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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 10 May 2021

Straight from the Heart with Juliyanna Tibbetts

The New "Straight from the Heart" Show will be working to share with the world our changing times with the new Paradigms, Health Alternatives, Alternative Energy & News, The Coming Together of We The People Of Planet Earth, Spirituality, Peace, The Metaphysical, UFO Information, Great Authors & Books Of The Times and the many other subjects which are close to all our hearts in an effort to bring the World the Real Truths about IT ALL As We Shift Into Our New Earth Together!

Talk Radio Show Program Information Displays

Juliyanna Tibbetts

Juliyanna Tibbetts
Key Largo
Talk Show Host

Juliyanna Tibbetts, host of, Straight from the Heart, an archived (and past) talk radio show program on BBS Radio!

This is Juliyanna with "Straight from the Heart" Talk Radio... As always, I have worked very diligently to utilize the Internet and Internet Talk Radio to help bring out the many subjects which are close to the heart of millions of people worldwide which need true information as well as share the desire to be a part in creating our New Earth...

On some of my past shows, I have had great guests like Joan Ocean - Cetacean & Bigfoot Researcher, Sheldon Nidle of the P.A.O., Brian Vike - UFO Investigator, St. Germain, Anael & Bradfield of Fire The Grid, Lional Parkenson - Author of "The Holy Virus", Barbara Wood - Psychic, Nancy Ogren - Astrologer, Author & Sensitive, Catherine Ryan Hyde of the Pay It Forward Foundation, Xavier Hermes with our Evolutionary Jump and more! I try to cover a vast array of content and subjects which are close to the heart of We The People Of Planet Earth... As I mentioned above... My show is called "Straight from the Heart"... Which is where I choose to be!