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Today we discuss flying with eagles and how what everyone does in even the smallest deeds matters and makes a mark on the world.


Today we discuss the angst of anxiety that impacts millions of people around the world.


Author, entrepreneur, and musician, Erin Shaw, joins us today to share her personal journey with anxiety and panic disorder, along with how she overcame debilitating limitations to follow her greatest passions in life.


Today we discuss the missing pieces needed for improving success rates for individuals recovering from addiction.


Today we discuss growing a business and a self through basic steps to conquer limitations and make dreams a reality. If we don’t grow the self we are limited in how much we can grow the business


Today we discuss what you need to know now that we are living longer and what this means when planning for the future.


Financial consultant, Cheri Blair, and Insurance agent, Roshanak Clune, join the show today to share important advice about financial literacy, retirement, Medicare, and making money last.


Today we are talking about making lemonade out of lemons. Let’s face it, life deals us some hard times, but we are always left with a choice. Why let those sour moments destroy us when we can use them to make something so much sweeter?


Today we discuss the cost of isolation and why so many people are feeling lonely in a time where we’re more connected than ever before.


San Diego Attorney, John Sahhar, shares his personal experience with the cost of isolation during law school and in his career, as well as the importance of social connection and interaction to flourish and live a fulfilled life.


Today we discuss how the lives we are living today are a result of our genetics.


Today we discuss the importance of making self-care a priority in our busy lives.


Hello and welcome to the inaugural show of Change It Up with Paula Shaw!


Melinda Wittstock, the creator of a podcast called WINGS of Inspired Business, and Dr. Janet “JJ” Sawyer, an expert in leadership, communication, and human relations, join me to talk about helping women kick off businesses in a big way!