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Straight from the Heart, July 21, 2007

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My special guest for this (07/21/07) and the next (07/28/07) Saturday Night's Shows is Lionel Parkinson. Lional is a researcher, document examiner and the author of "The Holy Virus" which is an incredibly powerful book that will be instrumental in changing Christian beliefs currently taught and practiced today. It will also resolve so many questions that result from poorly written, conflicting or misinterpreted scriptures. This book is the catalyst which will let the World know about all of the fear based dogma of Organized Religon and the Bible, the truths about Jesus and his beliefs and so much more!

~ About Lional Parkinson ~

   I was raised by parents who were Questioned Document Examiners. My father was a Detective and for 30 years he worked as the first Questioned Document Examiner for the State of Idaho. He was also an instructor in this field and sat on the Board of Directors for the World Association of Document Examiners.

   My mother was also a Document Examiner and a Handwriting Expert for 12 years. Being raised by two experienced instructors allowed me to learn both of these fields of study at a very rapid pace. I soon became the youngest court qualified Document Examiner in America. By the time I was eighteen I was working both criminal and civil cases.

   My primary job as a Document Examiner was to make comparisons and to determine if documents had been tampered with in any way, and also determine if questioned handwriting was genuine or not. In many cases I had to testify in court for the dead party who had written a will that was later in question by a family member. I had the unique opportunity to work criminal cases as an apprentice under my father who headed up the Questioned Document Department for the Bureau of Investigations in Boise, Idaho. For eight years I also handled all the civil and criminal cases in a private practice.

   Private Document Examiners are hired primarily by attorneys for their expert unbiased opinion concerning the genuine authenticity of a particular questioned signature or the authenticity behind the questioned document itself. Most criminal matters are left up to the State examiner. By the time I joined W.A.D.E. (World Association of Document Examiners) in the late 1980's, I had worked over 135 criminal cases under the supervision of my father. I had just finished up my courses in Handwriting Analysis at the same time. The advantage of using a Questioned Document Examiner is that the Examiner is trained not to have a vested interest or association in the subject matter. The Examiner needs to think independent from all predisposed beliefs and concentrate for long periods of time on making comparisons. Religious Scribes and modern Religious Scholars are governed by personal institutional beliefs and payroll checks derived from the same sources and are not professionally trained in spurious writings and spurious tamperings. Their field of expertise is limited to literal translations and transliterations.

   In the early 1970s my father was asked to work on a particular section of The Dead Sea Scrolls. I was very young at that time, but I was fascinated by looking at the handwriting of a particular scroll, thousands of years old, in my fathers examination room. Later when I was much older and qualified, as part of my training process, my father asked me to work on this same section of the Dead Sea Scrolls that he had worked 15 years prior. I was given an exact duplicate copy to work on and was given the same question posed to my father. "How many authors are involved on this particular section of the Dead Sea Scroll submitted, if any?"

   Unlike religious biblical Scholars, Document Examiners are taught not to have predisposed beliefs or affiliations with any religious parties concerning any documents being examined. Using this approach I am ultimately providing the reader a non-atheistic, non-Christian, non-Catholic, non-Jewish and non-Islamic opinion. So by providing a non-religious qualified opinion, the reader can be assured that the opinions rendered inside are without dogmatic influence. I can then appeal to the rational, independant mind to reconsider the popular belief that the Bible is infallible from cover to cover, and by addressing another question:

Is the King James Holy Bible infected with an Babylonian doctrine, written contrary to The Creator's design?

Straight from the Heart

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The New "Straight from the Heart" Show will be working to share with the world our changing times with the new Paradigms, Health Alternatives, Alternative Energy & News, The Coming Together of We The People Of Planet Earth, Spirituality, Peace, The Metaphysical, UFO Information, Great Authors & Books Of The Times and the many other subjects which are close to all our hearts in an effort to bring the World the Real Truths about IT ALL As We Shift Into Our New Earth Together!

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