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This week's phrase is "You Don't Say."

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio and cohost Mark Laisure

Comedy for a Change with Stand-Up Comedian, Winner of the Miller Lite National Comedy Search, Craig Frazier, and Stand-Up Comedian and Actress Dinah Leffert, and Musical Guest American Roots Singer/Songwriter Grant Maloy Smith on The LIFE CHANGES Show.


"Buying and selling, supply and demand,"--capitalism's essential mantra--. "Eat me, buy me!"  Let the games continue!
So, do you know who we are?  Not just men, women, homo sapiens sapiens, not so much even home owners, traffic, have's, have not's, the aged, youth or even Democrats, Terrorists, conservatives or sports, the most pivotal thing we are is .....................Consumers, at which we excel.
"I'll buy that."
PM Tuesdays-live, 8 AM Sundays edited (both-PDT)

Please join us tonight as we explore "The Way" as in "By the Way" which promises to provide all sorts of radical perspectives and unusual twists of mind."

Mixed feelings, ambivalence, indecision, various perspectives, contradictions, dichotomies--these are just some of the ways that can prompt us to say, "Yes and No."
At the very least, "Yes and No" can set the stage for reconsidering assumptions, judgments and beliefs.
So, join us tonight as Rochelle and I explore what it might take to get to a resounding "yes," a decisive "No,"or a determined "maybe"-- regarding the issues that determine the direction and quality of our lives.  

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio and cohost Mark Laisure

Stand-Up For Something with Emmy Award Winner, Numerous HBO and Showtime Specials, Countless TV Stand-up Appearances, including “Seinfeld,” and “The Office,” on TV, and “Ground Hog Day,” and “Mrs. Doubtfire” on Film, Rick Overton.  And Musical Guests, International Accordion Champions Cory Pesaturo and Matthias Matzke on LIFE CHANGES.

​Have you had the experience of a bunch of people yelling "Surprise" at you?  Imagine my surprise when I walked into a friend's house and not only did the group say, "Surprise," but my friend, Jeremy, started spraying me with a water bottle.