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The Debut of Laughter Saves Lives with John C Larocchia and many special guest and call-ins, including Amaria Castillo, JJ Boyd, Gabriel Scauso, Rudy Fusco and John Santo

Comedian, TV host, Writer, Award winning art director, Cook

"Insight Out--the Naked Truth"  "Not Necessarily"--Phrase of the week

Tuesdays 7 PM, Sundays 8 AM

Is the human race guaranteed a future? Not necessarily.

Is physical death the end of you?  Not necessarily.

Are the things we believe we need really needs?  

Not necess.........

​Necessary, needs, necessarily, necessity--we're getting down to basics tonight. Well......not necessarily

Rochelle often asks me, "You sure?" My answer is almost always, "No."  Takes a lot of pressure out of life, but admittedly makes Rochelle a little nervous.
"You sure this is how to get to.....?"  "No."  "Oh." 
So tonight's program is "You Sure?"

​How often do you feel sure about something only to find out that you were wrong, or perhaps circumstances have changed since you were so sure? 
That's why we thought "being sure" would be a good focus for our time together tonight.. 

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio and cohost Mark Laisure

Never Judge A Book By Its Color with Guest Dr. Roxanne Moschetti and Comedic Guest Kim Castle on LIFE CHANGES

"Ya Think?"

Tuesdays 7 PM, Sundays 8 AM (PDT)

Guess what is tonight's featured phrase of the week? "Ya Think?"

You got it!

The amount of time we spend thinking--ceaseless almost--just think about it?

​​Since so much of our lives is spent in the thought domain, and our thoughts, to a great extent, determine our reality, we thought we'd have a conversation about thinking tonight on our program at 7 PM PDT

What is thinking? How to think better? What's in a thought? Being "thought-full." "Thought Adjuster"

"New & improved "Insight Out--the Naked Truth"
"I beg your pardon," you respond.

As you should, because "I Beg Your Pardon" is our featured phrase of the week.  I dipped into our archives, found this program hiding behind, "Let's Face It" and "Ya Think," edited it, and now it's ready for public consumption.

​When is the last time you had to beg someone's pardon?  

Was the pardon forthcoming?

"Imagine That" is our featured phrase of the week.  This is a program that we did in May of 2015, but it's been  edited it so you can hear the juiciest, fumiest and most insightful parts of that show.

We focus on "Imagination," what it's capable of and how to focus it to make life more livable and enjoyable.