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Michelle Anna Marie Santana
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Michelle Santana was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She spent her childhood in Atlanta and the surrounding area. She is divorced and has two adult children and two precious grandchildren. She found peace in the North Georgia Mountains where she is now with her rat terrier, Mary Jane. By writing "To Hell and Back," she has conquered her demons and has changed from the inside out into a beautiful woman. She has found happiness that resides deep in her soul. Through her many struggles and heart aches, she has become a strong and vivacious woman. She hopes that her book will encourage others to seek professional help and support. Healing and living a rich life and fulfilling life is possible.

She has been asked to speak to PTA groups on "Ending the Silence" a program through NAMI (National Alliance On Mental Illness). She helps law enforcement officers better understand the trauma that families face when sexual child abuse is brought to the officer's attention. She speaks to law enforcement officers through the CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) Trainings in Georgia. She attends Georgia DBHDD (Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disability) counsel meetings and speaks about the need to provide an avenue for better mental health services to children of sexual abuse. 

Michelle has a vision to open a non- profit factory that will employ men and women recovering from mental illness, but will not re-victimize others. The factory will produce and distribute angel dolls and Aslan Lions. These toys will be given to children of abuse. The making of the toys will give an empowering effect on those involved.

Author of TELL IT ALL MY SON, and To Hell and Back