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Lets Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce

Guests, April and Ajay Matta 

What can we expect this summer? What is this new energy that has us in such a rush? All is happening too fast. It’s truly a crazy time. Expect disruption and some serious weather changes in 2022.

Do some 2021/22 world changes and new adjustments in the coming months. Talk about some startling earth changes ahead.

GUEST: Lee Freeman aka Pimpy
Jeff Dawson

Ep. #338: Qanon and Project Looking Glass "Waking Up Mankind"
Guest: Scott Brian DeGroat

CEO of Woke Societies

Ep 335 The Duke Of Hell Part 2
Guest: Terry L. Cook

Terry covers the N.W.O, Economic Collapse, Mark of the Beast 666, Psycho Political Brainwashing, Communism in America, and
Obama: The Perfect Manchurian Candidate!

Ep. #334: To HELL and Back
Guest: Michelle Anna-Marie Santana

Ep. #333: The SMART Guys Way To Creating Our Reality
Guest: Anthony DeNino

SpirituallyRAW "The Ass Whipping Truth"
Hosts, April and Ajay Matta
Featured Guest, Michael J. Black
Inspirational and Motivational Speaker
Author of Happy Endings and a New Beginning