one of the big problems that don't seem to really continue when it comes to communication is being assertive is something that I make sure if a couple comes to my office I make sure they know all about assertiveness and how to be very clear concise with the things that you want in a relationship a lot of times in relationships you know you may start off in the beginning to hate on this is the kind of stuff I want but then you can start to accept you accept things that they give you and
assertive statements using I love those ice they miss they were very well everybody got to try and stop saying you you because when you start off with you you automatically get that person like okay already at they have to defend themselves I statements definitely at ease ease into the conversation but I would tell her to make sure she's being assertive stating clearly that this is a hindrance that it's making her feel some type of way and if she has actually done that before then you know what you mentioned as far as having set times we're used to know between these hours the phone is making sure the phone is not around when you have dinner in or around the dinner table in our phones go in the room or wherever you know just just to start somewhere and build up the momentum
yes and I even had to learn that myself years later years ago years ago because your kids are watching you and I remember but I remember when she was much younger may be a preteen or whatever she said to me you know you're on your phone so why are you complaining about me being on my phone too much watching me and my shopping I'm really right right there to the other things after realizing that their role modeling to their children
how to have intimate connections how to talk to one another out of communicate because they're watching to you know I and I guess phones will fall into that but phones phones are really not intimacy on its butt in on a lot of relationships you know just the other phone I mean you can literally do everything from your smartphone you know I mean it's definitely an increase of us about that I'm sure you've experienced a lot with your couples is financial intimacy
embassies probably one of the most taboo ones I think I think they openly discuss I was talking to my family Canada and they're like you know it's so different up there they they talk about credit line on the first date and the Barre open Barre just hey you know how much you make you know here when I went when I was kind of opposing you know we asking too many questions but these are the type of things that you have to discuss because if you don't think Time answers is a big part of a relationship OU got something coming you know so I respected that I remember when she really different so it really depends on this location and then what you been through and how you were raised and I personally have never been somebody who's been really comfortable
discussing finances is just you know I kind of was talkin to keep it to yourself a little bit but there were especially I mean today you have to talk about it you have to be able to communicate and we see the couples that do this have more financial success they have more time to play with that have more resources so the couples that that that actually make emphasis to really work on financial intimacy they benefit from it once again being transparent that's a lot of people you know maybe they had bad experiences and financing in the past and if they mention it is going to look bad upon them whatever but I'm pretty sure if that person loves you and there with you for the right reason they're going to welcome this type of conversation I think also it's also the timing of when they talk about
that the time was jumping to a when something is spent out the account of whatever's I want something just doesn't work financially and you know and they try to talk about yelling and screaming but it's setting time aside to have a little meeting talk about finances you know and being upfront with it so like you said it's one of those taboo subjects that isn't talked about the other taboo subject that isn't really talk about and if the sexual intimacy
people don't really be expected in a relationship and feelings get hurt or whatever the case may be with tax and find sex. Hanson and spiritual relationship
absolutely you know like I said you you have been a intrical components in my knowledge of intimacy and because of it I talk about it more with couples and most of the men believe intimacy only deals with sex and that's when they have that word is just yeah we we were going to wait until you know before I might as well there's other ways you can be intimate that that can you keep a close on a lot of people just don't really comprehend or understand why they let me see the body and they just automatically connected to sexual now the component and instrument
intersexual I mean as far as when it comes to sexuality it will heighten the actual experience of having sex with a person and to once again become transparent and then talk about you know I mean
you know you don't want to go to talk about past relationship with a new release specially when it comes in the terms of sex but just being able to connect on that level definitely just heightens the whole experience and actually pulls what do you call it the other one form of intimacy and you can just keep going until you just build a real solid relationship
since you just mentioned I would have you've
your personal thing he said you know I don't really feel connected to anything
the higher power person family
where should I start
