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Tonight's second sponsor of "Insight Out--the Naked Truth" is "The Good Deal" You can listen in at 7 PM (PDT)

Word of Mouth with Maurice Way and Tenika Thompson


Just a reminder that tonight at 7 PM PT is the time that Rochelle and I put aside to explore what it means to be human--its follies, foibles, and profundities. 

The more we step back and behold life from the point of view of our relationship-- what we call, "The Third Perspective", the more joy and understanding we derive--the result of which is greater personal liberation and a lot more laughter..

Word of Mouth with Maurice Way and Tenika Thompson

Hello again!
With the arrival of our first granddaughter last Thursday, tonight's program of "Insight Out--the Naked Truth" (  7 PM (PT) will be kind of special.  So, I hope you can join us, especially if you are a grand parent or if your relationship to your grandparents was especially meaningful, poignant, or even funny.

Word of Mouth with Maurice Way, John Knox and Tenika Thompson

Interview with Cherry Hilson

Dear Fellow Earthling,

Some may ask, why Rochelle and I show up every Tuesday to broadcast our program, 'Insight Out--the Naked Truth."  7 PM (PT) Why we go to the trouble to set up our sound system in our little cabin in the woods of Los Gatos, CA at the clothing optional Lupin Lodge Resort when we could be running through the woods naked, freezing our asses off.


Friends, if you’re tired of the same old moments…if one moment starts to look just like the next, if you've had the same dilapidated thoughts every day…they feel tired, worn down, boring…if your life is practically a cliche and you find that you can practically finish every sentence you start, then try New And Improved This Moment.