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You Bout Ready with Marty Ford - Peach Fuzz and world views in a dizzying array of comedic insight!

You Bout Ready with Marty Ford! Tantalizing Tidbits of Brain Treats and Teasers stretching the head ganglia!

Hello friends,   A 17th century monk named Brother Lawrence wrote a series of letters that were compiled into a book "Practicing the Presence of God."

This week's show of Insight Out -- the Naked Truth (7 PM PDT) will focus on the single greatest obstacle to human fulfillment. Can you guess what it is?  No, it's not the powers that be, not global climate change, not power/greed/selfishness motive...though that's getting closer. It's more fundamental than that.  Join us tomorrow night and find out what it is and what you can do and not do about it!. You may be surprised to find out how insidious and pervasive it is.  And you may be even more surprised to find out the solution and how inexpensive it is!

You Bout Ready with Marty Ford. A show where thinking is critical, the momentum fast and lively, and the comedy of our daily lives. A great show for the entire family!

At last Tuesday's episode of "Insight Out--the Naked Truth" we focused on "The Within"  We shared a story that I wrote many years ago based on the image/metaphor of a Geod.  The story is called, "The Doegs" and is about a "craggy bunch of creatures who are afraid to look within, until they are forced to with surprising results.
I also shared a poem I wrote called, "The Within"  Here are a few lines from the poem, but if you click on this program you'll hear the the whole poem with music along with some wonderful songs and our usual banter.

Hope you like it!

You Bout Ready with Marty Ford - Critical Thinking, Fighting Boredom, Getting Things Done, Being a Doer!