well unfortunately we what they were seeing a lot of that in society right now I think we are seeing a lot of disconnected and you know when somebody gets disconnected this because they they feel as though if they don't have other family members to speak with they don't have the friends they don't have the support and a lot of times these individuals once you get to the point of being disconnected you is really hard for you to really get help it's really hard for you except that you need help because you think everybody else is disconnecting you're connected I think I think family and I think friends really need to start looking out for these individuals and and in the intervening and some point in doing something may be making a call to somebody who will be no sit and talk with them but of course if somebody really feels disconnected I think the best thing to do is to speak to somebody who's a professional because
what's you fall in love with yourself you know and that's what council is really that's what we do we help people just see the beauty in themselves and see the beauty in life is so I mean I just I get up in the morning I get gratitude for being able to breathe it's the little things you know so what you really start taking people back in the end and open up their eyes to give me a different perspective it really helps it makes a difference in some individuals are you can do everything you can it's just that they're still going to put a disconnected but you know I don't think everybody is salvageable I think everybody can be saved and pull back from that place a disconnect right now a lot of people connected in and stuff and I think of all the mass shootings and when you study these individuals many times they are alone
they're just
connecting with anyone and when you think how we entered into this world with the internet been connected yes yes just that physical connection that thought that that Bond of intimacy being connected and somehow in life and many times we cannot save a life going to bring us but we keep disconnecting a lot of cords get and feeling like an island out there by yourself but that's not how I wear
it design
so if you're like that I truly truly would say definitely seek help because I meant to be and there's many of counselors
different organization churches that can help you feel better is always going to be an outlet you know you can always turn to the church to do you know sometimes it's that somebody's going to look at you and then you know you for your past and make it make a judgment off what you doing today Bay something passing and now I can understand cuz they knew how you were before and so it is it is good to get a fresh set of eyes any prospective somebody else to to hear you out you know sometimes that that makes a difference in himself and definitely having a good support system we are born into a family situation but many times we can choose our friends and friendship ethnicity
it's very cool because if someone we choose and Doctor Blake been a good friend to me so yeah it's absolutely one of those those ways up I've had not and if you're a young person out there and you're thinking of you on social media and you have you know how many followers I didn't have 5 million at whatever and all these people your friends that's not really
friend when we talk about intimacy we talked about it not only do you feel it physically but spotting my experience so is that it's wrong yeah yeah definitely it's it's a beautiful thing when it when it's working on all levels if it definitely invigorates us and it makes you a little boost of energy in a year can I see the littlest conversations turn into heated arguments because nobody respects each other's opinions or whatever everybody is so defensive so we just all need to take a chill pill in a little axe Yaz and that's hard for a lot of people I think I'm world is becoming more anxious
yes yes for relaxing it's very important in specially for a couple but also I'm enjoying yourself time for yourself is critical thinking many people did I do that
let it out yet so I'm do you have any final tips for audience about everything we've talked about
yes I do I think
I know. I think that intimacy as we talked about requires energy
and we are constantly in search of energy but a lot of us are searching it through sport drinks and in coffee and all kind of unnatural ways so I'm really big on making sure I'm very I'm energized and that's through the food we eat making sure you're drinking enough water while 70% of our body is water so we got to be consuming that and then you don't notice what will happen is it when your energy levels increase your levels of intimacy will increase it is a connection you can only give what you got you know if you're running on low fumes all day you eating junk food and all this when you come home to that woman you come home to that man you think you really have the energy to have a conversation about intimacy at that point it's just know you want to go to sleep and then you just go on and continue cycle so
I notice me personally once I got up and I I change my morning I I used to get up and start the day now I go for a little job little run I have more sustained energy I can engage in conversations that I normally just leave me alone you know the right foods and other things that we need to do it for energy because it really will translate in the way we communicate with the people around us
yes thank you so much and I'm glad you mention the part of course about the health part of I'm drinking water and working out. The Jason's always working out he met and so thank you so much I need to get myself to you so you can see I'm near yes thank you dr. Jason so much for being so she'll today in for sharing and if you definitely want to take part of the temperament therapy way you could take it for yourself or you and your partner can take it you take it. If Jason will talk with you meet with you and help you guys combined and being a better couple for each other so contact him
I think I'll sponsor Gabrielle chocolates for being a sponsor to show and for believing in us cuz what we're trying to do is bring intimacy back to do at the individual tip people jumping play bringing intimacy back into your life and making your life better than what it was like thank you so much. To Jason

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